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I still don’t feel anything. It feels like just another win.
It feels like we have another game to play tomorrow.

It will sink in eventually, probably on Friday when we drive
down Broad Street. We’re the champs and have nothing left to play for.
We got our ultimate goal. Hopefully, they’ll be many more to come. I
remember walking into Spring Training and talking about our goals.
It’s been a great ride and an enjoyable moment.


I almost lost it when the door opened in the ninth and Brad
Lidge ran out. It was so loud. You could tell the fans were hungry and
ready. I can imagine what it’s going to be like on Broad Street. We’ll celebrate with them on Friday. I have 50 text messages already, and
that was 20 minutes ago.



I remember watching Sid Fernandez in 1986 when he won with
the Mets, and how cool that was. I was six, but Sid was one of my idols, being
from Hawaii.
You always dream of being a part of a team that wins a championship. Lo and
behold, 2008 here we are.


I guess the curse is gone. William Penn is happy, now.



    congats shane! we on maui are all so proud of you and all you have accomplished. for all of us who know you and your family, and even those who dont but felt the connection with the maui boy………we are thrilled! enjoy the ride….enjoy the parade……………enjoy life…….awesome ………………….and to think we knew ou when!


    Shane, you are great. Congratulations-you boys deserve it!
    I love this team and it was an amazing season! Woohoo can’t wait for the parade on Friday!!!!!


    SHANE Baby you did it!!!!!!! I cant describe the feeling that I had when you guys WON!! I couldnt believe it!! I lost my voice screaming your name and for the rest of the team!! It was an awesome game to be at!! I went to Broad Street after it was something I have never seen before and I live a block away!! I can not wait until Friday for the Parade!! I am so Happy for you!! You are and will always be my Favorite Player. Your Smile is Priceless! I love watching you play! Enjoy it Because You Deserve it along with the rest of the Team!!! See you On Friday!! Congratulations Baby!!

  4. phlsphnwst

    SHANE!!!!!!!!! I’ve been checking your blog again & again to see if you’d post tonight…


    I have watched every inning of every game since spring training and for it to all come to this amazing, triumphant end is just unspeakably FABULOUS!!

    My flight back to LA is ON Friday (UGH!!!). Probably too expensive to change it, but I will be with you guys in spirit. If it weren’t for the darn rain, I would have been there (GRRRR).

    Go party. Go crazy. Have fun!

    May the parade fill your heart with joy and satisfaction….and when it’s all over….it’ll only be 4 and a half months ’til pitchers & catchers!


    Karol from LA


    There are no words to describe this. Everyone wrote you guys off, both in the NLCS and in the World Series, and you just kept winning. It seemed like a different guy stepped up every night. What a beautiful end to the season. Maybe you guys were 6-47 with RISP or whatever it was, but the hits were really huge ones, like your hit in the first inning on Monday or Pedro’s huge RBI tonight. You guys weren’t perfect this year, but you got the job done, which is something only 1 other Phillies team has ever been able to do. The “P” doesn’t stand for Philadelphia. It stands for passion. Thank you for everything. Now let’s do it again next year!

  6. chas17801

    Well Shane, You guys did it.. You guys came out and won the championship for the city, for all the fans coast to coast. You guys did it like you have been doing all season long.. You guys didn’t give up. Now Philly can celebrate.. I wish I could be there to see it all but in heart I will be there.. I know my dad is watching from above let alone all the Phillies that are up there now like Vuk, Tug, Marz, Richie. They are smiling down looking at you guy’s. They were the angels behind you guys throughout the season who helped you guys come up big when you needed too… Congrats again Shane and the Phillies Bunch


    WOO HOO Phils! I must say I wasnt soo into the team until last year. I’ve always been an off and on fan. My PopPop loved baseball and the Phils. He passed away in April. I wish he could’ve been here to watch. I believe he was watching over me and Philly and The PHILS!!! You are awesome and I wore your shirt the whole time. Poppop was with me I just know it!! Now that you have said in your blog that you know how Philly fans are, you better get ready to the Flyers fans and Eagles fans and Sixers Fans. ESP FLYERS FANS!!! I LOVE MY HOCKEY BOYS!!! haha! Keep it up Shane. LOVE YA BABE!

  8. nylost


    What a TEAM!! What a team, you guys deserve this so much. You’ve shown so much heart & fight more than any other team. We all could see this happening. We all absolutely fell in love with you guys & Charlie.

    THANK YOU!!! Thank you for reversing the “curse”!

    Can’t wait to party with you guys and the entirety of PHILADELPHIA on Friday!!!

    We’re getting a freaking parade!!!


  9. puofads

    I only have one thing to say (and this is from everyone in Philly) – Thank you!!!!! – to you and to all of your teammates!!!!!

    Now go have fun!!!!!!


    HAWAIIAN!!! you guys did it! congratulations on your victory. enjoy the celebration. everyone on maui and us in san diego are extremely proud of you! man, i remember hearing your name in high school and now here you are, world champs. wow! can’t wait til next season. aloha.


    wowowowowowowowowow It’s been long enough!!! Thanks to you and all of the team for showing the rest of the major Philly teams HOW IT’S DONE! Mahalo on the offseason!!

    Unable to sleep as I am too excited and only know this: I have a 7 am radio show to do and man, have I got enough to talk about on the air. And first song I start out with goes out to you and the Phillies: Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It. All of the Phillies will be fast asleep I’m sure. LOL (Also, the fans that were out until the wee hours of the morning. Can we say that I’m still hearing fireworks and horns honking just outside of Philadelphia just at almost 3:30 am? OMG)

    I only wish that my uncle and dad were here to see this, as they saw the 80 Phillies take it.


    Shane, first off…thank you so much for working on this blog during the postseason and giving the fans a taste of what it’s like to be part of the team.

    Second, man, congratulations to you and the Phillies. Thank you for sticking with the fans. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know you and everyone in the clubhouse feels for the fans and I personally appreciate the recognition that has been passed out to the city for the love and support showered on you guys. YOU DID IT!!!! I became a fan of the Phillies in…you guessed it… 1993 and I’m so happy for all of you. You no longer have to live up to any expectations. You ARE the expectation. You are a champion. I love this moment in time so I can only imagine what it’s like for you.

    You have yourself some fun out on Friday. Enjoy everything about what’s gonna happen for the next couple of months. I will and I can’t wait to see you and the Phils next spring.

    -Scott from Delaware


    Congratulations Shane!

    You and your entire team played like champions!

    We are all so proud of you!

    Thanks for the great and exciting games!

    Enjoy it all!



    Thank You.

    There is really no other way to say it.

    To you, to every person in the lineup, to every person on the scout teams, the minor league teams, the front office, top to bottom.

    To Harry, who finally got to call a World Series Game-something MLB broadcast rules prevented him from in 1980-and a Phillies championship.

    To everyone looking down on us from above who helped us along the way-your grandmother, June, Pope, Tugger, Vuke, Marzano, and Whitey, and all of our relatives out there who didn’t make it to see a champion.

    To the past 28 years, for making us strong, but mostly for making this all the sweeter.

    I’ve spent all night trying to find the right words, but the only and best I can come up with is simply:

    Thank You.

  15. nephillie

    Shane, congratulations to you, your teammates, Charlie Manuel and all the coaches for winning the 2008 World Series! You guys beat three outstanding teams that had excellent pitching and are so deserving of this.

    I remember Sid Fernandez back in the eighties when he pitched for the Mets and unless I am mistaken, I remember him pitching for the Phillies later on too.

    Enjoy the parade on Friday and best wishes for a great off-season which I am sure it will be for you now. Thanks to you and your teammates for a fantastic year of Phillies baseball!


    I LOVE that picture!!!!! I came back to check to see if you had written anything……… Why do you always look like you are really FLYIN”…….that is so damn hilarious!!!

    Oh yah I was thinking about St Anthony’s and what we might have in common………WELL________I grad in ’69 & you grad in 99’….ok….look good……the first nine in your number is a 6 UP–SIDE–DOWN!!!!

    Now THAT is hilarious!!!!!

    Anyway …..I know the team will be enjoying that parade…..I hope they televise some of it……..

    My dear……eventually ……you have the whole rest of your life… between seasons… are going to have to come home & sign autographs for every little leaguer on the island………..cause YOU are the role model now…..YOU are the HERO!!!!!

    Imagine that from Maui to the Major Leagues… WSC!!!

    A hui hou, Malama pono,
    Rosey C from Kaupakalua

    PS: Our family sent in our ballots about 2 weeks ago…tell your Dad he’s got our family’s votes!!!


    After years of quietly scouting an old SAS pal online, my brother and I were stoked to see you and the P’s advance when the Sox fell (I was quitely hoping it was going to be Philly-Boston – Hey, I lived there for years). I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see all of your hardwork pay off. Thanks for givin’ me something to brag about when I’m chattin’ with all the expats out here in Poland. Congrats! Mahalo’s! And Hana Hou Bra!


    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! We are SO VERY PROUD OF ALL OF YOU! It was a great season and a PERFECT ending! The cherry on top! Relax and enjoy the parade and some much deserved time off! We love you and WE BELIEVED!!! The McCurdy Family of Trevose,PA

  19. bigrupe

    Shane, I’m so proud of this team and I am so happy for each and everyone of you. I’ve been a Philly fan since I was a small boy just old enough to walk (42 years). Your love for the game is so refreshing and makes me enjoy baseball even more

    Please share these next few comments with Pat and Brad.

    First to Brad, I was so happy to see you acknowledge Jesus Christ for all He has done. It’s amazing how all things do work together for good. He brought you from loss to great victory

    Pat you’re probably my favorite player. I was praying you’d get a hit and you did. I hope you’re around next season, but if not may God bless you wherever you go. You’ve given me so much enjoyment and I’ve loved your ability to handle the adveristy and stay with the Phillies through the good and the bad. You’ve earned this victory Pat, to me you represent all the good in baseball and in Philly!

    Shane I love your attitude. I’m proud to be a fan. Send my regards to the team. The greatest Philly team EVER!




  21. ppcarolyn

    Congratulations and all my love to my beloved Phillies! I agree with bigrupe about Brad and his thanks to God and to Jesus Christ after the NLCS win. I never saw it in print, but I did hear it.
    I wore my Phillies Shirt to Prayer Meeting at Church last night, and I prayed – HARD – for a Phillies WIN – HERE in Philly – with all the crazy Phillies Phanatics! YES!
    Shane, you were awesome, you had so many big moments during this great playoff run! ALL your team mates were awesome! Everyone contributed in one way or another! What a way for Pat Burrell to cap a great season! I REALLY do hope the Phillies dig deep into their pockets and reward him with a contract. He WANTS to come back. He’s said it all year, and he said it last night. PLEASE DAVE MONTGOMERY, PLEASE BRING PAT BACK!
    Enjoy this win. πŸ™‚ WE LOVE YOU AND THANKS FOR A MEMORABLE, JOYOUS season and Championship win! GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Congrats Phillies and thank you!
    I wrote on Wednesday something that gave me goosebumps then and now I have them again from just thinking about it.
    See you at the parade and don’t forget…
    *Pitchers and Catchers first week of February*
    R. Angelini
    Atlantic City


    I knew you’d blog — you’ve been so faithful blogging with us fans! Congratulations to you and the fabulous Phillies. It’s just so appropriate that you drove in the first two runs of the final game! You’ve been outstanding the entire season — offense, defense and as importantly, your first class demeanor and attitude. I’m very happy for the fans, but most of all for you Phillies. You earned this World Series and we also reap the benefits. I’ve loved every minute watching this team play. Part of me is sad it’s over because there’s no more Phillies for me to watch now until next season! And no more Shane Victorino blog until then either! I’ll really miss you, Shane. I wish you all the best for a wonderful off-season, including your upcoming nuptials in November. Can’t wait to see that smiling face back out in center field next season. Who says we can’t do it again!! God bless you and the team!


    Shane… Phillies….
    Thank you! I have ALWAYS been a Phillies “phan” through it all. I just knew this was the year. The team was awesome, everyone played a part, it was just perfect!!!!
    You guys are all awesome!!!!!! You have made Philly proud!

  25. krukkerfan

    Shane and the Phightin’ Phils,
    Congratulations and thank you each and every Phille who has put on the pinstripes this year. Everyone has played a part this season and it all paid off on Wednesday night. Last night summed up one heck of a season.


    Congrats Shane!!! from the coconut heads in Sunny Florida. We have been watching the Flying Hawaiiian all season. Jr and Zack couldn’t be more proud to wear their Phillies jersey to school. Best Wishes and enjoy.

  27. 1philliesfan

    I’m sooo happy I can hardly contain myself. The first thing I thought of, was how happy my Dad would be. He was a lifelong Philly fan. Got my love of the game watching him root for the ’80 team. Ever since then I’ve been a fan. Thank you so much for helping bring a Championship back to Philadelphia. Yes we were getting very hungery. Thank you so much. I love watching you play always with a smile. That’s how everyone should look when they are on the field. I can’t wait until I see you guys repeat next year.

  28. lorijeannj

    Way to go.
    You knew it. The team knew it. Charlie knew it. I knew it.
    Again, enjoy the moment.
    Thanks for another great year, the best. And many more to come.

  29. bedofstars08

    To you and to all the ’08 Phillies CONGRATS!! Watching nearly all of your games this season I knew from the start that you guys could do it πŸ™‚ I’m 23 years old so this is the first championship I’ve EVER seen end happily and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to finally bring it all back to Philadelphia. Enjoy the celebrations you deserve it! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you all, but I live in LA now, and I’ll wear my Phillies World Champs shirts around proudly. CONGRATS AND THANK YOU SHANE, YOU’RE AWESOME!!! WORLD CHAMPION PHILLIESSSSSS!!!


    WAHOOOOO SHANE you guys did it….How awesome was that. THANK YOU BABY THANK YOU, You made all of us Philly Fans so Happy….See you guys Friday….WAHOOOOO PHILS

  31. wallynorma

    Congratulations to the Phillies! You have a great team, and a beautiful park. See you next year. – Red Sox Nation


    Shane!!!!!!!!!!! You guys did it!!!! Iam so happy it is so great to see you celebrate this exciting WIN. I can’t wait for the parade . PHILLIES ROCK , this is AWESOME!!!!!!!
    Marlton, NJ


    awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! is all i can say. You guys brought it home for us. we’ll see you at the parade!!!
    PHILLIES 08 WORLD CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. phillies_phollowers

    I am SOOOO HAPPY!!! Congratulations!!! Still can’t believe it…I am also waiting for it to sink in. You guys stayed together all year and played as a team…it was awesome to watch, all the way from Spring Training and now the World Championship! Unbelievable. Go out and celebrate – you all deserve it!



    awesome,awesome,awesome!! is all I can say. You guys brought it home for us now lets celabrate!! see you at the parade PHILLIES 08 WORLD CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!



    My father, Walter Earle Allen Jr., used to take me to Connie Mack Stadium to see the Phillies.
    He was a true lifelong fan.
    A weekend wasn’t complete without the Phillies on our TV, and without him having a Ballantine or Schmidts and watching his favorite player, Cookie Rojas.
    When the 1980 World Series came to Philly and game #6 on Oct 21st, it looked like he would finally get his wish and see them win the Series.
    He bowled in a league, and he had to bowl that night.
    As you know, the 1980 Phils were nicknamed β€œThe Cardiac Kids”.
    At the actual moment Tug McGraw struck out Willie Wilson at 11:29pm, my father suffered a fatal massive heart attack. The employee behind the counter was a CPR instructor. But his efforts proved useless.
    One hour after the game, my phone rang, and I thought it was my father calling me to celebrate, but it was my brother telling me the shocking news.
    At his funeral, I asked someone who was at the bowling alley if he had seen the final out, and he said YESS!!
    That year, my half-brother Garry Powel, lived next door to Dallas Green. When word got back to Green about what had happened and how I was dealing with it, he mentioned it to the team. Larry Bowa donated an entire uniform (his 1971 one) to me!
    4 years ago, while at a Phillies game, my wife Dee had the jersey sent down to the dugout, and Larry signed it after remembering my Dad!
    28 years later, I am planning a train trip to the parade, wearing the Bowa Jersey, instead of planning my fathers funeral. Thank you for the divine intervention, Dad.
    Sincerely, Tracy Earle Allen, Ocean City, NJ

  37. pp2008

    YES YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a great three innings. You guys are great! Your fans love you. You played last night as you have all year. The feeling was in the air from the first pitch to the LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!! ENJOY this, savor it, you guys deserve it. I’ll see you tomorrow at the parade. Love you PHILLIES!!!!


    It has been a long time coming, finally you guys did it!!! You are awesome. My brother met you when you were in Reading,PA at the VF Factory outlets. He said you were a great person. He was one of the guards they had there. My grandmother was a big phillies fan. When we were little we would sit out on the front porch, my grandmom would come out with her little transister radio and we would listen to the games. When you guys won, I kept thinking of her and how she would love to see that her beloved Phillies did it. The day before she passed away, I had called her to talk to her, I didn’t have to ask her what she was doing because I already knew, She was watching her Phillies. I know she is watching from above and smiling down!!



    Two simple, yet heartfelt words, THANK YOU!! Ho’omaika’i ‘ana!!!

    You gave the City and all Phillies Fans a fun, exciting and joyous October that hasn’t been seen in decades. Not only did you and your Teammates play with your hearts and souls, but each of you exhibited grace and dignity while going on a run for the Ages. The entire Delaware Valley is proud to call you World Champions! My wife and two young sons are looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you at tomorrow’s Big Parade…

    LET’S GO PHILLIES! Aloha nui loa!!
    Bill Pilny

  40. jessoak

    Congratulations Shane! My family & I are so happy for all of you! You definitely deserve to be the World Series Champions! You showed so much heart & determination that nothing could stop you! I couldn’t have imagined a bettter finish to the game, and it was absolutely perfect that Harry was able to call this one! We love you guys! Enjoy your parade & the off-season! We’ll be looking forward to spring baseball! Congratulations again!!!

  41. breee

    congratulations last night at the ballpark was insane ! i love this ! but i justwant to say thank you, for giving the fans a great season of baseball & a phenomenal postseason and a CHAMPIONSHIP, and working your butts off thanks guys

  42. phlflyer1


    I doubt you have the time to bother with reading the responses to your blogs here but I am another lifelong Philly fan from Marlton, NJ who happened to be at last nights clinching game (both on Monday and Wednesday).

    All I can say is thank you and your teammates for giving us good honest efforts each and every night throughout this season. All of your hard work has culminated in what happened last night and I cannot think of a group of guys who deserve it more than you.

    It amazes me that the National media still does not give you guys all the respect that you deserve. We have a great collection of individuals and talented players but the best part is that there are no egos in that clubhouse. Everyone is team first and you guys pull for each other like no other club I’ve seen.

    Whats not to love about that?!!!!!!

    Thanks again and enjoy the parade on Friday and the brief off season!



    Of course you guys win the year I move South to go to school… So much thanks and congratulations for the team!! What started this season for me was winning a radio contest that flew me back to Philly to watch y’all play. We traveled across the south all summer just to get in as many games as we could. Now I had to suffer with sitting at home watching y’all win the World Series on TV. Wouldn’t call it suffering though. I had my rally towel in hand the whole time. Thanks so much for this! Many congratulations to you and all the players and also Charlie. Thanks!!!!!

  44. kevmcguire


    You have no idea what this means to me. Congratulations to you and your team and your family!!! I love the Phillies and this year’s squad will forever be my World Champion Phillies! I shared the moment with my wife and some friends. We love you guys! See you Friday!!!!!

    – Kevin


    hey shaney. not sure if you’ll get to read this, but mom, dad, jackie, and me are really proud of you. we love you and i can’t wait to see you. it’s been way too long. now go and celebrate! i’m so happy for you and the phillies!!



    MAHALO, SHANE and the 2008 Phillies!! What an incredible year!! You guys are awesome!! I’d like to say I never doubted you guys for a second but I honestly thought it would go to 7 games. I’m SO happy you guys took it in 5 and brought us home the Championship!!

    Can’t wait to see you guys with your hardware at next year’s Phestival!!



    Congratulations, Shane and all the Phillies! You’ve made us all proud and soooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. torp11

    SHANE!!!!!!!!!!! words cannot describe what you and the rest of the Phils have brought to our city! I can just imagine you grandmother, charlies mother and Johnny Marz celebrating together! they truly were your “Angels in the Outfield”! You guys are AMAZING! You have made our city so proud! Thank you for an incredible year! We love you guys!


    THANK YOU!! What an amazing team!! I was at work but got to see the final two outs! What a moment! I have been a fan since I don’t know, 1976 and the Phillies are just an amazing team! Thank you for everything!
    Can’t wait to cheer you guys at the parade!!!!!


    Ok, so I am ecstatic! We are overjoyed! But now I need to mention my family history after reading everyones stories. My parents had season tickets to Connie Mac, then at the Vet and now my mom has seats at CBP. I know my dad is looking down from heaven with joy in his heart. My mom just turned 80 at the game on Sunday- what a birthday! But really, the memories that I have from my youth and going to the games each summer as a family are priceless. We didn’t go on vacations, we went to Phillies games. Anyway, it really means so much more than I can describe to have this championship and be a part of this baseball family. So, thanks to all the Phillies. We love you and we never give up the dream. This is our cities moment, enjoy the culmination of all the hard work.

  51. ginapa

    I’m sure I can’t even imagine how you guys must feel as you wake up this morning, when I woke up with a smile on my face–something that hasn’t happened in YEARS!! I thank you guys so much for that!! I’ll probably be wearing this stupid grin for weeks–but that’s OK–I’ve waited a LONG time to wake up alert and happy, and all because you guys are the World Champs!! I’ve been a fan since I was a young child in the early 60’s, watching the Phils with my dad. I was laughed at through all of the rough years when I’d actually stay awake to watch the Phils play on the west coast, even though there was no chance of the team making the play-offs. That may explain why I couldn’t even scream after Brad threw that final strike last night to end the game–I just cried!

    Thank you Shane, for allowing us to feel more like a part of the team through this blog. It’s made the play-offs all the more exciting for us.

    I do hope Pat will be back next season, but whatever happens, I’m so happy that he now has a championship ring with the Phillies!

    I really wish I could be in Philadelphia for the parade tomorrow, but I don’t walk too well at the moment so I’ll have to settle for watching it on TV (I’m assuming it will be aired)! But I’ll be with all of you in spirit!….Gina

  52. cfortesc

    My bro’s stationed in Hawaii now and is friends with Shane’s cousin Paki who is a great umpire! The Victorinos have always been class acts. They are gracious and supportive. Congrats!


    WOW!!!! What a series!!! Thanks to the whole team for bringing the World Series trophy to Philadelphia. I remeber when the Phils won in 1980 and what a feel that was. I think this one is better becasue no one thought you could do it.
    I just have to say that I am a big Pat Burrell fan and I hope he is back next year to keep the team together. But I am glad he finally got his ring and what a time to get a hit!!! Yeah Pat, we thought it was gone too!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations Shane and to all the players!!!!!!!!!! See you at the parade!!!!!!

    Holly B., Hatboro PA


    Words can not express how I am feeling right now! I just want to say “thank you” to this entire team. It’s been a tremendous season and I can hardly wait until next year. I will be at the parade with the rest of the phaithful philly phans, see you there. Enjoy because you all deserve this!!!
    Kathy in Magnolia, NJ



    You are a big reason Phillies fans can celebrate. My brother and I were just talking about how you just seem to be in the middle of everything and how you play hard every day! Now get them to ink you a new deal. You deserve it!


    Hey Shane,
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to all of you!
    A job well done. Thanks for the great fun you provided us.
    Go Phillies in ’09


    Shane Mahalo!

    Thank you for playing so hard all season! It feels like a dream that we won after 28years we finnaly did it! Know you rest and enjoy your family. Have fun at the parade

    We love you guys

    Susan Kahuila


    Before the end of the game, someone thought to put a very interesting photo on the screen. It was a picture of something on top of the Comcast building. It was a picture of a small statue of William Penn overlooking the entire city and I knew that the curse was over.
    My son, who was watching the games with me also noticed something else which boded well for the Phils. The palindrome of the two Phillies wins – ’80 and ’08. I knew you would win.
    Thanks for all the hard work. You guys are super.

    From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
    imum of Philadelphia, efw.


    Po’Alima is the day that you and my beloved Phils hele mei hoohiwahiwa( come to celebrate) what we have been waiting for 28 years. My eyes hurt from crying so much. I was overwhelmed with joy.

    Malahlo nui moa naho’olaule a me la kaua ( thank you for celebrating with us) what YOU deserve. So much suffering ended with the last pitch. Enjoy every minute and thanks for bringing us our miracle . YA GOTTA BELEIVE – is simply -WE BELIEVE and we always will.
    Let’s go to the makahiki and live it up .For my beloved Phils -especially you ohana Shane remember this

    FOR THE PHILLIES FROM THEIR FANS-there will always be ALOHA KAKOU(endearing love) for you.

    I can’t wait for April ! So -from the heart of a die-hard phan

    HANA HOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – (one more time)
    God bless you all and Mahalo nui loa


    Congrats Shane and congrats Phillies. You’ve made the city proud and happy! What a team!!! See you on Broad Street
    Joan B.

  61. nycphightinphan

    Y E A H Y O U D I D !!!!!!!
    I think you guys should extend the parade to go up the “Canyon of Heroes” in Manhattan…and bring the entire city with you. Show these pig-ignorant, self-important, whiny New Yorkers how it feel when the team that deserves to win, wins. Every TV news and paper in the Big Crapple this morning is talking about a “Fuke” and harping on the 10,000 losses (just so you know, the Mets haven’t even played 10,000 games and still have the records for the worst single season record and the worst September choke).
    Sorry you’re having the parade Friday. If it were Saturday, I could make it. I guess I’ll have to content myself with parading around the streets of Noo Yawk, getting in everyone’s face, and telling them:
    Y E A H, WE D I D !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Shane!!!!! Congratulations to you and the whole team!!!
    You guys did it!!!!!!!!!!The entire city of Philadelphia thanks you!!!!!This is something that this city has needed for a long time. I can still remember in 1980 when I was only 7 years old winning the World Series and how wonderful it was.
    This is even better!!!!!!!!!
    I have been a die hard Phillies Phan for my entire life as well as a season ticket holder. My father lives and breaths baseball so I had no choice growing up, I HAD to love the Phillies as much as he does lol……….
    I already told my kids they are not going to school tomorrow and we will be at the parade celebrating along with you and your teammates.
    This is something that I have been waiting for and I would not miss it for the world!!!!!!!
    You are the best, the champs!!!!!!!!!

    Lisa ( Philly Girl forever)


    Congratulations Shane and Thank You!

    It’s been a wonderful ride from Spring Training to Opening Day to the heat of summer to the momentum of September and the amazing playoffs. My husband and friends have been there in Clearwater and in the stands in Philly. You have given us wonderful memories that we will cherish for years to come.

    Thank you and the team for exemplifying all that is wonderful in baseball and thanks for the memories. Congratulations on being World Champions!!!


    Dear Shane, We believed and you guys delivered. What an exciting ride. Had a hard time watching that last inning last night, my heart was thumping. Victory is sooooo sweet. You deserve it. My daughter, Lori met you in Allentown PA at Dr. Freys office. I have an picture with you and his girls on my desk. You are baseball, every pitch, run and out mattered in the end and you all delivered. Enjoy the moment and I’ll see you tomorrow at the parade. Love Ya, Jeannie


    Congrats Shane to you and all of the Phillies! I was born two years too late to witness 1980, and I am so proud of you guys and thrilled to see you take it all now. I was watching the game with friends in my current residence of Washington, DC, and just started screaming when that last out happened. Thank you for an absolutely amazing season that no Philadelphian will ever forget. And congrats on being WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!


    I came in to work this morning and everyone is happy and still celebrating. It’s exciting. Shane, take time to feel the moment and enjoy your most glorious victory! You are the best. Thank YOU for letting us be apart of your incredible journey! WE LOVE YOU!!


    I can’t put it into words. Alll the excitement that has completely engulfed Philadelphia in the last few weeks actually gets us somewhere, for once. I feel like I dont have a care in the world today, except for getting my hands on a daily news, sold out EVERYWHERE. I just want to say THANK YOU πŸ™‚ you rock shane


    We’re NUMBER 1!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What an awesome season of phollowing you guys right to that beautiful phinish! You guys have brought that ’80 PHEELING right back to Philly in ’08! What a great bunch of guys to share in this memory phorever. I was a young kid in 1980 and phollowed every game and never phorgot. Phinally, now my own kids get to embrace that same pheeling we all had then. Your blogs, Shane, are so great. Loved keeping up with you on the road to Phillies victory. Your’re a great guy and the whole team and Charlie are the best. Can’t wait to see you all next March! Oh yeah, see ya at the parade!!!! WoooooHoooOOooOOO!!!!!!!


    SHANE!!! Congrats on what was an awesome win! We are Phinally the WORLD CHAMPIONS! 2008 Baby!! I was there Monday, sick as a dog, but still cheering you all on. You all deserve this! I had a gut feeling when we went down to Clearwater for Spring Training and celebrated “Shane Patrick’s Day” with you – that this was OUR year! I am so proud of you and the talent of this team! Thank you for your tenacity, aggressiveness, hard work and spunk that helps give our team the energy it needs to win! You truly are one of the bright spots of the team and can’t wait to see you all in Spring Training 2009! You deserve the rest so enjoy it! Oh – and an early congrats on your wedding!!

    Lani Campagno
    Collingswood, NJ

  70. suquamish04

    shane VICTORY-NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, is all i can say. what a beautiful moment last night. i thought i would have a nervous breakdown, even though in the back of my mind, i was sure you guys would win.

    thank you so much for having this blog and making it personal for those of us who have been coming on here.
    it was just priceless watching you run in from the outfield
    with that big Flyin’ Hawaiin smile!! man, i was crying like a baby.

    This morning WXPN was taking requests for songs to celebrate you guys; i called and asked for “Winning” by Santatna and they played it promptly. i cranked up my radio so loud my neighbor called and asked me to turn it down…. I TURNED IT UP LOUDER!!!!!!! i missed you on KROCK but it’s being rebrodcasted tomorrow and i t will be sweet to hear you.

    congratulations to all of you… it’s just impossible to put it in words. oh, heck, WXPN is playing the “Rocky ” theme for you guys right now and it’s just making me tear up again!

    I love you guys and hope you so enjoy YOUR parade tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2008 WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Hey Shane!! Congrats to you as well as the rest of the ’08 Phillies! We’ve been waiting way to long to see a Philadelphia sports team prevail! Ive been a fan of yours since you’ve joing our ball club, to the point that I sent my family to meet you in Marlton because I couldn’t get out of work (haha). I must say watching the excitement you bring to the field as well as your other teammates only shows the dedication you have for the game. We are truely proud to call you a part of our Philadelphia Family!!!!! Enjoy the championship- you put up one heck of a fight for it!!! You broke the curse!!!!
    Love u guys….
    Tiffany (williamstown NJ)

  72. lovethephils

    Mahalo Shane! Thank you! My dreams have come true, there is parade down Broad Street. See you tomorrow, along with a million other Phillies Phaithful.


    SHANE I LOVE YOU!!!! You were absolutely incredible this entire postseason. Without the Phils never would have made it to the world series. And it is only fittig tthat you drove in the 2 runs to take the lead in game 5 and getting the hit to bring the runner to third! I can’t wait for tomorrow.

    Enjoy every moment of this because, being from Philly, it could be another quarter century before we get to do this again.



    Congratulations Shane and all of your teammates!!!
    I remember being 13 years old and crying after the loss in ’93. Thank you for an absolutely incredible season and for letting me cry tears of joy. You are the best and I have been singing your praises all season long.
    Thank you to the Phillies for everything!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. nuphlfan

    I have truly enjoyed your blog. You really made we phans reading it feel like we were part of your group of family/friends.
    I want to congratulate the entire team from Charlie on down to the players that just sat on the bench and cheered the rest of you on.
    This Championship couldn’t have be won by a better group of guys, IMO. You’re all a great bunch and very deserving of this Championship.
    I am so very proud of all of you.
    And how great that you won it at home for the Phans and the City of Philadelphia.
    I feel like I want to track down every last one of you and give you a hug and tell you CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    See you at the ball park in ’09!
    Enjoy your off-season and the upcoming Holidays!


    Shane, Congrats! To you and all the Fighthing Phillies team. I am so proud to have watched my team all season. The determination payed off and I couldn’t be happier that you go down in history with 2 RBI’S in game 5 of the World Series 2008 to clinch the tiltle of the Champions!!!! So well deserved to all of you. Shane continue to hold your head up high as you always do. Once again Shane…You are “The Man” Thank you! for making this my best birthday present I could ever ask for. My 82 year old grandmother and I both October 31st Halloween babies. This will be with out a doubt an unforgetable birthday to share with her and the Champions that we love so much. Have a great time celebrating and I can’t wait to see your smile for so many many years to come. I can’t imagine this team without YOU!!


  77. utleyeveryday

    Thank you! Thank you for the effort. Thank you for the results. Thank you for blogging it all. Soak it in baby! You did it, and now we can all celebrate together. The Philadelphia Freaking Phillies sit atop everyone else as World Champions of 2008… be continued!

    Adam Boyce
    Harrisburg, PA


    Way To Go, Shane!!!You’re an MVP, too. You and the rest of the team made this city proud.

    Hang loose!!!


    WORLD CHAMPIONS,SHANE. WHAT A RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A WAY TO END THE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was here monday & it almost felt errrie, but when we got back last nite it felt like it was our nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And it was. Nothing like really making you guys sweat it out and earn that title, and you did earn that title WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!! What i am I gonna do without watching you guys every week and getting my Shane fix lol. Enjoy every moment!
    Love from,
    Jennifer -NJ-


    WOOHOO! How great is this??? Makes all the ups and downs worth it! Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!! Can’t wait!! Congratulations to all on your great Season!

  81. hawaiibound

    Congratulations To All The Phillies!!!!
    Congrats Shane to you and your teammates. You all gave us Phillies fans a wonderful ride and an electrifying World Series win. I am so proud to be a Phillies fan … win or lose. But it is so much sweeter with our new World Series Trophy. I was born a Phillies fan. My father took me and my SISTERS to games all the time and when he passed away in 1980 two months before the Phils won their last World Series we knew we had an extra “angel” helping are team along. This year we had your grandmother and Charlies mom as extra “angels.” Congratulations to the team and Charlie and the entire organization. You all did a wonderful job getting here. You all contributed and picked each other up when the other was not doing so good. Enjoy the parade. I will be watching! I haven’t stopped smiling since Lidge threw that final strike. I am so happy for Pat Burrell with his double to help us get the winning run. He and all you guys made it extra special. Hawaii is my favorite vacation spot for its beauty and special people. We Phillies fans are lucky to have you on our team.
    Congratulations!!! Thank you all!!! Enjoy the parade!!! You guys earned it!!! Can’t wait until pitchers and catchers report to Clearwater……………..


    Bruddah Shane,
    Oh…there is nuttin like da kine smell of sweet victory!!!! I live in Kansas but you would think we was in Philly. I was going nuts!! You guys deserve everything you get, and I am SOOOOOOOO Happy. My Grandma is 87, and she said that was the happiest day of her life. haha I wear my shirt with PRIDE today, and I hope you enjoy your time off. Do you ever come to Kansas? We would sure like to meet you. πŸ™‚ God bless you guys, and have a safe trip back home to da islands of aloha! I wish I could go back home too! Can’t wait till next year, but until then, EAT THIS VICTORY UP!!!!!


    What an amazing night for this city! Broad street was amazing as expected. Were all so very proud to call ourselves Phillies fans. This team is an amazing ball club and were all very proud of all the hard work you’ve guys put in! You deserve this! My hats are off to The Tampa Bay Rays they are a great ball club and I look foward to seeing them next season as well. As for now enjoy every moment of this! Have a great off season. Stay safe and healthy. See you Friday!
    jenn, jersey

    p-h-i-l-l-i-e-s !


    To all the 2008 World Series Champions,

    Such an uplifting event in such a questionable and scary time. Congratulations on bringing home Philadelphia a championship . I was born on Nov. 17,1980, my mom was so pregnant for Halloween, she was the Philly Phanatic! I have been waiting my whole life for this. I used to go to alot of games with my dad. Now my husband and I take our son who is 2. When you hit the grand slam, that’s all he went around telling people for a week! You all deserve a vacation.

    1980 &
    were so great…
    would be twice as fine!!!
    Your fans forever,

    Kristi Cooper


    CONGRATULATIONS!!! what an incredible night for this city. you guys deserve it, thank you for bringing a championship back to us! i’m going to miss baseball until it starts again in the spring, but you guys gave me so many amazing memories that i won’t ever forget. congratulations again!


    Congrats Shane! You all deserve this! Tomorrow will be so CRAZY and AWESOME for all of you! I’m in Kansas now, too (kalihiqueen808). Too bad I can’t be back in Philly to celebrate! But I will continue celebrating here:)

  87. skippypa

    Shane you guys did it. The dispatchers for the Maui Police Department cheered for you all the way and we had faith in you. Congratulations.

    Shane NO KA OI

  88. infiniteciel

    You did it! We did it! You guys all did it! Wow, that was so amazing!! Congratulations, Shane, and to everyone on the team as well. How exciting…despite weather problems and everything, you persevered, and that’s what champions do! I was so happy, I almost wanted to cry! I could see that some of you guys were the same way. I was so happy for Charlie. So sweet. Yes, you’ll realize that it is reality once the parade starts. You’ll be on top of the world!! Go Phillies!!! I always had faith that you all would win it. I didn’t watch every single game this season for nothing. Congratulations again, and thank you.


    SHANE!!!! I’m so proud you & my Philadelphia Phillies!!
    Thank you for giving your ALL and making 2008 season an unforgettable one…..wish the parade was SATURDAY so those of us who have to work could be a part of such an exciting and LONG AWAITED DAY!!! Way to coach CHARLIE!!! Keep smiling……….
    Just 1 of Shane Victorino’s #1 fans πŸ™‚
    South Jersey

  90. libertybelle


    Congratulations on a season victorious! Don’t even think about next season. You have plenty of time over the off-season for that. Enjoy every single savory bit of THIS sensational winning season with this blessed TEAM. It tastes so much better when it doesn’t come easy.

    Thanks so much for doing this blog and allowing the fan ohana to come together online with stories, tributes, words of encouragement and pride in our TEAM. It is sinking in for us all. What an extraordinary ride. So neat to hear Lidge give credit to his/our Creator and Saviour Jesus Christ. I never did hear a Chooch interview last night but enjoyed hearing from each player afterwards w/Mitch, Michael and Leslie. What a dear sight to see Moyer with the pitching rubber and his family crowded ’round him in celebration. Let’s make sure to get him back with the club in ’09 PRETTY PLEASE front office — along with Burrell. Let’s keep this team intact. Well, I am certainly glad to have made this trip in from The Big Island and will be part of the throng down Broad tomorrow. Wouldn’t miss it for the world and I know there is an even larger heavenly throng looking down from above and smiling (including Billy Penn!). Da Curse is gone! Come have some smoothies and musubi with us in Kona when you get back home.

  91. melis26

    Oh my Goodness it’s all happening. During the 9th inning my heart was racing a mile a minute I haven’t felt like that in so long. This is truly awesome! It’s great that we have something to feel good about in this city:) FINALLY!! Thank you Shane for being awesome. Thank you to the whole team, you guys played an awesome season.

    Lovin da Phillies, 4 ever!

    Melis from the Neast


    Congratulations !! What a season. Enjoy the parade, you guys deserve it. Thank you and the Philadelphia Phillies for allowing my son to have this experience, he is a huge Phillies fan and to see his reaction last night was priceless and one I will always remember. Congrats !!!!!

  93. phifan88

    WORLD CHAMPIONS!! It feels so good to say that. Thanks so much and my most heartfelt congratulations to you and your teammates. I’ve seen you, Chase, Ryan, Chooch, Pat the Bat, J-Roll and more all play in AAA and this means a whole lot seeing you guys get to celebrate this championship. I’ll be there tomorrow to celebrate with you and all the other Phillies fans at the parade. This is my proudest moment as a fan, and no one can ever take that away.



  95. philscadillactime

    Holy crap Shane, congratulations to you and all of the guys!!!!!! I am so excited, and so incredibly proud of and happy for all of you!! What a great moment. I knew you guys were going to do it this year!! I don’t know…there just really aren’t words to describe how incredible this all is. I am so excited for the parade tomorrow….I will be there screaming for you guys!! Love you lots!!
    We are the champs!!!! πŸ˜€



    Way to go Phillies!!! Shane you are the best you really get the game going when we are down. Your hard work has phinally paid off. Thank you for the excitement!

    Have a great time celebrating your W!!!
    Oh by the way, your daughter is the cutest!


    Ho’omaika’i No Shane!

    Mahalo a nui for all the great moments during the World Series and the season! Its been quite a ride for me to watch another Hawaiian achieve greatness. I remember watching Sid myself back in ’86. I had just joined the military and hardly anyone knew that Hawaii athletes played baseball or for that matter any sports.

    Now, athletes from Hawaii are known the world over. 2008 has been great for Hawaii and I like to thank you for topping it off with this World Series win. Hawaii Warriors going to the BCS, Hawaii Olympians accomplishments and of course, Waipio winning the LLWS!

    Also, those leis looked awesome on TV, what a great way to show aloha after the game! Your ‘ohana is the best! I’m sure many of your teammates were surprised.

    Take care of yourself and drop me an email if you’re heading my way and again, congratulations on a great win!



    ~”We are the champions-my
    And we’ll keep on fighting- till
    the end,
    We are the champions,
    We are the champions,”~

    The Phil’s ARE the champs, because they never gave up and faught to the end! And, I along with the rest of the fans are THRILLED about it! Good job to you and all the guys. This truly was a team effort. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!



    Congrats, Shane!!! You and the rest of the team were amazing last night, and all through the World Series! There were at least 50,000 people on Broad Street last night celebrating… All for the Phillies. πŸ™‚

  100. watchatbaby

    Shane and all the Phils,

    Thank you so much, I was privileged to be there Monday and Wednesday for the final victory. I was 11 the last time the Phils won the Series, I was 24 and attended our last game 5 in 1993. This was the absolute best. We were truly the City of Brotherly Love last night – we were all family hugging and hi-fiving strangers and friends alike. I also was glad to pray for you guys, what a great group- truly a TEAM in the best sense of that word!!! WOO-HOO!!!! Phils Win, PHILS WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

    Fr. Mike

  101. lou232

    we did it shane it was great we are #1 i hope we keep the same team next year and tell pat we would like to see him stay here with us philly so we can win next year.and i f he dose not stay with us tell him congrats he is now a world champs


    Shane, we love you so much!!

    I’m sitting here in my office in Syracuse, NY–sobbing–because I have just read all of the beautiful posts that everyone has left for you. You guys are so loved and what you did was so needed by the City of Brotherly Love! It was and is such a magical moment and I know that everyone is savoring it!

    Our family calls you “Scrappy Doo!” You have such a “let me at ’em, let me at ’em” quality. It is so endearing. You never, ever give up–and that makes you such an incredible role model for kids and kids-at-heart.

    Thanks to you and the guys for giving us a moment of a lifetime. It is like absolute and total gold!!!

    Enjoy the parade and have a restful and rejuvinating off-season. You deserve it!!!!!!

    Anne and the Fam in Syracuse.


    CONGRATS ON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!! I would love to be with you guys on Friday at the parade, but I am two hours away at school. However, I will be there in spirit. You guys are absolutely AMAZING and just so you know, you have A LOT of fans in Bloomsburg. Maybe you should come up here and have a parade. That would truly make my life complete :]


    Shane Philly loves you! you guys did it! It’s time for the parade Phinally. I agree with u when Lidge came out it gave me the chills i was screaming i have no voice right now. I just new we had this in the bag. Congrats! Now u just have to chill and rest in ur off season. I never tought i would see this moment. Go Phillies!


    Ohana Shane-

    Mai Poina ! ( don’t forget) to tell Pat the Bat that he isn’t allowed to fly away so soon. We won’t let him !

    Me Ka’oia ‘i’o ( Sincerely),



    Hey Shane!! Congratulations! This 2008 team has been amazing to watch. I love that when one guy was down others stepped up, not just in the Series but all year. Chase said it best that it’s not just himself, Ryan, Jimmy and Cole but ALL of you! True, shining example of teamwork!! Enjoy the celebrations and have fun at the parade. Spring training will be here before you know it and we can’t wait for another great season! 2008 World Series Champions – so sweet!!


    Thanks for bringing joy to the region, and congratulations on the achievement! Your and your teammates have been fun to watch the past couple of years, because you all appear to like the game and like each other.

    Hope you enjoy the parade as much as the fans will!


    Shane, Thank You sooooo much for all your hard work in bringing Philly home the championship!! Thank you also for shutting up Jim Buck!!!!!! We had no doubt that you guys were capable of being WORLD CHAMPS!!!
    Enjoy the Victory!!


    oh wow lau lau shane o……..u one world series champion….just like da waipio little league all stars. wat can u say???? da one and only 808 in 2008…….enjoy da ride and may your arbitration be as glorious as dis world series victory…..u deserve it brah………




    First of all — THANK YOU!!!

    This means everything in the world to this city and this team will forever be in the hearts of Philadelphians everywhere. You are an amazing group of guys and I knew all along that you would get it done. Its been so fun watching you guys play each and every game this year. CONGRATUALTIONS!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you and the entire city tomorrow at the Parade!!

    Let’s do it again next year =)


    You truly are Phillies Phinest! Thank you for an unbelievable year of baseball. I am already looking forward to Opening Day 2009! Enjoy your parade and the off season and next year come back ready to do it again! We love you all!

  113. dunmorefan

    Shane, I am so happy for you and all the guys!! You are truly Champions in every sense of the word! You have made all of your fans so proud. I had a feeling from the start of the season that this was the year for you guys. The team was so exciting to watch! We drove down from Dunmore, near Scranton, twice to see the Phils. Enjoy the break! Blessings to you and your family!

  114. mark1952

    I am in Florida and had Jack Buck as the announcer on Fox. He was rooting for TAMPA and it was very clear. So, as a Phillies Phan for almost 50 years, here is my Ode to the Phillies and my shot at Jack Buck.

    It was a dark and rainy night and one thing sure was clear
    The idiots on Fox News Sports thought the Phillies shouldn’t be here.

    They criticized the players, they criticized the coach
    They seemed real sure when it was done, the Phillies, they would choke.

    The Tampa Rays had done real well, they were on quite a run.
    But the Sports Announcers had forgot, they were down 3 to 1.

    We had the lead, we had our Cole and Tampa, they were lame
    But in the sixth, they got a run and the Umps, they stopped the game.

    We had to wait til Wednesday night and everyone was sure
    That Tampa would win the game and Florida was the cure.

    We would go back to Florida and in the Sunshine State
    The Rays would get their game back and show our team the gate.

    But Jenkins hit a double and Werth singled him in
    And suddenly it looked like, the Phillies, they would win.

    Then Madsen let them homer, the stadium went still
    It looked like Tampa would take the lead and come in for the kill.

    But Utley made an awesome play, they’ll analyze for years
    The Phillies came up in the eighth, the fans were chanting cheers.

    Burrell hit a double, Felix knocked in the run.
    The Phillies were 6 outs away from their day in the sun.

    And then it was the 9th inning and we were on the ledge
    They had a man on second and we were all on edge.

    Then Brad had Hinske 0 and 2, this is what it’s all about
    And Lidge he threw the final pitch, AND STRUCK THE MOTHER OUT!!

    And now, no matter what they say and how they put us down
    The Philles are WORLD SERIES CHAMPS and Jack Buck is a CLOWN!

  115. harlamguy


    You’ve brought to Philly something more important than the economy and the presidential election combined.

    A team that we can trust in.

    That’s really all I’ll say, and words can’t describe my feelings for this team and the players.

    See you tomorrow.


  116. utleyfan28

    Shane, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I cried when you guys won. My dad heard me scream and he comes in the living room and just gave me a wierd look and so did my cats. Your daughter is so cute. This was an unbelievable season and I’m going to be having some major baseball withdrawal. Thank goodness for the Flyers and
    Eagles. To listen to Harry and watch you guys after the final out gave me goose bumps. I can’t wait to see you guys at the parade. It’s my first one and I hope not my last. I’m still in shock. I keep asking myself is this a dream. I know its not. Again thank you for a GREAT SEASON and for your blogs. See you next year.

  117. mike3806

    That was one heck of a game i never for one second had doubt that we was gone lose i was drivin up to south philly in the middle of the 8th cuz of tht great bullen pen there was no doubt..i just wanna thank all the players for a good season nd never lettin anything get in our way i have so much energy becuz of the electric in the air in south philly last nite.. Im callin off work just to come to the parade cuz u guy made my year thanks for everything nd Shane ur an MVP in my book cuz u put this team on ur bak wen everyone except phillies fans thought we was done..THANKS for everything c u tomrrow at noon


    ommmmggg u guys finally did it!!! i almost cried when u won!!!! i cant believe this really happened but i guess miracles happen. im sooo excited for everyone!!!! this is probably the best thing ive ever experienced in my 16 years of life! im hoping to be at the parade friday!!!
    u guys deffffinitely deserved this!
    you’ll always be winnerss!!!
    do i see 2009?


    I totally agree with Mark, above. And shame on Tim McCarver. Which team’s WS ring was he sporting on his left hand, I wonder?

    But rather, my question is, where did all the beautiful Plumeria leis come from that everyone was wearing? Did your family bring them along from Hawai’i? What a charming and lovely necklace to put over a World Series Champions


    You guys mean everything to the city. Greatest feeling in the world right now!!!
    Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!


    OMG!!! Shane, i love u and the whole team, thank you all so very much for this we have waited 28 long years and although i was very young back in 80 when we first won the wsc i kinda remeber it, but now being here older and being able to watch it OMG i really can not tell u how i am feeling becasue i am not even sure i am very happy but it is so much more then that which i am sure u and the rest of the team feel the same way. i will not be able to be there tommorrow but i will be there in ur hearts just like each and everyone of u are in my heart and i do believe that we (the phillies ) had help from upstairs if u know what i mean, my nana was a very hugh fan she was with u guys win or lose no matter what it was al;wasy the phillies (just liek i am) and i believe she was there with u all last night as i kow ur grasndmom was and the rest that have passed on they all were there last night right next to u all in eveything that went down!
    so i am going to go with this,,thank you all so very much! it was a hell of a year and i was there the whole way i am very proud of each and everyone of u and shane u r an outstanding ball player and i love to watch how easy u make it look! thank you all πŸ™‚

  122. ne121

    Once again CONGRATULATIONS! There are no words adequate to thank you and the whole team. I waited since 1980 for this to happen again, and I don’t think that I have another 28 years to wait.
    My Oldsmar son watched with the Clearwater bunch at BrightHouse Field, and he looks forward to your return there. My husband and I will see you all tomorrow, and then I hope to see you in March.
    Enjoy your moment, and may the whole team have a wonderful year ahead.
    Sharon Huntingdon Valley

  123. dykstra4cf

    Mr.Victorino, from Italy a great thanks to you and your managements, coaches and teamates!!!!!My dream come true yesterday night!!!No bad weather can’t stop Phillies to win this year World Series!You are the most stronger team in MLB, the team to beat next years in NL and MLB!!!!!I’m 44 years old and I also remember with pain the last WS vs.Blue Jays. I wish nowI don’t wait another 28 years to win another WS because our guys are the best in the MLeague. You are CF and a leadoff hitter as my idol Lenny Dykstra and I’m sure you are a leader as him to bring back you guys to the 2009 WS!!!!!Thank you Hawaian Flying guy!!!!! I wish to go in Phila next year at the beginnig of the season to see you on live at our home field the Citizen Bank Park!!!Now, at last, we are singing all togheter We are the CHAMPIONS!!!We are the CHAMPIONS!!!!!We are the CHAMPIONS!Still THANKS AMAZING GUYS!!!!!


    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shane, you guys are awesome!!!! Have a great time tomorrow on Broad!!!!! You deserve this!!!!!!!

    My father is 57 years old and he’s been a phan all of his life. This really means something special to him. He was in tears last night. He wants to thank the whole team, as well. He was a phan in ’80 and he’s a phan in ’08. Go Phils!!!!!!!!!

    ~Ben–Franklinville, NJ


    Shane, & Team, Congrats!
    Been a fan all my life. Last night I recalled many great memories watching games with my dad on a Sunday afternoon( Black & white TV). Good memories, Tony Gonzales, Jim Bunning, Rich Ashburn, Stan Lopata, Johnny Callison, Dick Allen, the Bull, Tugger, To many to recall. I can remember exactly where I was in 1980 cellebrating with my family and friends in PA watching on the tube. Now I have another memory 2008! . Although I watched alone in Ohio, I was there in spirit, and the celebration with you– the beer was terrific!
    I hope you guys really enjoy playing together . In watching the games on MLB computer this year it really seemed like a great team group etc. I hope you have a great off season. Maybe next year I can drive in to Philly and see the park and your 2009 Phillies. Till then Enjoy ! Tim, Granville Ohio

  126. kelmar

    Thanks! Doesn’t seem like enough, but it comes from my heart! You are the finest group of guys ever to put on the Phillies’ pinstripes. Collectively as a group you all worked hard to achive your and all of your fan’s goal. And on that journey you all showed that when one person wasn’t playing at their best, someone else was there to pick up the slack. I hope that you all enjoy this very special time. I know that I have and will cherish it for a long time. Thanks again for including all of us fans on your ride!

    I love you all lots!

  127. rustylite

    PHINALLY!!!!!!!I know everyone says this . but thank you so much for being who you are…I am really going to miss this blog….We are so proud to be PHILLIES PHANS>>>>> I still have tears in my eyes and goose bumps….Enjoy the time off and congrats on your upcoming marriage (lucky girl) See ya next season.. Can’t wait!!!! Karen P (wyoming Pa)


    your are a awesome down to earth player, you did a fantastic job i only hope next year you guys get even better and go to the world series again. i have so much respect for the phillies, i have been a fan since i was born and i am 43 years old. i love the phillies and will always love them.

  129. eisie

    CONGRATULATIONS SHANE & THE PHILLIES!! YOU DID IT!!!!!How awesome it was & still is. We live out in Harleysville ( pretty quiet town ) But we were outside lastnight screaming, banging pots & pans, running up & down the street! It was AWESOME. We are so happy for you all & Charlie, what a great guy!! Enjoy your party, God knows you guys & fans deserve it! Thanks for a wonderful season, post season & World Series!! You guys ROCK!!!!!!! Lets do it again next year. WHOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    CONGRATS Shane!! You guys deserve this more than anybody! It is so awesome, thank you sooo much for a great season. My husband & I are HUGE fans and he set off some big bombs when you guys won, my front lawn looks like a battle zone!! Its all good though. We LOVE you guys and we cant wait for the parade and next season!! Take care and thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!


    Shane! Thank you and all the Phillies for a wonderful year topped off with a WORLD SERIES win! Last night was so awesome. You and your teammates played throughout the year with class and determination. I am proud of all of you and hope the whole team will be back next year. I was hoping and begging Pat the Bat to get a hit last night and he did! I hope he comes back with us next year. Take care of yourself and have a happy off season. Looking forward to next year!



    I am SOOOOO very PROUD of you and the team!!!!! I remember 1980 like it was yesterday, but this was WELL WORTH the 28 years of waiting!!!!! When I first saw your current lineup, I REALLY BELIEVED you had a chance!!!!! You DIDN’T let me down this year!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! You’re dedicated, you all give it everything you’ve got, you’re heart is in your playing and you can just tell how much you LOVE the game! I’ll NEVER forget what the team did in Colorado, helping out the ground crew…TRULY you deserve this!!!!! You are one SPECIAL BUNCH OF GUYS!!!!! GOD BLESSED US WITH YOU!!!!!

    I know nothing lasts forever, but I will hold onto these moments of GLORY you brought to our GREAT city of Philly for as long as I possibly can!

    You’ll see me at the parade tomorrow…me and 3 million+ other diehard Phillies Phans!!!!! YOU ARE OUR HEROS!!!!!


    I truly believe that no matter where you play, you will never experience playing for a city like Philadelphia. I am so glad that this team took control in all three of the championship series; most importantly, the World Series. I don’t think that I personally could have survived if the series went to game 7. Great job to my Phillies!!
    By the way – Comcast put a small statue of William Penn on top of their building, so basically the “Gentlemen’s Agreement” stating that no building shall be higher than Billy Penn, has once again been respected.


    it really says something about your commitment to the fans and the city that you found the time to post this late last night. what an amazing spark you have been for this team. you are all so incredibly talented and so fun to watch. the joy you all seem to find in playing the game and playing together has been evident all season. it has been an unbelievable ride. thanks for taking us along.



    Ho, Brah! Some win! Shane, I moved directly from my hometown of Philadelphia to Maui in 1979, the year before you were born. I opened Philadelphia Lou’s Place in the old Kahului Shopping Center. It was a really Philly Joint, cheese steaks and hoagies etc. I had Bowa’s, Rose’s and Schmidt’s photos, autographs, jerseys etc along with other Philadelphia icons of the day.
    Back then I tried to bring the spirit of my town to Maui and believe I did, and despite having limited talent did so on the baseball fields and basketball courts and even coached Pop Warner with the Kahului Warriors. I wen got one son too, who hunts pig in Kipahulu. He’s from one wahine who stay Haiku, but she’s always been one, local gal who was a Yankee fan ’til now.
    But really, I am so proud a Maui boy can share and experience the spirit of my home town and I am so glad, because of you, many Mauians are now Phillie fans too. You will share the stories with your brahs back on Maui about what Philly and its people are really like.
    Now I live deep in Mexico but, Brah, I wen tell you, I wen watch the computer every night way down here and hang on, ’til the end of every game before I go party. You and my Phighten’ Philadlephia Phillies are World Champions and Maui ti wen stay NO Ka Oi!


    Lou Christine
    aka Philadelphia Lou
    San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

  136. fightinphils26

    I always knew you guys were the best of the best. I couldn’t be happier for you and the entire team. This is my first championship and I will be at Citizens Bank Park tomorrow for the celebration. I love knowing I was a part of this great season. I went to seven games, including the division clincher. I always knew this team was special. I still can’t believe it. I never lost faith in this team. Finally, we are CHAMPIONS! Like you are, the city is on top of the world. Thanks for a great year, see you tomorrow, and as always GO PHILLIES!!!


    Congrats guys!
    Thanks for making us Philadelphians proud, Especially my dad! πŸ™‚

    I’m sure we’ll be on the road to victory once again next season!

  138. tcampie

    Thank you Shane!Thank you Phillies (players and mgmt)!

    You have no idea how much this championship means to this city, but you will find out because for the rest of your life, no matter what happens or where you go, you will always be a hero here. Philadelphians do not forget..the good or the bad.

    My Dad was a ballplayer with St. Louis and when he moved back home to Philly after WWII to get married to my mom and raise me and my brothers, he still remained active with baseball and we lived right next door and down the street from Phillies players and would sit in the booth with Richie Ashburn during games etc. I almost wasn’t born on time because my Dad had a bunch of players over at our house watching the World Series on October 4th back in the 60s and the game was tied going in to the 9th when my Mom went into Labor! He loved this game and we continue to share that love with him, even though he has passed.

    My mom used to tell me how hard it was to be the wife of a ballplayer and he and current players back then would talk about how grueling the game was, especially then when they were still using buses for some trips, not charter planes. They talked about how tough the fans were in Philly if even for one instant the fans thought they were taking a play off, because Philly fans and Pennsylvanians in general (I live in Pittsburgh now) have one thing they can boast over any one else in the US-they work harder than anyone else. And as Mark Grace famously says “It doesn’t take any talent to bust your can”.

    Well, you guys busted your cans this year and last year and the mgmt has been working it long before that to get Cole and Chase, and Ryan (both), and Brett, and Carlos, etc.. groomed for this moment moving through the system over the years to get to this day. So, you may not get it now or understand how big this WS is for Philly fans and how different we are than other fans in other places. But over time you’ll come to see how in this one moment in time, you guys became the symbol of this hard working people and in turn you have earned the respect of every Philadelphian now and for generations to come. It really is that big.

    Thanks Shane and have an incredible off-season! *Ya gotta believe*


    Way to go Shane!! Look for us locals on broad st. giving you da big shaka and cheeehuuu!! Us locals from the 808 temporarily living in PA are so proud of you. Way to represent and show the world that Hawaii has talented players.

  140. victorinolover

    omg shane i cant believe it i dont even know where to start, i was so excited yesterday i went nuts i am sad the season is over but i am so excited bout the world series win i have been wanting to see one since i was born and i knew you guys could do it. you guys got the job done. =) i will be there tomorrow at the parade i cant wait its gonna be crazy. i love you guys and i knew you guys could win if u put ur mind to it. congrats and enjoy it why it lasts. your my favorite player and i love the way you play im gonna is you and the phillies but i will be wwaiting for the 2009 season. i cant wait. i already got my shirts and stuff and im just so excited. have fun and enjoy it. cant wait to see u guys tomorrow =)
    love ya shane.
    you gusy are world series champs =)
    this is awesome and amazing =)


    I have been commenting your blogs ever since the beginning and I have to say I have definitely enjoyed telling you how well I think the team did.
    This season was amazing. It was a rollercoaster with a lot of ups and downs but the Phillies pulled through victorously. I am so proud of this team, I have been watching ever since the first game of the season and I knew this team would go far. Everyone has something to contribute to the team. Pat and Ryan have the power , you and Jimmy have the speed and everyone else seems to have great moments too! The pitching is amazing too. Go Cole! I am just in awe, that me and my closest friends favorite team won the world series! We can’t stop talking about it. Everyone in my school calls me Victorino because of my Victorino jersey type t-shirt. And I’m proud of that name. I doubt you’ll ever read this, ):.
    But I’m just going to put it out there in case you do.
    I will be at the parade tomorrow, because my Dad is also a big Philly’s fan , and he works up at Philadelphia so I’m going with him to the parade. I’m very excited and I hope I get to see everyone in good view! Hahahah, I love the Phillies. So much, I’m going to be bored now, not watching anything at night anymore. But, you guys did the absolute best of thirty something teams. I’m so happy I’ve been going around the house saying “I can’t believe the Phillies won the world series! Oh my gosh”. Well, I’m done and if you read this I’m pretty excited. If you read any of my comments I’m ecstatic and the odds are you have at least read one of them, since I’ve commented a lot of them. Shane you’ll always be my favorite. Honestly, your last name is too cool. Oh yeah you’re a pretty good baseball player too. ;D Congratulations.


    Shane, Congrats and blessings on you and the rest of the team. You gave Philly and the surrounding areas something to be happy about. Last Halloween, the city mourned the loss of one of Philly’s finest. A lot of sadness followed throughout the year. This Halloween, the entire city will phinally be celebrating something positive, with the Phillies. Maybe a lot of happiness will follow this year! I was a junior in high school the last time the Phillies won. Mom wouldn’t let me take off for the parade. Thought I would go this time, but, being a nurse (at Hahnemann…at the other end of Broad Street!) I don’t exactly get the typical lunch hour to get out and see the parade. I know everyone on the 20th floor will be wishing we were on South Broad Street, instead of North Broad Street. Enjoy your day!! Elaine

  143. paulpaz

    You are the best, Phils are the best, Philly is the best.

    Thank you a million times over. I wish I could be at the parade, but I am back in Oakland now.


    – Paul


    CONGRATS!!!! Shane, you and the whole team did everthing to a T this season. That is why I love this team! You all deserve to be World Champs!! Have fun in the parade, I wish I could fly to Philly for that! That would be an awesome experience.
    I can’t wait for next season to start again!!

    With all the Love from NM!

  145. lcmr85

    To Shane & the ENTIRE TEAM!

    You guys are THE BEST!!! You brought honor and glory to the city and all those who are Phillies Phans! We can’t thank all of you enough!!! Everyone on the team found a way to overcome the Tampa tide, and showed the world what this team is really all about, and what all the Phans always saw!!

    In 1980, the team won before I turned 14, and now you guys gave me a belated birthday present at 42. I wish my Dad (5/6/08 – RIP Dad!) was here to witness this!! This one means a lot to me now than the 1980 win, and am loving every moment of it!!!

    I wish I could be there at the parade tomorrow in person, but will be in spirit!! Enjoy and savor every single moment right now!!! All of you guys earned it, along with our heartfelt thanks!!!



    Congratulations Shane!!!!!!!!!! We are soooooo proud of you and we always knew you had it in you. Gosh we were here at home watching and praying the whole time for you. We cant wait to hear all about it when you get home for the holidays. We look forward to seeing you. Take care for now.
    Much Love: Dawn, Arnold, A.J. & Dayton


    Want to say thank you for making it a wonderful Seaon and winning the world series. My son who is 5 is so excited for you and your teammates. He can’t wait for opening day of 2009. Also to see your World Champion Rings at Phan Fest.
    You are his favorite player. He continues to remind me that your mother lives on the beach in Hawaii, because that is what you told him at Phan Fest this year while signing his hat. He knows your total home runs, where you fall in the lineup for the last 5 games of the world series, your number on your jersey, and that you can bat left or right handed. Not bad for 5 yr old. Thanks again. Unforuntly not able to come to the parade due to being a single and having kidney surgery Friday. I tried to postpone but the Dr said no. Even when given the reason that the Phillies have won a world series wasnt enough. So have a wonderful time and enjoy. You have definitely deserved it.


    You guys did a GREAT job this year!!!! I wacthed every game I could in my spare time. You had some great plays on the feild, offense & defense. I was so excited when you got that Grand Slam. Charlie said that you will defently make it farther than you got last year, and he was 100% correct. And the fact that you only lost two games in the post season, that is incredable!! If you ever get the chance in your spare time, with no games or weddings, please, just please write back and send it to me.
    Your greatest fan, Adam


    Congrats Shane! Long time coming for the city of Philadelphia. A great team with a great group of players..couldnt ask for more as a fan. Take the time to soak it in before Friday because it will be all party tomorrow!!


    Hi there Shane! You’ve been my son’s favorite Phillie since he met you in June at Jimmy’s Basebowl event. Thanks for taking the time to stop & talk to him. He carries the picture of the 2 of you together & shows it to everyone! He stayed up to watch every single game of the playoffs. He’s one tired but happy 8 year old. He’s playing in his Fall Ball championship game this Sunday at 11 a.m. at Levittown American in Fairless Hills. Maybe you could come out & cheer him on! (It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?) Congratulations & enjoy every minute!


    Congratulations, Shane to you and the entire team!! What an exciting season! Savor every moment of the parade! Soak it all in…you deserve it!! I am already looking forward to next season!!



    Congratulatuions!!!!u guys did it!I believed u guys could and philly believed too.
    The best season ever and more to come.Now i can finish my post season scrapbook with an awesome ending!!!!!
    The city loves u guys and i love u’s too!!!!!!!!!!
    now enjoy your time off and remember stop by the academy and byberry wawa and gas is on us and food!!!!!!!!
    Love u shane-
    forever your fan-


    Shane, Congratulations to you and your entire team. How cool is the World Series title!!!!! I watch you so much during the season (I probably do not miss more than 5 games), I feel I know you all so well. Baseball is very different from any other sport in that we get such an up-close and personal relationship with you. It is a team sport, but it also an individual sport. I can’t wait now until next season. Keep up the good work and stay healthy. You play for Philadelphia, but you have put Hawaii on the map. Debbie


    Congratulations Shane. This is memory that will last a lifetime. You guys did it. I heard Mitch Williams on WIP and he said something great – he said you would be a team that will be remembered forever. You will always be together in memory with these guys. Keep that memory alive as all of Philly Pans will.

    Thanks for making us proud. Enjoy the parade and savor the moment!

    Michele, Schwenksville PA

  155. suknot

    I just wanted to thank you, Shane, and the entire Phillies organization for an incredible regular and post season this year. My sister, her friend, my son and I were all at the ballpark both Monday and Wednesday nights for Game 5 and like everyone in the stands we were overwhelmed by the moment of the win. It was even more poignant for us since our father, a Phillies season ticket holder since 1984 and lifelong baseball fan, passed away in June. As you of all people know, it’s not easy losing someone close to you but knowing my Dad was with us in spirit cheering on the Phillies made it so much better. I even cried at the end of Game 5 when we were singing “We Are the Champions” because I knew my Dad, like your grandmother, must have been watching from heaven and helping you guys win. From all of my family, friends and me, thanks again for an exciting, wonderful baseball season. We shall cherish it always.


    Thank you and the Phillies for bringing a WINNING TITLE BACK to Philly. In 1980 I was 6, and remember my mom talking about the team. In 93 I was in college in FL and cried when that HR was hit by Joe Carter. Now 2008 I went to a few games and had a great time by a team that has so much passion. A true fan stands by their team… I can’t wait to next year to see you all again … Have a great celebration!! you and the team deserve it!! WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!! WOO HOO!!

    ~Ina πŸ™‚


    Shane Great Post,
    We Have A Team A Real Baseball Team!! We Are All World Series Champions because of The Phillidelphia Phillies!!!

    Santa arrived early this year, only Santa was Charlie Manuel and the reindeer pulling the sled full of toys were 25+ of the Greatest Guys God ever created. You are the Gifts Santa placed under the Christmas Tree.

    You Men were responsible for one of the best baseball seasons ever played and we thank you, I thank you.

    Each and every man did his part at the right time and place. You worked as a team and we are so proud and joyfull. Teamwork, talent and most important, a willing heart are the essence of success in any endeavor and you all displayed that when it was needed.

    To my awsome and wonderful Phillies you are like family, and friends to us, family for which I would bake a bushel of cookies and have over for Sunday pasta with meatball and sausage gravy, caesar salad and don’t forget the cannoli’s.

    May the memories you have given us, the baseball you have shared with us live on in every Philadelphia Phillies’ Team Member, Phan and The Whole Phillies Organization forever.

    May God Bless and Keep All of You, Always and May He bring you all back next year to share with us another amazing baseball season and more memories.


    Shane – I’ve spent all but 8 of my 41 year in Philly. Rarely has the city taken to someone so emphatically as it has you. Everyone can’t get enough of your passion, energy, spirit, and love for the game, the fans, and your teammates. I’m feelin’ all that too but what I’m not sure people realize yet is how solid you are in center field. Balls hit into the gap, to short center, and to the warning track oftentimes become routine catches because you react off the crack of the bat, have great wheels, and cover so much earth. Enjoy your time back in Hawaii ! Looking forward to watching you grow into a huge superstar in the coming years. Keep being you. Kenny from Mt. Airy.


    woooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sooooo happy for u guys i know u could do it i love you guys and i will keep u guys in my heart forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………………


    and ever πŸ™‚ i love YOU GUYS!!!!! i really like u tho i might be able to visit hawaii πŸ™‚


    Shane, just in case you and the guys were wondering, today, the parade, the walk from city hall to the stadium, and being inside the stadium was, hands down, the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire 21 years! Here’s to next season! How many more days til Opening Day? πŸ˜‰


    Shane, I just wanna let you know that I love you so much and your one of the reasons I’m so into the Phillies and baseball. You always come through for the team and I seriously think you deserve the MVP award more than anyone. I’m so proud of you and all the other guy’s, yous make me so proud to be a part of Philly and a fan. I love you all, and by the way I got your autograph at Forman Mills about a week ago, haha (:


    Shane congratulations! You were so funny on QVC tonight. My fiance met you briefly at QVC, she works there and was so pumped to meet you. Unfortunately, she was upset she forget her camera. Will you be doing any signings in the area! I would love to take her for her Birthday coming up this month! Do you allow pictures during your signings? I just want you to know Oct 29, 2008 was the proudest day as Philadelphians in our lives! And you are our favorite!

  164. worldseriesii


    Yo! Great Effort, and Congratulations! Thanks so much for restoring pride in Philadelphia and its sports milieu! Thanks so much for all the super excitement. I live in the dreaded city of Los Angeles, and really despise the kind of West Coast “homer” attitude, here, where Philly never gets any credit. But you guys CRUSHED the Dodgers, to the point where their stars were nonexistent. In the same way, everybody was blowing the horns of the Rays, but where were Iwahara, Longoria, Pena, Upton and Bartlett?

    I grew up in the 60’s, in Philadelphia, and you can’t imagine how much steadfast loyalty the fans have, struggling for most of the time with mediocre teams, or, with disappointments and championships that should have been, but weren’t. You guys are much like the 80 Phils, on the other hand, but even better. People knew the team had a decent chance, beyond that, it was a surprise, but in achieving the result, anyone could see how superior the team was.

    This year, you guys had one of the greatest teams in World Series history, batting, depth, pitching, bullpen, teamwork and everything else. You corrected mistakes made, at the plate, of last year. I have a great prayer record, but you guys did it all by yourselves, because I didn’t pray for a Series win! I knew you could do it, and if you read my other posts, I predicted it. Lastly, if the Front Office doesn’t grab Burrell, they’re nuts! He has the second or third highest number of hits, at or near the top, in homers, that he ever had, only two errors the whole season, and a game-winning catch and key hit, in the Series.


    Thank you Shane, for all the wonderful memories. Have some time off with your family, get some rest …and I look forward to next year. God Bless you and yours!!


    A letter to Chase Utley- thanks Shane for being such a great role model.

    First let me say congratulations on winning the world series, that is an amazing accomplishment. I have been a Philadelphia fan since the time I was born and it was exciting to be there for both game 5s and for the parade. It has also been special because I have been able to enjoy the gift of sports with my two sons Kallan (5) and Aaron (3). They both say that you are their favorite player.
    I was disappointed today after hearing your remarks on stage. In the midst of celebration, I wanted to take my family home because of your thoughtless word choices. It is easy to look at the jerk on the street that chooses to bad language and label him a fool, but it is much harder when it is someone you and your children have grown to love and respect. It was harder yet to then watch the clip again on Comcast and see your teams reaction of applause and laughter. A sinking feeling comes over me as a fan, a coach, a person who works in community, and most of all as a dad. I hope someday when you have kids you will realize the poor choice of words you used during such a monumental occasion. I think you owe a city an apology for your senseless words or at least two boys who for now wear number 26 proudly.

    Best of luck in your future seasons,

    Matt Graybill
    On behalf of Kallan and Aaron

    Matt Graybill


    First, let me say Shane I love you thank you for a GREAT season I can’t wait for next season to start so I can see you again…..Second, To all the Phillies we love each and every one of you and Thank You for this World Series Championship. Lastly, as for what Chase said yesterday I understand as a parent we want to shield all the bad from our children, but in this world today we can’t. My children weren’t fazed by it and its not because it is used in our home its not it’s because it is used everywhere else I am sure they have heard it before from other children or even parents. Lets enjoy this celebration it is well deserved and lets put what Chase said behind us. Those guys were running on high energy yesterday they were excited and I am sure if he could take it back he would. We have all said something in our past that we want to take back. Lets not not dwell on this it isn’t as important as what this Team has done for this great City all season that was one slip of a bad word for a second. GO PHILS WE LOVE YOU…..


    And, My 4-yr Old Daughter, LOVES YOU !!!! She went to her 1st Phillies Game on 9/11/08, she got her 1st Game Ball that nite and her picture on the web. She watched every World Series Game with us – Cheering on Shane and Chase and all the Phillies !!!! HOW EXCITING FOR ALL OF US πŸ™‚ I went to my 1st Parade in 1980 and We took her to her 1st PARADE at the LINC and she had an AWESOME TIME !!! Thank you, Charlie and the Phillies for appearing there for us and Shane for speaking to the crowd – My Daughter was AMAZED TO SEE YOU !!!! A PARADE FOR ALL THE AGES !!!! WE LOVE YOU, GOD BLESS YOU !!!!

    The Rhoades Family


    OH MY GOD.
    I went to the Phillies parade with my Dad yesterday. We were standing directly in front of the Crowne Hotel. When I saw you, me and my Dad started screaming “SHANE!”. I’m not sure you heard us but I was waving like a maniac to you. We had good spots too! Right near the front of the fence. It was the best day of my life. I should have made a sign, but I wasn’t thinking about that til after the parade.
    Oh well. It was a great day.

  170. infiniteciel

    Does it feel real yet? XD Although, I somehow think that after yesterday’s parade that it would feel even more surreal! Over 2 million people, crowded in those streets, cheering all of you on. It was amazing. Unfortunately I couldn’t go…but it would’ve been the best feeling. I could only watch on TV. You were great; Utley’s speech was short and to the point…haha, of course he would say that. You’re all super famous now! Heroes! You’ll never have to pay for anything ever again! Enjoy it. :3 I know this whole city (and people from different places, too) appreciates all that you did. Thank you!


    I just re-watched the parade, and the events at Citizen Bank Park brought tears to my eyes again. There are no words to describe what this season has meant. Thank you !


    YOU are a class act and I want to thank you for the wonderful role model you have been and are. I look forward to seeing you mature as a player. You have been one of the best (as the stats will show) and feel you got robbed of an MVP for the Division Championship. I wish you God Speed on you trip home to Hawaii, and may you come back to Philly rephreshed and ready to lead our team to the series again next year!

  173. ne121

    Thanks for the ride. CBP was amazing yesterday. Chase’s gaffe was understandable, yet not quite acceptable. Hope to see you first in Clearwater, then next season. Enjoy your time off and well-earned rest.


    every time i watch coverage of the final out, or coverage from the parade i get all choked up. i was in the stadium for the parade and it was the most magical thing i’ve ever witnessed. i’ve waited for a championship all my life and finally i’ve gotten to see one. thank you so much for making every phillies fan’s dream come true. it’s about time the trophy comes home to where it belongs. this city, and this team, deserves it. enjoy while you can and hope to see you a year from now in the same position.
    ps- chase’s bomb was great. i dont know why people get so upset about it. it’s just a word. yeah, children heard/saw it, but welcome to philadelphia. and the 21st century. chances are, they’d already heard it that day at least once. you can’t shield your child from things like that all their life. hearing that kind of language became normal to me in middle school. chase just said what just about every other person in the stadium was feeling and i congratulate him for having the guts to say it.


    CONGRATS SHANE AND TO THE WHOLE TEAM!!!!!!!!! i had no doubt you guys were gonna win!!! everything, all day was just so exciting on wednesday.. i live in jersey, but believe me, it was even rediculously crazy over here too!

    and how about that parade yesterday?!?!?! 500 people were out from my school yesterday, some schools even closed because so many people were going! the speedline station was CRAZYYYYY!!! there were lines out onto the streets and all the way down, it was nuts! on the way home was really great though, our whole train was singing “we are the champions” hahah.. that’s gonna be on youtube soon..

    yesterday was definitely one of the best/funnest day of my life!!! you guys made us feel like you were just another fan cheering and screaming right along with us.. it was a great feeling! and i’m never ever going to forget that day! WE LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!


    Shane … you did it … I love you!!! I can’ wait for next year … My dream is to meet you in person one day , hope next year … are you going to hawaii soon ? we are going to miss you alot .. take care & God bless .. GO GO GO GO GO GO PHILIIES… VIVA VICTORINO !!! TE AMO!!! ,,
    monica love you πŸ™‚


    i’ve been a phillies fan for most of my life, and i dont remember the last time i’ve missed a single pitch. thank you to the whole team for making so many fan’s dreams come true. no one wanted it more then you guys and all of philly this year. 2008 belongs to us. that last strike will play over and over in my mind for the rest of my life. there isnt a team in the major league like ours, a combination of heart, talent, and modesty. PHILADELPHIA…the WORLD CHAMPIONS. i can tell myself a million times and it still wont sink in.

    p.s. thank utley for his ceremony comment. LOVED it!


    Shane, I can’t even begin to imagine what this feels like for you and the rest of the team. All I know is that this is something I have waited for my entire life!! All I remember is seeing Lidge throw that last pitch, and my friend jumping on me. The next thing I knew, I was on Broad Street celebrating, with tears in my eyes. I have said to friends, that I don’t think my wedding day will be that amazing and fulfilling lol. Thank you and the rest of the Phillies for bringing this to Philadelphia; it was long overdue. You guys make an amazing team and I can’t wait till Spring Training… I don’t know what to do with myself until then haha.


    SHane and the entire Philly team…. CONGRATS on a wonderful season and a FANtastic ending. From HAWAII to PHILLY… you’ve come a long way and everyday is a learning experience… Soak up all of this wonderful times with the Philies and put it in your book….. Da Flyin Hawn…. SOARS to all highs……

    You make HAWAII proud of you…. keep up the good work and hope to c u again next year… C u soon back home on the BIG BIG Island..
    Aunty Val n Uncle Clyde…..




    I was jumping up and down in front of my TV on Wed. nite. Two seconds later I’m like, “now what the **** am I gonna do?!” Going thru serious withdrawal right now….can’t wait ’til next season! I may just have to take a vacation in Clearwater for spring training! Way to go guys! I can’t believe I’m in love with a baseball team…!

    Helen McK


    Remember all of the good that this season generated and make it a kahiko( tradition) for the years to come.

    The Phillies Ohana are always with you in person and in spirit .It creates good mana( spiritual power).

    Pomaika’i ( good luck) in the off-season to you and all of my beloved Phillies

    Remember- HANA HOU !!!!!!! ( one more time).


    Thanks Shane and the boys. I think every true Phillies fan had to cry alittle bit with Harry calling the last out. I just wish my dad was still alive to see this Phillies team. WOW he would of loved you guys. I haved always loved the Phillies and always will. THANK AGAIN



    I’m sure by now your on your favorite beach in Hawaii. Congratulations on a great season and know that we’ll be waiting anxiously for spring training and the start of a new season. I can’t wait to see you get your rings and will try like heck to be there. All the best to you and the Phillies – enjoy the shortened off season!

  185. philajen

    What is a Phillies Fan?????
    A Phillies fan is PASSIONATE and proud. We don’t need cowbells and a dome to make noise.
    A Phillies fan will always wear their Phillies red at an opposing teams stadium.
    A Phillies fan can get in the heads of terrific pitchers like CC and great hitters like Evan “EVA” Longoria.
    A Phillies fan will sit thru the pouring rain and freezing temps to cheer on their team.
    A Phillies fan shed tears on Wed night as 40 thousand plus fans sung “We Are The Champions”
    A Phillies fan shows up 2.5-3 million strong for a victory parade down Broad St.

    I can only hope as the players turned down Broad St and saw the sea of red waiting for them they finally said to themselves “I get it, this is a Philly Fan & We LOVE them.”

    To All my fellow fans that joined in on countless chants, cheers and relentless towel waving this season………… Thank You..
    We’re #1…..


    OH MY GOSH SHANE!!!!!!!!!!! I still can’t believe we are the world champions!!!! I saw it in person and it’s still unbelieveable!!! Seeing game 5 and the victory with the celebration and the excitement was amazing!!! When Lidge through that last pitch, I went absolutely nuts. I thought oh my god did that actually just happen?!? Did we seriously just win the world series after a 28 year drought?!? As if celebrating game 5 wasn’t enough, I skipped school for the parade friday too πŸ™‚ Being in Citizen’s Bank Park and waiting for you and the guys to arrive, I was so anxious and excited. And then you got there and I was in right field as you came out the gate and drove around the field. talk about amazing!!! Thanks so much Shane!!!! This means so much more than just a trophy and a title to the fans, and it’s great to have champions again in philly!!!


    Shane and phillies CONGRATS…. you guys were amazing this year! I must say this is the first year i truely got into you guys and watched every game faithfully, lucky me! Although you made it easy since your very nice to look at!
    2008 CHAMPS you rock
    Love your #1 Fan,
    Danielle xoxoxo


    I know that It’s belated but congratulations ! What a season? From First to third to second to first to second back and forth to right on top. (:
    We deserved this. A long Season that seemed to end way to soon. I wish it was Phillies YEAR all year long! I agree with the Pshhitslizzie , We need to have Pat next year. It wouldn’t be the phillies without him. He helps the team just like everyone else.
    This really is PHILLIES COUNTRY πŸ˜€


    My Pop Pop says finally there is a ball player who finally plays baseball the way it should be played.
    Congratulations to a great ball player.

  190. thegoodofthegame

    Like so many others before you, YOU embody the true heart of a city and the true heart of the game.
    This game and this city could use a few more like you.
    Keep fighting. There’s more to come.


    Subscribe: The Good Of The Game
    Stay tuned.

  191. cerambo

    Shane, I hope you don’t get traded for holiday. I love watching you play in the outfield, run the bases and hit. I was at the game that you hit the walk off home run on Shane Victorino day last year. We stuck around in the rain to see you win it. That was an interesting, weird, long game. I remember booing the pitcher, Garcia because he started jogging towards the dug out before he was thrown out at first on a ground out. I hope I see you in April.


  192. dfsdfgf

    Thank you Shane, some people say I am just like you I guess because I am fast and a good center fielder with a good arm. If you get traded to Colorado my heart will go with you.

  193. jessoak

    We want you to stay in Philly!!! I cannot believe they would even consider a trade. That’s just ridiculous!!! We love you Shane!!!


    Shane, it was nice to meet you tonight, you must be so overwhelmed and proud of your accomplishments. I hope you had fun at the 10 feet concert, welcome home Shane πŸ™‚ I had wanted to talk to you so much more but you were always being whisked away for photos and fans. You must be wondering who this is but i sure do remember you. Contact me πŸ™‚ we took pictures, I can send them over to you.

    looking forward to hearing from you


    Shane, it was nice to meet you tonight, you must be so overwhelmed and proud of your accomplishments. I hope you had fun at the 10 feet concert, welcome home Shane πŸ™‚ I had wanted to talk to you so much more but you were always being whisked away for photos and fans. You must be wondering who this is but i sure do remember you. Contact me πŸ™‚ we took pictures, I can send them over to you.

    looking forward to hearing from you


    Hey, Shane. I was at a Ryan Madson signing with my 7 yr. old son this past Saturday and asked him to inscribe, “Bridge to Lidge”. When I got home I looked at the photo and to my surprise it said, “Bride to Lidge”. Any comment on this?

  197. eisie

    Thanks you, Thank you, Thank you. I’ve been waiting for 28yrs to have that feeling again & to see my 10yr son get to experience that whole thing was worth the wait.
    Like Cole said, let’s do it again & again & again!!

  198. phils2008


  199. philliesgirl35

    this was the most awesome thing to happen ever! i’m 13 so i never got to see any of my philly teams win anything so this was really excited. after lidge struck out hinske in game 5, my friends and i ran through my town with pots and pans in our jerseys. it was so awesome! the parade was great too. i had so much fun, especailly that i got to skip school (: and that you guys won it. hope you guys win next year-that would be the best thing ever!!!!!! also-beat the mets. i seriously hate them. (: haha good luck next season!


    Hey Shane,
    My names Maura. I’m fifteen years of age and love the Phillies to death. You have always been my favorite player. I don’t know what it is about you, but I just love the enthusiasm you show to your teammates. When you guys won the World Series, my dad and I were jumping around like animals.
    I play softball for a traveling team. We travel around the U.S competing in tournaments. I would love to become a pro someday just like you. Is there any advice you have for me? I could really use some. (ha ha.)
    Congratulations on your big win and i would love to hear a reply from you.

    One of your biggest fans,


    Oh Shane…
    can’t you just come enjoy dinner at Alstarz in Bordentown so that we may gaze upon the face of greatness?

  202. comedywhop

    Congrats on the pay day, you deserve it. Lookin’ forward to another couple of years of you and Bob Marley . Keep up the great work!


    I was just messing around on the computer checking out waterfalls in hawaii when this just came up out of no where but i am glad it did. I see that i am soooo late in congratulating you on the win, but i guess better late then ever. Thats how i feel about the phillies better late then ever. i cried when the phillies won i don’t know why but t.m.i(to much info)lol. i didn’t have to chance to go to the parade but i watched a video tape of it and i know it had to be crazy out there. one thing about philly is when we are mad ohh best belive you are going to hear it but when we are happy ( and we was more then happy to see our phillies go to the world series) we show, and i hope you and your team mates felt it. But if i didn’t say it before congratulations let me say it now congrats to you and the rest of the 2008 world champs. to my phillies and if you can pass this on to pat the bat and tells him that he will always be the man to clear the bench first in a all out brawl and for that he is my man lol.philly baby number one enjoy these moents for hopefully this year another will come. toya xoxo


    I was very disappointed today when I went to King of Prussia and saw Shane there. I use to be a big fan. I went up to him to make sure it was really him and then I asked for a picture with him. He blew me off and got on the phone so I walked away.


    Hey Shane, Please help to explain your terible at-bat in Game three of the Series with Andy Pettite clearly on the ropes with the bases loaded after walking two batters. Why couldn’t you be more disciplined instead of swinging at two horrible pitches in the dirt. Your attempt at catching Derek Jeter’s sinking fly ball which gave the Yankees the lead was also lacking. In conclusion it’s my opinion that you were clearly the reason for the Phillies Game Three setback. I read in the newspaper this morning that in that aforementioned hitting situation you were looking for a pitch a drive. After pettitte was obviously rattled and missing the strike zone by a wide margin you’re looking for a pitch to drive !!!!!! I aways felt you had over-estimated your worth to this team and your play in Game Three certainly proved that.


    congratulations on another great year. I have a seven year old son named Shane. He has autism and you were the first player he would say by name- I guess because you share the same first name. He loves going to the Phillies games when you are in South Florida. Could you please send him a signed picture, I believe he would really enjoy it. I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you. Tim Arnwine-proud papa of Shane

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