Almost there

Last night was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever been involved in, and Matt Stairs put an exclamation point on it. My home run just tied the game. His put us over the top.

It just goes to show how we’re never out of a game. That said, this series is far from over. It’s seven games for a reason. They’re going to come out strong and try and take it. We can’t let them.

As you guys know, this has been a crazy month for me. I’ve had a lot of emotions, but playing games has been great therapy. It’s about winning. All the off-the-field stuff is forgotten on the field. I’m glad I’m able to play in the postseason and turn my focus on baseball. I know my grandmother is helping me.

We’re enjoying this. We’ll be ready to go Wednesday.



    Hi Shane,

    As we watched last night’s game, Chuck and I wondered who wanted it more. You got that hit, and I know your grandmother was watching out for you.

    Play hard, and great things will come your way.

  2. nylost


    Enjoy it! Last night’s game was incredible, exciting. I knew we we’re going to come back big but I was also delightfully surprised by how big. Your 2 run shot to tie it.. Stairs’ gargantuan 2 run shot to win it.. shut up! I was squealing.

    Keep it going! We are all rooting for you though this rough time you are having. Enjoy the game. It’s so much fun.

    Much love,


    Shane, you have been so valuable to this team in this postseason. I can’t wait for Game 5. Good Luck.


    I’ve been reading both Shane’s and Eithier’s blogs and Shane is by far the classier ballplayer. Andre’s blog today said they’re losing to a team that’s “not better” than them. Yeah right. That’s why the Phils are up 3 games to 1 on them. It just makes me realize how much better this team led by Shane and the rest carries themselves. And it will pay off.
    Shane, I’ve posted several times, but you are a doll and a mensch (it’s Yiddish for gentleman). We know you are having an emotional time but you can lean on the city of Philadelphia and Phillies fans around the globe. We are behind you 100%, win or lose.
    KEEP IT GOING!! Hit another one tomorrow off Billingsley!



    Howzit Brudda Shane? You Dakine!!!

    (No, I am not Hawaiian, but lived there long enough to pick up a phrase or two 🙂

    When I logged in here I did not expect to read such a fantastic daily log of your playoff experience. This is really a wonderful thing you are taking some time to do.

    Last night I was struck by your comment about how you are just trying to make your childhood dream come true, and I also want to tell you that we are all very appreciative of how hard you are trying, because for a lot of us fans, it is also a childhood dream of ours’ to have a championship team. I was ten in 1980, and this is like living that October all over again. Thanks for making it so much fun!

  6. victorinolover

    hey shane,
    great job last night i was getting worried but i never doubted you guys once. your homer was amazing it just made it over but it was awesome i was freaking out. and matt stairs almost left the park totally i was like wow way to go. i am very excited for you guys. just keep up the good work and go get um tomorrow.
    good luckk.
    stepph =)

  7. lorijeannj

    Playoff baseball is awesome! The best of the best and both teams are proving it, but Torre’s mind must still be in the AL because he should know better than to change pitchers as much as he did last night. I knew what was coming.
    Last night was a GREAT game to watch.
    I see the light!

  8. gottalovemrutley

    your home run last night was AMAZING!!!! I just wish I was able to see it in person…it was the type of vengence you should see in October!!!!
    I am so excited for your game tomorrow, I have faith that the World Series will be coming back to Philly!!!!!!

    Love you guys!!!

  9. philadelphiaphillies2008nlchampions

    Yesterday was my 15th birthday and 15 years ago on that date the phils were going to the world series in 1993. You and Stairs gave me the best present yesterday and also i got Game 5 tickets to the World Series. I look forward to watching you guys winning the World Series. I am not even lying my brother called your Home run last night and stairs home run too. See you in Game 5 of the World Series.


    All of the games have been great even though Jamie is having trouble. He looks so sad. Tell him we couldn’t have made it without him! He is always so good with the fans! Good luck the rest of the way. Even though most of us Phillies fans are way across the US, we are “united” and louder than any of the “coming out just to be seen” fans in LA!! Go Phils!!


    Sup Hawaiian! maui built, maui pride! eh, good job on da bomb you hit last nite. was dat a shaka i saw? way to come through. have a good day off and we be cheering u on come wednesday. aloha.

  12. fightinphils26

    Great game last night. You guys are really showin’ ’em you can hang with the best and fight to the finish. That game-tying homer was huge because it sparked the entire team and led to the game-winner by Stairs. This is as close as you guys have been to this. Keep Fightin’. The Dodgers have their backs against the wall now, so they’ll play tough Wednesday. Just rest up and stay relaxed and everything else will fall into place. This city is behind you guys 100%. Let’s Go Phillies, and we’ll see you back in Philly for the Fall Classic.


    You are our Mr. October. I don’t know where we’d be this postseason without your amazing production in every facet in the game.

  14. mike3806

    As i sat nd watched the game last nite i was wondering y charlie sent up pedro instead of sticking with dobbs who has been hot all year he has been there wen we really needed him. But as the game went on i felt like something special was gone happen and i guess everything really happens for a reason great hit u flyin hawain… Matt stairs tht was a great time for ur first post season home run we cant ask anymore out of u then to go up there nd have a great at bat. i feel like its gone b the year 93 all over again with a different result cuz r closer is way better now then heart goes out to u guys keep playin hard nd in the end we will b paradin down board street….

    P.S. big guy ur swing will come around before uk it peace nd love

  15. smfp07


    You have so much heart..I love it. Your doing so great this postseason. Keep up the good work. The phillies are headed towards the world series..I can feel it. Good luck to the whole team on Wedensday.


    You really are this team’s spark plug. Your resilience is amazing. Keep up the good work and you’ll have yourself a World Series.

  17. ne121

    First let me extend condolences to you and your family on the loss of your beloved grandmother. I know how that feels. Time will turn tears into smiles as warm memories flood your heart.
    Next, my husband and I are “senior citizens”. I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl (waaaaay back in the ’50s. I remember the Whiz Kids, even though I was only 4). My husband became a fan when we met (10 years ago) and now screams louder than any other youngster sitting around us. We have a partial-season plan and go to many extra games. Additionally, we manage to spend part of our winter in Clearwater, not far from BrightHouse Field and enjoy watching the work-outs and Spring Training Games.
    After last night’s game, I decided to trade in my husband for you. Your smile and good spirit can brighten the darkest nights. I believe that you are the Playoff MVP, for your bat, your defense, you.
    I know that tomorrow will be the clincher. I’ll be watching, on my computer because of the debate, but I will be watching.


    I love your energy!! I’ll admit, when you hit that ball at first I thought, double or triple, but I was screaming at the TV “get out” and it did. And when Matt hit that ball, I knew it was gone. I was like “good bye”! I love how this team never gives up. Tell the guys to relax and have fun- enjoy the moment, you all deserve it! Oh yeah and one more thing, as far as I am concerned, there is no question you should get MVP of this series! 11 RBI’s, WOW! Everyone is so caught up in the 8th inning homeruns, let’s not forget that great diving play Chase made either. Unbelieveable!!!
    Good luck on Wednesday, but I won’t be upset if you come home to philly to take it all!!!
    Love this Team!

  19. eisie

    Shane, You are the man. Great to tie the game up and get the team back ion the game. Matt Stairs homerun was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Enjoy today and tomorrow get back out there and kick some Dodger butt!!!!!! GO PHILLIES!!!!

  20. libertybelle


    Almost there….because of the intensity that you are playing with to spark this team on to victory. Whenever Jimmy leads off with a hit it’s, a pretty good barometer of things to come. You have all been keeping us on the edge of our seats through the entire game for some astoundingly GREAT October baseball. It was NEAT-O watching Tampa Bay cream Red Sox Nation yesterday — felt like a foreshadowing of things to come later in the day. I love listening to the announcers go silent like they can’t believe the Invincibles are capable of being out-hustled. I would love to see a TB matchup with the Fightin’ Phillies next week — a series for the peeps. With Matt’s “Stairs”way to heaven yesterday, I’d say we’re looking at some SERIOUS Mr. Blue Sky today. Let’s go out and finish off HOLLOWOOD tomorrow and watch L.A. fade to purple!!! Charlie Manuel, you are one swell guy. We love ya and and what you are doing with this team. Seeing Geoff Jenkins give you a big bear hug yesterday in the dug out said it all. Lovin’ you, Phillies!


    wow shane what a clutch hit last night!!!! its amazing that you have like 11 rbis in the postseason. great accomplishment. i couldn’t believe when you tied the game with a homerun. It was awsome, yours and stairs. do me favor, tell hamels to shut down them ********.
    GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only 27 more outs to get to the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Shane – Still just reeling from last night! You guys were on and I have no doubts you guys are starring in the show next week! You have been one of my favorite Phillies since you came here, and I am so excited that you have really come into your own and are the player I always knew you would be. You guys are just awesome, and no matter what happens I will never forget this team. I was crushed in 1993 when I was just 7 and you have no idea how awesome it is that we are just ONE away. No matter what happens, you 2008 Phillies will always be my team, and it has been an amazing and fun year to be a die hard Phillies fan.

  23. ariesbob

    Joe Torre is quoted in today’s Inquirer that the best way to respond to a pitcher who throws at you is with your Louisville Slugger. I am so pleased that you followed that advice in responding to Sunday night. As with everything you do, you handled it with class and made your fans proud.
    You are a fun player to watch because you always give 110% and your playoff record is proof of that.

    I alos wanted to extend my family’s condolences to you and to Charlie Manuel on your loss and commend you both for your ability to handle it in the midst of a playoff series.

    Let’s put the Dodgers away on Wednesday night and come back to Philly victorious. Best of luck to you in that effort.



    I would like to thank you for always giving it 150% on the field. It renews my excitement in the game to see you busting down the first baseline every time – all season long.

    Your aggressive style of play is definitely appreciated by us fans as we know if even you guys are down a few runs you never give up and a big inning might always be just around the corner. Keep up the good work and it will only take 5 more wins this year!!

    A couple of questions:

    1. I don’t know how you had the time to play baseball and run track in high school but as a former track athelete I am curious to know your best times on the track?

    2. In your bio info it says one of your hobbies is fising – do you ever get a chance to fish in PA? It would be cool to see you do a fishing show south Jersey/Philadelphia raised professional bass fisherman Mike Iaconelli. You both seem to love and enjoy your respective sports.

    My condolences on the loss of your grandmother.

    Chris Martalus

  25. kelmar

    All I want to say to all of you boys is “Thanks!” No matter where this season goes, I am so proud of you all. I remember watching the Phils win the Series when I was 15. My Papa was such a big fan and I loved watching the games with him. He passed away the year after the victory. I am so happy for him that he got to see it. I know that your grandmother and my Papa are leading the cheering section from above! Enjoy the rest of the season…give all of the boys a hug for me…without all of you collectively this wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun!!!
    Now go get one more win and finish this series! Then it is on to the big show!!!


    All I can say to you and the whole team is THANK YOU! Get ready for game five, and LET’S GO PHILS!


    hey shane
    congratulations to you and your teammates on another thrilling comeback from behind victory i and millions of fans hang on the edge of our seats watching you guys play i’m from philly but live in the baltimore area (actually met my wife after a phillies – orioles game) and had to get the mlb package just to watch all the games thanks for all the enjoyment and excitement 5 more victories to go go phils
    rob r lifelong phils fan

  28. kc0422

    I could write a whole lot of stuff here, Shane, but to boil it down to its simple truth: you’re the man.

    Go get ’em in Game 5 and in the WS.


    Great job last night Shane. Im am sorry for your loss, and good luck to you and the whole team tomorrow. Keep proving the Fightin’ Phils are the better (and classier) team


    The best part of the game last night other then the homeruns from you and Stairs was shutting the mouths of those fake Dodgers Fans! After what happened Sunday at the game you know it had to kill them to have you come to home plate and smack a home run !!!!!! It was the greatest! Keep doing what you do and the rest of the team!Can’t wait til Wednesday! Go Phils Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Shane, you are definitely the post-season MVP. Congratulations on breaking the record with 11 RBI’s — and it’s not over yet! Your 2 run homerun was awesome and Matt Stair’s homerun was icing on the cake. We’re all SO proud of you and know you can go all the way. Thank you for your tenacity, teamwork, enthusiasm and energy. Just when it starts to look a little grim, you manage to do something to turn everything around. I knew it was going to be a win since Jimmy hit in the 1st inning — that’s always a good sign! Enjoy today and let’s put LA to bed tomorrow!


    Shane, that game was simply GREAT.

    I tried to do the sensible thing and go to bed at a decent hour last nite. I figured the radio and Harry Kalas’ voice would put me to sleep and I’d just have to get the score in the morning. Needless to say, I hardly slept all night and was actually jumping UP and DOWN while lying down in bed! It was just GREAT. Keep smilin’!



    Please appeal your fine. You did absolutely nothing wrong.
    Keep playing hard and good things will come.



    I haven’t been able to watch the games due to work, but I am LOVING watching the highlights! I am so excited by this team. I’ve always, ALWAYS been a Phillies fan and have lived through it all since 1976 but this is the most fun I’ve had and the most fun I’ve seen the players have! I just love watching you, Shane, play. You have that drive that just makes the rest of the team go! Best of luck with game 5! As much as I’d love to see the team win the pennant at home, let’s get this over with and move on to the next step!!
    GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!

  35. bvincent

    Shane- hands down, that homerun was the best stuff out there. In LA, I’m glad you got them to sit down. I guess that’s what they get for booing at you. As Harry would say, put another one in the win column for the Fightin’ Philadelphia Phillies. Goin’ up 3-1 is huge, Everybody hits-WOO-HOO


    Great game. I am a Cub fan, so win the game 4 and win the World Series. What is this bunk about you getting fined? Maybe whoever leveled this fine would like someone throwing a 95 mph fastball at their head, OH this would be different. I stand behind you 100%. Keep up the good work.


    Hey Shane, Sorry for your loss. I am a huge fan and I have not missed a game all year. You have really been a huge asset to the team. I just wanted to say that the Dodgers need to know about KARMA. They picked the wrong player to BOO and throw a ball at. Your Grandmother is watching over you and instead of Angels in the Outfield. Its Angels at the Bat!!!Keep doing what your doing. THE GOOD GUYS ALWAYS WIN!!!!! GO PHILLIES WE LOVE YOU GUYS
    PS: Tell KYle Kendrick we miss him and hope he is with the team soon. Signed PHILLIES BIGGEST FAN!!!!! EVERRRRRRRR


    As expected, you pulled through in the clutch! It seems like every time the Phils need a big hit, you step up.

    Also, your recent actions did not justify a fine, I’d definitely appeal if I were you.

    Remember when you guys clinched the NL East at home? My girlfriend was at the game (I couldn’t make it)… She ran down, screamed your name, shook your hand and told you that her boyfriend loves you!

    Anyway, keep up the great work and enjoy the rest of the series!

  39. utleyfan28

    Wow! What can I say but THANK YOU! Your homerun and Matts homerun made my night. I was studying for a test and I was listening to the game. I started to get really nervous. Deep down inside, I knew you guys would do it, just like you have many times this season. When you tied it up, i kept saying please no extra innings, I have class in the morning. When Matt it his, I knew that this was it. I barely remember the 1980 or 83 World Series. 93 was supposed to be my year. It wasn’t. I have a feeling this will be the year. Yes, your grandmom was looking down on you, as was mine. Knowing my grandmom she was saying,”Sue, get to bed, you have class in the morning”. But I know she was also laughing knowing how much I love you guys and how much this means to me. Good luck Wednesday! Bring home the NLCS Championship.


    oh wow lau lau, shane o…….u da kine ah……..u da man. who would have dreamt dat one maui built kid would be on such a grand stage as dis (da playoffs) and be swatting homers with such ease as downing spam musubis with a couple of bites…………..keep it up mr maui no ka oi………after all brah, u da kine ah……………..

  41. tcampie

    Wow-after a victory like that, even the most pessimistic, negative Phillie’s “fan” has to believe in the resiliency of this team, this amazing group of individuals (players, coaches, and staff) who have become one never say die bunch of warriors. When you see a guy like Matt Stairs come off the bench and in one swing be able to sum up his career as an historic pinch hitter while at the same team putting his new team collectively on his back to ride that ball out of Chavez Ravine, you know this is a special season. *Ya gotta believe* and we do!


    Shane –
    This city is on FIRE!!! I was 13 years old the last time the Phils were in the World Series, and it’s such a thrill to be in the hunt to get back there. Take care of business tomorrow, I’m sure you’ll hear the Broad Street celebration all the way in LA 🙂

    Let’s do this!


  43. ltvlulu

    Hey Shane,
    I think all us Phillies fans should go to your place in Hawaii for the big party after you guys win the World Series. Better get the grill ready.
    Lehigh Valley Lu


    shane, those of us on maui that know you and your family are so proud of you. you are doing awesome. keep up the good work, and lets get to the world series.
    we loved watching you when you were in highschool, whether it was playing football, soccer or baseball for st. anthony. the fact that you have taken it to the next level and are doing so is unbelievable.
    just know that maui loves you and go phillys!!!!!!
    donna yamamoto


    No doubt your grandmother is watching over you with pride. Not just the pride in your great ballplaying ability but especially with pride for the great example you set of true sportsmanship and for the humility you possess. It’s easy to see you were blessed with a fabulous family that raised a wonderful son. Sorry for your loss. Wishing you and your family comfort in this difficult time.

  46. ppcarolyn

    Reply to ariesbob on the comment: “Joe Torre is quoted in today’s Inquirer that the best way to respond to a pitcher who throws at you is with your Louisville Slugger”.

    Not sure who got this wrong – you or the Inquirer. I saw the interview on CSN with CHARLIE MANUEL giving this quote. Joe Torre may have said it also, but I didn’t hear it in his interview. I DID hear it in Charlie’s pre-game interview. And WOW, did you ever go out and let your Louisville do the talking, Shane! And Matt, too! I remember days gone by when Matt hit big ones like that AGAINST the Phillies. So glad he’s now hitting them FOR the Phillies!! Maybe no one in Phillieland was happy to see Matt Stairs in a Phillies’ uniform, except me. Same thing with Brad Lidge. When I heard we got Lidge from the Astros my first thought was “Good, now we won’t have to try to hit him anymore!” All I ever remembered was that whenever he came out of the Astros bullpen, the Phillies never could hit him.
    Way to go, all of you! I was grown up enough (20s/30s) to remember 1980, 1983 and 1993. This team ranks right up there with them, and that’s GREAT company!
    Keep on flyin’! Watch out TB or Boston – here we come!

  47. gabjolie

    Hi Shane,
    Everyday before and during post-season, I wore my Phillies hat/shirt daily. Today especially in San Francisco, a lot of people are noticing me & said that the Phillies will beat dodgers and go to the World Series! Go Phillies!!! Best of luck tomorrow!!!!


    Hi Shane,

    Just wanted to say last nights game was probably one of the most exciting games ever! I just love the Phillies and the way every player on the team contributes in one way or another. The Phillies are a real Class Act. Good luck in game #5!

  49. asopip

    You really put your heart and soul into every game and it’s always a thrill to see what you’ll do next. This time of course your ability and skill with that wonderful hit put us on the road to the World Series! We are getting so close now. I just wish this next game was here at home in Philly.
    I was sorry to hear about your loss and am amazed at how you just keep going and doing what you need to do in spite of all the turmoil around you (both inner and outer). Take care, keep strong and remember what’s really important when things get tough.


    I have one word…TENACIOUS! I find myself sitting here tonight, twiddling my thumbs, because there is nothing on TV even remotely close to watching you and the Phils. I have been a fan for years, and now I am fighting my 6 and 4 year olds to go to bed and NOT watch the game. (Even though I want them to.) My 6 year old plays t-ball, and is one of your biggest “little” fans. He thinks it’s cool that your last name sounds like “Victory”. Thank you for all you do and for being a role model to my son.
    I know that your grandmother is cheering you on like the rest of us…she just has a better view…


    You are the reason that I am a Phillies fan! I did not grow up in Philly and was never a big baseball fan until I saw you play. You got me hooked 3 years ago and have been my favorite. My kids even got me a Victorino shirt for my birthday. Thanks for being such a great guy both on and off the field. I have 3 boys that play baseball and try to teach them respect for each other and the game. You are a great role model. In addition, I am sorry for your loss. I just lost my mom last month and the pain is still very real. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Charlie as well. Now, go get’em!


    It was October 13th 1993, game 6 of the Phillies v. Braves NLCS. I was 13 my little brother was 10. We had spent the bulk of September rushing to the door to greet my father with the usual question, “What’s the magic number Dad?” We sat on the edge of the coffee table while my mother yelled at us about sitting too close the TV for all 9 innings.

    All I can say is; I feel like I’m 13 again. Thanks to Shane Victorino and all of the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies, keep up the hunt for Red October!


    Shane, great job last night! You guys rock! I remember the Phils winning the World Series in ’80. My grandfather was an avid Phillies fan and he died a couple of days before the Phils won; he never got to see it. That kind of reminds me of your grandmother. But, if history repeats itself, you guys will win the whole shabang!


  54. WillsPhils

    Just wanna wish you luck Shane. Win wednesday, BEAT LA!
    5 more wins!!! Enjoy the ride, and enjoy it even more with a ring on your finger during the offeseason.


    Shane – Great game. Needless to say, but we got NO SLEEP last night. Just remember, play smart ball, don’t get emotionally involved with Ramirez and let Hamels do his job. Go Phils!!! Get it for the hometown!!!


    To Shane Victorino and all who read this blog: please consider a new additional nickname for the Phlyin’ Hawaiin. BEEFARINO!!! Here’s the story behind it… The first time my wife and I (huge phans) saw Shane on deck for the Phils(2005 I think?), we both said, “who’s this Victorino guy?” Someone misheard the comment and said, “What? Beefarino?” As soon as we saw him play, the name just seemed to be perfect for the scrappy little guy who tears it up. He’s a smaller guy but plays like the biggest, beefiest man in baseball. He never backs down. He plows through catchers at the plate. Shorten the name down to “BEEFY,” and it just fits. If you like it, spread it around! GO BEEFY!!!


    You’re absolutely amazing Shane!! You just keep proving your worth to this team, and we’re all behind you 100%.

    I love the fact that the Phillies are a never give up team. It’s such a good quality about you guys because you go out there not knowing what’s gonna happen next, and when something changes in your favor, you take advantage of it like you did last night. There were so many key points to the game. The 2-0 jump start after the first – the pass ball that scored Ryan – Chase’s absolutely incredible double play to get out a a bases-loaded, 1 out situation – your 2 run homer – matt’s 2 run homer – brad’s 46th save for the season so far. This game was great…period. I had no voice going into the game, and still continued to scream as loud as i could in the 8th inning…that’s how much I love this team! I can only imagine how proud your grandmother is of you right now.

    There’s still one more win to be had yet, so rest up, play hard, and kick some dodger ***! Go PHILLIES!
    All my love,

  58. diana92la

    well enjoy it cause we are the mighty DODGER BLUE and we WILL represent the national league in the world series.we made it this far for a reason

  59. chas17801

    Hey Shane great job yesterday and congrats to Matt as well.. Let’s keep this thing rolling… Good luck tomorrow on your game.. Again congrats


    First of all Shane my thoughts and prayers are with you and Charlie, thanks to both of you for giving it your all with such heavy hearts. You are our favorite player. One of the first things my son said when he turned 8 this past July was “now I am Shane’s number”, he wears your shirt proudly. We were sad when Aaron left but you have filled that void 150% and then some, your energy and passion are so much fun to watch. We watched faithfully the entire season and knew that all of you would come up big. I said to the tv last night during the commercial before the 8th “Shane you need to do something here because I need to go to sleep and we have to win this game”. I didn’t want to turn the tv off for fear of missing something big, you and Matt answered. It was worth losing sleep over. The whole team has such chemistry, what fun to watch. There have been so many memorable moments this whole season. Well Flying Hawaiian thanks for all the moments and look forward to many more. See you in the World Series. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.

  61. smms

    Shane! Just so u know, u have phans cheering u on here in the DR!!!! Forget about Manny, we’re rooting for u and the fab Phillies!!!

  62. mauimama

    Keep it going, one out, one hit, one inning at a time. If anyone can do it – the Phils can. You guys play like a TEAM – it’s awesome! I love your grit and never-say-die attitude. GO PHILLIES! BEAT LA!

  63. bigromeo

    yo shane,

    your having a clutch post season, you guys are going all the way this year. go out there and take care of those dodgers tomorow all the pressure is on them now. you guys can play loose and enjoy your victory.


    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I losted both of my grandparents within 2 months of each other. It was the hardest thing to go through cause I was very close to them. I’m glad you talked with your grandmother the day before her passing, you can treasure that forever. My family is the #1 Phillies fan in Mexico Mo, the heart of Cardinal fans. My 12 yr old has been wearing Phillies shirts to school with pride and the Cardinal fans finally can’t tell him he’s a loser. See you in Spring Training 2009.
    #1 Phillie Fan Mexico, Mo


    the thing i love most about your playing style is your hustle, i don’t think you ever slow down for anything. that’s how the game SHOULD be played because when you hustle all the way, good things happen (i.e. put pressure on furcal to make a good throw in game 1 and he made an error). thats the sort of thing that has given the whole team a big boost. you keep running hard and keep your head up, i know its hard to lose a loved one, your whole family must be beaming with pride. good luck in game 5, although i don’t wanna jinx the team there is a small part of me that wishes you guys could win it in game 6 so the fans could be there to see it. it would probably be better to just get it over with quickly and not give LA and breathing room.
    go phils!


    Aloha Shane,

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your Tutu. My grandma passed away last Fall. As hard as it was, it was so awesome to be surrounded by ‘ohana. Actually, it was a big party…you know how it is when Hawaiians get together. We celebrated her life and legacy. We are blessed with all the memories! Keep on keeping on. IMUA!!!
    I was born and raised on Maui (Maui High Grad ’90), moved to Virginia and just moved (two months ago) here, South West of Philly. I married a haole from the Philly area (he was born and raised in the area). We have three children. Anyway, it’s been so much fun following the Phillies, especially with a crazy Hawaiian on the team. My husband took me to my first professional baseball game last summer. It was amazing! I was hoping to have an opportunity to talk with you…to make a Maui connection. Knowing I was attending a second game, I made a sign that read, “SHAKA #8” with the shaka sign. I made sure we got seats near right field. Unfortunately, you got hurt and wasn’t playing. I played soccer on Maui for Tony Medeiros and was around the soccer scene when your brother, Mike, played and of course your father was coaching. Anyway, would love to have you and your family over for some ono grinds…shoyu (Aloha shoyu) chicken and rice. How about some spam musubi? Okay, the guy from FOX totally butchered the pronounciation of musubi. They (FOX) splashed on tv that your favorite food is spam musubi. Best wishes to all of you in game 5…we’ll be watching with our rally towels in hand! Malama Pono and Ahui Hou…Dawn


    Bruddah Shane! Way to represent Maui and the whole state of Hawaii. My wife and I are sorry for your loss but know that your tutu is looking down on you and couldn’t be more proud. Way to keep your composure in game 3 (that’s not the Shane I remember). Keep playin well and hopefully we’ll see you in the Series representin the 808 state.



    Great job last night Shane. Once again you guys continue to amaze. Last nights game was an awesome. Matt Stairs really came through in the clutch and I have a funny story about that. My best Friend is a Frank Thomas Fan. I have the MLB package so last year we watched alot of Bluejays games. My Wife doesn’t watch much baseball but it seemed like every time she would watch a bluejays game Stairs would hit a HR. We figured it out that she watched him bat maybe 7 or 8 times and he hit a HR 5 of those times. After you tied it up and then Stairs pinch hit I woke her up to see him bat. She was real tired but she didn’t care. When he connected she screamed “it’s gone!” It was perfect. Keep playing the way you been playing and you guys will go all the way.



  70. zufritto

    Hi Shane,

    You and the guys were absolutely terrific the other night and looking forward to a great game tonight. We’re proud of you all. You and the guys are a class act. Keep fightin!
    We’re with you all the way!

  71. noon4eva

    I believe that you guys will all shine today. Like you said just go out there and have fun. I know that they will be pushing you hard today but guess what the Phillies team are stronger than that. We?ll be watching all of you tonight and it?s my sister?s birthday so I know angels will be out on the field with you guys tonight as well. Go Phils!!!!!!

  72. nycphightinphan

    Alright, I admit it…my playoff beard is getting kind of itchy, and I started steaming some towels at the stretch on Monday, ready to shave after the game.
    Here’s the deal: you guys keep winning, I’ll keep scratching.

    P.S. They’re tearing down Shea stadium already. I go 14 miles out of my way home from work everyday to laugh in their faces. It is truly enjoyable.


    Shane Victorino, thank you for playing on the Philadelphia Phillies. I believe you are the spark plug to this offense. You bring so much energy to the field every night you play. You are the person that makes me proud to be a Phillies fan because I know when you out on the field we always have a chance to win. You can do it with you speed, your fielding, and your bat. So what I’m trying to say is thank you for giving 110% everytime you step foot on the field, and make sure you stay a Phillie for a long time.



    This is John from south jersey now living in clearwater florida right next to your spring training facility.. I dont know if you remember me but one day during spring training you were playing left field during batting practice and we were over the fence catching homeruns right next to the guy with the big fishing net.. I know you remember us because we got into a big argument with that guy because he kept running in front of us with that damn net .. lol… anyway, we dont get the phillies on tv here like south jersey so I ordered the baseball package and my nephew and I have watched at least 150 games this season and what a roller coaster its been and we’re lovin every minute of this postseason.. I love your tenacity and the way you approach the game and you have fun doing it.. Im 40yrs old now and when I was 12 in 1980 I was at game 6 in veterans stadium to see tugger close the door on the royals and george brett.. At that time nobody had any idea that would be the last championship for 28yrs.. when tugger struck out wilson the stadium actually shook and that memory is the best one in sports that ive ever experienced and I hope to experience it again this year because you never know if your team will do it again.. Since were in clearwater now we’re rooting like hell for the rays to win so we can see a world series game in tampa…Bring it home dude… John plenzick in clearwater


    Whats up flying Haiwian sorry to her about your loss man, I recently lost someone close to me, we are almost there one more game then its off to make history. I love the phillies as do my whole family thats why I beleive its time for great things. Thank you to all philly team members for a great season.

  76. nuphlfan

    Just want to say I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and
    You guys all have heart and have been playing like a true championship TEAM. I’ve only followed The Phillies since the end of the ’03 season and am now a Phan through-and-through!
    Good Luck in Game 5! I’m with you all the way, win or lose.


    Shane, I was there when you guys clinched the NL East this year, I was there last week for your grand slam, and I was watching the other night… this is the best baseball I have ever been able to watch. I’m 19 and I have never been able to see a championship in Philly, I can’t explain how excited I’m getting for you guys. My youth pastor is also Rich Sparling’s Nephew. As a brother in Christ I am praying for you and your family, but I am also cheering for you guys more than ever. Keep it up and bring a World Series to Philadelphia.


    As a long time Phillies fan I want to tell you how much I enjoy watching this team play. It was a dream of mine to play for the Phillies, I am from S.Jersey living in Orlando now, been a faithful fan since I was 7. This is a team of grit, fight, and attitude and really represents the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding area’s. Thanks for a great season, hoping to see you in St. Pete.


    Hi Shane! Just wanted to wish you and the rest of the team the very best of luck tonight. We are all routing for you back home and will be celebrating with you every step of the way. I was there in 1980 and in 1993 and now you’ve given me the opportunity to share this excitement with my children. You guys are the best!!! GO PHILLIES!!!!

  80. mikmad

    Hi Shane:

    I just want to say I love reading your blogs and watching you guys in the palyoffs has been one of the best experiences of my life I have been a huge and dedicated Philies Phan since I can remember and I have been with you guys through the good times and the bad and this has been such a wonderful experience we have a team full of such great and talanted players that everytime you guys go out there I know you are going to give us a good game.


  81. jhtuck522

    Andre Ethier has not been in professional baseball long enough to know what a good team is. Obviously. The team he is on consists of a few decent players and one really good one. Without that one really good player they would have a paltry offense and never would have made it into the post-season in what could be the weakest division in baseball.
    Does a team really “give away” a series by having their best reliever come in and get ROCKED in the most important game of their season? I’ll bet that screaming line drive that landed in the back of the bullpen that never got more than 10 feet off the ground was a cheap shot in Ethier’s world, too.

    Sorry Andre. Maybe your team upset an over-confident Chicago team, but not Philly. You’re done. Go stick that in your playoff pipe and blog it.


    This message goes out to the whole team good luck.
    remember that we may be far but yet so close. Great game n this will be a better one.

    P.s shane ur grandmom will b there today tomorrow n forever. I was so excited when I saw that ball leave out the park. My my god did the park shrunk,( quote )the dodgers said that our park is to small that’s why u guys did alot of homers. Now they said that there park is bigger than our did it shrunk on Monday.

    Good luck 2nite…… N dont listen to the dodgers of their fans remember that we r there cheering u guys too.


    Hey Shane (and all you Guys!)–

    Shane — really sorry about your grandmom. Glad it is helping you to play ball. (And sorry about Charlie’s mom, too.)
    Thanks, you guys, for playing your hearts out. You’re gving us a lot to cheer for. Shane — you are really hustling man — great job. It is a delight to watch you play. I know you guys can win tonight. You’ll hear us screaming all the way to LA. You guys have our hearts. Keep the presure on. I want to see Manny’s dreads spin. Finish it tonight. Please know this– We’ll love you no matter what.


    I AM SO HAPPY! If there was anyone i would have wanted to hit a homerun at that time it was you…one of my friends whose a die hard burrell fan said “you know its cause of your boy(victorino) were still in the playoffs. i never thought about it that way but after she said that i was so proud of you and the team as a whole. i cant believe yous are 1 game away from the world series!
    its unbelievable…i have faith in you guys and so does the entire city…were a city burned with desire for that little taste of finally winning something…one city…one team…one game.
    theres only one october (:


    Thanks to you and the rest of the guys for bringing us the best baseball we’ve seen for years. Good luck tonight and please know we are all here cheering loud for our wonderful Fightin Phils!


    I can’t even describe in words how amazing you’ve been doing! I can’t. You are such a great prospect of this Phillies team! I love reading your blogs, and I have been a big fan of yours since early last year. To be honest I loved your last name. It just rolls off the tongue, so much fun to say! I know it’s bizarre and you probably won’t read this but yes!
    Lets beat LA tonight I know you guys can do it.
    Fightin’ Phills!


    I must say that I am very impressed with you. I have been watching all of the postseason games (even though I’m a Cubs fan and we all know what happened there). But I still love those Cubbies! Anyway, you have handled yourself very well. You got even with those Dodgers and you did it in the right way. Playing great baseball and kicking their butts. What’s even better is that you guys did it at their home field!! I have to say that you have become my favorite player outside a Cubbie uniform. Go get ’em tonight. Stairs was great too. How wonderful for him!! Go Phillies!!!!

  88. sweepla

    The whole city is rooting for you guys tonight. Win or lose (but most likely win), we love you. I was ten in ’93 and have been a devoted Phils fan since so I can’t even begin to express how excited I am for tonight’s game. My poor students have to listen to me rave about you guys all day long! Go Phils!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. soxnphillyfan

    Hi Shane! Victorino no ka oi!
    Earlier in Monday night’s game I wanted to throw the remote through the TV screen. But when you hit your homer and then Stairs hit his, I literally jumped off the couch screaming “YEAH BABY!” It took me an hour to settle down enough to go to sleep!
    Let’s get this win tonight! GO PHILLIES!


    Aloha Braddah Shane. You have at least made a Philly fan out of another Hawaiian in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It’s not only about being a Philly’s fan, but it’s about being proud of the accomplishments you’ve made that we are all sharing with you back home in Hawaii. All I can say is continue your quest for baseball’s greatest prize. LIke we say in Hawaii, Imua ( Forward) Imua Shane.

    I am also sorry for the loss of your tutuwahine (grandmother), but her spirit resides in you and in the centerfield. Oh Yeah, I’m eating another Spam Musubi for you right now.


    Shane, What a game!!!!! You & your team are FANTASTIC & I love watching!!!!! I get up early but havent gone to bed till every game was over. You are such a great player & we are SO LUCKY to have you!!!!!! I will be wearing my #8 shirt tomorrow!!!!! Congrats to the Phillies & I cant wait for the World Series to start. The only thing Im upset about is that we had tickets to game 6 & now we wont be able to go!!! But Im VERY HAPPY for the wins!!!!!! By the way, I love Spam too. You are so cute & I love seeing your lovable smile & your dimples!!! Go Phillies- all the way & bring us an overdue world series win!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved seeing that ear to ear smile as you ran towards the infield at the end of the game!!!! And then you were adorable when you ran & jumped up onto you teammates!!! It has been an AWESOME run 7 Luv ya, Francine


    CONGRATS TO THE PHILLIES! You worked hard and it got you to the World Series. Charlie was right ONE GAME AT A TIME. We love you guys and a big thank you to all of you!


    WAY to go PHILS ! !

    you guys deserve this so much, Shane! Thanks for your dedication and pure heart. Enjoy this win ( but not too much) you guys have been so “workman-like” in your drive these last 2 months. KEEP IT UP! We’ll see you when you get back to South Philly.

    Awesome catch next to the BBY sign btw

    Mahalo, bro

    Ned from the Blue Shirt Nation

  94. infiniteciel

    OMG! ;___; You did it! You guys did it!!! This is the most exciting moment ever. Congratulations…thanks for doing it for us fans, and of course, for yourselves and loved ones. You were amazing tonight, Shane! You made soooo many miraculous saves…everyone contributed. Hamels did an amazing job, and he deserved that mvp award, too. ^_^ On to the World Series!! It’s been a long time~ You guys can do it!! We all have faith!


    Shane, What an AMAZING game!!!!!! I have truly enjoyed watching EVERY game this post-season & especially watching YOU!!!!! You’re my favorite player & you can bet I’LL be wearing my #8 shirt tomorrow!!!!! You are such a class act & your smile is INFECTIOUS!!!!!! Besides that, your smile & dimples make me smile!!! I also loved the way you jumped on your teammates after the win!! The WHOLE team has really come together & NO ONE else deserves to be in the World Series & win more than the Phils!!! 4 more wins!!!!! I was 21 back in 1980 & I partyed then & you can bet Ill be partying AGAIN in ’08!!!!!! Go get ’em Phillies!! Bring home the BIG PRIZE!!!!!!!! It will be an exciting series & I wont miss a minute!!!!!! Love ya Shane!!!! Luv, Francine P.S. I love Spam too!!!

  96. ltvlulu

    You are the MVP in my book! Fantastic game!! Fantastic series!! You guys work so well together, pulling for one another through good times and bad. Even encouraging the other team’s players when necessary (Furcal)- now that’s sportsmanship!
    New song lyrics tomorrow.

    (Note to Diane- Sorry you are so upset. You must be a Dodgers fan)

  97. vinsinkin

    way to go phillies and way to go diana i’m sure that bit of negative carma is going to come right back at you

  98. philsphever

    just to let you know how much this means to the city of philadelphia: my brother called me as soon as the game ended and he cried. and he’s a grown man. and i cried. and we were speechless on the phone for about ten minutes.

    CONGRATULATIONS SHANE! hope you’re enjoying all the celebrations, because really you deserve it.

  99. lexuhbooz

    Hey Shane! Well by now you guys know you’ve won the NL pennant and you guys are probably celebrating like crazy now! That game was amazing, I was upstairs and my mom was downstairs suddenly I hear her screaming bloody murder and I look over at the TV and saw you had just hit a two-run homer to tie the game and I started screaming as well. CONGRATULATIONS!


    Congratulations Shane and the Phillies! You took care of business today with such finesse. Wow…now the World Series is just around the corner. After the game, I walked into Pukalani Minute Stop and excitedly told the cashier that the Phillies are going to the World Series. He replied, “I’m not happy. I’m a Dodger fan.” Wow, I guess he has a problem. At this point in time, it doesn’t matter which team one is a fan of. Our Maui boy is going to the World Series. That is so awesome! Now, it’s serious time again as you get ready. Rest up, practice, and down those spam musubi’s to get fired up for next week Wednesday.


    Congratulations Shane and to all the Phillies players, managers, and coaches!!! You guys have given us a great couple of years, culminating with the winning of the 2008 World Series. What a ride!
    I’ve been a Phillies fan since forever and watched the 1980 Phillies win. They were a special bunch and it wasn’t until this team that I felt I was seeing a group of players just as special. You all have the magic – the energy – the spirit – the PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES SPIRIT! There was little doubt about the outcome of this 2008 season.
    Thank you! Enjoy!!


    I moved from NJ in 2005 to Punxsutawney, PA. I’ve missed
    watching my Phillies. So I joined MLB. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the games.
    I have prayed to you guys all season. The Lord is good and greatly to be praised. It was refreshing to see Lidge give God the glory for winning the World Series. I’m so sorry to have missed going to a game nor watching the parade.
    You guys (ALL OF YOU) did a great job. Sometimes I wondered if we were going to make it. But, you did it.
    Congratulations and may God continue to bless you!
    I’m proud to have been able to watch you win.


    Shane, You are truly a strong role model for kids who love the game of baseball. You have an obvious passion for the game and play every game as if it were the last game of the worl series. I have 3 boys that play baseball and I coach the local little league team. I use you as an example of hustle, determination and work ethic. You are a favorite among my young players and as a coach of young players I am glad you play for our Phillies. keep up the good work and we wish you continued success for the rest of your career.

    Coach Kick

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