One down, two to go

The atmosphere was awesome today with the towels waving. It was really loud, just the way we like it. We couldn’t wait to get on the field.

Everything about today was outstanding. Every pitch by Mr. Cole Hamels was outstanding. Every play was outstanding and everything went our way. The ninth inning made it interesting, but Brad Lidge got out of it. He’s not perfect for nothing. I don’t think anything can ever be easy with us.

I can sympathize with Mike Cameron on Chase’s fly ball. When that wind gets going, it can get tough. Just before that inning started, the win started to pick up. Chase hit it hard. It took off and kept going.

The biggest thing about today was that we got win number one out of the way, after being swept last year. It was big to set the tone. Very big. We just have to go out there on Thursday and do the same thing.

Hamels was the most impressive thing, especially with CC tomorrow. Hopefully, we can get on him early, too, and hold on for a two-game lead.



    You guys did AWESOME today!! I think we all held our breath when they scored in the ninth, but no fear that’s why Lidge is Lights Outs!! Can’t wait until Tomorrow’s game!!
    Phillies = World Series CHAMPS! 2009!!!!!

  2. eisie

    Great game today!! Little nerve racking though. Lets get some more runs tomorrow. Brad is making me have flash backs to 93 & Mitch Williams. Very stressful. I’m tired of living in the past lets do it this year. All the way. Thanks for a great season. Go Phillies!!!!!


    Great game! Awesome season ! You guys play with heart and enthusiasm, very entertaining. Hope you go all the way!!

  4. ruizfan

    “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now…The Phillies Got The Groove”!!!!!! Way to go, great game today! You all give it everything you have, every game, all season…Plus, all you do for the community shows your dedication to this city. You are all fantastic role models and superb athletes. Can’t wait for that WS Championship celebration parade down Broad Street!!!!


    Hey Shane, great start to the series for the Phils and for us. You had a couple of nice ABs today and the team made the most of the chances you had. Have to do the same tomorrow — good luck against the big man in game 2, and thanks for writing the blog.

  6. deanh

    Thank you Shane for blogging! What an encouragement you are to us fans and the team ! Great job today. I am very relieved you are our Centerfielder and not someone else. You are amazing fielder. Keep on winning! Go Phillies! Will see you tommorrow at the game!


    Been a fan for a long time, I was there in ’93. Its been a long time coming. Thanks for the ride. Good luck in the play-offs.

  8. 2putt


    Great game! Tell the guys to take it one at a time. This IS your year! Stay focused and you will go all the way!

    John (fan since 1964)!!



    Thank you to you and all the Phillies for a fantastic afternoon! It was my first play-off game ever and it was the BEST! You guys are just awesome and I wish you all the best in the rest of the play-offs! Go Phils!!

    Christina (fan since 1986, when I was 11)


    Shane – AWESOME job today! We stood there in the rain and cold behind the bull pens shouting and cheering the entire game. The fans beieve in the Phillies this year, we can and WILL go all the way! Its been a long time coming, but you guys have played like you wanted it all season. Keep up the great job!

  11. chas17801

    Great job today, Keep it up for tomorrow.. Let’s get two right out of the starting gates.. The hardest part so far is the first game and you guys accomplished that… GO PHILLIES

  12. lilsteph21

    good job out there today ! cole was amazing, as he usually is. Hope you can get another win tomorrow ill be at the game cheering you on!

  13. meganphilsfan

    Shane! You guys did awesome out there today!! Cole’s pitching was amazing. Just take it one day at a time. Play just as hard tomorrow! GO PHILLIES!!!

  14. dadlak

    Great game today. As you noted, Cole was amazing. Almost every pitch a thing of beauty. Would have been a pleasure to watch him from CF. Good patience by you on that bases loaded walk. We needed that run. I think Charlie did right by putting Lidge in. We’ll need him more often. It was good to put him in the fire in Game One.
    Did you watch the Sox and Angels tonite. The catch that Ellsbury made reminded me of you. In fact his whole game did. Two SBs and five times on base.

    Ask the guys to get a few more than four hits tomorrow, OK. Keep up the good work. You can beat CC. He has to get tired some day.

    As others have mentioned, thanks for blogging. It’s great to have a way to communicate with the players.

    I often brag on you to my non-Phillie fan friends. Your hustle and enthusiasm, along with all your game skills are a treat to watch.


    Great game!!! You all played well today. Rest up and get ready for tomorrow.

    This is so exciting. Thank you Shane for blogging with us. You are making Hawaii smile everyday. Imagine all the Hawaiian Phillies fans.

    Aloha no…

  16. lilkim08

    Shane, you def. are my favorite! Great year your amazing! You guys did great winning the first game. Keep it up for the next two! Thanks for blogging! Hawaiian flavor!



    Thanks for doing this playoff blog, brings us Phans joy to read a player’s thoughts.

    Great Game 1 victory. I could care less if it comes easy or hard, just as long as you guys win.

    Speaking of winning, go beat CC today and shut up all the analysts around baseball.

    I run a Phils blog, We Should Be GM’s @, and would love to do an interview with you. Is there any way you can contact us to do such? You can access our email through the site.

    Go Phils!


    Absolutly fabulous! Go get em Shane. My five year old daughter wore your shirt today, we love you. Good luck.


    what a great game! I’ve been a Phillies fan forever (ok, since 1976) and this season has been the most fun for me. Watching Cole on the mound and the rest of the team just playing thier best was so cool! I just know this is our year. I get to about 25 games a year and just love this team. Shane, thanks for giving us your perspective. It’s really awesome of you to take the time to do that.

    I wear a different Phillies tshirt every day during the season (yeah, I’m obsessed) today I’ve got a #8 on!
    Ann Mulholland Philadelphia


    Wonderful fun on Monday at the game although I must admit I was one hit away from a heart attack in the ninth. Hope the hitting picks up a bit today but as a long time fan and season ticket holder, I have had great fun this season. The fans in our section are super and we appreciate the hustle of Shane and all the Phillies. Thanks for the blog and the opportunity to comment. Best of luck today and for the rest of the post season.

  21. billze


    Great blog! Awesome game yesterday we have been wating 15 years for this win! Looking forward to seeing you guys battle C.C. today. Forget the naysayers, we are going to Milwaukee up 2-0!

    I have a Phillies site/ blog called Phightin’ Phils Phorum. Please come check it out if you get a chance. I’d love to get your opinion of it.



    Hello to all Phils fans 🙂 And Hello Shane 🙂
    We are psyched- WE will be there tonite- GO PHILS !!!!

    Send the Brew Crew home down 2-
    Bring on the Bats- Ya’ Gotta Believe-

    Love ya’ – The Original Phlyin Hawaiians- Shane Fan Group
    (look for us- big silver sign)

  23. philliesphan10

    We never stop believing…………thank you for all you bring to the greatest game in the world and the greatest team in the world! Forever Phillies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Great game yesterday. Great season all together. You’re hustle and determination is the epitome of Philadelphia sports. You’re humbleness is apparent and appreciated. Keep up the great work. Give them h3!! today.

  25. Bruce

    Hi Shane. Great game yesterday- although, like with everyone, the 9th inning was incredibly nerve-wracking. I wonder whether the players get as tense as the fans do. I love the attitude the whole team has and your approach to the game. We are depending on you, Burrell, and Werth tonight, as we know how hard it it will be for the lefties to get any hits off of Sabathia. Really hoping you guys move on as we have tickets to 2nd Home Game of next series- what a great time that would be. Good luck and we will be watching (my kids and I).

  26. fanflyers

    Hi Shane. Great game yesterday- although, like with everyone, the 9th inning was incredibly nerve-wracking. I wonder whether the players get as tense as the fans do. I love the attitude the whole team has and your approach to the game. We are depending on you, Burrell, and Werth tonight, as we know how hard it it will be for the lefties to get any hits off of Sabathia. Really hoping you guys move on as we have tickets to 2nd Home Game of next series- what a great time that would be. Good luck and we will be watching (my kids and I).

  27. phillies_phollowers

    Hi Shane…great game! Keep on smiling…your energy keeps everyone going :o) I took the most adorable photo of J-Roll and Lidge at the end of the game last night. They were walking with arms around each other and Jimmy was patting Brad on the head with his other hand. I posted it on my site, , along with other photos. That kind of camaraderie is what I love most about this team…you guys really ARE a team. Go Phillies!


  28. infiniteciel

    Congratulations! It was such a great game, and I’ve been watching every one this season~ You’re my favorite, Shane!! I hope your shin is feeling better, too; I was sad that I didn’t get to see you celebrating with the others after saturday’s clinching win. 😦 Get out there and make us win some more!! Your smile is definitely an energizer. ^_^ Good luck! [I hope today’s 9th inning isn’t so killer!]

  29. hgr


    I have been a Phillies fan since 1960. My son and I went to the World Series win in Philadelphia (Curt Schilling) in 1993 and my wife, daughter and I went to the division clincher in 2007.

    Thank you for sharing your blog with the fans. Phillies fans around the globe (there are many of us) are behind you 100%.

    You are not only the most talented team in baseball but the classiest group of athletes in the league.

    You are champions in our book. Phillies Nation is behind you.

    Let’s go to Milwaukee 2-0.

    Go get em today!

    Hank Riner

    Phillies nation is behind you today.

  30. miltonsgurl

    I am a HUGE Phillies fan and have been for many years! You guys are fantastic to watch! Shane, the energy you come to the ball park every day with is GREAT! They don’t call you “the flying hawaiian” for nothing!
    And, not to worry about Lidge. He is LIGHTS OUT, LIDGE!! And he’s been PERFECT for us! Yeah, sometimes he reminds me of ‘Wild Thing’, but he’s awesome to watch!
    We need to take care of business and I know we will go far. YA GOTTA BELIEVE as Tug would have said!! And I do!!

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!! This is the BEST team!!

  31. khorvath70

    Hey Shane! Thanks for the blog. I just want to thank all the Phillies team and staff for giving us yet another exciting year, and it has only just gotten better! One major difference between the Phillies team and other MLB teams isk you guys are a TEAM, there is no “I”. You are all very humble and compliment each other. You encourage other team members who may be going through a rough time, never do I ever hear anything negative during interviews. When you score, especially home runs there is no excessive celebrations, just a high five. THe Phillies are one First Class team, both on the field and off.

    God Bless You All, and THANK YOU!


    Hey Shane!

    This blog is rocks. I’ve been hooked on the Phillies ever since my dad took me to the Vet at age 8, in 1996. You have many fans across the nation who are behind you guys 100%…we believe, and always will! Anyone making predictions about tonight’s game, saying that CC Sabathia is unstoppable, needs to realize that this is baseball and predictions are never reliable. This team has all the right ingredients to be successful, our bullpen is deep, our bats are hot, and we have confidence and determination to win. Keep up the hard work.


    Wow Shane, your first Grand SLam of your career couldn’t have come at a better time. You gave me a chronic case of the goosebumps, and for that I am grateful. Keep swinging all the way to the World Series!!!! We got your back. We love you. GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’m a HUGE fan of yours! I’m watching Game 2 now and you just hit the GRAND SLAM a few minutes ago!!! AWESOME JOB! I’m so happy you got that hit! I literally stood up off the couch and jumped around yelling! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The crowd is so pumped tonight too. I was there for the game you guys won the division on saturday-that was such a great experience! I’m wearing your jersey to school tomorrow! 🙂


    Way to go Phillies! You are fun to watch and definitely have a different aura in the house this year! I work at the Reading Phillies and love watching so many past players on the field! It is fun to watch you “grow up” through the years! Keep up the good work! Only thing I regret is that I couldn’t get tickets for any of the games! I will be at the parade with my daughter and friends – see you then – taking the personal day! Please help me get a day off from my first grade students and go to a parade! GO PHILLIES!!! YOU’RE #1!!!

  36. phlsphnwst

    Congrats on your first-ever GRANNY, Shane. You picked a fine time for it. I will be wearing my Victorino shirt w/PRIDE. Can’t wait for Saturday Love you, love my Phils!!!!


    Way to go Shane! What and awesome performance, congrats on that HUGE Slam….here’s hoping you’ll be wearing the Phillies pinstripes for many seasons !


    Congratulations on the grand slam… the Phillies are flyin’ thanks to the “Flying Hawaiian”. Can’t wait for Saturday’s game…I’ll be cheering from Pukalani…Imua!!!!!

  39. infiniteciel

    *comes back again* Wow, tonight’s win…was…amazing!! And it was mostly thanks to you and your first grand slam!! ^__^ I was so incredibly happy when you hit it out of there!! Earlier today, I was saying how I was wishing that you’d be the hero in tonight’s game; I got my wish!!

  40. phildon

    Shane, I have been a Phillies fan since 1953. Robin Roberts was my hero when I was a kid. Your grand slam last night was one of the biggest highlights of the 55 years. That second inning at bat by Bret was the most impressive at bat by a Phillies pitcher that I have ever seen and I was about twenty ft. from where Carlton’s grand slam landed at Dodger Stadium.. I think the fans gave Myers such a boost in that at bat that it inspired both him and you to incredibly impressive performances. Congratulations, and thank you and all the Phillies for last night. Keep up the good work.
    I’m still a Phillies fan after 48 years in California.

  41. chizzzzzzy

    Hey shane i have i this lucky hat that only works for you…and surprisingly it worked ever single time i put it on. Like that time i JUST put it on and then BAM, grand slam. Or like that time with the rbi single. and finally that triple. YOU OWE ME!!!

    how bout some tickets to the game? HUH? HUH!?!?!?

    alright ill be waiting for a reply.




    You are the MVP in my book. I love your work ethic and the way you never give up and always give it your all. I loved the way you handled the situation with Koroda last night. Everyone I know, knows that you are my favorite Philly and anytime you have an awesome play I get about 20 texts “Did you see what your boy just did.” So you can imagine how many texts I got since the post season began, especially when you hit the GRAND SLAM! Keep up the good work. I know you and the rest of the guys can get it done. Good Luck tonight! I’ll be watching and waitinf for more texts. GO PHILS!!!!


    keep up the good work shane you are having one hell of a postseason mvp with out a doubt go phils beat l.a. 1 more to go baby


    Hey Shane,
    ALL of you are doing GREAT! ONE more game ! Thank-you for such an exciting season.
    GO PHILS!!!

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