On a mission

We’re definitely hungry. Not that we weren’t hungry last year, but it took so much to get there… Last year, we were happy to get there. This year, we want to win a World Series.

Making the last out against Colorado sat with me for a little bit, but after, I realized what we’d accomplished in making the playoffs and winning the division. The way last year ended hurt, but it didn’t kill us because we hadn’t gotten there in forever. That was a high in itself. This year, we feel like we belong here, and if we lose in the first round, it will hurt a lot more. This year, we expect to be here and to go further.

Everybody keeps talking about last year. I’m over it. We have to put it behind us. I think the only thing I would say we can take from last year is experience. We’re not thinking about what happened. You only want to think about what’s going on now. I think things will go better.
It felt like we were so happy last year, and it was such a big accomplishment to win the division. I’m not saying we should beat everybody this time around, but we should play up to our potential. We have experience. We’ve been there. We know what it’s like.

There’s no question that we’re on a mission. Overall, the dimension of our team is better. The lineup has been shifted around. Our bullpen is deeper. Our starting staff has done better. Experience will play a big part.

I don’t want to get swept again. I expect us to go further. I expect us to go to the World Series.


  1. murphy28

    Hey welcome to MLBlogs! I may be a Met fan but I wish you and the Phillies the best of luck. I really like your chances this year. Your playing the Brewers in the first round who have little pitching other than C.C. You bullpen is great, your offense is great and the starting pitching is great. I see you going very deep into the playoffs.

    You guys wanted it more than the Mets this year and last, best of luck in the playoffs and next year.


  2. pandaphils35

    We had are ups and downs with you guys this season. But never once did we TRULY think we wouldn’t see a repeat NL East Championship.

    The city, and all of Eastern Pennsylvania believes that you guys can revers Billy Penn’s curse. Screw Boston and the Bambino, screw the cubs and their goat. It’s Philadelphia’s turn at greatness.

  3. theflyingsaucers@yahoo.com

    GO PHILS!!! I think you can go all the way and it’s up to the Flyin’ Hawaiian to lead the way!!!!!

  4. sallyann654

    This has been a memorable season so far, and it’s not over!! Phillies fans everywhere are so proud of the team!! I agree with Colin’s comment that if the way the season ended is any indication, this series will be a heck of a series!!!

    Let’s Go Phils!!!!

  5. eagleskh

    Shane, this season has been a great ride, thus far, but the ride doesn’t end here. I think I can speak for everyone in the South Jersey and Delco region when I say “Bring it home Shane.” Anything can happen in post-season baseball. It the Phillies time, it’s our time.

    The drought ends in 08′!

  6. drewbester@yahoo.com

    well… i missed 1980 because i was living overseas.. now i am visiting my son in australia.. i return to philly on october 14.. im looking forward to catching the end of the nlcs and then FINALLY seeing you guys in the World Series.. meanwhile.. i’ll be following online.. GO PHILS!!

  7. howdoyouspellretard@gmail.com

    Yeah, dude. Welcome to the blogosphere. Seriously, have you ever seen one of Sarge Matthews’ hats in person?

  8. kaitlink21@hotmail.com

    Good luck to you and the rest of your teammates, Shane!! I know you guys can do it! Us fans are behind you all the way!!!! :o)

  9. hawaiiroller@msn.com

    Aloha Shane,

    We’ve been watching you play all year on MLB.COM. I think you were the most stediest player all year and it shows in your batting average.

    Jump on that first pitch. 😀

    Go Phillies!
    Go Flyin’ Hawaiian
    Maui No Ka Oi

    Good luck Shane.

  10. moyer2050

    hell yeah, shane. if you expect to go to the series, then so do i. make it happen!! as for blogging, on fridays you post pictures of your cats. that’s pretty much all you need to know.

  11. mauimama

    You guys will do it! Congrats on the division title and can’t wait to see how far the Phightin’ Phils will go! GO PHILS!

  12. philliesgirl91

    Hey Shane!!

    Hope your feeling great after that intense day you had Saturday, great job by the way!

    I absolutely love your enthusiasm. I’ve been a diehard Phillies fan since I was young, and this year is unlike any I’ve seen before. I can see your hunger, your drive, and your anxiousness as a team to improve. Your ambition to win that world series, and the lengths you’ll go to get there – It’s amazing. I know your probably hearing this stuff time and time again from the fans, but I just want you guys to know – through everything, we’re all proud of you, and we’ll never give up faith!

    Good luck tonight, this series and this October as a whole!

  13. missybug@hotmail.com

    Good luck today and the rest of the way to the World Series. You are my favorite player for good reason, you hustle and you never say die. It has been super exciting and I can’t wait to watch the Phillies play in the post season. The world series is all yours! Can’t wait to go to the World Series celebration after you all win!
    Much love

  14. colin.marshall7@gmail.com

    Bring it home boys! One at-bat at a time, one pitch at a time, one game at a time! This team has been great to watch all year and I am excited about the way you guys have lifted your level in September. Let’s go baby, PHL is behind this team!

  15. lmonge75@gmail.com

    Shane, good luck with today’s contest. The city is rallying behing you all and, hopefully, we will see you at the WS 2008! Go Phils!

  16. insidecrashedcars@gmail.com

    there’s no doubt that you guys have the potential to go to the world series. i believe in you, this city believes in you, so many people believe in you. just keep playing hard and i know you guys can do it. best of luck! :]

  17. richswords27@yahoo.com


  18. jjb45@pitt.edu

    vic you’re the man. You’re the spark plug of this team, get them fired up!!! Confidence is high, HERE WE GO PHILS!!!!

  19. budlight@tds.net

    I am the biggest Phillie fan in Wisconsin, besides my 96 year old grandmother, who happens to be relation to Bill Giles. I know that the Phillies are going to win this World Series, just to let her see this happen would be great as her health is failing, and probably will watch from heaven next year…… So give all you have, win big, and make us proud here in Wisconsin. It is a lonely world here in Wisconsin being a Phillie fan.

  20. mattyoungmotors@aol.com


    Keep on flyin’ around the bases and in the field! I know you guys can do it. This is the most exciting team we have had since 1980 squad. I am the biggest Phillie Phan in Texas, and have 4 (brainwashed) Texas born-n-raised children who are also huge Phillies Phans. They even say ‘we’ when asking me “did ‘we’ win last night?”

    I have been a Phan so long, as a kid I even remember Richie Ashburn (Wiz Kid), Johnnie Callison, Tony Taylor, Dick Allen, Jim Bunning, Chris Short, and the amazing ’64 team that came sooo close to the Pennant. Saw many games at old Connie Mack Stadium, and at the Vet: Schmitty, Carlton, Tug, the Bull, Bowa, Pete, Boone, Sarge, Maddox. And the ’93 crew, Nails, Krukster, Schill, Milt, Dutch, the Mick, Inky.

    GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. gogie42@gmail.com

    I’ve watched at least 150 of the games this year on TV and live. I was at the Colorado game in which you guys scored 20, the Atlanta game in which you staged a miracle comeback, and the Mets game in August when you won in 13 innings (which was the best game I’ve ever seen). You guys are the best team in the majors when you play up to your potential, and I can’t wait to see what you can do this year. I’ve been waiting all year for this!! LET’S GO PHILS!!!

  22. norman_franco@msn.com

    Aloha Shane,
    Great games, all my family wish to see you in the world series. I live in Wisconsin 6 years with my wife and two boys, two hours away from Miller Park. Being from Maui it would be a dream come true to take my wife, boys and myself to our first MBL game to watch our favorite player Shane Victorino. We watch you no matter when, as soon as the Philies is on everything stops at our house.
    The whole team is good but you are the best and make us proud. I emailed your dad two weeks ago telling him when you guys win your division I hope to see the game in Miller Park on Saturday. It happened the Phillies are coming to Miller Parker. WOW!!! I cannot get any tickets, Shane can you get us tickets? We are all Ohana from Your Uncles Chester, Sheldon, Dawyne, and you mom including your dad. We went to high school together with your mom and uncles, S.A.S. So if you want anyone to represent your family we be glad to. Shane, my boys(12 & 15) and I would never forget this moment together for the rest of our life. I hope to here from you soon. All my family say, Good Luck go all the way we proud of you.
    Mahalo nui loa, Malama pono e hui ho,

  23. dicmod

    I live in Italy and I’m the only Philly fans in the state.
    You and Utley are my favorite player I watch every game and tonight we must win.

  24. deb-pa@comcast.net

    Our family is thrilled to see the team get into the post season! Our son (7) is a die-hard Phillies fan. He watches the games whenever possible – and knows the players stats by heart! THANK YOU PHILLIES! You guys play as a team, publicly respect each other as teammates, are always picking each other up and trying your hardest. You are truly the best team to have as role models for kids! My son loves you all – and has learned so much about playing as a team – that it’s not about the individual players – but the TEAM. If you ask him who is his favorite? He says ALL of them. He wants to hit like Pat and Ryan, field like Chase and Jimmy, run like you and Jason. He loves the pitchers, too! So….thank you. You guys have come this far because you are a team….and we know this team is going to win it all!!!

  25. charlenemno@yahoo.com


    I am so proud of all you’ve done to inspire your team to
    “fly”. Way back when, I watched you run track for SAS
    and I knew that your talent would go far. Keep your
    eyes on the stars, and know that all of Maui is rooting for
    you and the Phillies to have a most successful post season.


  26. Buz

    You have a very solid team.. good luck in the playoffs. I am a Dodger fella at heart.. so.. hoping the two of you meet!!

  27. philscadillactime

    Best of luck to you and the rest of the team today, Shane! I will be following along while I am at work and pretending to be productive. 😉 I can still remember the ’93 Series…I was 8 and after Joe Carter hit the winning home run I cried. But I was there at the game vs. the Nats on Friday just last week and I could feel the energy….let this be the year to bring a title back to Philly! Love you guys, and heaps of luck to you this October!!
    ~Ashley 🙂

  28. lorijeannj

    I spoke with my brother who still has his heart with the Yankees, but what surprised me was he said “the Phillies are a fun team to watch” and he will be rooting for you guys.
    As for myself, have watched every game (except for the few not on tele) and went to a handful and all I can say is “SIMPLY THE BEST”!
    Northfield, NJ

  29. christie08

    Good luck Shane!! I’ve been your biggest fan this year and am so happy you guys made it to the playoffs. I’ve been to so many games this year – some good, some bad, but I can say I was always behind you and the Phillies 100% no matter what. Looking forward to a great postseason!

  30. algorejefffisher@live.com

    I am enjoying the game.

    It was a great third inning.

    Top of the 4th.

    Jeff Fisher

    I wish my partner Al Gore could be here in Philadelphia to enjoy the MLB playoffs.

  31. algorejefffisher@live.com

    I am rooting for the Phillies.

    I like Milwaukee but Philadelphia is where I have been living and I really am a big fan of Mike Schmidt.

    Now for Power he was the best third baseman. For fielding I place him second to the great Greg Nettles and lets not forget George Brett. Brett and Schmidt could really launch the ball into the bleachers so well.

    Jeff Fisher

    Bottom of the eight

    Great commercial for Direct TV
    When I lived in Florida I had Direct TV
    Dish did not offer the NFL package

    I need football and baseball and ESPN to get my mind off what Albert ARnold Gore Jr and I have been dealing with that the media blacks out even though HBO already exposed it in the movie Recount.

    Now the inning is the fifth.
    Hammel is doing well

    Jeff Fisher

  32. algorejefffisher@live.com

    I am going to pray that this game becomes very unique.

    Hammel keeps pitching and the fielders keep doing their jobs

    Its ok

    17 in a row

    Now lets see another set of retired batters.

    Jeff Fisher

  33. algorejefffisher@live.com

    I think Albert will be busy watching CNN and the show about Global Warning. I rather be doing what I am doing.

    Enjoying a great baseball game.

    Verizion, interesting commercial


    GO Phillies

    Jeff Fisher

  34. algorejefffisher@live.com

    I hope Steve Carlton is watching the game.

    I remember as a kid back in 1972 when Steve came from the Cardinals to the Phillies. Wow what a season he had.

    He was striking out everyone.

    Jeff Fisher

  35. algorejefffisher@live.com

    Its commercial break before the sixth inning.

    I have to go blogging on youtube now.

    Go Phillies. I will be listening to the game but no more posting here.

    If anyone wants to write to me or ALbert our email address is algorejefffisher@live.com

    Lets not talk about politics for now. Lets talk sports only.

    Jeff Fisher

  36. algorejefffisher@live.com

    bottom of the seventh

    Its time the Phillies ice this game and score two insurance runs.

    Jeff Fisher

  37. algorejefffisher@live.com

    Frank TV

    looks like fun

    Northwestern Mutual Great Commercial

    Go Paul Hammel

    Go Phillies

    Wow what a play at first base

    What a scoop and toss

  38. algorejefffisher@live.com

    I love Chevrolet. My favorite car is the Corvette.

    I love RED and Yellow for that car.

    Comon Phillies score more please

    Jeff Fisher

  39. algorejefffisher@live.com

    Thats the way to end a game

    Swinging and getting lots of air

    GO PhILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeff Fisher

  40. lcmr85

    Yo’ Shane!

    Awesome game today! 1st win for us since game 5 of the ’93 World Series!!! KEEP IT GOING!!! I know you and the rest of the team know this history, and you know the passion of the Phan base! I’ve been proud to call myself a Phils fan for over 37 years, and haven’t been this bold about it since the late 70’s! You guys kept your cool and you took it away again from the Mets!

    Take CC to task tomorrow, and TEAR THEM UP! Bring it all home to Philly and the Phans!!! GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. proha

    Shane- I was on vacation with my family in Philadelphia last season, I live in Wisconsin and I was able to show you a picture of my family and your parents we met at Modell’s the last day of our trip when I was at Miller Park last August on my cell phone. Your mother introduced herself to us while we were looking at merchandise. Your mother said you aren’t very comfortable with people confronting you or your family but I just wanted to say it was nice to meet you in person and get your autograph next to your parents autograph. My family thought it was a great moment especially it being the last day before we flew back to Wisconsin. Just wanted to let you know. Your mother said she would share her experience she had with us with you. I know you meet thousands of people but I just hope you remembered our experience, thanks for reading

    take care

  42. snshyn22@aol.com

    Hi Shane Victorino! Thanks for giving us such GREAT baseball to watch. Your grand slam was a beautiful sight to see! I was screaming inside my house and all the neighbors came outside because they thought someone was being murdered or something. haha! I have to watch a long ways from Phila., sometimes at a bar actually called “South Street.” I love CBP but can only get there once a year. I really hope we beat the Dodgers. Don’t you think it’s a sign?…World Series ’80 winners and now World Series ’08 winners! I think it’s a good sign!
    Best of luck to the whole team.
    I love to go see you at the Spring Training games.

  43. xxjesseecaaxx@aol.com

    Hey,Shane im so happy you guys are in the World series im excited to see you guys on the next game you guys are GREAT!!!!!! your the best…. im so happy your on the team your a really gooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd………… center feilder and batter i loved the catch you made when u jumped that was awesome well your awesome you rock ill be watching your next game hope you guys win GOOOOO PHILLIES oh and im an extremely big fan of yours and the phillies

  44. brittanypettit21@yahoo.com

    i know nothing about blogging but im doin this to say what ive been thinking since october. Shane Victorino-Post season MVP! without a doubt. dont get me wrong cole’s good but im just saying it definitly was you.

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