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One down, two to go

The atmosphere was awesome today with the towels waving. It was really loud, just the way we like it. We couldn’t wait to get on the field.

Everything about today was outstanding. Every pitch by Mr. Cole Hamels was outstanding. Every play was outstanding and everything went our way. The ninth inning made it interesting, but Brad Lidge got out of it. He’s not perfect for nothing. I don’t think anything can ever be easy with us.

I can sympathize with Mike Cameron on Chase’s fly ball. When that wind gets going, it can get tough. Just before that inning started, the win started to pick up. Chase hit it hard. It took off and kept going.

The biggest thing about today was that we got win number one out of the way, after being swept last year. It was big to set the tone. Very big. We just have to go out there on Thursday and do the same thing.

Hamels was the most impressive thing, especially with CC tomorrow. Hopefully, we can get on him early, too, and hold on for a two-game lead.