Getting ready

So much has happened since we clinched. On the plane, everyone was still ecstatic and having a good time, but eventually we needed to sleep. I managed to get some rest. I dreamed we had made it to the World Series, and when I woke up, I realized we really had.

Getting off the plane and seeing the fans, with cameras everywhere and police on the runway, was awesome. It was neat hearing about the night we clinched and the partying down Broad Street. It says how hungry this city is. I can only imagine what it will be like if we do win the World Series. We’re one step away.

There’s been a lot going on off the field. I’m trying to get my family here, and get everyone tickets. It’s an exciting time not just for me, but for my family. It’s all positive. It all comes with what’s going
on now. My parents want to come, aunts, uncles, my fiancee’s side of the family. All my friends from home want to come. A lot of them said, ‘If you get to the World Series, we’re coming no matter what.’ I look at guys like Derek Jeter, who have played in the postseason every year. I can imagine what it’s like for them. This is our first time, and we may never get back, so you want as many people to share the experience with you.

amazed at what’s gone on here, especially in a time with economic
struggles. There’s so much going on in the world, but the city has
really embraced us. Everybody is going to stores and buying Phillies stuff. It says what this team is doing for our city. It’s exciting, and we’ll just ride it.



    In school, everyone is wearing Phillies stuff, hats, sweatshirts, NL Champs gear. it’s amazing! good luck!


    Hey Shane,
    You haven’t seen anything yet. Philly is behind you guys all the way and everything turns red. The clothes, the lights ,and I know before good old Ben wore a Phillies hat but I hear they don’t want to jinx the team, so they are holding off on that for now. I wish you the best with getting all your friends and family tickets….. But if you can don’t forget me….LOL. If there at the field or home watching on TV you better believe I will be cheering for my favorite #8 and the rest of the team. ” GO PHILLIES”
    This is your year……………..


    Great job so far, Shane. The post season mantle is slowing being passed from Derek Jeter to you IMO. You have already driven in more runs, 11, in this post season than Jeter did in any of his 12 post seasons. Your 6 rbi’s in the NLCS is more than Jeter ever had in one post season series. To me Clutch is driving in runs in the big games! That’s you. But your job is still not done. Jeter has 4 World Series rings. Go get um!


    Congrats to you and all of your teammates. As a host family for the PHILLIES BLUECLAWS it is a thrill to see some of our past players living their baseball dream. I hope all of you take the time to enjoy every minute of your World Series experience. Play every game with the enthusiasm you have shown since your first game in March. You have many fans in New Jersey who will be watching every pitch, hit, and Phillie victory!!! It is PMA time POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!!! GO PHILLIES!!!

  5. victorinolover

    aloha shane,
    congrats on getting this far. you guys have been so amazingg. and i cant wait for this next series. the day after you guys one i went out and got all the new phillies stuff. everyone is wearing phillies stuff. everyone believes in you guys. fight for what you want and go get it. you guys deserve it and can do it we believe in you. just keep up the good work =) you can do it your amazingg. good luckk shane and just have fun with it.
    love ya

  6. fightinphils26

    I can’t wait for you guys to take the field in Tampa Bay/Boston Wednesday. Personally, I don’t care who we play, we know you guys can handle anyone. I like the move with the starting rotation. Having Hamels for game 1 followed by Myers, Moyer, and Blanton should keep things easy and leave us with full knowledge, as fans, of what to expect. This is definately th emost excited I have ever been about this team. The last time the Phillies made the World Series was in ’93, when I was 1 year old. Now, I understand the game of baseball, and have seen you guys all season. I know about the championship drought in Philly, and can’t think of any team better than the Fightin’ Phils to bring the first Philadelphia championship of my life. Rest up for game 1. With the ALCS the way it is, the winner will probably not get too much rest before preparing for the Fall Classic. Good Luck all the way and GO PHILLIES!!!

  7. ruizfan

    A congratulations card I once read said:
    Have you ever asked yourself are tangerines just oranges that didn’t want it enough?
    God knows this city and team want this Championship enough to prove to everyone what we in Philly already know…that you guys are a team of oranges and will make orange juice out of anyone who stands in your way of bringing a World Series Championship back home!

  8. eisie

    Shane, 1st, Thanks for writing this blog. It’s great that you would take the time. We all know you have other things to worry about. This city and surrounding suburbs(which is where i’m from) are & will go nuts when you win the World Series. The schools are having wear red days. I’m out in Jamie Moyer country ( Souderton ) and we have our 7 W’s up & getting ready to put the other 4. I was at the 1980 parade & am hoping to take my 10yr old to this one. I know the Phillies want this bad & so do the fans!! I think it is meant to be!!! GO GET UM!!!!!!

  9. phlsphnwst

    Hi Shane! Finally, I catch one of your blog entries early enough to comment before there are a million other comments… As promised, I was wearing my Phillies T-shirts & big, red BEAT LA button from ’83 all around Los Angeles last week & I didn’t even get beat up! The clinching victory was a little lonely for me out here, so I booked a flight to Philly & will be arriving on Friday. I was at the Vet in 1980 when we won the World Series, and I decided I had to at least BE IN THE CITY for this one. I have watched or listened to every game, starting in Spring Training, and the journey’s been a blast…and it ain’t over! I believe in you guys. I know you can do it! You are all clutch and hard-working and awesome! I’m so proud of this team!! Back in August, I had an op ed piece in the Philly Daily News, urging the fans to support the team like crazy….I think people must have listened! I can’t wait to get to Philly!! My family has already shipped some NL Champs T-Shirts to me…guess what I’ll be wearing on the plane??? I love you guys! Go get your rings!

  10. libertybelle

    Hi Shane:

    We are so excited for all of you Phillies to be enjoying your dream come true — playing in the great Fall Classic — The World Series!! It truly is a dream come true for all of us fans too. I’ll be on a plane too, not far behind phlsfphwst, arriving next weekend — can’t imagine not being there for this incredible time in Philly history. I guess I could try to pass for one of your “aunties”, since I live on the Big Island. Ha Ha! I grew up watching the Phillies in the 60’s and 70’s and this really means something to me to be able to come back to my hometown with my o’hana in Jamie Moyer country to see THIS team play October ball for it all! It really feels like this is your year. You are all playing ball the way winners play ball — with class and sheer determination — truly a joy to watch and experience. God Bless you guys!


    Hey Shane,
    Oh My Gosh I was so excited for all the Phillies wins this season!! I was atthe game on Saturday September 27 when you guys clinched the NL East!! I was so excited! I lost my voice and my 24 year old brother, Ryan, started crying because he was so happy but i made fun of him, haha!! I also went to game 2 of the NLDS with him and his fiancee, Kirsten. i was ome section over from where your grand slam ball landed. it was so exciting but i wanted to get it,haha. I actully met you before at Penn Charter, on Saturday, September 29, 2007. My little cousin saw you first and told you that i was like obsessed with the phillies and the she came up when i got up there and said that i was the cousin. i dont know if you remember me but that would be cool if you did. I am not obsessed with the Phillies i just like them so much and i like baseball so much. All my friends and family make fun of me because i like baseball and football alot but who cares what they think right, i am who i am and im proud of it. of course all my friends who said something are now jumping on and love the phillies too. I actully have a twin brother named Shane. im ten minutes older then himyou met him at Penn Charter in septmber 2007 too. anyway when you guys won that game on wednesday it was the best thing that ever happened in my life!! In ’93 i was almost two, i would of turned two on november 14. so i dont remember it but in ’80 my mom was at the world series gameand she said it was amazing. my brother and his fiancee surprised me with world series tickets just an hour before the NLCS game on wednesday. Iam so excited!! but it is for game 5. So even if you guys win it in 4 and i dont go it will still be amazing because i will still be at the parade! me my brother and his fiancee already decided we would skip work and school obout 2-3 months ago. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!! and congrats on your engagement my bro gets married in december and im a bridesmaid lol!when you guys won the game on wednesday i started crying i was so excited and my neighbors down the street heard me screaming! I still cant believe we have to wait til wednesday for game 1 it seems like years away but i can’t wait to watch!! good luck to you and all of your teammates. and i am sorry for the loss of your grandmom and Charlie’s mom let him know he’s in my prayers and you aswell!! Remember they are always with you if times get hard just remember they are always right at your side,thats what i do with my grandfather, they love you and want you to be happy they will never leave you. So live for today thats what they would want! Enjoy your time off. Play hard on wednesday, have fun, enjoy your world series-please let your teammates know too,-you guys can do this!! Remember to have Faith and Believe in everything you do your family, friends, team, this city, God and Jesus Christ, and i am here and rooting for you and this whole team!! This is your time so go ahead and take it for yourselves and this whole city!! I love you guys Have fun and be safe. You mean the world to me and this city. LETS GO PHILLIES!! MAYBE see you in game 5 if not i’ll see you on Broad Street!!! Fightin’ Phils All The WAY!! Go Phillies!!oh yeah tell Chase i named my kitten after him i wanted to name him chase and utley so my older bro said name him chutley because thats what my bro calls chase sometimes so my kittens name is Chutley and i might send a pic of him like next year. thanks lol. GO PHILLIES! And happy early birthday i know its like the 30th of november mine is the 14th. so happy birthday!!I’ll be right behind you in game 5 we have standing room tickets so i’ll be standing there. i’ll be the red head screaming my head off lol. Remember BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH you and all you teammates and coaches!! GO PHILLIES!!!!

    Megan, Philadelphia,PA- #1 PHILLIES PHAN!!!


    Shane, you have no idea how much it killed me to be in Modell’s, see your Flyin’ Hawaiian shirt, and then leave without purchasing it because I can’t quite afford it. You’re my favorite Phillie ever so it had to be mine, but it killed me that it couldn’t… at least not yet. I have every intention of going back and getting it and wearing it during the World Series. I am so proud of all of you guys and how far you all came. Even if I can’t be there in person, even though I would do anything I can to be there, I’ll still be watching, rooting for you guys to go all the way, and I have no doubts that you will! Bets of luck to all of you!


    I remember 1980 and the parade down town, I was in sixth grade then and all I can tell you is it was crazy, and I remember seeing Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton and thinking we can do this every year! but we got close in 83,93 but couldn’t bring it home. here we are again back in the world series and all the excitement is coming back, the team has played well and the pitching has been great this postseason! I hope as many other Phillies Phans that there is another parade that I can bring my children to so they can experiance what I did in 80. think of it this way Philllies won the series in 80 and now it’s 08, the way Ruiz caught the final out on the 2008 of the NLCS logo on the field, I think it is destiny for the team to win this year nomatter who you are playing. we need four more wins to be on the WEKIU (found the term on line) of MLB. I hope it means what they say it does. but I don’t want to jinx it either so good luck and keep playing as hard as you do and the rest will take care of it self GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hey Shane,
    The count down is on!!!! This city is so waiting for the world series. It must be so exciting to be getting ready for this big and history making moment! My brother made a bet with my 64 year old mother (who has been a philly fan her whole life) that if you guys made it to the world series she would get a tatoo with your name and number! So I guess you figured out what she will be doing this week!!! Good luck and hurry up and win this world series. Philly really needs something positive to look foward to and I know you guys can do this. I was 9 when we won it in 1980 but too young to appreicate it and really understand what the parade was all about! Can’t wait to celebrate! Go Phils Go!
    T. Kahana

  15. yayphils

    It’s so fun to watch you play. I love this team’s determination. Congratulations! Thanks for blogging and sharing with the fans.

  16. zepheather

    Shane, I don’t know what to say! You have amazing chutzpah and we love watching you in every game. My family & I are HUGE Phillies fans. My Dad’s Father works at the stadium and has been with the Phillies, vending, since 1954. Baseball is in my blood and this summer, it’s been my LIFE.

    I think you are beyond great… You know exactly what to say and you basically say what we’re all thinking when it comes to winning the World Series. I am so happy for you & your family & the whole Phillies Organization.

    I’ve said Pat Burrell has great hair — well, working in the dental field for 5 yrs, I have to say you have one of the BEST SMILES I have ever seen.

    Thank you for blogging & sharing this with us. I wish you the best of luck!

    Thank you for making appearances today, also! Can’t wait to see you there! 🙂

    Phillies Phans for Life,
    Sisters Heather & Vanessa S.

  17. zepheather

    Oh yea — thank you for shaking my hand when we were at the Park when you came home after beating the Brewers! We were all crowded around your vehicle and the poor guard kept pushing me away! My sister Heather offered to help you with your luggage!


  18. rustylite

    Thanks for writing this blog for your fans..You are by far the fans favorite…Can’t wait until Weds…Relax and have fun…You’ll be awesome!!!!! Karen{wyoming pa.}


    Hey Shane, was browsing the net and came across a site called selling your autograph. They said they had a signing with you a few months ago when you were in town playing the dodgers. Before I bought one I just want to make sure they were telling the truth. Thanks Shane and good luck on Wednesday.

  20. utleyfan28

    Hey Shane,
    I can’t wait until Wednesday. I am so excited. At the college I go to, the front security desk, was even adorned with Phillies stuff. That’s in AC. So yes, near and far we are all rooting for you. I know you have been doing alot of signings lately. Just wish you could come down to South Jersey. I’m a Jeter fan but you are ten times better than he is and much nicer to. My dream is to go to a Phillies World Series game. I went to game 6 of the Yankees-Braves Series back in ’96. My cousins are Yankees fans. The atmosphere was AWESOME. Being a Phillies fan, I of course rooted for the Yankees. So, I can imagine what the atmosphere will be like on Saturday. I can’t afford tickets but I will be watching and I will be wearing my Phillies gear.

  21. lorijeannj

    After reading about how much your family and extended family wants to see you play, I do not feel so bad about not having tickets myself.
    Oh heck, I got a nice big t.v. and my family to enjoy the game with.
    Hope all your family enjoys the moment as much as you.
    Go get em (whomever they may be).
    Enjoy the moment.


    I love this game. I love watching a perfectly turned double play. I love seeing a run scored off of a leadoff single, a bunt to get the runner over, and an RBI single. I love smallball and the longball. I love hearing the Philly boobirds tell a player that he isn’t living up to his expectations… and then the cheers when he finally makes a big out or hits in the game winning RBI. I love watching a player get his first hit after a long slump. I love the players who work for years to get to the big leagues and then throws a runner out from his knees. I love watching a player sacrifice his body to make a play or to get to first. I love waiting with anticipation for the final out. I love the rally towels, the rally caps, and the thunder sticks. I love the player who loves this team so much that he signs a no movement clause for his tenure with the Phils. I love that we have the oldest player in baseball and some of the youngest. I love that the heart of this team came from the farm system. I love this game and I love this team.

    This town is expecting a World Series and this is the team that can give it to us. Even with this poor economy, you’ll have die hard fans who would rather spend their last $200 in the bank for game 4 tickets just to watch their team in a World Series, at home, with 45,000 other fans. I know this puts a lot of pressure on the players, but it is expected when you play for Philly. Bring it home.

    a die hard fan, win or lose


    Shane, thank you SO much for updating your blog. In as much as your mind is on Wednesday, you still haven’t forgotten your fans! We love you and we love the Phillies. You can do this! Let’s bring the World Series title back to Philadelphia where it belongs! Good luck and God Bless to you and the entire team!
    Karen (Boothwyn)

  24. sandytoo

    I got your autograph on a shirt today, Shane….you wont remember but I think I was the only person in a wheelchair 🙂 The shirt is going to my bro for being a nice guy and taking me to a few games this summer with his season tickets.

    Rest that hand….its probably falling off, lol!….and I will be watching on Wed. Good luck to you and all the guys! Bring it home!


    Hi, there guys how r you doing still very excited about winning half the games, because the other half will be on oct,22.. We as philly fan will be 100% behind you guys when you play on Oct 22nd. As for me i will be watching every game by t.v. As i said before take every game day by day, n remember that we as philadelphians maybe far but yet closed….
    As for you having that dream i think all philadelphians are having the same dream… so that will thousands of ussssss. no matter who we play with you guys are a team n will be there for Hamel, Myer, Moyer, and Blanton…. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT WE ARE CHEERING YOU GUYS FROM FAR…

    I was reading some of the other phillies fans n i envy some of u guys that r living over there that will be there when they have the parade in broad st… but i will feel it all the way from florida….

    We are all amazed with all the plays that the whole team has made keep on having those flying feets, We will make it to the world series and if we don’t there will be next yr…
    even thought alot of people don’t be believe in prayers they will do so now…..

    shane i have a? 4 u even thought u guys r going to pretty soon out on vacation will u b still wrtting n reading everyones comments on the blog or this is only for the season of baseball.

    Again god bless to the whole team of phillies..


    First off I want to you for taking the time of your busy life to write this blog! It’s great to hear first hand what you all are experiencing!
    I have been to see you in Philly as well as Atlanta this season, trying to get in at least a few games a year! Being in North Carolina makes it a bit harder to get to them!
    I met you last season when you were signing autographs before a game in Philly. I am friends with Tammy Millward (Billingsley) who you know well. We have enjoyed following you throughout the playoffs and we wish you only the best along the way! This is your year and you all deserve it!
    Also, I wanted to thank you for something! You may not be aware of it but in January after my surgery I received a package that your parents sent to Tammy for me! They had heard I was a Victorino fan and sent me a few autographed souvenirs with a nice little card wishing me a quick recovery! Tammy says you have a great family and that proved it!
    My husband was a bit jealous when he saw all my goodies! Growing up in Philly he has followed you all since childhood! See you guys in the World Series is something he has waited for for years! He actually was at the last World Series the Phillies were in! He was young but he remembers it!
    Best of luck Wednesday! We’ll be rooting you on from 550 miles away!!


    Hey Shane,

    I was lucky enough to see you @ shop Rite today in NJ!!! Just wanted 2 let you know what a good job you guys are doin’ and 2 keep up the good work. I’m not originally from philly, but am definatley a big fan of the phillies, and you. So GOOD LUCK!! I know you can do it, bring it home 4 the fans!!!!!!!!!!


    Hey Shane a.k.a the Jokester,
    I was lucky To see u today at the Philadelphia Forman Mills. I just wanted to say thanks for covering yourself with a hat, You ain’t let me take a picture but I’m still your fan.I know you know who I am:). I never liked baseball at all until I seen you play now I’m hooked on it lol. Good Luck In the world series! You Better win! I’m 100% behind you Guys! Let’s go Phillies…..!
    – Your #1 Fan


    I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am that the Phillies made the playoffs! I’m an exile living in Boston, and so homesick right now, I wish more than anything I could come home and be with my own people! But I wear my Philly pride proudly here in Beantown, oh and the comments I get!
    I’ve really enjoyed watching my Phillies do well in the playoffs, but more than that, I am privileged to be watching some great baseball. It reminds me when I’d watch my nephew play little league, those kids really enjoy playing the game, that’s what you’re doing now, playing your best and enjoying the game. Best of luck to you and the whole team, and win or lose, thanks for some great memories! GO PHILLIES!

  30. phillies_phollowers

    Hi Shane,
    A friend told me today that you were signing autographs at some mall (I forget which one) in PA…she drove by to see if she could get in, but the line was around the building twice, up the block and continued on past a nearby Dunkin Donuts! I’ve been to a lot of signings and never seen anything like that! I was in the Philly area today shopping too and Modell’s is carrying a special “Flyin Hawaiian” T-Shirt! It has “Flyin Hawaiian” and #8 on the back and “Phillies” on the front surrounded by a flower lei. You have seriously won the hearts of the this city! I myself am going totally broke with all the shopping and game tickets, but like you said, you may not go again, so feel like I need to be there. Take care,



    Hi Shane,
    What you said about the economic times is so true. I was in Modell’s today (got a NL Championship hoodie and t shirt) and it was MOBBED. I kind of took in my surroundings and just thought “Wow, you’d never know this country was in an economic crisis if you came to Philly”, it was great. I called my mom to see if she wanted a “Flyin’ Hawaiin” shirt, she LOVES you, buddy. It was great. Everyone is so excited.
    GO PHILLIES!!!!!


    Shoots! You sure do look like one local boy… which recognize now that I’m living in Kauai. BUT, I grew up in Philly and still remember my mom writing a school excuse for all the kids that said “fever” – Phillies Fever – so we could skip school and see the post World Series parade in 1980 when I was in high school. I don’t follow sports much anymore but my sister said – hey, there’s this Hawaiian guy on the team who’s kicking it out, taking Pete Rose’s place as the new Charlie Hustle. Yup, sure enough, there you were. Great attitude, great NCLS performance. Hana Hou! I will definitely be watching this series rooting for you guys with a Yuengling in one hand and a Primo in the other!


    My wife and I managed to get tickets to the last game. It was great. We sat in the bleachers right behind right center. Although we couldn’t see the 2 fantastic catches Shane made, we sure heard them! The LA fans were crying in their towels. All they could do was shout stupid cus words at Shane and the Phillies. It was great, Shane the Dodger killer! Give it your best and we will be behind you all the way.


    Hey Shane
    thanks for doing this blog, it’s reallycool to read your perspective! I know I am doing my part for the local economy, since Thursday I’ve bought about 8 Phils shirt for myself and my family. My two oldest sons will be in Tampa for Game One….and I’ll be there in spirit 🙂
    This has been such an incredible run and I’m so very excited about all of it. I’m a true Phillies fan, I’ve been coming to games since I was about ten (so that makes 33 years…) and I’m behind team win or lose….but damn, it’s nice to be cheering for such an unbelievably talented team this year and I know it’s just the beginning! This team is going to be a contender for a while!!
    Go Phillies! Can’t wait to see how crazy Philly gets at the parade..I missed the last one for some stupid reason but nothing is keeping me away this time!
    God Bless….
    Ann Mulholland


    I am so disappointed and disenchanted with shane victorino. I went last night to get his autograph at forman mills in northeast philly with my girlfriend and son. We waited there to see him for 3 and a half hours. Now I got my autograph and one for her and the boy but shane was a colossal jerk.

    First of all when we finally got up there he was just talking to some loser sitting next to him, not looking at anyone, not acknowledging anyone, nothing. Just signing and essentially throwing the merchandise back on the table. Now I understand he was signing stuff all day and that can make you tired but you can’t even look at your fans and just acknowledge their existence. I was so angry. Second they had some shirt that said Flyin’ Hawaiian on it and he wasn’t signing those because hawaiian wasn’t spelled the way he spells it or some such nonsense, so they had hats to give out in case he wouldn’t sign it.

    Aside from that when he pulled up to the autograph session 45 minutes late, he put his hood up so noone could even get a picture of him.

    All in all it was just thoroughly disappointing and disenchanting. I was such a huge fan of his because of the way he played but more importantly because of how he conducted himself on the field. Not any longer. His stats are great and he’s a very good ballplayer, but a favorite of mine he is definitely not.

    Thanks for nothing Shane, that shirt is going on Ebay, because it sure means nothing to me.


    Shane – Enjoy this time. You guys had a great season and in advance, we the fans want to say thank you. Going up against the Rays is probably to best scenario the fans could have wanted. They are a very young team and hungry, but you guys want to feast. The experience and poise you guys have shown all season will shine through and I am positive the trophy is yours. Bring it home!!!!


    Hey Shane
    THANK you so much for the time you have given your fans with all those signings! I was lucky enough to be at Modells yesterday(Oct. 19) 7th in line, so worth the wait!!!!!!!!! I was always drawn to your hard playing, but you are also adorable!!!!!!HOT!!!!!! Out of all those fans for some reason I was lucky enough to be the one channel CBS 3 showed outside & inside meeting you! Getting my picture from your grand slam signed!!!!!! You see my my words “oh my god your gorgeous” I did manage to wish u luck!!! Good luck to all of you!!!! You guys are awesome! I have tix to game 5 I pray I get to the team bring home the title! GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!
    Jennifer- NJ


    Dear shane,
    I met you at the Forman Mills in Philadelphia and me and my boss from the wawa from academy road presented you witha gift basket and i asked you if you got the e-mail from John Palazzotta from Honalulu,Hawaii because he was supposed to e-mail you to let you know to expect me there and to meet with you personally and take photos.My Uncle Norman Roy who is The chief executive Officer of the Pa.Community Task Force is friends with John and called him on saturday night to ask him if you would do that for me and Johon said he was sending u the e-mail as he spoke with him and i was there.We called John on my cell phone.You went to school with his kids.I hope if you are ever in or nearby philly at a signing i could get the oppurtunity to meet with you personally and call john so he could let my uncle know since I didnt this time.My sister was the one that asked you to sign the can of spam.I was with my boss presenting you the gift basket.
    Yeah i was dissapointed cause you are my favorite Phillie and i love the whole team and i didnt sleep for over 24 hrs cause i am the nite manager at wawa and had to go back in sunday nite but it was cool and next time dont hold the chair when my sis was trying to take a pic of you(we were on the side and you held up the chair in front of u and laughed as my sis was calling u for u to look at us.
    Good luck and Stop by our wawa anytime(our store is #1 in Pa)-for food/gas/etc.-Academy and Byberry Rd=Store 8035
    Spam Musabi is good!!My sis is a cook and made it!!!!!
    Take Care and Be Well-
    Vanessa A. Steinberg


    Hey Shane —

    Hopefully you didn’t JUST hear about the party on Broad St… because Cottman & Frankford, in the Mayfair section of the northeast, was a LOT more to talk about. Here’s hoping for a four more glorious nights of absolute phandemonium in Mayfair. WE LOVE YOU SHANE! (hey, if you don’t believe it, google cottman and frankford phillies celebration, should bring up a great fox news video with shots from helicopters.. makes me so proud ! )

    LETS GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liz, NE Philly.


    If you still need any tix I have some in center field for game 5! We can’t wait to see you there! (If we even need game 5!) We sat in left/center all season and you tossed a ball or two to my girls in between innings and you have made friends for life! They absolutely adore you!

  41. pp2008

    So happy for you and the rest of the team. I have been a Phillies fan for a long tome and this team has so much character. You guys are all about “team”. After watching all of the club house celbration and interviews, I know this Phillies team is going to win it all!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you get your family here and they get to share this special time with you. Rally on Wednesday @ City Hall.
    I know it is a little premature, but we need a parade and we need it on a weekend. Please, Shane, Let the city officals know the parade needs to be on a weekend!!!!!!!!
    GO GET EM PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This city is behind you 100%.


    Hey Shane!

    Great Blog…Thanks for taking the time for it! As a long-time Phillies phan, I’ve been really watching you guyz over the last few years with great excitement. I get the sense that all of you won’t settle for 2nd best; the entire team (and it is a true team) can feel the buzz. Most especially, your never die attitude is just what “we” needed. If you get a chance, check out a song that I feel should be your theme song. Every time I hear it, I seem to see your face. The band is Switchfoot and the song is “More Than Fine.” It’s a song about waking up every day with great enthusiasm, giving it your all, not giving up & wanting more than average! It really fits you & the team as a whole. So, God Bless, Good Luck, and know whatever happens in the Series, you guyz are so loved!!

  43. Miss_Phillies

    Thank you sooooooooooo much for coming to Forman Mills in NE Philly yesterday. Even though it started at 6…my friend and I went at 1 to stand in line =) we stood there for 5 1/2 hours waiting for you because you are one of our favorite players and we’re die-hard Phillies phans. I think you might remember us because I don’t know how many girls said this to you..”Shane…I love you!” lol yeah that was me. As i said, your one of ou favorite players =). We’re so excited for the Series to start!! We wish you the best of luck against the Rays!!! Bring that World Series trophey back to Philly! But always remember this…Philly is so proud of you for making it this far. Especially me. Once again, good luck and thank you. =)
    — miss phillies

  44. vinsinkin



    It’s your old Algebra teacher!!! My Dad and I are going to Game 2 in Tampa. I left my number with your Dad at work.
    Looking forward to seeing you!
    Ms. A


    First, Thank you Shane for sharing this great ride with us fans. I remember the 1980 Phillies and have just one point to make.
    1980 World Series winner Philadelphia Phillies,
    1980 Closing Pitcher Tug McGraw jersey # 45;

    2008 World Series winner (Philadelphia Phillies),
    2008 Closing Pitcher Brad Lidge jersey # 54;

    Just reverse the numbers – it’s destiny.


    You are a class act! This Phillies team is amazing to watch from the first pitch to the last. I can’t wait for the nation to see what this Phillies team is all about-we have had the joy here in Philly to witness a team that never gives up. I have turned off a few games throughout the season thinking we’ve lost to learn the next morning we have won ( I should say the team, but in Philly it is “we”). Never again, will I think we can’t pull it out-you guys are the best!!

    Shane I have to say as I have watched you play throughout these past couple years you are up there with the best players in the MLB!!

    Have fun and don’t stop smiling.

  48. infiniteciel

    I can’t imagine trying to sleep on that plane ride. You’re lucky to have gotten any rest at all! Yeah, I saw some of that partying on TV. Must’ve been torture to try and get through. XD But it does show how much we love you guys and how much we want the win!! I still need to get some of the championship stuff…I just have 3 normal Phillies shirts and my Howard jersey (I’ve always wanted one of yours, but I can never find them…). About your family, it’s great you’re trying to get enough tickets. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to. :3 I agree that you need to live in the moment, and it’s a must for them to come cheer you on!
    It seems like you’re all very busy despite having all these days off. I saw in the paper that you were making a lot of appearances at stores; how do you do it? On one day, it said you’d be at one place from 3-5 and at another 4-6…the same day! D: You must fly indeed. XD Anyhoo, much luck to you guys. We’re rooting for you!

  49. thesecret

    Hey Shane,
    You know, I have to tell you, at the beginning of the 2008 season I made a wish board of all the things I wanted from the Universe, my very first wish was this, for the Phillies to win the World Series in 2008. Every step of the way from winning the division, to the divisional playoffs and then the league championship series, I have been specific and added what I wanted the Phils to do in each series. Each wish has come true, and no matter how, no matter what, no matter who, I KNOW THE PHILLIES ARE GOING TO WIN THE WORLD SERIES. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE, THE PHILLIES ARE GOING TO WIN IN FRONT OF THEIR HOME CROWD!!! I KNOW LIKE I KNOW LIKE I KNOW NOTHING ELSE, THE PHILLIES ARE GOING TO WIN THE BIG CROWN. What is your wish Shane? I bet I can guess, well believe in your wish and watch it come true. You and the team have all the power within you to make this happen, make sure all you guys are on the same page!! I don’t have the money to get to the games, but I know one thing for sure, I want to be a part of the World Series parade down Broad Street and I know I will be there. I was there at the game last year when you guys clinched on the final day, that was nuts and I loved every minute of it, I will be there, I keep picturing it in my mind and creating that great moment!!!! See you at the parade and cheering you on every game on my TV!!! You are the epitomy of me when I play softball, I never give up and always believe we can come back no matter how many runs were down, and you know what, we do, and that is why we are going to win it all this year. You guys never give up and believe in each other, and it is nice to have a couple extra angels giving you guys wings….Charlies Mom and your Grandmother. Go Shane, Go Phils, I know we are going to do this, in fact it is already done, now to watch how it will all unfold, that is the exciting part. Love you and all the guys, there is no one better. 4 More Wins, One at a time, reach for the sky and for the Ring!!!!
    Love to all my Phils,


    Hey Shane,
    Hope u and the guys had a good safe trip.Good luck and like u said one step at a time.Channel 6 WPVI was just at my house in northeast philadelphia because we decorated the windows with red,white and blue christmas lights in the windows with phillies decoration and i made a shane victorino rally towel as well as our cars decorated with lei’s and your #.I got interviewed and i was wearing the flyin hawaiian shirt with flowers all in my hair to celebrate and honor you and the rest of the team and like i said on tv i wear these t shirts everynite to work and with lei’s and flowers in my hair.We are so proud of u guys and good luck!!!!!!!!I hope u get to bring out your whole family to see you play in this lifetime dream.
    we’ll be rooting for u guys on wednesday!

  51. ltvlulu

    When we think of you, Shane, we don’t usually think Broadway musicals- or do we? Try these words to the song “Mame” from the musical by Jerry Herman:
    * * * * * SHANE * * * * *
    You coax the blues right outta the town, Shane
    You lift the folks back up when they’re down, Shane.
    You got the Mummers strummin’
    And Harry Kalas yellin’,”You’re the Man!”
    You got all South Street hummin’
    And everyone’s becomin’ Phillies Phans.
    You shine just like a light in the dark, Shane.
    You hit the ball right outta the park, Shane.
    You came, you saw, you conquered,
    And center field will never be the same.
    You’re Philadelphia’s favorite kid.
    (Don’t hit the wall like Rowand did)
    You clinched a World Series bid for us, Shane!
    * * *
    You put the Whiz right into the Cheez, Shane.
    Our rally towels will wave in your breeze, Shane.
    Our favorite Flyin’ Hawaiian
    Will circle all the bases, lightning speed,
    And send those homers flyin’
    When flyin’ homers are what Phillies need.
    You ring the bell whenever you’re here, Shane.
    Phans love the bobble head souvenir, Shane.
    We love to watch you slidin’
    Whenever there’s a play a second base.
    Occasionally collidin’,
    Phils Phans all burstin’ with pride and
    Our hopes and dreams are ridin’ on Shane!
    * * *
    You put the Tasty into the Kake, Shane.
    Gold as a pretzel perfectly baked, Shane.
    Those outfield flies you grapple
    While looking in the light that makes you blind,
    You put the scrap in scrapple,
    You even tie the score when we’re behind.
    Your uniform’s all covered with dirt, Shane.
    You’d look good even in a grass skirt, Shane.
    We’ll cheer you as you spear
    The Series trophy from the Tampa Devil Rays.
    You brought the thrills to Philly, man,
    We love ya’ like only Philly can,
    You’d bring a smile to Billy Penn, Shane!
    * * * (encore chorus)* * *
    You are a real Hawaiian hunk,
    You put the spunk in Manyunk,
    To you, we drink until we’re drunk, Shane!
    * * *(one last time)* * *
    You fit the City of Brotherly Love
    Just like a hand in a baseball glove
    For you, we thank the heavens above, Shane!
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    Like i did in the last 2 games before the game started,i will be lighting this special candle and swing it around the tv and say a prayer for you guys to win with the help and watching of your grandmother and charlie’s mom by your guys side dressed in philhies gear with the phillies throw blanket around me and my good luck robe and my hand made shane victorino rally towel.So far it has worked and i will doing it for every game.
    Best wishes

  53. lou232

    hey shane good luck tell the team just relax out there have fun and play hard i am big kid when it comes to baseball and i love the phillies and baseball is my # 1 sport i use to sit with my granpop with the radio on the phillies when i was young and he showed me how to keep score i guess its why i love baseball he past way before 93 team went so i know he is watch you guys just like your grand mom is so go out there and win for all the phillies fans of the past present and future go get them bring home the world championship for all thanks for a great year


    Shane, Congrats on making it to the series even though you guys beat my beloved Dodgers. I definetly think you are the new Dodgers nemisis. Thanks for taking the time to Talk with me while you were in town. I kmow you


    continued message. I’m definelty rooting for you and the Phils to do well in the series. I hope you enjoyed the MUSUBIS. MAHALO……..Chris

  56. nephillie

    Shane, best of wishes to you and your teammates for a great World Series and I am confident you guys will win and I feel that way because you guys beat a very good Dodger team.

  57. tcampie

    Shane and teammates,
    Just leave the nerves behind and stay in each moment you have before you, now through the end of the series. Cherish these days in the spirit of cherishing the fragile reality of our own mortality with the recent passing of so many loved ones, whether they be from your or Charlie’s family or in families a world away, at war or in peace.

    Slow everything down. Not only will you have the most complete experience that way, but the team is also more likely to walk away with the championship you’ve all worked so hard for.

    No matter what, Phillie fans will be there on Broad Street afterward, knowing you guys gave 100% and are now hoisting that trophy or are hoisting each other and the city for giving us a reason to believe in this franchise again* ya gotta believe* and we do!

    Slow it all down and keep playing hard,


    Go kick some ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shane do u really read these messages? I have never done this before, am I wasting my time? You have got to be so busy. It seems like it has been 4 ever since we got to watch u guys play. Cant wait. I was the lucky winner of your signed baseball at fan appreciation day & that ball has no left the front of my tv the whole post season & it will stay right there, of course that seems silly, but whatever works, lol. Looking so forward to the series, you are the man! Thank you so much 4 your appearance at modells, I got an awesome picture with you. I was the clip on sports zone cbs, so now I am lucky enough to have that too. I couldn’t believe it. It was crazy to watch that come on and see myself up there with you!!!!! Again I hate to say it but I need 1 lose, because I have tickets to game five! The team has what it takes, it can be done, so lets do it!!!

  59. nj.jaysfan

    looking at’s Traces they list Victorino as being “foreign”… since when is Hawaii NOT a part of the United States? Seriously, I was checking out the International section and there’s Shane… there’s something seriously wrong with that!!!

    GO PHILS!!!

  60. dadlak

    Shane, Congratulations to you and your teammates on a great NLCS win. Game Five was stressful, though it seems like a pretty convincing win in retrospect.

    Congrats also on getting the Cover Story in yesterday’s USA Today. Soon the whole country will love you as much as Phillies fan do.

    Go Phils! Beat those Rays!!


    CONGRATULATIONS Shane! You are the MVP in my book! I became a Shane Victorino fan early on this season, and you certainly have exceeded any expectations I had. You are a true gentleman and a stellar athlete! May the Lord bless you! Enjoy this time. It is a lifetime of memories in the making. GO PHILLIES!


    Shane, thanks for sharing the last few weeks from your point of view. I can only imagine how amazing it must be to see all of this from center field and home plate. I know that it was electrifying for me when I went to game 2 of the nlds. And I haven’t missed a minute of the action since. As a matter of fact I haven’t missed too many minutes throughout this season. I am definitely a through and through fan … when my friends/family ask “what are we doing today or tomorrow, etc?” My answer is always, what and where are the boys in red and white … and then I do things.
    My deepest condolences to you on your recent loss. But I definitely agree that your grandmother is there with you. And hopefully her wings will help carry you and the guys to win the World Series.
    If you make it to Game 5, I will be there screaming as loud as I can for you. But, hey … if you can take this in four … that will be just fine with me. LOL

    Good luck Shane and all the Guys …


    Shane – thanks for taking time to write this blog. It’s been a blast to read.

    We can.not.wait until tomorrow night. We’ll be watching every moment of each game – just as we did all 162 regular season games and all the post season games.

    Best of luck! GO PHILLIES!


    Hey Shane (AKA Mr Flyin Hawaiian)!!
    Whats up? I just wanted to tell you that tommorow night i will be rooting for all of you guys and hoping for the best! gotta have Phaith!! (I have that written on a wall in my room!) Have fun and keep fightin Phils! =]

    PS. Tell Cole Hamels I said HHIIIII!!!!!!! (and the rest of the gang too !) And tell JRoll I said hit a triple for me!! And tell Ryan Howard I said hit a LLLOOOONNNNGGG shot for me! Thanks! Go Phillies!!!!


    I have never allowed my son to wear a shirt this many times before it got washed…I can’t get him to take it off…oh well, he wears his Phillies shirts with PRIDE!!!!!!

  66. gabjolie

    Hi Shane!!!

    Oh my you become very popular here in SF, people ask me all the time about the Flyin Hawaiian and they talk about it. You made the Phillies popular with your killer homer & smile! I can imagine how awesome when you guys arrived in Philly! If I was having enough money to get a plane ticket to Philly I would this second, even though I wouldn’t be able to get game tix I’d still watch WS with friends down at Chickies and Pete’s!!
    But we all support you and the Phillies here from SF and will be watching the game like crazy, talking about you like crazy, rooting for you like crazy, pray for you like crazy and wearing our Phillies jerseys and hats to show love & support like crazy!!!
    We love you no matter what!

    Go Phillies!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi Shane,
    Congrats on winning the division title, now you just have one more to win . The whole Phillies team is awesome. I, think all of Philly will be painted RED and WHITE. We are proud of you and the entire team no matter what happens.

    My family and I ,went to Modells to get more PHILLIES jerseys and shirts, of course I had to get the SHANE VICTORINO , FLYIN HAWAIIAN SHIRT.

    Anyway, good luck to you, and the team!! GOOOOOO PHILLIES!!!! bring home the WORLD SERIES to PHILLY !!!

  68. sbrchc

    Best of luck to all of you! When you break it down there’s nothing left to say about you guys except we love you. We know no matter what you’ll all do us proud!


    I just want to say congratulations to all of you on such a wonderful job this season you have been outstanding this postseason driving in 11 runs that is amazing and your defense has been terriffic as well this is definitely a special team no doubt it takes 25 guys to win and this team has definitely proven that time and time again i belive this team definitely has what it takes to be a champion so good luck to all of you bring it home for philly!!


    Shane, you are an amazing player!! You always play your hardest and have an extra “hop in your step.” I think it’s great how you always show how much you love the game. And this may seem a little weird but for Halloween I had a Hawaiian skirt, a Hawaiian shirt and wings for Halloween this year…I was the Flyin Hawiian 🙂 Good Luck to you and the rest of your team mates in the rest of this season. GO PHILLIES!!


    I was sorry to see the Phillies end a bit earlier than we all wanted, but I got great feelings for 2011!! Keep playing well, Shane! GO PHILLIESSS!!
    Gerald of Cobra Insurance

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