It’s time

We made it! I can’t believe the World Series is actually starting tomorrow. I was starting to think it was just working out and taking batting practice.

We haven’t played a game for a week, which is pretty weird for us. Unless it’s the All-Star break, we get no more than one day off at a time. But don’t worry, we’ll be ready. We’ve worked too hard to stop playing now. Everybody in this locker room wants the same thing, and we’re not going to slow down now.

This whole experience has been great, but we’re not finished. Of course, we wish we were starting the Series at home so we can get energy from you guys. We’re expecting it to be pretty loud. Being from Hawaii, I haven’t heard too many cowbells, so it shouldn’t bother me too much.

Finally, it’s here. The lights. The game. We’ll be ready to play.



  1. phlsphnwst

    Shane –

    I’m counting the hours until the start of game 1. I’m SO excited for you guys! I know you’re going to have a great series, and it certainly would be awesome to win it in 5, in front of the home crowd. I was at the Vet in 1980 when we won, and it was like a gigantic mushroom cloud of pure joy, which exploded over the stadium and rushed out over the city. It will certainly be an experience you and guys will never, ever forget!

    Kick some butt. Have fun. Relax. We will be cheering so loud in Philly, you will hear us in Tampa Bay (And I’ll be cheering all the way from LA until Friday – and you’ll still here me. Headed to Philly on Friday).

    We love you & know you can do it!!



    It’s officially game day! Don’t forget that Clearwater isn’t all that far away, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of Phillies fans down there with you making plenty of noise. We’re rooting for you from here.

    Saw you on Jon & Kate Plus 8! What an awesome time they must have had.

  3. lilsteph21

    Shane im so excited for the world series! good luck to you guys, i know all the media is picking you to lose but they dont know anything, prove them wrong shane! good luckkk!!


    CONT: SORRY about that, Just sending you guys a lot of LOVE from OKLAHOMA. Like I said before YOU GUYS are going to win it this year. I don’t know why, but I just know it! I have not been wrong yet, so hopefully I will continue to be RIGHT! I even predicted the series against the brewers & dodgers. I’m so excited about the game tonight……… you don’t need luck so just have fun & win the game for all of us. I just ordered my VICTORINO jersey so hopefully it’ll get here before the series is over. GO PHILS……………………. 🙂 WITH LOTS OF LOVE- RAQUEL fr Edmond OKLAHOMA


    Aloha Shane,
    Saw your Dad today holding up his sign on Hana Highway and
    thought: “You should be on your way to watch your son play in the World Series”. I’m sure that he’s flying as I write this. I wanted to stop and shake his hand, but I was on the wrong lane.
    More importantly, I just wanted to wish you and the Phillies the
    very best as you begin your adventure of a lifetime. One game at
    a time, lots of teamwork, and fun, fun, fun! I can feel the
    excitement in the air…game time is just a few hours away!

  6. libertybelle


    So you guys each got a special rubber ducky in your locker from Charlie…that was one of the coolest things I read today. It sure would be fun to line all those ducks up for a photo and try to guess who they each belong to — based on personalities, right? A totally fun idea from one swell guy. You are all so blessed to be together as a TEAM for such a time as this…the stuff that dreams are made of. What financial crisis? What election? Let’s PLAY BALL!!! Have a great time out there tomorrow!

  7. vinsinkin

    dont worry shane i am sure the cow-bells wont bother you.#$%*&()*^&%$#@#$%^- geez i tried to say that with a straight face . i guess the last blogger doesnt watch much tv most everyone is picking you guys they think you guys are potent with the very best bullpen – well LETS GET IN ON!!!! GOOD LUCK LETS HAVE A GREAT SERIES-


    Shane, you may not be starting the series at home, but you will be finishing it there!!
    Go Phils!
    Helen McK

  9. lorijeannj

    Remember you and the team are only human. I am sure each of you are nervous as heck and that is to be expected. That nervousness will disappear after the first pitch and hit by J Ro.
    Have fun. Relax. Just another game, sort of 🙂 Quack. Quack.
    Go get em.
    Enjoy the moment.


    Hi Shane,
    Good luck,all of us in philly believe in u guys and you guys have the heart and soul and the watching over of your grandma and charlie’s mom all on the teams side.
    Just one step and one game at a time
    Good luck tonite
    i am counting down and will be front and center at the tv with my family.
    Best Wishes


    OMG – I am so excited!!! less than 12 hours to go. Thank you SHane for making baseball so much fun to watch! Philly is all decked out in RED~


    Finally time to kick some more ***!!!! GAME DAY!!!!!! Best of luck to you all. The city is hype, But South Jersey is also just as hype! People are crazy here, crazy for their Phils!!! Can’t wait to see take the field & kill the ball! But I really cant wait to be at game 5!!!!!!!! I thought being at your grand slam game was amazing, so I cant imagine how this will be. Go get em’ Phils!!!!!!
    Love from Jennifer



    Game day is finally here! I’m not sure if you’ve seen today’s Daily News but it features one player from all the World Series teams and there you are on the front page representing 2008. What a compliment! Thanks for being such a huge part of getting us here and writing these blogs to keep us there with you. LETS GO PHILS!!!!!! 4 more wins!

    Much Love,
    (getting ready to paint South Philly red)


    I just got goosebumps reading the blog! I beleive! And it’s good to hear the team believes too. And, I really like the first comment comparing the 80 World Series win to the feeling of a gigantic mushroom cloud of pure joy-exactly, I was there too and I wish for you and this team to experience that electric feeling as well. Good luck and never get down. Phillies are #1


    Shane, I’m wearing my Phillies charm that I purchased way back in ’93. It’s gonna bring us good luck. I BELIEVE. You guys have what it takes. The ’93 team had that “magic” and I see it in you guys too. GO PHILLLIES!!! You are a great team player. Our cheers will be heard all the way down south….. We are proud of you and are looking forward to a World Series Win. It will happen. BELIEVE!!!


    Finally the day is here! I can not wait for that first pitch. Good Luck to you and all the guys. I KNOW we are gonna go all the way and have the parade that we all have been waiting for!!
    GO PHILS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    You will still have the spirit of the Phillies fan as we sit by our tvs rooting and screaming at the top of our lungs… it was great meeting you on Sunday, my son has taken your advice to heart, My baby, lol… as you were quite amused at my “couple of babies” comments… he will be sticking with baseball, staying in school, and staying away from the girls…

  18. nephillie


    Much has been said and written about how good the starting pitching is for Tampa Bay but I thought the Dodgers had really good pitching too and you guys handled them pretty well. If you guys are patient and play your normal game, with your experience coming into play you should have no problem winning this series. Good luck from a family of Phillies fans in Omaha, Nebraska, the Cornhusker state!


    Shane, I have never waited 5 hours in line for an autograph before Sunday, but IT WAS WORTH IT!! I was the guy in the 1971 Larry Bowa jersey who’s Dad died at the moment the Phils won in 1980. His name was Walter Earle Allen Jr. and he is up there in Phillies Heaven showing Charlie’s Mom and your Grandmother around! I have that jersey on right now while at work, and I will be praying for you to do well, but just remember, have fun, it’s only a game! We love ya, Tracy and Dee Allen, Ocean City, NJ

  20. eisie

    Shane, It certainly has been a long week, but the time is now. There will be a lot of fans down there cheering you guys on & can drowned out those stupid cowbells!! We are all rooting for you here in Harleysville & I have no doubt in my mind that you guys will bring that World Series Trophy back to Philadelphia where it belongs! Play the way you guys have been playing, one game at a time. Have fun & kick some Tampa Rays!!!!!! God Bless! P.S. Saw you on John & Kate plus 8 the other night. GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!


    You and your teamates have taken us Philly Phans to the gates of Heaven! We believe in you and we have faith. Win or lose, this is one hell of a team and we will love you always. This city is ready to party, go out there now and GET IT DONE! GO PHILLIES!



    Go get what’s yours……I’m sure you’ll hear us all cheering all the way up here in Philly. This city is wired!! So grab two quick wins in Tampa, and get ready for a RIDICULOUS crowd on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!!!


    Congratulations Shane and thank you for an exciting journey so far. Keep up that winning spirit. I love to watch you play baseball. You always bring determination and that “we can do it” attitude. I know you can! Go Phillies! I’ll see you at game 3 in Philly.


    Shane, GOOD LUCK to you & all the Phillies tonight. We all love you back home and wish you the best of luck. The city and suburbs are definitely painted RED today!!!! BEAT TAMPA BAY!! You’re the best!!!!

  25. noon4eva

    Hi Shane,
    Good luck and just relax and stay cool and calm. You guys can do it because I believe that all of you have the heart and the energy to go all the way. We’ll be rooting you today….the angels are with all of you. Go Phillies!!!!!

  26. chas17801

    Hey Shane, I know you guys will do great.. The Phillies have been that way all season long.. You guys have done very well.. As Mike Schmidt said more less take everything one step at a time… I know I will be rooting for the Phillies and you shane from Central PA.


    Good Luck PHILLIES! We are behind you all the way. Enjoy and take it all it but relax. ONE GAME AT A TIME! Play as a team as you have so far and you should be fine. Ear plugs if needed. Best of luck always 🙂


    Shane, good luck today!! We are all soooo excited. There’s an electricity in the air around here. And don’t worry about having to play those games on the road, you’re down in the nice warm weather while we’re chilling our butts off up I believe in you all, and am just so excited to watch my HOME team in the World Series. Stay cool and focused and you guys will do just fine. I have a feeling Ryan’s bat will get going in this series and the home runs will start flying. Prayers and best of luck to you all. Thanks for taking us on this incredible ride! Love you guys!!
    GOOOOO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Indeed it is time! I’m really excited and I know you guys won’t lets us down. Give ’em hell Shane! We know you’ll get World Series MVP!!!

  30. infiniteciel

    I know! It’s hard to believe…but it’s so amazing. It’s been torture having to a wait a whole week without watching you guys, so I can’t imagine all of you having to go a week without playing! I keep reading articles about how it might be “bad” and that you’ll “rust” from all that time off, but I don’t think so. You said it yourself, that you’re confident and ready to play. Having days off won’t hurt you…especially since you’be been practicing so much. :3 We all have faith in you! Tonight is the night! Well, the first night of several. It’s a shame it couldn’t be a home first, but when you come here, it’ll be real LOUD. Stay calm, and remember the rubber duckies~ Hehe. Good luck!

  31. philscadillactime

    It’s time…..time to end all the speculation, forget the past stats, and silence all the haters and naysayers out there!! Strap on your game-faces, pick up the bats and gloves and give ’em hell! 😀 We love you guys, and we know you can do it!! And I will be ready to go scream at the World Champ Fightin’ PHILLIES parade when you bring it home!! GO PHILLIES!!!
    ~Ashley 🙂

  32. ltvlulu

    Hi Shane,
    Today’s song is based on the Motown Classic from Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (your Grandma might have known it) from the early 1960’s – “Heat Wave”
    * * *
    We’re in the post-season, and it’s chillin’ outside
    But I’m burnin’ ’cause I’m filled with Phillies pride.
    As baseball pressure gets a hold of me,
    I got a bright red hoodie and a cap with a “P”!!!
    We gotta heat wave– burnin’ up the town,
    Can’t keep from cheerin’, we’re World Series bound!
    * * *
    When I was a younger kid, saw the Phils go all the way!
    Again, they can do it when they face those Devil Rays.
    October Phever’s gotta hold on me,
    Should be soarin’ with Eagles, but I just gotta see
    The Phillies’ heat wave– burnin’ up our town.
    Can’t keep from cheerin’, we’re World Series bound!
    * * *
    Doo da doo doot doo—Heat Wave!!
    Doo da doo doot doo –Heat Wave!!
    * * *
    So here I sit in disgrace, neglect shows all over the place.
    Can’t explain it, don’t understand it,
    Ain’t never felt this way before.
    As the Phillies head down to FLA,
    Where they started the season, and will put it away,
    They’ll bring a heat wave, burnin’ in their hearts,
    Can’t stop the Phillies from tearin’ Rays apart.
    * * *
    Ooh ooh ooh ooh oooh! Heat wave!
    Ooh ooh ooh ooh oooh! Heat wave!
    They’ll burn up Tampa Bay. GO PHILS, go all the way!!
    We’ll feel your Heat Wave!
    * * *


    i am real excited for you guys i think you definitely have what it takes to bring home the championship this series should be fun and i cant wait to see you guys get it started cole hamels has been sensational so far lets keep a good thing going tonight in tampa i am proud of you guys because you have all worked very hard and done your part this post season good luck in the series and lets bring it home for this city GO PHILLIES!!!


    FINALLY game day-
    You and the Team have been amazing to watch! You deserve to be here. I do BELIEVE you can take it ALL the way! Good Luck! We’ll be cheering for you. Thanks for GREAT baseball!


    Just got back from the rally at City Hall…this city is so hyped up! It’s so cool to see everyone in Phillies red. Me, I’ve been wearing mine since the season started, with very few exceptions. I’m a die hard. Anyway……I’m glad you guys are starting this down in Florida, that means you can wrap it up here in Philly! My two oldest boys are flying to Florida right now so hopefully they are bringing good luck, but I don’t think this team needs it! This is so our year!!
    Best of luck, Good Duck ( I love that!) and can’t wait to see you all at the parade!!!
    Ann from Philly!

  36. utleyfan28

    Good luck tonight! I am so excited. When you guys come home 2-0, please bring home some warm weather, its FREEZING up here. Take it from me, the cowbells are annoying. Have fun and kick the rays butts.

  37. victorinolover

    OMG IM SO READY FOR THIS SERIES =) i know you guys can do it =) i believe in you guys. i know you guy can finish what you started. i love you guys. today at school we had phillies day and i swere to you almost everyone had a phillies shirt on. it was amazing =) there was even people with there faces painted and there hair spaired thats how pumped and ready everyone is for the world series. my dad went out today and got me the new phillies shirts i was soexcited and he even got me the new flyin hawaiian shirt i was so excited when i saw it =) you are my favorite player and i love you and what you do =) you are amazing out in the field and with everything you do. i believe you are one of the best players in the mlb. keep up the good work. i believe that you guys can make it all the way =) good job with getting this far. good luckk tonightt i believe in you guys. i will be watchingg cheering you guys on with my rally towel =) good luck shane .
    love ya
    stephh =)

  38. nycphightinphan

    Proudly wearing my Red in the Shade of Citi Field (and what’s left of Shea). I’ll be Quacking in Queens tonight, baby!


    The Phills made it to the World Series, and I never lost hope for you guys.
    I knew you all would.
    I’m so proud, that the city of Philadelphia is getting some kind of national recognition for sports, for once. Hahaha, but I know you guys can and have the will to win.
    I’ll be wearing my victorino shirt because all this season since the start you’ve been my favorite player (I mean replacing my other favorite; aaron rowand must of been a tough thing but man you nailed it!), and I’ll bring drinking out of my Phillies cup, just for some extra spirit.
    This is about the fifth time, I’ve commented your blogs and I’m happy that I still get too. 😀
    Lets go out and beat those Rays! YEAHH, Go Phillies!

  40. lovethephils

    Shane, best of luck to you and the rest of the Phillies. Four more wins! I’m headed home to Philly on Friday and cannot wait to see the city all decked out in Red. Thank you and the team for bringing the city together in a way that I have not seen since high school (’93).

    I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing about the ’93 team; but, while you guys aren’t as rough looking as they were, you have the same heart! I’ll be watching the game, waving my rally towel and praying that God is with all of you.


    Hey Shane,
    Yes, it’s finally here and this whole city is getting ready to party! This is the first time i have seen my philadelphia Phillies in the world series because i was almost two in 1993 and i can’t wait!! i am the biggest phillies fan, my room is all phillies has been ever since i got into the Phillies and sports about 6 years ago!! i have been so excited ever since you guys got to the world series on Wednesday October 15th and it seems like i have been waiting like 5 years but it has only been 7 days! this is going to be a great series i’ll be watching and i cant wait until you guys get back here after tomorrow’s (thursday October 23rd) game!! It’s going to be crazy! ok so be ready boys and as Chase Utley would say ‘keep the rubber duck out of your ***’! you guys got this! so have fun, enjoy yourselves, play hard (as usual), have faith, do this for yourselves, and BELIEVE! You guys can win the World Series, no question!!! Love you guys, have fun out there! I know the Rays-booo- fans arn’t like the Phillies fans but you’ll be home soon enough and we’ll be here waiting for you!! Tell the team i said have fun and Good luck and i’ll see you back in Philly! GO PHILLIES!!!

    Megan- Philadelphia, PA- East Falls


    Today’s the day, Just wanted to wish u guys all the luck in the world and i know u guys r gonna win. Yo beat those Rays! Turn Philly Red! Let’s Go Phillies!

  43. mauimama

    Go get ’em Shane! All the phans believe in you and the team, not matter what anyone else says. Stay loose (quack, quack) and beat those Rays! GO PHILLIES!

  44. rustylite

    Anticipation….. I can imagine what you guys feel like today… I have butterflies and I’m only a fan….. GOOD LUCK ……….We canT wait for the parade……. GO GET em…. KAREN p {WYOMING pA.}


    eh shane
    i just drove past st. anthony and they get one sign on the fence wishing you luck in the world series. go get em tonite braddah! malama.

  46. blues357

    we are so Excited…Good Luck…Love to watch you play and the whole team too…the Flyin Hawaiian is my moms Fav Player and now mine too…lets get game 1 and game 2 and party in philly game 5. Phils in 5 !!! ain’t no stooping us now…were on the Loose….


    i’m skippin’ out on my evening social events this week (i’ve been doing that a lot lately) – it’s baseball time!!! totally stoked…

  48. ne121

    Shane- to you and your teammates with love from us here. Know that there are MANY Phillies fans in Tampa Bay. My son will be in the stands for the first game with his Phillies NLCS shirt. I brought it down to him last week. Look for the sea of red cheering on our guys.
    I know you will give your all and make us prouder of you than we already are.



    Good luck tonight, we’re all pulling for you and the boys!!!! We know you all are going to give it your best and that’s all we ask. Whatever happens, have fun and thanks for the ride!

    The Ross Family

  50. lcmr85


    Pick it up where you left off with the Dodgers. Play the game you and the rest of team has been playing it this post season. Show ’em how the Phillies play ball! Bring it home for the City, the Phans, and the families!




    10 minutes to go and I’m nervous! I can only guess what you and your teammates are feeling. I wish you nothing but the best and thank you for all that you and your teammates have done!! Please tell your teammates that we are very proud of everything that you have done! No matter what you and the Phillies will always be my favorite team!! GO PHILLIES!!



    Hey Shane,
    I just wanted to wish you and the rest of the guys good luck tonight. I’m actually about to watch the first pitch! I know y’all are going to play awesome tonight and I can’t wait to watch y’all go all the way. My friends and I are cheering for you all the way from Alabama! Go Phillies!!


    Growing up as a Phillies Fan makes this season so special! I told my son on opening night that this was our year and according to him I am never wrong. My dad had season tickets from 1980 – 1993 and now I have them for me and my kids. The Phillies are a family tradition and I just wanted to thank you for a great year and for giving me the opportunity to take my son to the world series.

    Good Luck, God Bless & Keep having fun out there
    Angie – A Phillies fan for life :O)

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