Really close

victorino-howard275.jpgWe are so close, I can taste it, but at the same time, I know it’s way too early to celebrate. Sorry for the cliche, but I don’t want to jinx. If we come out tomorrow and play our game, we can win.

Then we will be WORLD CHAMPIONS. That will be unbelievable. This is definitely an exciting time, but it still seems like we’re a long way from getting there. I know we’re in the driver’s seat, and we put ourselves in a good position with our ace on the mound Monday. We have to keep our foot on the pedal. We have to try and finish the team off.

This has been such a great ride, but we need to finish this and bring a championship home.

I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like in this city, if we can do it. Driving home on Broad Street after Saturday’s win, I could see the excitement already, and we had just won one game. The closer we get, the more exciting it gets. We hope to share this with you guys tomorrow.

You deserve it to. Being from Hawaii, I never really understood what the passion of this city was like, in terms of its sports teams. I get it now. I know I’m not going to get much sleep tonight.


  1. phlsphnwst

    Shane –

    This is all just too exciting for words! Couldn’t believe Blanton hit one out…just amazing.

    I know you had a tough night, saw you throwing your helmet in the dugout. Don’t sweat it! You are a huge part of why the Phils are in the position they’re in. On this team, when one guy struggles, another steps up. You stepped up again & again throughout the season and post season. You stepped up when Jimmy and Ryan struggled. Tonight, it was Jimmy and Ryan and J-W’s turn to step up.

    If tomorrow night turns out the way we’re all hoping it will, you will not believe your eyes, ears and heart. The fans in thos city will BLOW YOUR MIND WITH THEIR JOY!

    We love our Phils!!




    Shane!! 1 More Baby!! 1 More!! and I’ll see you on Broad Street!!

    This is it!! I can feel it!! Your Number 08 and its 2008. This is your Year !! No One deserves it more then You and the rest of the team. You have shown the City what its like to be a team. Every single one of you guys has stepped up when needed. Its been an awesome ride and so exciting! I live right across the street from Citizens, even when I am not at the the game, I can hear that place cheering, its unebelieve able, you guys have to know how much we cant wait for this !!! I will be at the Game on Monday Night, it will be so fantastic if you guys can Sweep and finish this home!! I will there with my Flyin Hawiian Shirt on!! Screaming and Cheering for you Shane!! Get some Sleep!! and Ill see you tomorrow night!!!

  3. elt452

    The one thing that makes this team great is how you all carry the team. When one stumbles somewone is there to pick them up. Awesome effort guys. We are behind you.


    WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOING ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Icant believe I will be there this!!!! Can not wait to get the park today, its going to ELECTRIFYING!!!!!!!!!!!! This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Really their are no words. If we are this excited I cant imagine what you are feeling. ENJOY the ride & try to take in every moment, you are making & leaving a forever memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets do it baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you SHANE, GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jennifer -NJ-


    Shane, you and the rest of the team are AWSOME!! I can’t wait until tonights game – your gonna blow those Rays right out of the water!!!! Don’t get down on yourself, your bat is gonna be HOT HOT HOT tonight! GO PHILLIES !!!!


    Thank you so much for doing this and giving us your point of view on the games and excitement! I can’t wait to see tonight’s game. You can believe the TV will be muted and I will be listening to the great Phillies announcers on my radio!

    Tug on the mound with Cole tonight, ‘You Gotta Believe’ this is the year! GO PHILS!!!


    Hey Shane ~
    Wow – what a game! You guys have been totally awesome and it’s been a great ride (so far).
    Having grown up here, I knew the pride of this city and I took that with me while serving our country; being back here now it feels so good to be home!
    You and all of the Phillies have given us so much to be thankful for and I cannot tell you how excited I am to know I’ll be in the stands tonight cheering the team on to victory!
    One more, Shane – One more!
    ~ Alexa

  8. lorijeannj

    When you guys take World Series Champ title, I think an autographed hat should be sent to Kevin Eubanks, band leader, of the tonight show with Jay Leno. He has always been wearing a Phillies hat. He is a big fan.


    WOW WOW WOW!!Last nights game was “WOW” 10-2 in the World Series! You guys really showed that the Phillies have what it takes to be WORLD CHAMPIONS!! Thanks for the sleepless nights! It is all worth it!



    You guys have worked too hard, and we’ve wanted this too long…….go get this thing. You didn’t get to clinch the NLDS or NLCS in front of your fans, but everything is falling into place for you guys to win the WORLD SERIES right here in Philly!! Who would have ever thought that Brad Lidge losing the All-Star game would result in possibly winning the whole thing right here at The Bank????

    You guys have brought this city to a whole new level of excitement and accomplishment….we are SO PROUD OF YOU! Let’s do this!



  11. pp2008

    Hey Shane,
    One More!!!!!!!!!!!! Just tell the guys to relax and continue to play the way you played last night. Get some runs for Cole early. That’s what he needs, the pressure will be on. Yes, this is a true sports town and yes, we will go crazy when you win. We are ready to celebrate and it would be the best, if you win it here.
    LET”S GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!
    P. S. I knew the bats would come alive!!


    WOW, what a game guys. Now if u see every Philly player has thrown a homer. I knew that Howard was going to wake up in the world series. Great to homers @ the home park I as so happy n I know everyones else too.

    It’s ok that u have been giving pop ups (shane) but today u will give a homer, one for urself n ur grandmom! N the city of Philadelphia. But last night was just so exciting that word can’t discribe… Beautiful games CONGRAT’s to the while team of Philadelphia phillies…..

    2008 is ours we made it to the world series…….
    p.s good luck 2nite… Always have faith in urself….


    One more win, Shane. You guys are the epitome of teamwork. You are all stars and help to carry the team when others are having a crappy night. The Phillies so deserve this World Series win. Bring it home tonight, boys. The only downside is I will go into depression until next April. Nothing compares to baseball. Go Phillies!!!!


    Shane, just being you in that dugout and seeing your smile and enthusiasm for your teammates adds alot to the winning of the game too you know. I agree with the first comment- you carried the team many times. Anyway, my Mom was there last night for her 80th birthday and it truely was the best gift ever!

  15. phillies_phollowers

    Driving home yesterday, it was nuts out there after the game! People blowing their horns, hanging out of their cars and waving rally towels…people in the streets were going nuts too. Never seen anything like it. I got home at 2am and am up again at 7! It’s like the one time I don’t mind the lack of sleep :o) Go get them tonight! Go Phillies!


  16. lou232



  17. lou232



    WOOHOO!!!! I don’t want to jinx anyone either, but I have a really good feeling about it all! I hope we can celebrate tonight. 🙂



    ONE MORE WIN! That’s all we need, just one more win! I am so excited I can’t help the huge smile on my face these days. This is the most exciting Phillies team ever and I can just feel that it’s gonna happen tonight. What a great bunch of guys you all are and you so deserve this! I really hope that on my drive home from work tonight (I can’t watch the game, but know that I’ll be checking the score constantly!) I see all the fans outside cheering on the Phighting Phils! I can’t wait to hear Harry Kalas and Larry Anderson announcing for everyone to hear, the Phillies are the 2008 World Series champions….
    as for everyone who said it couldn’t be done……glad to prove you wrong!!!!!!!

  20. eisie

    1 MORE WIN,1 MORE WIN, 1 MORE WIN!!!!! what a exciting game. Everyone was amazing. I know it’s not over yet but I can taste it. Visions of Broad st. march in my head! The Phillies are awesome, the fans are awesome & this city is awesome. Play your game, take 1 picth at a time and go out there & kick Tampa Bays butts!!!!!! Alot of nervouse energy going on in our house., but at the same time I know The Phillies can take this. If not tonight we still have 2 more trys.( won’t be nessecary) I read you have 40 family& friends in to help you celebrate!!! That is so amazing. Good Luck tonight & God Bless!!


    Shane – OMG!! please have the paddles ready for this old cardiac lady. I plan to be at Frankford & Cottman (my old stomping grounds as I am now a suburbaniate) to celebrate. My husband already called off work tonight. nobody in the plant to make tile (too bad). Play smart ball, don’t look too far ahead. One inning at a time and let Hamels do his job. Thanks for a great ride this year!!

  22. phl1972

    Aloha Shane – Win tonight and then big celebration at Tasty Crust in Wailuku! They are trying to pitch you high in the strike zone – talking stink about weak lead hand on bat. Show them how it’s done! I see at least two hits for you tonight from the right side against Kazmir! Good luck and be well!


    Shane…..All I can say is HOLY CRAP! Last nights game was one of the most exciting games I have seen in a LONG time! When Blanton hit that homerun we went crazy!! And what about Howard! That was awesome!!
    We could all tell how frustrated you were last night but like everyone said, don’t sweat it! You have helped carry this team in the past and helped them to win many games! You know the old saying..There is no “I” in team and when you win it’s because of everyone!
    My husband is already looking ahead and wanting to make the trip back up to Philly for the parade that he knows is going to happen!! As much as I would LOVE that to happen I just don’t know! If we do, I’m going to make Tammy come along with us to see ya!
    Best of luck tonight! I know you guys are going to win it tonight! Philly is hungry for this and I know you guys are going to come through for them!


    Hi Shane,

    First,thanx so much————— for writing these thoughts all thru out this post has meant alot to all of us fans.
    Tonites the nite.
    Just play like you guys have been playing with heart and soul.this whole city believes in you guys.I miss all the games due to work and of all nites i am off,i am off tonite and i get to watch the game.
    I will light my candle,say a prayer and be dressed in phillies and hold ing my handmade flying hawaaiian rally towel.
    get some rest and stay focused-one step at a time.I will see u and the guys at the parade.
    Best wishes-
    luv ya shane!!!!




    Wow, you guys are so FUN to watch. It’s been an amazing ride for you on the team and us, your phans.

    I wish I could be in Philadelphia tonight, but I’m 3 hours away in Maryland so I’ll be watching from my living room, cheering you all the way.

    Go take ’em at home!!


    I cannot speak today . I cannot hear today. If I lost my eyesight today I would not care. Last night-I I saw a miracle about to happen in this city. It means EVERYTHING TO US to win. A man next to us was 87 years old and started crying and the end of the game from happiness. I was so moved I started crying too. Thank you Shane and my beloved Phils for making miracles happen.
    Phillies are truely No Kau a Kau ( Winners for eternity).
    Mahalo Nui loa na Ho’olaule-a me la -for all the Haole out there-it means Thanks for Celebrating with us Shane.
    Finish them off. Make it happen !!!!!!!
    Malamo Pono.


    Really, this has been one of the most exciting times of my life. Everytime I think about being 1 win away, it makes me wanna cry! I know i’ll shed a lot of tears of excitement and happiness and pure joy if we finish our home sweep and win it tonight!!! I couldn’t be more proud of our team; every person has had a huge impact on our post season run! When our power hitters are in a slump, the bottom of our line up comes up clutch; our pitchers are incredible, and everyone seems to come alive at the exact right time, and that’s exactly what a team is all about. I’m glad you’ve recognized the crazy atmosphere in this city, and how much every one is behind yoU! It makes me so proud 🙂

    Cottman and frankford, even last night, was noisy as anything, even through 2:00 am, trying to go to bed and people still honking their hearts out! Living 2 blocks away from it is great though, even though it keeps me up when I’m not in the middle of it all (like i will be tonight, without a doubt) . We all love you Shane, keep it up for all the fans that bleed Phillies red all year round and will absolutely go nuts with ONE MORE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lets git ‘er done Shane!!
    Liz, Northeast Philly

  29. dikorn

    Shane, MAHALO!!!!

    This is too good for words, I can’t wait for tonights game. One game at a time, one inning at a time, one at bat at a tiime!!!

    I;m trying to be a good employee today and work, it’s not going so well :).


    Hopefully there is a parade to see you at!!



    Oh man. I am SO EXCITED for the game tonight! I’m counting down the hours, and I just know that today is going to drag on. But it’ll worth it in the end, because I get to see you guys tonight :] Okay, well not in person, but on my TV.

    You are all amazing, and I wish you the best of luck in tonight’s game. GO PHILS!!


    Oh Bruddah Shane,
    I am from Hawaii, my Mom’s family is from Philly, and I am telling you brah, this is it! It is not only going to be crazy in Philly tonight, it will be crazy all over the U.S. You guys got Phans in every city. We had musubi the other night in honor of you. I can’t wait, the anxiety is driving me wild. I always wear my Victorino shirt, and am proud to wear it. I wish you would travel the U.S. so us non-Philly people could meet you too. GO HAWAIIAN! GO PHILLIES!!!!!!! Kick some Rays back to Florida!


    Yesterday was my birthday, and your win was the best birthday gift ever!! Do it again tonight… There will be no more stinking cowbells!!!

  33. melis26

    Oh My GOD!!! I am so excited!! I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about a world series win. I was in 5th grade when we lost the 93 World Series and I cried. There is no tears for me this time. I’m from NE Philly and if you guys win tonight it’s gonna be pure craziness, but I love it. I think you guys are the best team we have ever had and I am so greatful that this all happening. I have watched almost every game this whole season and you guys play with your hearts and as a team. YOu Guy disserve it TOO!! KICK *** TONiGHT 🙂


  34. melis26

    Oh My GOD!!! I am so excited!! I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about a World Series win. I was in 5th grade when we lost the 93′ World Series and I cried but there is no tears for me this time. I’m from NE Philly and if you guys win tonight it’s gonna be pure craziness, but I love it. I think you guys are the best team we have ever had and I am so greatful that this all happening. I have watched almost every game this whole season and you guys play with your hearts and as a team. YOu Guys disserve it TOO!! KICK *** TONiGHT 🙂


  35. utleygirl

    Hey Shane!

    First of all great game last night… even though you had a hard time at bat… you still are one of the hearts of this team… GOOD LUCK tonight….. I know you guys can do it especially with Hamels on the mound …

    And second I think how the phanatic always crushes the opposing teams hats during the game … Well I think he should have a huge cowbell and crush it right on the field tonight …. LETS GO PHILS! BRING IT HOME!

  36. melis26

    Oh My GOD!!! I am so excited!! I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about a World Series win. I was in 5th grade when we lost the 93′ World Series and I cried but there is no tears for me this time. I’m from NE Philly and if you guys win tonight it’s gonna be pure craziness, but I love it. I think you guys are the best team we have ever had and I am so greatful that this all happening. I have watched almost every game this whole season and you guys play with your hearts and as a team. YOu Guys disserve it TOO!! SEND THEM “YOUNG BUCKS” BACK TO TAMPA BAY….KICK *** TONiGHT 🙂



    Shane! I can’t imagine what you all must be feeling! I know how we (the fans) feel and it must be that times a million! Stay strong and focused – it’s almost time to celebrate!!!!!!!!

  38. chas17801

    Hey Shane, Congrats to you and the rest of the ball club on the win last night.. One more to go.. The good thing about today is that today is my birthday, This is the best birthday present ever to have a clincher on my birthday, Well the only thing left to do now is come out tonight and take it one pitch at a time.. The Phillies and you can do this.. As for last night.. It was awesome seeing Blanton hitting that home run.. It was awesome seeing Howard come around the last two games and hit home runs.. Just seeing that swing again. Well there is only that one thing for us to do. LET’S GET LOUD PHILADELPHIA!!!! LET’S GET LOUD!!! I wanna hear ya from Central, PA… LET’S GO PHILLIES, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!


    holy COW! i want SO badly to be in the city right now, to scream and cheer and clap my hands til they hurt and then just keep clapping.

    go on, shane, serve it up – and bring the place down.

    holy cow…


    WOW this has been an exciting season and one more to go. Shane I noticed a bit of frustration last night when you came into the dugout. Shane, you have given so much to the team this season and deserve to be there. Tonight is the Phillies Night to shine. You guys are an awesome team and deserve to go all the way. Good Luck tonite. We are all going to be on the edge of our seats when you guys bring it home for us. We have been waiting along time and we are almost there. You are awesome!!!. See you at the Parade



    This is so exciting, Shane! You’re an amazing center fielder and great at the plate.

    ONE more to go! I’m trying to take it one game at a time, too, trying not to get too excited. Man, is it difficult.

    Just watching Ryan put bat to ball is great, too. It looked like he swung a sledgehammer to put those two balls out. Joe Blanton is amazing. The whole team is awesome.

    You and your teammates deserve this, Shane! You’ve worked so hard for this all season long!

    Load up the bases! Here we go! One more!



    ONE MORE WIN!! Tonight is the night Shane. A night where you take the city of Philadelphia on your backs and show them what it’s like to be Champions again. A time to erase the devastating loss in 93 and 83! This city may have other teams to follow, but Philadelphia has and always will be a BASEBALL town! You are an elite memeber of the group known as the Fightin Phils, and you as well as the other guys in red pinstripes have the golden oppurtunity to go out and show Tampa Bay that there is too much Fight left in the Phillies tank! You guys have been so great for the past few years and it has finally come to this final goal. Hollywood Hamels on the hill! John Marzano, Tug McGraw, VUK, Richie Asburn, your Grandmother and Charlies Mom all watching down on you guys from Heaven as you bring back a championship to the most deserving franchise in Major League Baseball. Thank you for making a city so damn proud to call themselves Phillies Phans!!! Good Luck Shane!!


    Shane, the fabulous Phillies are absolutely amazing! That’s the best I’ve ever seen Blanton pitch and then he closed his eyes, swung the bat and hit a homerun — is that awesome or what!!! It was great to see Ryan slamming two homeruns and Werth homering again! I think Feliz has also been a great factor in this Series — AS HAVE YOU! You’ve contributed SO much to this team, Shane. You’re an incredible center fielder as well as batter and I believe your wonderful attitude and your smile, have done alot to bring the Phillies this far. Never underestimate yourself — you’re the best and we love you! I’ll be waving my rally towel and cheering from home tonight. I know you’ll take the World Series tonight! See you at the parade!


    OMG! I am so excited, I really think tonight is the night!!! I want soooo bad for this team to clinch this thing here, at home with your fans! It’s gonna happen, I just know it! Don’t get down on yourself (saw your little hat throwing in the dugout)! That’s what makes this team tick, when someone is struggling, another team mate is always there to pick it up. You were on fire early on when Ryan and Jimmy were cold. Don’t sweat it, cause we got this!
    Kathy in Magnolia, NJ

  45. ltvlulu

    Even up here in Iron Pigs country we are so excited about this Series- I’m too keyed up to think of any more goofy songs to send you. But if you and the Phillies do go All the Way, look for me on the parade route down Broad Street —
    I’ll be the one in RED!!!!!!!!
    Take that final win in Philly!!!!!!!

  46. phifan88

    Great job so far Shane. You guys are really a special team. I’ve been watching most of you guys since you were in AAA Scranton, and it’s great to see you shining on this big stage. Go get ’em tonght and win this whole thing. You guys deserve it.

  47. sjring


    Awsome series so far and just one to go. The Rays are no slouches, but the Phillies have the focus and the discipline to go ALL THE WAY!

    And to the “cardiac lady” who left a comment above….this town is going to be so electric tonight, you won’t need a defibrilator!

    Have a great game tonight. With Cole and Tug on the mound, our fantastic offense and the great defense this team has been playing, you guys are unstoppable.

  48. dicmod

    There’s one more step, just think like a 3 series game. Stay tuned and smart.
    It’ll be the 2 am in Italy but I’ll be in with my pc open for you!




    Tonight is the night. The city of Philadelphia is behind you all 100%. You are a great team and for the first time we feel a WIN – in our CITY – TONIGHT! You deserve this win and so does the city of Philadelphia. Keep up the great work – see you at the parade.

    Michele T. – Schwenksville, PA

  50. gayle21220

    GO PHILS!!! Thanks ,Shane, for taking the time out to give us your point of view. It’s been a great ride with you guys, Best of Luck tonight!!!


    Shane!! OMG buddy, I cannot believe how exciting today is. I really feel like it’s gonna happen. I have a friend who was at the game last night and two co workers going tonight. I am so jealous of them. I’m right outside Philly, close to the North East and it’s gonna be jumping tonight. I cannot wait. I have waited my whole life for this. Good luck tonight with the Cole Train and don’t sweat the small stuff.
    ONE MORE WIN!!!!
    *Brooke in Bensalem*

  52. noon4eva

    I am so proud of you guys. 27 more outs to go and we can all celebrate and enjoy a once in a life time dream. But don?t get too excited, relax and treat it like any other game. I know it is hard to sleep with all the excitement and all and the thought that we are only 1 game away but we need 27 more outs and will be the most difficult outs to achieve. So relax at the plate, focus and just play the game like it is supposed to be played. Enjoy today, laugh as much as possible, play as hard as possible and hit the ball as much strength as possible. Today will be the day because the angels are here watching over everyone one of you. Go Phillies!!!! You are the team!!!!!!!!


    shane, this city is going to go insane….i hope you guys win tonight, because winning/clinching at home, which you guys haven’t done since clinching the NL east, will be amazing…it will be winning the NL east times 50 billion. i didn’t get a chance to watch the game last night, i was sick with almost the same thing that jamie had the other day. i listened to it on the radio and when joe blanton hit one out….wow.

    you guys have to win tonight, parade on wednesday? i’ll be there!


    Shane, you are so right! Coming from the islands, I never knew about “the passion” for sports until I experienced it myself in Philadelphia.

    Philly fans are the greatest fans ever and I’m glad I can be part of it. I lived here for 11 years and have experienced all four major sports. It is awesome here in Philly and it will be more awesome when you folks . . . oops no like baachi! I’ve worked for three Philly organizations, Sixers, Flyers and Eagles, just so that I could see and feel what it is to be a “true” fan (couldn’t join up with the Phillies because they weren’t hiring at the time. LOL!).

    I’ve watched Philadelphia sports ever since I moved and gosh, it is the most exciting place to be when thousands of fans are screaming for their team and no better place to be too!

    Last night, you guys always seem to have somebody step up every night and its amazing to watch!

    Again the Island Boyz are proud of you and your team and I wish the best for tonight!! You goin smack ‘um tonight cuz I can feel it in my ‘iwi!!!

    Aloha Pumehana!!! Go Phils!!!



    This season has been one great ride! I can hear the fireworks from my living room. Hope we go out with a bang tonight.!!! I need the sleep (haha). Good Luck tonight!!!

  56. russg

    Shane baby. You have no idea what you are about to experience if you guys wrap it up tonight. Which could be a good thing because it might scare ya. This City (and me) love our PHILLIES, from day one of Spring Training, to the last pitch of the season. Thank you guys for taking US THIS FAR WITH YOU. Hopefully the last pitch will be tonight. The car horns will be blowing, the fireworks will be banging, and the screams of JOY will be heard all over the Tri-State Area. Hopefully the METS will hear us from NY! Ha Ha ha !!!!!!!! PHILLIES !!!!!!!


    Saturday before the game they played the 6th game of the 1980 World Series and I was so nervous watching it even though I knew what happened. I was 18 at the time. I can’t wait for that feeling again tonight! You guys have been awesome to watch all season. My son is now 18 and is planning to catch the 1st train home after classes are done at college either today or tomorrow. Thanks for a great season! Bring it home tonight!!

  58. danielle

    OMG, Shane this whole city is so excited for you guys. I remember the 1980 world series and this is just as much fun. Tug and the fighting Phills pulled it off then and now it is your turn. Wish he could be here to see it but believe me I know he is watching and cheering along with your grandmother and Charlies mom. This city deserves this and the 2008 Phillies deserve to win. You guys are awesome. Blanton did great. Go for it. Oh by the way, Congrats in advance.

  59. JP25

    Shane Victorino, you are amazing. I gotta tell ya. Ur a BEAST! I have faith in you that you will win tonight. You guys are amazing. I LOVE THE PHILLIESSS

    good luck! : )

  60. coachpaul

    I was there when you hit the Grand Slam against CC and I was there last night when the rest of the lineup lit up the scoreboard. Baseball is a funny game…it can humble the best of players. When I played years ago, a teammate told me after a game we won 15-1, and I went 0 for 6 in that game….”keep your head up, we didn’t need you today. We needed you in the other games.” Your coaches, teammates and fans remember the games where we needed YOU and you came through. Without it we wouldn’t be watching the Phight’n Phills march to a championship. Keep smiling and having fun and I will see you on Broad Street during the Parade.

  61. suzie

    Last night’s game was awesome! There’s a bar in D.C. owned by a guy from Philly – we were so loud in there the whole city must have heard us! Y’all have plenty of support down here too. 🙂

  62. utleyfan28

    Shane, I am so excited and happy for you guys. Tonights the night. We were talking about it in class today, trying to figure out when the parade is going to be. When we went up 8-2, I got tears in my eyes thinking how close we really are. I was 22 in ’93 and this team is so different. Not to take away form that team but something tells me you will do everything in your power to win it at home tonight. Those homeruns were amazing. I missed the first 2 because of my dad but I got to hear Harry do is call. I would love to be there tonight and soak in the atmosphere but I’ll be watching and trying to study for a test on the cardiac system. GO GET ‘EM!!!!GO PHILLIES!!!

  63. gabjolie

    I cannot express how excited I am for the Phillies to take the World Champions tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last night you guys showed the world that we deserved to win the WS!!!! That’s super hot & continue to do the same tonight!!! One game, one win, WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS tonight!!!!!!!!!
    Keep smiling Shane!!!!
    Have fun!!!!!
    God bless you all!!!
    GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    -Shane U are a beast.
    I just get goosebumps by just reading ur blog. I’m looking foward to tonights game its gonna be loud, have fun. We have faith in the phillies you guys r gonna win. Go phillies!

  65. lovethephils

    Aloha Shane,

    It is not cliche and we can all certainly understand not jinxing the team. I made it home to Philly this weekend from Virginia Beach and was treated to the best sports weekend I can remember. I think the fans are as sleep deprived as you guys after Saturday night/Sunday Morning’s game. The important thing though is you guys rock. We are all waiting with baited breath to go out and party in the streets. Please, I have never seen a championship parade, please win tonight!

    All the best to you and the team. I have my rally towel and my Flyin’ Hawaiian shirt ready to go. Let’s do this thing and bring a championship to the passionate fans of Philadelphia. Thanks for calling Philly your second home. I think we have all adopted you into our families and could not be prouder.

    Good Luck and Mahalo for the wonderful feeling I felt in the city this weekend. I loved it at the Eagles game when the Let’s Go Phillies chant took hold. We were screaming from the top of 237 for all of you! Can’t wait to see you guys on Broad Street this week!

  66. nycphightinphan

    I’m almost as old a Jamie (scary, right?)
    I remember Tug Jumping almost clean out of the Vet after he got that last out. I bet Lidge Jumps higher.
    I remember another thing too, that I’d like to share with all the Phillies and your fans back in Philly (while I’m stuck in NY):
    Not only the 40 man roster tonight, but all 2.5 million of us will remember this night for the rest of our lives.

    And YOU, Shane, will walk forever in the centerfield of our hearts, along with “The Dude”, “Sarge”, and His Whiteness.
    May Whitey be with you tonight.
    It’s your time.

  67. nycphightinphan

    And tell JW “his people” say Thanks for the ups.
    After the Rays leave the field, you can both run the bases and point to whomever you want. I’ll be waving back all the way from Queens.


    WOAHHHHH it’s so crazy everywhere.. in school today all you heard was people talking about the phils.. seriously, a minute didn’t go by where i didn’t hear somebody say something about you guys! even in stores and restaurants people are so excited! people who don’t even watch baseball are planning on going to the parade! haha with cole on the mound tonight and the offense kicking butt in that great game last night, we have no doubt you’re taking this and it’s gonna be great especially taking it at home! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE PARADE!!! GO PHILS!

  69. victorinolover

    omg last night was amazing i loved it, i stayed up the whole game watching you guys kick butt. i cant wait until tonights game i will be at a place called dominicks with my family cheering you guys on watching the game =) i believe in you guys. i know you guys can do it. keep up the good work. go out there and kick some butt tonight =) im so excited and if u guys win i am going to the parade to see you guys =)
    good luck.
    love ya shane.


    Shane, you guys have been amazing all year long and I have a good feeling about tonight. Just play like you have all year and everything will turn out they way it’s supposed. I can only imagine Citizen’s Bank Park tonight and what will happen if you guys win. Good luck tonight!

  71. kelmar

    WE DO BELIEVE!!! No matter what this season brought, I have always believed that this was the team to go all the way. As soon as you lost your last game last year I looked at my Mom and said “It doesn’t matter. They will win the Series next year.” And I really did believe that. Now you only have to win 1 out of 3. You guys so can do that. And believe me you will!!! I love you guys lots! Thanks for being the best group of Phils ever!



    Hey Shane,
    This is the best and most exciting thing that ever happened in my life. i didn’t fall asleep til like 3:30 last night,well i guess this morning, and i had to wake up at 6 for school but i was so hype about the game tonight that i didn’t feel tired at all. I’m going tonigth with my older bro and his fiancee we have stading room only tickets but it’s better then nothing and everyones going to be standing anyway i’ll be in center field watching. you guys can do this i can’t wait for this to happen! If we win this we’re camping out on broad street the night before! You guys got this so go out there and just be yourselves and do your thing!! Believe have fun and bring it home! This town will explode with excitment like you have nover seen before. i can feel it!! have fun out there tonight we will be behind you guys all the way,know that!! Have fun and do your thing!! lets go baby!!!!! Fightin’ Phils all the way!!!




    My name is Andrew and I am only six years old. I just started playing baseball this summer. You became my favorite Phillie after I saw you hit a game winning double on TV in July.

    Good luck tonight and I will be going to my first Phillies game next summer to see you and the rest of the World Champions.


  74. sandytoo

    Shane, I figure you are on your way to the park by now and you wont read this, but I wish you and the guys all the best of luck as you head into what we all hope is the final game of the season. After last night’s incredible win, I dont see how you guys can lose. But nothing is for certain….especially in baseball, as we all know 😀 Still, its yours for the taking….so bring it on home to Philly. We will be watching!

  75. libertybelle


    Shoots! I missed most of the game yesterday and all the homers because I was flying all night to get in here for the Big One tonight! I’m looking at replays now. Haven’t had any sleep yet but sleep will be sweeter for us all when we put our heads on the pillows knowing the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies TEAM are the World Series Champs!!! I agree with many of the other bloggers — you have carried one another all year long — when one brother is down, another picks him up — at the plate, on the mound, on the basepaths, in the dugout. And some have even entertained angels unawares in the outfield…. Oh yes, sleep will be sweet tonite!!!



    Keep playing hard!! Don’t give up the fight, don’t let your foot off their throats. The Championship is in sight! We feel it even being all the way down here in Florida. Wish I could be in Philly tonight but will be pulling for you and the rest of the PHILLIES. Let’s bring home the TITLE!

    Shane don’t get down on your self you will have a GREAT GAME 5!!

    Thanks for all that you and the phillies do!!



    Hey there Shane……You probably won’t read this until after tonites game…….I am trying to keep myself busy while waiting to watch the game…..surfing the net, changing the tv channels, watching the news…..You know crazy making behavior….the clock is not going to go any faster!!

    Then of course there is the nervous SNACKING….I am going to gain 5# before game time!

    you know how they used to say “the sky is the limit”…….as we know now THERE ARE NO LIMITS!!! It goes on forever!!!

    I love the passion of the whole team…..I love your passion for the game and for your allegiance to your fans in Philly and all over the US….and your loyalty & respect for your birth place…..You are a son a mother can be proud of…..And let’s face it you probably got more “MOMS” now than you know what to do with…….

    Who would have thought that a “game” could mean so much to so many…

    I am not going to jinx it……so I will just say…..Thank you for this great ride……Now go outside and play……

    Rosey C …Kaupakalua, Maui

  78. dykstra4cf

    Mr.Victorino, I’m sure tonight is our night!!!!!!We win game 5 against Rays, a very good young team. We are stronger, no fear, the party is near to start in the City of brotherly love!!!!! Good luck guys and God bless all you, we are all with you!!!!! From Italy a great Let’s GO PHILLIESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Thanks a lot amazing guys!!!!!


    Good luck tonite, Shane. You have been sooooooo good this post season! Hopefully tonite ‘s the nite! You have Angels in the Outfield, and Tug on the mound……. I don’t want to jinx you, but I think its gonna be a good nite. Good luck to you and the rest of the team.



    Hey Shane.
    What a fun game to watch last night!
    I urge you once again to commit tonight’s game to God by having the players get down on one knee before leaving the clubhouse and asking God’s continued favor on your efforts.
    In short, here’s the scoop for tonight: “With man this is impossible, but not with God; with God all things are possible” Mark 10:27 – and today’s date is 10/27.
    It’s not magical; it’s supernatural!
    Go Phillies,


    Hi Shane…..I am so excited! I have been a Phillies fan since birth and have loved watching each and every game. All of you are just amazing (especially you!)! Good luck to you all! My 2 boys 5 and 3 are all ready with there Phillies gear on! Hopefully we will here the fans screaming and celebrating from Philly tonight!

    God Bless,


    Congratulations Phillies!!!
    Just one more win!!!
    u guys r gonna do great tongiht!!!

    this weekend was deffinitely a philly weekend. the amazing flyers won their first home game saturday, the eagles won sunday and then u guys of course won saturday and sunday!!!
    u guys r amazing!!!!
    good luck tonight!!!



    My wife and kids lived in Philly for 8 yrs in which we were there for the 1993 season. What a heartbreak for a kid from Hawaii who was also experiencing the “brotherly love” of true sports fans.
    We’re back in Hawaii and have been rooting for the “Fightin’ Phillies” all these years, even though we may have been the only Phillies fan in Honolulu. Bring the World Championship to Hawaii!
    “Take two and go to right (field) (to left if you’re hitting from the left side.”
    Aloha and Imua!


    Great job Shane! One more to go!!!! I wish I could say see you on Broad St. but I won’t be able to go to the parade but I’ll be going on my retreat for school, so I won’t be allowed to leave the retreat house grounds, watch tv, or anything. Good Luck and have fun out there tonight. It always is easier if you are having fun.


    Jen Lansdowne Pa

  85. shaynachya

    I can still remember the tears that lasted for days in 1993. I was 6 in 1980 so I really don’t remember that game, other than to watch it on ESPN Classic. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this series, that was up until tonight when I really feel like we got it stuck to us again. I find it amazing that MLB had to wait until the score was tied before they decided to suspend the game. I don’t care what happens from here on out, ok maybe I do, but as far as I am concerned these guys are World Champions in my eyes. Thanks for a great ride, no matter what happens I will always love you guys!!!

  86. chas17801

    This was a major joke on the part of MLB, Bud Selig etc… Completely.. The field was the same way back when the the beginning of the 6th inning took place even started back in the 5th inning.. You could clearly see it on the field.. I am not a rocket scientist but they should have put the delay right when the rain started coming down hard.. I mean come on.. To wait until The Rays tied the game.. That was completely hiddious. I know you can’t do anything about it or anyone else really but if I were Pat Gillic I would take and protest or at least try because of the fact that they should take it back to the beginning of the sixth inning and take away that run.. Cause Obviously Cole had to pitch in horrid conditions and with Jimmy and that play and the ball just being completely wet.. It’s not going to be a fair game because of the fact that whoever goes out to pitch for the Rays is going to have better conditions than what you guys had.. A lot better conditions.. It’s hiddious. No wonder why Joe Maddon is so happy that his hitters scored the run.. But anyway that just gives you more incentive to come out and win and really show it to them when the game does resume. GOOD LUCK WHENEVER THE GAME GETS PLAYED


    Shane, What an unbelieveable ride this has been for all of you. With a suspended game 5 and OUR team is 3 1/2 innings away from possibly being the well deserved and well earned WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!! I must say Shane, you have been what I call you and that is… “THE MAN” I have watched about 140 games. Sundays home games at the stadium cheering OUR team on all the way. Your additude and perserverance to overcome whatever is handed to OUR team exceeds the biggest fans! ( I would be one of them 🙂 expectations. The way you display your drive, passion, courage, belief, dedication and most of all the love you have for OUR team and your teammates is contagious in itself. I see such a big difference since you became a Philadelphia Phillies team member, throughout the WHOLE team. The ending to this long yet long awaited blog….is to tell you I pick YOU! as MY “Most Valuable Player”
    I hope to have you with us for a very very long time to come. Tell them NO! I won’t go, before it even gets out of their mouths Please! I would be heart broken for a long time if you ever had to leave us. What would we do with out you?

    I am alomost done I promise. lol

    On a sad note but, in a special way a very happy day. I went to an “ALS” benefit back in April for a dear friend who passed away from “ALS”. We had over 400 people their in her honor. There was 9 Silent Auction Items from the Philadelphia Phillies to be bid on and I bid 9 times on your signed bat with my last bid being your additude in mind I am going to win this no matter what. I WON! with the honor of the Benefit of my dear friend and family and the honor to say I was going home with your bat puts a smile on my face everday when I look at it and all the more bitter sweet that you and OUR team are in the running for the World Series Champions!! Wow! You were at the top of my list then and have never left not once.

    Thank You! for everything you give to Philadelphia Phillies and the sport of baseball and your BIGGEST FAN! You are “THE MAN”


    Shane.I have been waiting since 80 to party with my Phillies. My best friend Pat and I were at the last game back in 80 and now he has passed. Do it for my best bud Pat, my friend, will love ya forever……………. Pete

  89. kenf

    You were the man again last night. I’m still not sure why Bud Selig and company did what they did when they let the game continue in those conditions. I strongly suspect that money was the motivator. I just hope that someone makes the right decision about when to resume play (as in Wednesday, if you listen to the meteorologists!) Keep the faith; we know you can win it in 3 1/2 or, better yet, 3. Go, Phils!


    Shane, nothing ever comes easy for you guys. That is the Phillies luck to have game 5 split like it is. Its the World Series! And to top that I just walked outside and it is snowing where I live. You guys have to play (hopefully today) hard and score some runs and rely on the Bull pen to hold them down – it really isn’t hard. You guys were on top if it wasn’t for that heavy rain and the COLD last night. Relax and have fun! GO PHILLIES!!

    “When the team is up against it, when things are wrong and the breaks are beating the boys – tell them to go in there with all they’ve got and win just one for the Gipper.”


    Sports fans in Philly have a bad reputation. We are not mean, we are just passionate about our sports.
    It’s rough to play in Philly, but the rewards are great!

    GOOD LUCK! GET THIS WIN! (whenever it is played!)

  92. ginapa

    The weather caused such disappointment last night–I can’t wait to read your views on playing–and then stopping–the game.

    But we’ve all seen that EVERYONE on this team comes through when needed, so I know you guys will clinch this thing in spite of the problems that last night’s weather caused–hopefully you can even use it to your advantage because frustration sometimes makes us even more determined to finish something as quickly as possible! Good luck Shane–I’m disabled and can’t get to a game right now. But you’ve probably heard me screaming from 200 miles away! Wait till you wrap it up–I won’t be able to talk for weeks! Love you guys!!
    Gina (in the snowy foothills of the Poconos)!

  93. ne121

    I am old enough to remember the Whiz Kids, but not so old that I understood what that meant. I died with all of Philly in ’64, when I was at Temple U. I had my insides ripped out in the mid-70s and then reached the first level of Nirvanna in 1980. We started stepping up again in 1983, 1993, but now, in 2008, will once again reach that next step.
    You played in weather my dog refused to go out in. You were professional in every way possible, as were the Rays. As a mom, I worried about you guys getting sick out in the cold and rain. I do hope you all warmed up slowly and dried off completely before you went home.
    Take care, rest up, and know that the rest of this game will be over quickly. Then we can all celebrate with the finest team in baseball.
    You know that we love YOU, Shane, and the whole team.


    Rain, rain go away, Phils are supposed to win today!

    Shane, you are awesome! I am so proud of you for making it this far. You are exciting and a force to be reckoned with! Just what Philly fans love!

    If there is any team that DESERVES to be the World Series Champions, it is the Phillies. This team is made up of strong, passionate, talented players and managers that have made their fans proud. Each time I hear one of the players’ interviews, they credit one another, never taking all the credit for themselves ? always, always, always thinking of their teammates and thinking about the goal they have set and overcoming the challenges that lie before them. This IS the team to beat. This IS the team that baseball dreams are made of!

    Not once during the regular season or the post season have I ever felt that this team would lose a game. This team has created and nourished the magic behind that feeling ? making it impossible to be pessimistic! I believe that they will WIN IT ALL.

    Now let’s send the nasty weather ? and those Rays ? back down south!

    We’re so proud of our Phils!! We’re so proud of you, Shane!! Go Phillies! #1!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. lorijeannj

    It is what it is. You guys are going to win. Just wasn’t last night.
    Hang in there. Forget about the what ifs, not worth debating right now.
    Go get em.

  96. infiniteciel

    What a bummer! It’s never easy in Philly, is it? If it isn’t one thing, it’s the other…and this time it was the weather. I can’t believe you guys played that long in it! They didn’t even want to stop the game it seemed…until the Rays tied it up from errors that shouldn’t have happened. All because of the rain!! I commend you guys for trying and doing so well despite it…it’s just a shame that they tied it up, and THEN it was suspended. :/ Oh well. It doesn’t matter! Whenever the game is continued, you guys will win. One more win still stands! And when they begin, remember, you have 4 more innings to bat, and they only have 3. You have the advantage. :3 Good luck, and stay dry!


    Shane, hang it there — we’re all going to be winners. I’m sitting in my office where I have the picture from the Philadelphia Inquiriers front page from October 1980 — Tug McGraw, Larry Bowa and Peter Rose riding down Broad Street in a convertible for the victory parade.

    I know I will have a picture of October, 2008 hanging next to this picture by the end of the week.


    How zit Bra,
    What a night. Just a little passing malka shower? Go kick some akule tonight!!! You’re the greatest!!! , Your braddah Bruce


    It is great to be so close and you are right – play YOUR game — and you will succeed. Cooler heads always pervail (and I don’t mean temperature!). Deep breath. See the ball. Watch it grow larger and larger in your line of sight. WHAM! The most important thing is now is that the team worry about THEMSELVES. Not TV, not the Commish, not the FANS.
    Have fun.
    PS: My friend’s dad passed away last night missing the big win. He was a huge huge fan. He’ll be ‘batting’ for you in HEAVEN!!!!


    Shane and all the Phillies! Bring it home… deserve it, your city loves you and we can feel it.

    Good luck with the last few outs!



    Shane you run in that field like a rabbit! You hit a GRAND SLAM! You are an amazing player, no one gets a hit 100% of the time so don’t be hard on yourself.


    Luv the Rosado Family

  102. julse48

    Your Performance throughout the entire year and post season has been tremendous.
    The team really knows how to play together and back each other teammates and that is GREAT! You guys are the exception to the meaning of team. It is truly great to see every single one of you get along and truly enjoy each other.
    You all will succeed because that is what a team does…when their game is played.
    Last night was cold, wet and miserable but that didn’t stop you from obtaining the main goal …. we are almost there.
    You will soon be able to come out from that shadow of the 80’s Phillies who won, the 83′ and 93′ Phillies who almost won. Not to say that they weren’t great too, but each team is different. Although there are a couple of coincidences and similarities between the current team and the 80’s team.
    The baseball gods are definitely shining down on this Phillies team. The city of Philadelphia loves their Phillies and you will definitely BRING IT!
    Go PHILS!!!!!!!! Tomorrow night will be the night to remember!!!!!!!
    I remember the parade from the 80 team you will soon be holding the paper saying “We Won” too.
    Keep warm and dry.
    We are so PROUD of our Phillies. Without you baseball season would be a bore.
    ~Julie (Warminster, PA)


    Shane Victorino … YOU ROCK!!!! I love watching you play and the enthusiasm you spread to entire team … Your determination is infectious. Way to go Phillies … just a minor set up .. but hey… if we’re making history … let’s just make it all the way! First time for everything right! … Great team, great experience, great guys! … GO GO GO!!!!!!


    you are amazing out there and I think i’m in love with you hahaha
    When will you be somewhere in DE ??
    I want to meet you so bad! =(


    Thank you, Mr. Victorino for your smiling disposition, your positive attitude, your willingness to actually write to your fans on this blog. Truly, you exhibit a selfless energy. All of Philadelphia loves you for it.

    Thank you for all the interviews you do with a smile on your face and a positive dialogue. You actually cause the citizens
    of Philadelphia to stand up a little taller, feel a little happier, desire to see the good in life’s twists and turns the same way you do. You came from another area of the world and taught us all a lesson in how to be part of a team for the great city of Philadelphia.

    I’m glad you have learned about passion from our city. I’m glad you are a Phillie. I’m glad you have conducted yourself in a manner befitting a real hero. Thank you for the excellent role model you set for our children. Thank you for setting the tone for the rest of the team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for enabling us all to experience once more, what it feels like to win and have heroes such as yourself to look up to and keep on going when life gets rough.

    So there you have it; we taught you about “team spirit” and what it really means to love the Phillies and, in return, you taught us about the gentle coolness of grace under pressure with style and respect. I think it was a good trade!
    Thank you.
    Now, “let’s win one for the gipper”!!(I don’t know what that means, I just know my father used to say that all the time.)
    PS – Tell JRoll I said hello and Ryan Howard that I love his commercials for Subway (“the MMMM hall of fame”) and tell Cole Hamels and Brad Lidge I think they are very hot! (literally and figuratively!)

  106. watchatbaby


    You’re right – nothing comes easy in Philly. I never left my seat till the tarp went out. I was cold and wet through three layers of clothes! It was definitely right to suspend, but to play the top of the 6th was ridiculous. That infield was a total mess. But we have more at bats and hopefully can get ahead and shut it down in the top of the 9th!!!

    If you have some pull, resume on Wed. at 9:30 not 8:30 b/c the rain is supposed to clear out at 9:30.
    Fr. Mike


    braddah shane!

    you guys almost there! congratulations on your performance to this point. hows the weather for a maui boy. cold eh? shoots brah, make maui and philly proud!



    You write: “… Being from Hawaii, I never really understood what the passion of this city was like, in terms of its sports teams. I get it now. I know I’m not going to get much sleep tonight…”

    Shane, you good Flyin’ Hawaiian, thank you for coming to Philly. Your joy and enthusiasm has been such a spark to the current Phillies fire! You get me up off the couch with my imaginary rally rag going in the air around here, and I know everyone “gets it” as I do.

    Spent two years in HI in 1960-61 with the Coast Guard, and know how laid back it is there. Well, thank goodness you were called to baseball is all I can say, and that the Phillies found you.

    Mahalo! Susan


    Shane I Love You, shhh don’t tell my husband ok LOL…anyway, you are what we have needed for a long time on this team, your determination with every game is uplifting. This team has shown us something this year that we haven’t seen in so long and we are looking forward to a
    Parade. Lets complete this and bring this world series to a close and send those Rays back to Tampa. Keep up the good work and tell the rest of the team that everyone in South Jersey loves them and will be screaming loud on Wednesday Night so you can hear us in Philly. GO PHILS!!!


    We Have FAITH in you guys, Go Out and Kick Some ***. 1 MORE GAME!!! AND WERE GOING TO PARTY LIKE ONLY PHILLIE FANS KNOW HOW TO!!!!!

    WE BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. lisacraig


    I have every confidence that you and your merry band of brothers will win the World Series tomorrow or whenever Bud Selig decides to complete game 5.

    A Phillies win will not only be cherished moments for the players but for the city and its fans too! I also think that the city will finally receive some respect, albeit grudgingly, from the news media, which have showered praise and good fortune on the Rays. I was sick to learn how much revenue-sharing dollars have been given to the Rays (over $30MM per year), revenue that is generated by more affluent MLB franchises like the Phillies, the Red Sox, the New York teams, etc.

    I am so tired of the negative image and disdain the city receives from the media. It can be insulting and hurtful at times. A World Series win will make everyone take note of our fantastic Phillies and the city!

    Shane, please send the Rays back to pasture since they relish their cowbells so much! Seriously, a cowbell … as many fans noted, WE (the city) have the Liberty Bell. Can anything be better than that?

    God bless you always!



    I hope you and all the Phils read this!! You guys rock and you know you can do this. Try and not let the mess of last night bring you down. No sense dwelling on the nonsensical. Go out there and do what you were meant to do baby!!!


    I just have to say… you have totally made this city believe again. And I know you’re engaged but I LOVE YOU.

  114. lowlyofficegopher

    Hi Shane,

    As a fellow Hawai’i native, I am heartily cheering for you and your Phillies teammates to clinch the World Series Championship on your home field and bring the pennant back to the NL. What a great triumph it will be for both Philadelphia and the whole state of Hawai’i! Go Phillies!


    Dear Shane……
    OK…….the team is doing so well……all you guys are working together to win this series……….I hope you are all resting up & staying well.

    Damn that was some rain….and in a wind chill of 30 degrees I would curl up & die. And you guys were out there.

    Just one more game and you all will have done it……together with the fans in PA and your fans all over the US including back home here in Hawaii.

    When ever you get to resume this game……just tell the team “cool head” , just play……one inning at a time….that is how you guys got to this place……

    I will be watching the weather reports and the Phillies page like I always do……..

    3-1……….one more game


    Shane and the Phillies,
    And so there was lots of rain…in Hawaii, as you well know, rain is considered to be a blessing. It’s my sincere hope that it is exactly
    that as you all to go out there and continue Game 5. Wednesday night seems so far away, but it will be here in less than 24 hrs. So, please know that it is raining “Aloha Spirit” for the Phillies to go all the way to a World Series Championship!
    ps…You all could come to Maui to finish the game…. 😉

  117. worldseriesii

    Hey, Shane-

    As I predicted, Howard and then, Rollins, would climb out of their slumps, and they did so in a gigantic way! What a thrill, in Game 4- the 4 homers, including Blanton’s. I also predicted a Series win, for you guys. I coulda made millions of dollars, with a television show of my predictions, both political and sports, but even though I know the outcome, the way you guys achieve it, is exciting and even electric.

    You probably would have won the Series in Game 4, had the officiating not gone completely against you, in Game Two. People were complaining that it went against the Rays, in Game 5, but the two runs they got have evened that out. Now, when play resumes, without the slightest question from anyone, people can say that the Phillies were overpoweringly superior, and one of the greatest, World Championship teams of all time. Thanks to all you guys for the great thrills and inspiring play.


    We love you guys and are proud of you. You make us proud to be Phillies fans. Forget what everyone else is saying and what they’re trying to do…consider the source.

    Go get ’em!

    Laurie P.


    Shane….The Philly Daily News printed the story yesterday about how my Father passed when Tugger struck out Willie Wilson on Oct 1st, 1980, so now about 100,00 or more people know that “Phillies Heaven” is in excellent control of the spirits and the baseball gods…..all the Phils need to do now is RELAX and ENJOY the moments!!! When you win tonite, there will be plenty of tears of joy in my house! LET’S GO PHILS! Tracy Allen, Ocean City, NJ


    You energy and enthusiasm charges up all around you including the fans. My 10 year old son has earned the nickname Victorino on his baseball team for his hustle and speed. Thanks for being a roll model. By the way, how is the sheep that is named after you doing? I spoke to Ruth Hartman at a Reading Phillies game and she told me about the sheep she named after you.

    Topton, PA

  121. pp2008

    Hey Shane,
    It’s 1:20 in the afternoon on Wed,10/29/08. I am @ work on my lunch break waiting to hear if there will definitely be a game tonight. We fans in Philly sure hope so. Keep up your great attitude and be sure the rest of the guys are all on the same page. GO GET EM TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! It’s time for a celebration. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
    P.S. I miss reading your blog every morning. You haven’t written since early Monday morning. Hope you are doing okay.


    I have to say…i don’t care what any of the National television analysts are reporting that the Rays have the advantage. They don’t know Philadelphia. They don’t know our Phillies. They are underestimating the talent, perserverance, fight, and determination of the Phillies. I say, bottom of the 6th, who cares….at the end of the sixth the Phillies will have regained the lead!!!!! Get really loud tonight fans. The World Series Championship is coming home.


    oh wow lau lau shane o……rain rain go away little shaney wants to play….rain rain go away little shaney wants to play……..hit one out tonight brah and end it already…..

  124. chas17801

    Well Shane sorry for venting the other night. But that’s over with now and tonight is the night… We have all the advantages.. We are up to bat, we have the last at bat if it would end up still tied. Cole can get the win. We can do this.. I know Philadelphia is behind you guy’s 100 Percent.. I know I will be rooting loud from Sunbury, PA. We know you guys can taste it.. NOw it is time we end this thing once and for all.. Good Luck Phillies!!!!!!!!! Let’s go fans let’s get the towels moving and let’s pump the Phillies up.. !!!!!!!!!!! Let’s GO PHILLIES, LET’S GO PHILLIES…….


    I am so sick of reading the anti-Phillies crap out there…I could just spit!
    The sportswriters are all bitter that they’ve gotten the post-season so wrong (I don’t see ow, I could have told them); MLB & FOX execs are trying to find any way to gain ratings, even going so far as to try to make Tampa Bay the ‘sentimental favorite’ (they must be joking); and Rays fans are so desperate to swing momentum in their direction that they’ve resorted to making up nasty stories about Phillies fans phsically abusing little kids.

    It’s all so ridiculous that it just clarifies the truth…you guys ARE baseball….you’re what it’s all about. I was sad when we lost in ’93 (it was on my wedding night!!), but the fact is those guys had bad karma from the beginning. This is different.
    This team is the Real Deal, you’re the Golden Boys, you’re the FIGHTIN’S! Don’t let anyone try to take that away from you.

    LETS go PHIL-lies ! ! !!!

    Laurie P.


    Dear Shane, Please, please, please tell everyone to take a good long deep breath and relax. You guys are the best and tonight is our night. Come together and concentrate on RBI’S. Heck, you might as well get another grandslam…GO PHILLIES!!!! We love you guys. Jeannie 🙂


    Hi Shane! Wishing you and the other guys the best of luck tonite. Go out and have fun! Get those bats going, and show all the world what the Fightin Phils are made of! Do it with home runs or small ball, cuz I know you guys can do either. Grabbing a nice lead right in the 6th should quiet the naysayers, and prove what a great team the Phillies really are. This isn’t a fluke!!!
    Yours and Charlie’s ‘angels’ are still there along with Tug, so ain’t no stopping us now! Have FUN and bring that trophy home to Philly!!!!!!
    GO PHILLIES!!!!!

  128. phillyfan69

    Shane, thanks for keeping us in the loop with your blog. I believe in you guys. You guys really make baseball fun to watch. Hang loose bro and keep it fun. Mahalo.



    WAY TO GO BRO – enjoy the win and your well deserved World Series victory. You and the team have shown such heart, and hard work…you guys are fantastic.

    I’ll have some pictures of the NLCS game 2 to share later




    wowowowowowowowowow It’s been long enough!!! Thanks to you and all of the team for showing the rest of the major Philly teams HOW IT’S DONE! Mahalo on the offseason, and please, tell us that you’re coming back to the Phillies!!


    CONGRATULATIONS WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!! I knew you guys could do it ! Thanks for all the memories ! It was a wonderful season! ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!!!!!


    CONGRATULATIONS all the way from Oahu, SHANE! Oahu is so proud of our Hawaiians! Cheeeeeeeeeeeeehuuuuuuuuu!

  133. ne121

    Congratulations to you and your wonderful, marvelous, magnificent, phenomenal teammates. I have been waiting a loooong time for this. Words are not able to express our feelings for us, the fans, the city, and the team. You have earned every accolade that will be heaped on the 2008 World Champion Phillies. Thanks to all of you.

  134. dagrlz

    MAHALO to the Philadelphia Phillies!!!! what a cohesive team we have. Enjoy the victory, you have all earned it. I can’t wait to see you all on Fiday at the parade!

  135. lovethephils

    Really Close no more! You did it Shane. Congratulations to you and the rest of the Phillies. We are so proud of you.

    See you on Friday at the parade!


    Oh my goodness!!!!! Shane – you guys have given this city such a priceless moment! My seven year old was outside with us banging pots and pans and I know he will NEVER forget me tackling him after that last out!!! It means more than words can ever express!!! We are forever grateful to this team! We love you! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!


    I’m speechless with tears of joy in my eyes. Thanks so much doesn’t seem to be enough. Enjoy it all with your family Shane.

  138. ltvlulu

    Shane and all the Phillies-
    Thank you for such an exciting season!
    I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!!!
    Congratulations to all!!!
    Philadelphia Phillies – 2008 World Series Champions!!


    Shane: CONGRATULATIONS to you and your teammates for winning the 2008 World Series! You are now World Series Champs! My husband and I could not be happier for you, your teammates and of course Charlie. All year you have played with such heart and dignity! Enjoy and savor your victory! Than you so much for an AMAZING season! My dad Russ and my cousin Fern were HUGE Phillies fans! My dad and I used to watch the Phillies together all the time and watched when the 1980 team won the Series. My cousin Fern passed away just last year. I know they are both smiling in Heaven. Please tell Jamie Moyer thanks for doing such a fine representation for the “old folks”. I am 45 going on 46 too! God Bless you all! We will see you at the parade on Friday! I don’t think I’ll get much sleep tonight because I am so excited!

    Much Love,
    Linda and Chuck Riley
    Pine Grove, PA


    i’m so excited and happy for you and your team, i cried. not only did you do this for the city of philadelphia and its fans, you did this for yourself, and more importantly, your grandmother and charlie’s mother. god bless shane. aloha.

  141. deanh


    Thank you for a wonderful season. I have watched almost every inning of every game this season due to back pain. What a fun season. You are my favorite player due to your dedication and energy. Thank you! Was there for Myers 2 postgame wins, your team is awesome! The fans are amazing, what a wonderful combination. Looking forward to seeing you at the parade!


    I am sooooo happy to be a Phillies fan now…you guys deserve this each and every one of you I LOVE YOU GUYS YOU DID IT!!!!!! YOU ENDED THIS CITY’S 25 YEAR DROUGHT HAVE FUN CELEBRATING AND I’LL BE THERE FRIDAY FOR THE PARADE!!!!


    Shane and the Phillies,
    The rain was a blessing…you did it!!!! There are no words to
    describe how proud all of Hawaii is for you and your special team.
    You MUST invite the whole team to Maui for a relaxing vacation,
    and you MUST host a super luau to celebrate this great event.
    We want to party WITH you! Thank you for sparkling with joy
    during every game…your spirit enhanced your overall team work!
    Congratulations! I still can’t believe it…”A SAS grad has won
    a World Series ring!” Wow!


    OMG…!!!! The TV was showing the teams reactions…one by one… was hilarious watching the individual players realize…’s strike 3……….We are the Champs!!!!!

    Great pile up!!!

    Congratulations!!! You and your teammates are 2008 WSC..!!

    The fans in Philly are just amazing!!! The noise decible level must have been over the top!!!

    I don’t know what hand you write with….but you better rest it up….

    See Shane even in times of sadness there can be great joy & I am sure your grandma would not want it any other way……

    Tell your mom that Frank & Francine’s sister:
    Rosey DeRego Calasa, says hi !!!

    How much you wanna make a bet The rest of the Council members declare a “Shane Victorino Day” at the next meeting………THEY BETTER…..unless they want LOTS of email!!!

    Take it all in Shane……make lots of memories….take lots of pictures…..Enjoy the ride……..thanks for bringing the rest of us along with you …..this blog was a Great idea!!!

    Malama pono, Aloha,


    Shane, my main man!! i’m coming to the parade on friday come hell or high water– you guys brought back my faith for the Phillies, thank you so much!!–
    PHINALLY 2008!!!

  146. worldseriesii

    Hey Shane- MAGNIFICENT, ELECTRIFYING, WORLD SERIES WIN, with the tenacity, great play and super teamwork, you guys evidenced all season. CONGRATULATIONS for providing Philly sports fans with an unsurpassable thrill!

    In my last comment, I said: “Now, when play resumes, without the slightest question from anyone, people can say that the Phillies were overpoweringly superior, and one of the greatest, World Championship teams of all time. Thanks to all you guys for the great thrills and inspiring play.”

  147. vinsinkin

    you know charlie is looking old – I think joe maddon wants to be the next phillie manager will trade you maddon for victorino any takers – congrads phillies you did it!! from a dejected rays fan who cant get to sleep


    To the dejected Rays fan-sure ,we’ll give you Ohana Shane-OVER OUR DEAD BODIES. Only fools give up gold. Our Phils are like our family. We love ’em and you can’t have em’


    Hey Shane you are my favorite player on the Phillies I never liked baseball until you started playing. i am 15 year old girl and people think i would not know you but i do and i told my parents all i want for my 16th birthday is to meet YOU!!!!!

    Love Meredith

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