Home-field advantage

victorino550x250.jpgIt is great to be back in Philadelphia. I hope everyone has their white towels unpacked and ready to go. We’re ready to go. It seems like it’s been a while since we played a game at Citizens Bank Park.

You guys are going to get loud and we’ll appreciate every cheer you make. It was pretty loud in St. Pete, but you guys can do a lot better than that. I’m sure you realize how big a part you can play in this.

At one game apiece, we feel that we have home-field advantage. We have to win three more games, and we’d love to sweep here and celebrate with you.

We’re really looking forward to it.


  1. rn4life827@comcast.net

    You guys have so much heart, and you really seem to gel as a team. You are gonna do great. Everyone in Philly knows it…this is the year of the Philadelphia Phillies! It’s in the air! Can’t wait till tomorrow night!! GO PHILS!

  2. utleyrocks26@rocketmail.com

    Can’t wait till tomorrow night either!! You guys will do great just go play and have fun:)

  3. aenomoto72@hawaii.rr.com

    The intensity increases as you go in to Game 3. It’s about passion & execution! Go out there and kick some OKOLES!

  4. phils_08

    Hey Shane! Welcome back home! You guys played great, and we are proud of your accomplishments so far. Trust me, that last Trop game wasn’t too loud (at least not on t.v.)…The only time I had to adjust the stereo was when the commercials came on, and that is with a baby sleeping close by. I doubt I will even be able to have the stereo on tomorrow…

    Those Rays aren’t going to know what hit them. I can’t wait…We are all pulling for a sweep at home! Now you gave all of your fans with tickets here a chance to come see you play. This couldn’t have worked out better for a lot of people. Just remember, each series so far has been clinched by giving that one loss to the opposing team, so you are right on track. Now, it’s y(our) time. Go Phils!!

  5. joann.dascenzo@yahoo.com

    Hey Shane! Welcome back…There’s No Place Like Home!! Everyone is pulling for you guyz and the anticipation is just insane! Those Rays are used to hearing cow bells; wait until they hear the volume level at the Park. But, even though you know the fans are hungry; please try to relax & have fun & do the things you guyz have been doing so naturally all year long. SMILE GUYZ & GO PHILLIES!

  6. sarpnp

    Shane, we are all rooting for you guys! You should know how many fans you have just from your appearances (I should know i was one of the ones in line for 3 hours and still not making it up to meet you!) You have been great all season just go out and do what you do best…. Enjoy the game! (oh yeah and run like hell! LOL)
    We are behind you guys! GO PHILS!

  7. lou232

    hey shane tell everybody to relax and you to will win. i have good feeling about jammie i know its every kids dream to win a world series game for home town team andits his dream come ture just ask him how manny times did he think he is robin roberts or bunning or short or steve carlton. so lets get hits and score alot of runs for him in game 3 lets go phillies winwin winwin

  8. victorinolover

    hey shane.
    yes home field advantage is great. and we would love for u guys to win in philly. i believe in you guys. you guys just have to put your mind to it and do ur best. you guys can do whatever you put ur mind to. take advantage of home field advantage and rock the rays world. and show them what the phillies can do. prove to them that u want that trophy and are going to do whatever it takes to win it =) keep up the good work remember u have a lot of fans behind you.
    good luck
    love ya shane.
    i will be watching the the game cheering u on with my rally towel. =)

  9. dclilly@comcast.net

    YOU ARE ADORABLE IN THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can not wait till game time. I already think about how sad it will be when this season is over. a week seemed like 4ever, I can’t imagine a few months, anyway back to now-kick ***- at home. winning at home would be the ultimate ending(especially since I will be at game 5) thats why you guys split, so you could do it at home-lol-. I asked before, do you really read these msgs? Awesome if you do, I have a very intresting story for you if you do. Its great that you take the time to keep the fans connected, thank you so much, your time is greatly appreciated!!!!!!
    Jennifer -NJ-

  10. dclilly@comcast.net

    Oh yeah, what do you mean, unpacked the white towels, they were never put away baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
    Jennifer -NJ-

  11. lorijeannj

    Our towels are ready. They are hanging from the windows, laying on the couch, they are everywhere. I even have one at work.
    Got a new Phillies cap today from my brother-in-law who missed you guys in St. Pete at the airport this past Monday by an hour. He had to get to Tampa airport BUT he managed to stop by spring training camp and get me and my husband caps. I got the one with flips flops.
    Samantha, my niece, is 1 week 4 days old today and we are ready to rock.
    Is it Saturday yet?
    Enjoy the moment.

  12. phlsphnwst

    Hi Shane!
    I’m in Philly, arrived a couple hours ago. There were Phillies & World Series balloons all over the airport, and people with Phillies shirts and hats (including me!) everywhere. Driving out of the airport, there was a big sign that flashed between GO PHILS and BEAT TAMPA BAY. It’s so great to be here with you guys and the rest of my Phellow Phanatics!

    The Rays are going to have headaches from all the screaming tomorrow night and colds because they aren’t used to playing in cold weather. Here’s hoping their bats go cold, too!

    I’m SO rooting for Jamie to get a win tomorrow (I know there’s no I in team, but it’d be so nice for him). I think he’s well suited to shut down the aggressive, fast ball-hitting Rays.
    We love you guys and know you’ll kick butt.


    Have Fun!

    GO PHILS!!!!

    -Karol (from LA, originally Philly)

  13. sweetredpompador@yahoo.com

    You’re not the only ones looking forward to it. You have no idea how happy and proud you’re making this Phils phan. Go out there and kick some ***!

    — Jac

  14. jessoak

    I saw the pictures mlb.com has posted of the team back in Citizens Bank Park getting ready for game 3 and noticed you, Charlie, Jimmy, & everyone smiling!…smiles of confidence, excitement, and having fun out there. That’s always great to see! We are so proud of you & so very happy for you! We will definitely have our towels ready. This team is the best, no doubt about it! Go Phils!

  15. minuteman2

    im sure you and the other guys know this but these games at home this weekend are going to be something hard to match anywhere in the world. i think deep down this town is really a phillies town, not eagles. we are dying for a winner and i think we may bring down the house these next few games. we wont let you down. we are ready. see you sunday night.


  16. kelmar

    Hey Shane…I am so ready for you guys to get playing in Philly! I know that you all will make us proud at home. I only wish I could be there to cheer you on. I have to work for the first game, but you can bet I will be watching the game in the lobby of my theatre with my towel flying! I am having so much fun enjoying this ride with you all! Thanks for being a team we can all be proud of…win or lose we love you!!!

  17. vinsinkin

    keep up the good work shane its the world series and the whole world is watching that got the cameras right up in your face reading your lips man thats alot of pressure I dont know how you guys do it- well good luck with it all try to have fun – but make sure you win don’t forget what we did to the wild thing-

  18. puppydog2k@comcast.net

    Welcome Home boyz! Back to business on OUR turf! It looks like “small ball” dominated game 2 and I believe we can play that just as well. Regaining home field advantage is great as long as we make use of it immediately and I know you all will too. I have no tickets to the games yet but I am positively sure the masses that DO attend will more than make up for lost time of getting to see you here at CBP for the last 14 days! Good luck and GO PHILS!!!

  19. puppydog2k@comcast.net

    (Fred Shero in locker room before Flyers went out to win first Stanley Cup)
    Do you all know how you can walk together for eternity in this Champion Starved Town? That thought just gives me goose bumps…
    R. Angel
    Atlantic City

  20. kschofield1@comcast.net

    Welcome Home! It’s great to have the team back. It really does feel like forever since you guys have played home. Don’t worry about us fans, we will be there in full force. We don’t need cow bells to be heard, that’s for sure. We’ve got our rally towels ready to go, it’s such an amazing scene when they are waving!!!! My original predication was Phillies in 5. It would be great to win this thing at home with the fans right there with you guys. We have already proven we can get the runners on, now let’s unleash and show them what kind of damage we can really do! Go Phils!
    Love Ya,

  21. luckylady@comcast.net


  22. dutch36

    Shane and the Phillies,
    As a Rays fan, I wanted to give congrats on makin it to the fall classic with us and beating us in game one. You have a solid team built much like our own so I think its going to be a hard fought series and a lot of fun to watch. Though I am rooting for my Rays, I know that if we don’t pull it off, then the better team did. So good luck and play hard (just not as hard as us).

  23. nessa427@verizon.net

    Hey shane,

    Good luck to u and the team and philly will be all loud tonight not only at the park but all over!
    You guys got homefield advantage,confidence and heart.the 3 to succeed.
    I believe in yous.
    I will be wearing my lei and victorino shirt at work tonite celebrating with my customers.
    And not to forget my homemade phillies/flyin hawaiian rally towel i made i told you i made.
    Lets do it!!!!!!!!


  24. rbarber5@verizon.net

    Hey Shane,
    The main ingredient to the Phillies’ success tonight and every night is committing everything you do to God. You guys have practiced hard and are blessed and privileged to be in the World Series.

    You’ve been prayed for by our family this morning; now, before leaving the club house tonight ask the players to get on one knee and, in short, give this game to God!

    Play hard, stay focused, have fun and honor God. He will do the rest!

    Go Phillies all the way,

  25. noon4eva

    Okay we slipped one game. It?s okay we?ll be fine. Like I said we all believe in you guys. Good luck tonight we?ll be rooting and the fans at CBP will be more louder than the fans in Tampa. So get ready here comes the energy. Stay calm, focus and play your hearts out. Go Phillies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. chas17801

    Hey shane, Good luck tonight and I wish the Phillies the best of luck.. can’t wait to watch the game.. I also can’t wait cause my birthday is on Monday.. That would be the perfect birthday wish, your favorite team winning the world series.. NOW LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED. EVERYONE WITH ME? LET’S GET LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. noodled81@hotmail.com

    i’ll be LOUD in ROCHESTER! man, i wish i could be in philly, just to experience the city while this is going on. i might come down in a few days and stay with my cousin (who has a ticket to Game Five) – i wanna run around in the streets with everyone!!! i’m SO ready for this…

  28. vicsponjr@aol.com

    I’m going to a Halloween party tonight dressed as the hardest working player in the post season. Shane Victorino. Let’s go Phillies! Victorino for President!

  29. stk35393@go.stockton.edu

    cant wait to run through the streets!!!!!!!!!! I dont have tickets to the games but i hope u understand that if there were 40,000 more seats they would all be full! we love you & are always behind u!!

  30. ppcarolyn

    I’m with Sandy – give these game to God. I heard Brad Lidge say after the NLCS win over the Dodgers, when he was at a loss for words – “Thank God and Jesus Christ”. Did I see that quote in print anywhere? NO. But it was definitely the RIGHT thing to say. I’ve been praying all season, and especially this week.
    We all love you here in Allentown, and at my company Aetna, and we’re rooting for you to WIN, WIN, WIN – THREE MORE WINS – so we can have a big party and celebrate at work, too!
    And don’t forget your 2 special angels, Irene and June, looking down, and whose spirits are with you, and will help you win.
    As for Jamie, tell him I can’t believe so many people on the Message Borads are scared about him pitching. I asked them, didn’t they see what he did all year? And he didn’t pitch badly against the Brewers, you guys just didn’t score enough (only got 1), and that game against the Dodgers was just an abberation. They were hitting balls out of the dirt for HRs. Who does that?

  31. ehanebury@mac.com

    I went to the Moorestown Mall today and everybody was sporting their Phillies gear. It’s awesome! We are all cheering for you guys, we all know you can do it. Stick together like the family you are and you are invincible. Go Phillies, kick Tampa’s butts!

  32. rustylite

    TONITE IS YOUR NIGHT!!!!!The rays are coming to your house. Your fans are going to pump you guys up.. GOOD LUCK and hope we get this game in (please,no rain) GO TEAM GO!!!!!!! Karen P (Wyoming Pa)

  33. jphelps@entermail.net

    Dear Shane, GO PHILS!!!! Welcome Home… Today is my brothers birthday, he needs a win for his present. My birthday was Sept 16th and we came from behind to beat the Mets, that was sweet. Philadelphia needs and deserves this World Series win, and, of course, so do all of you. Stay focused and please, please, please bring our runners home. It’s soooo hard to get on base and then we leave them there..:( Concentrate on RBIS and we’ll be fine. LET’S DO IT!!!!! Jeannie 🙂

  34. bry@cribtronics.com

    Hey Shane. Welcome back to Philly. You should have seen it here when you guys won in L.A. It was crazy…….My dad was the biggest Phils fan ever. He NEVER missed a game. He died a couple years ago of heart problems at 54. Probably from screaming so much watchin the games,haha. He loved baseball and the Phillies. I still remember being 3 years old sitting in his lap in 1980 when the Phills won the World Series. He almost threw me off him he was so excited.lol. I never missed a game with him either. He even named my little brother after Steve Carlton and Greg Luzinski. He was born that year,1980, Steven Gregory…. I wish he could be here now to see it again. But I know he’s with you guys, helpin out. Trust me you definitely got an angel in the outfield with you. And he’s wearin his Jersey. He wore it every game. You guys can do it, I know you can, and My dad would have said the same thing…This time Im watchin with my son in my lap….Go Phils!!!

    Bryan K. S.

    Lon Philip S.

  35. dykstra4cf

    Mr.Victorino, I have no doubt we can win the Fall Classic in Phila next Monday night. You are a very strong team!!!No fear about much adverse criticism for the 1-28 with RISP!!!Our offence is very good, strong and speedy on base!!!I’m an Italian guy but watching you guys on T.V. is look like to be here with you on the Citizen stands!!! These three games in Phila will be an hell for Rays. Our fans are more stronger and we are waiting since 1980 to bring back the WS, a long time to wait. I love your game Mr.Vic, your hard speedy on base and your clutches hits, you are wery strong a leader of our team.Let’s go guy win it for us!!!!!

  36. utleyfan28

    Shane, Good luck tonight. My friend sent me a text message asking if I was in overload because the Flyers and you guys were playing today. I said Yeah but i’m having fun.I have my Phillies shirt on and everywhere I went today People were saying “LETS Go PHILLIES!” Some guy stopped me on the way into PetSmart asking me if we were going to win. I said “yes” So everyone in the AC area is rooting for you. I am already for tonight. You will also be hearing Phillies fans who couldn’t be there chearing for you.
    Have fun and the rest will come around. We Love you guys.Tell Chase to hit one out.

  37. jarrell1920@comcast.net

    Well here we are at home, Shane, but the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to cooperate tonight. I’ll be watching and cheering whenever you do play! You’re home now and you have millions of fans with rally towels out there rooting for you. Without those cow bells, you should all be able to hit the ball a bit better — right? At least our rally towels are quiet — even though as your fans, we certainly are not! Good luck to all of you in this game. I’m especially praying for Jamie since his post-season hasn’t gone very well. He’ll need all of you behind him to make it happen — and I know you all can do that. Just go for those key base hits and bring the boys home! God bless you all! Can’t wait to watch you play again — it’s my life!!
    Karen (Boothwyn)

  38. k2-com@comcast.net

    Hey Shane;

    Thanks for a great year, a great post season, and a great blog post. The Phillies rock and the Phillies fans are the best and loudest in all of baseball. This is the first home game I won’t be at for the post season. But the first four were so loud it was incredible. It was so loud the whole building shook. Everyone there tonight will definitely be screaming for you and all the other Phillies as well. You’ve had an incredible year and a phenomenal post season! I’ll be there for game 4 screaming so loud I won’t be able to speak for two days! I swear I haven’t had a normal speaking voice this whole month. But it’s totally worth it! When you hit the grand slam against Milwaukee I nearly lost it. When you hit the game tying home run against LA my neighbors complained the next day cuz they could hear me yelling in my living room. Good luck tonight and for the rest of the series. I know you guys are gonna win this THANG!!!!

    Kurt (Doylestown).

  39. hermionegirl734@aol.com

    Hey Shane,
    I just wanted to drop you a lione and say you are doing great. The whole team is. I’ve been waiting all my life to see the Fightin’ Phils win a World Series.
    I also heard about what you did for Tommy G. the kid from Saint Cyrils. I think that was really great. I was a few grades ahead of him but I knew him and his sister pretty well. Also I think its great that every Flyin’ Hawaiian Shirt sold that St. Cyrils will get a dollar out of it. I know that I’ll be getting mine! GO PHILLIES!!!
    Jen (Lansdowne)

  40. jplatinum@live.com

    Awesome win! Shane you hustled like normal, good to see Howard get a homer and what a great pitching effort by Moyer!

  41. imbz48@hawaii.rr.com

    Hey Shane, I live on Maui in Kaupakalua and I have known your mom FOREVER!!! I used to live in Wailuku and we went to St. Anthony together…..I will admit I am OLDER than she.

    We have followed your career, and are proud of you. So because of you I am a Philly Phanatic!!!

    Just go out there, do your best and have fun.
    We have so much fun yelling at the TV screen!!
    It’s just a little chilly in Philly huh??? I love all your other fans for taking you to their hearts and treating you with love and respect.

    A hui hou, malama pono, Aloha
    RoseMary DeRego Calasa —-St Anthony Class of ’69

  42. njuniee

    You guys are the best !! Your going to go all the way, you have the heart and tons of loving fans to see that you do. We are all so very proud of you “Go Phillies !!!” Show those Rays who owns that diamond in Philly !!!

    Juniee (Neptune, NJ)

  43. dgall721

    YO,I was born and raised in PHILLY.I know 1 thing for shore I’m the biggest PHILLY-PHAN living in Tampa Bay.GO PHILS,D.gall,Clearwater,FL

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