victorino-wild-pitch275.jpgSeriously, wow. Did that really happen? People were going nuts in the stands, so I guess we really did win that game.

If we end up winning the World Series, this is going to be the game that stands out. We got the lead, lost it and ended up winning. Wild.

I’m really tired, as you can imagine, so I don’t have much to say. None of us realized how late it was until we got in the clubhouse and looked at the clock. It’s funny how you feel fine during the game — adrenaline I guess — and then all of a sudden, you feel it.

It doesn’t matter though. WE WON and we’re going to enjoy it. We have to play again tomorrow, or later today.


WOW — congratulations, Shane, to you and the fabulous Phillies! I know the game was up and down, but you guys just kept keeping on keeping on! You won and now there’s only 2 more to go! You’ve still got the home team advantage, here with all of your fans and a sea of red in the stands! There’s alot of us who couldn’t get tickets, so we’re at home in our reds waving rally towels for you! You probably could have heard me all the way from Boothwyn! I’m so proud of all of you. We love you all too, so let our love and support pick you up even more in these final games. God Bless!
Karen (Boothwyn)


IT DID! It really did. AMAZING win. My, my.

This is so much fun, this post season stufffff.

LOVES IT, all I really have to say at 5 am. Loads of traffic, still can’t wind down.

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! We love this! Let’s do it.

2 wins away baby!!
Go get that next win tonight. One win at a time, one at bat at a time. 27 outs.
It’s right there for you to grab.
Go get it.


that game was RIDICULOUS. in the very best way, of course. and it felt to me like one of those pivotal moments when destiny starts to reveal itself.

thanks so much for keeping us updated, shane. now get some sleep! 🙂


One of the craziest games I have ever seen. Thank goodness that you guys came out on top. Wonder if the cool, damp weather affected the throwing of some of their players. Thanks for your post, Shane. Your fans know that you are exhausted this time of year. Best wishes for the remainder of the series!

One word – EXCELLENT!!!!

You guys ROCK!!!! The game was always the Phillies to win, it was the UMP who messed up that call with Moyer throwing the runner out at first, in the best of style, that put the game in jeopardy! At least we got an exciting 9th inning out of it. GO PHILLIES!!!!!

what an awesome edge of your seat game. Jamie Moyer pitched an outstanding 6 1/2 innings,shame he didn’t get his first win of the playoffs. it was nice to see Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley get there swings back. two more wins and the Phillies will be World Series Champions and you will see how crazy the stands would be (if you can pull it off at home). GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!

Magical…just magical. too bad i couldnt watch it. lol i was so tired that i went to sleep in the middle of the ninth.Im 13 and this is the first championship ive seen with my favorite team.Shane ur the best

WOW, is the right word to say in game3. Really this very. Exciting very emotional game, but those ump that came from Florida are dirty they did that play @ 1st base wrong Howard (1st of all congrat’s on the homer) this is something that is going to make u laugh I told my family when it was time for you to bat I said ( Howard go get your Philly cheese steak @ any of the base that you want. That homer was excellent. Great job…..) {:~)

Great back to back homers, this game was for us not theirs that’s why they lost those ump are with those dum rays….. And that wired play that noone knew about was ridiculous I never seen that before. N like the reporters said that what kind of play was that because he never seen that before in baseball( major league) he said it was a stragetic from minor league.

Ha ha… That team can go back to minor for the dum stun he try to prove that didn’t work. See they try so many ways to cheat this fame n like we are the Phiting phillies. Woooooooohoooooooo. Today we will bring more combats to the home plate again let’s show those morals rays that u don’t disrespect the house of the Philadelphia phillies. Let’s go get that troufe that delong to us….

A cheater always get cought always… Don’t do nothing to others that u dont want them to do with to you. N with that play he did n. Carlos bunt very beautiful…..
This is for the whole team much love n gooood luuuuck 2nite again…

P.s one more thing that dum stun that the rays manager did was like if u r going to hold hands n pray in a circle. That man needs to go back to minor with that stunt he pull today last night this morning. We are the phitong phillies…… In Philly they need to make more noise it sounded so quiet make some noise I will be making my noise @ home in Florida.

WOW is a great word to describe last night. AWESOME is also a great one. You guys were awesome. Jamie pitched so well, Jimmy got hits, back to back home runs & asuch a dramatic ending!!! UNBELIEVABLE! We fans couldn’t have ask for a better ending. Couldn’t be to loud ( son was asleep) but that did not prevent me from jumping up & down & dancing around the room. Hope you all got a good mornings sleep. LOL. Thanks to you & the Phillies for a great game. It always seems like the wins are so intense & dramatic. I LOVE IT. Go get um & God Bless!!

Wow is right…that game was worth the wait!

It’s great seeing Carlos hitting so well. The homer, then the little walkoff hit that foiled that stupid five-man infield. I’m sick of them saying he’s only in the game for his defensive skills. Bet they don’t walk anyone to get to him tonight. Carlos, you are ON.

Anyway, I was jumping up and down right along with you guys! I’ll be resting up to be ready for Game 4 tonight!

Let’s go Phillies!
Helen McK

Hey Shane,

You said it right-wow
moyer pitched great,howard and rollins are hitting.
I was at work and was asking every customer whats the score and then evrybody poured in and screamed 5-4!i screamed too.
I know u guys are beat,it ended late.
rest up and go get em tonite.2 more to go.
God bless and best wishes.Hope your family is here to cheer you and the guys on
Take care,

Shane, Great job. keep it up it up. My son is a huge fan of yours since you played for the Red Barons and gave him a ball and autographed his hat. We currently live in Maryland, but he will be in the Stands on Oct 26 th cheer his Shane on.. Good Luck.
JOanne C

Shane, WoW is right. I dozed off and woke up to see Chase hit his homer. So I was wide awake after that. I wanted to yell but there were people sleeping. I would’ve given anything to be there. That play the Rays made is something I have never seen before. Obviously, it didn’t work. Great dive you made trying to get out of the way of that wild pitch. I don’t care how you guys win it, as long as you do. Good luck tonight. You’ll have another angel looking over you, Tug McGraw, since some of his ashes are on the mound. Awesome pitching by Jamie and that homer by Ryan helped alot to. Remember to have fun tonight thank god it won’t be raining.

I just want to say to Shane and all of the Phillies–I love you guys, I am so proud of you…I’m a middle-aged woman who jokes with her friend that you guys are “our boys”…I never had kids of my own, but now I have a whole team of boys, LOL!
Congratulations on a terrific season so far and GO ALL THE WAY. I’m behind you 100% and so are a whole lot of other people!

I live in a little southern NJ town, I think JRoll uses the highway by my house to go back & forth to the ballpark…I wear my Phillies hats and shirts everywhere and strangers walk by me and say “Go Phillies”…there are signs in peoples’ yards and windows, it’s like Christmas or something! This is my first time following a World Series Playoff and I’m having the time of my life being a Phillies Phan!

Good Luck for the rest of the Series!

WOW IS THE WORD way to guys keep on fighting for it this is our time 2 to go lets get the first one tonight baby Thanks Shane you are def. one of my favorites on a team of great guys

Hey Shane,
It’s not magical; it’s a matter of honoring God in the abilities He’s given each of you. Yes!
Once again, I urge the team “get on one knee in the clubhouse before entering the dugout tonight.” Give God thanks for this morning’s win and ask for His continued favor on the team. He surely wants to be involved in your success; for it is His power at work within you.!
Keep the faith and keep on winning,

WOW…fantastic win!!! It was so worth staying up late to see! I would go to work a bit tired and maybe even a little late to see that all over again! I just hope you got some good rest for tonight’s game. That must be difficult after a win like that.
It never ceases to amaze me just how much of a team you guys are! There is always someone willing to step up to the plate and deliver a big play when needed. It is so refreshing to see a team of really great guys pulling together to win this thing! The Rays too seem to be a nice group of guys. You both are providing a really good finish to a great season! I hate to think about the fact that we will soon have to wait for next season…I feel major baseball withdraw coming on!
Have fun tonight…win or lose, we love you guys!!!

Shane, Victory is SWEET… What a game… It was a movie like ending. Through it all, I really felt like we would get the win. I truly BELIEVE that this is our year. Rest up for tonight and you guys go GET UM…. Love ya, Jeannie 🙂

Aloha Mahalo Shane. The last time my beloved Phils won the world series it was on my 12 th Birthday in 1980. I and every other person in Phillies Country has been waiting for this moment . As a phan since birth- I cannot thank you and your teammates for giving us this season( and the world series) enough. All of you have special places in the hearts of the phans.
I’ll be at the game tonight WIN IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Mahalo 🙂
Daniela from Philadelphia

Great effort last night. You have to win despite the umpiring, no matter what, and you guys did that.
Now, we just gotta put the ball in play a little more consistenly. I loved that single Werth punched into right field. That is what I am talking about. Of course, his baserunning is NOT what I am talking about, lol! Hopefully the team will continue to sharpen its focus and, at the same time, relax and play Phillies baseball.

I love you guys! And these playoffs have been too exciting!

Hey, Shane, ever been to ‘What’s Shakin” on the big island? Great fresh fruit smoothies!

Great job to the whole Phillies team!

Good game u guys really wanted to win never givin up nd always fightin..even tho the guys on fox talk down on yal u guys always find a way to win cant wait 4 tht parade on thursday cuz i knw we arent goin bak to tampa lets keep it goin.. LETS GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 MORE WINS ND ITS LIKE 80 AGAIN

What an incredible game! I thought it would never stop raining. But, it did and it was the most amazing game to watch. Something out of a movie or a dream. I watched the game with my friends at a local bar. We were all on the edge of our seats. When Ruiz hit that walk-off single we all jumped up out of our seats. I’m sure it was nuts at the park. Thanks so much for writing this blog. You all are such a wonderful team and you deserve to win. I hope you get some rest and win tonight. Much love – GO PHILLIES!!!

Wow, what a game!!! I knew it would be a long night but I also knew that once the game started, I was in for the duration. The bats are coming alive again and that’s great to see. The base running, well, I’ll just let that one go for now, LOL. It was nice to see the fans tough the weather out and stay to the bitter end. They can be brutal, I was hysterical when they were chanting “EVA”. So funny. Get some rest and be ready for tonight. Can’t wait!!!! Only 2 more to go, let’s do this in Philly!!!

*Ya gotta believe* and we do!

You guys are AWSOME!! I am enjoying every single moment of every game you play and just wish the times were earlier. Good luck today, although I don’t think you’ll need it. I KNEW those bats were going to heat up and now you’ll all be burning a hole through those Rays!
*You Gotta BELIEVE!!!**

haha, this is so much fun! tonight I will be there with my mom who’s 80th birthday is today. the win will be the best gift ever so thanks for the memories. We believe!

yo man. that game was one of the most ridiculous games that i have ever witnessed. also, just wanted to say thank you. you (and the rest of the team.) brought my brother and i closer because the phillies are the one thing that we have in common. it’s not the only thing, but it’s the biggest. so thank you again, shane. hope you got some sleep and enjoyed the win. one game at a time!!

I think many of us are in agreement that “WOW” is the one-word that best describes last night’s game. Even though I knew in my gut you guys were going to win, from the first pitch on I didn’t know whether I was going to cry, scream, have a heart attack or throw up … and that’s just watching the game. I can’t imagine how it feels for you guys who have to actually play the game. I’m so proud to be a fan of a team that plays with heart, with character, and with the true spirit of teamwork. You guys are shining examples of why little kids want to grow up to be ballplayers and perfect reminders of why people fell in love with this game. Before Game 1 started, a bunch of us were casting predictions. So far, I’m 3-for-3. (If my predictions hold, you sweep the Rays and claim your place in Philly tomorrow). For everything you and the team have earned through the regular season, the NLDS, and the NLCS … Ho’omaika’i; and, I hope you all are able to actually ENJOY being in the World Series.
Much love and best wishes from Jersey,
~~ Lori

Jamie was cool and collective, what he does best.
And Carlos, amazing. MVP so far for the series. I love that guy. Fantastico.
Ryan needed that ego booster.
No matter what comes down the road, I stand behind you.
2 a.m., who cares. That was a great game against a tough team.
Go get em.

Shane, thanks so much for writing early this morning after that amazing win. You guys prove more and more with every game, that this is your year. We are soooooooooo proud of you. Continue to play hard, but stay relaxed. Yes, the Rays are a tough team, but the Fightins’ are tougher. Good luck tonight and give Ryan Howard a pat on the back for us fans that BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His homer was a great upliftting for us and him, i’m sure. Also, Jamie Moyer pitched a great game, let him know how thankful the fans are. Stay tough, confident, and as a TEAM, win game 4. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right on cuz! You guys put out quite a game last night! My ‘ohana all stayed up to watch the game! Mahalo for a great game!

We wanted to be there with you guys but da game all sold out! We live out in the burbs (near Reading, PA) and we support all the Hawai’i teams and athletes (Timmy Chang and Nate Ilaoa) that come our way. Recently, we went to the LLWS when Waipio pulled off that rally and ended up winning the series the next day!

Maybe we can bring some good luck (as some of the LLWS fans believe) your way if you get some extra. Oddawise, if the Hawai’i contingent have a get-together anytime during the games, let us know. We like come!

I’m hoping I finally found a way to get a message to you.

P.S. Your Dad might remember my granduncle, Abraham Aiona.

Mahalo a nui,

You guys just never quit…it’s awesome! I’ll be there in the stands today cheering you on! Hit a home run to me :O) Ok, well, just win the game… :O)


Hey, Shane.

Yes – WOW! I hope you are sleeping and getting rested up for tonight. Last night was a blast. So happy for Jamie that he pitched a great game. Go get ’em tonight. WE LOVE YOU!


That was an absolutely INSANE game! Back-n-forth, up-n-down! It was my first WS experience and I’d like to Thank everyone of the Phillies for one of the greatest experiences of my LIFE! I got to the Parking Lot at 230 pm, was outside in the crazy weather until about 915pm, through every rain drop, gust of wind, and down pour with the rest of the 45,900 people. I stayed for every pitch, in soaking wet shoes and socks, I couldnt have been pried from my seat. Lets pick keep the momentum going and sweep these guys here at home and bring the WS trophy back here to Philly. I writing on behalf of all the Phillies fans down in DELAWARE, LETS GO PHILS!!! GO get ’em SHANE and all the PHILS!!


I have never seen anything like that wild pitch dodge you pulled off. HOLY CRAP. I have never felt so alive at 3am in my life. I’m going to be telling my kids about this game. Making them watch old clips from it!!!

Keep kicking *** sir,
I await you in the streets after the final victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey N.


You, and your teammates deserve this. I have a feeling that YOU are going to do something magical tonight. I think it is the Irish in me, but I can feel it. You and your spirit/soul is one of the biggest reason this city is about to reverse the curse…YOU ARE THE MAN MY BROTHER!! GO GET EM!!!!! GO PHILS!! TOM H

Wow is right!…for the whole game & for each of the thrilling moments throughout the game. & “Wow!” could be the caption for so many of the pictures of you playing baseball, but it seems especially fitting for this one of you at home plate. It is almost as if you are really flying! Amazing! Congratulations to Jamie & all you guys! Looking forward to game 4!!! Go Phils!

This is just so AWESOME !!! Had my Dad lived, nothing would have made him happier! I just want you all to do your best and enjoy all of this – these memories will last forever!

I hope you were able to get some sleep! Goodness, that is quite the late post! Wow, I’m surprised you guys didn’t just collapse on the floor and fall asleep after that one. XD It was amazing. The rain may have delayed the game, but it did nothing to dampen the fans or you guys’ playing! Through rain or shine, you guys can win!! I know…it went so late…and I watched it all. It was crazy to be up watching until 2am, but it was SO WORTH IT. You all contributed. Carlos was amazing with his homerun and last hit, and of course, Howard and Utley’s homeruns were amazing as well~ You did great, too! 😀 Haha, those Rays didn’t know how to play in the chilly wet weather; they’re too pampered with their fake ballpark. Controlled climate and whatnot.
There were some bad calls and errors that we could’ve done without…but heck, Moyer pulled through (of course he would!!), and you all came back for the win. :3 I’m looking forward to the next game today! 2 games in one day, haha. Take care~

WOW!!!! That was the only thought I had a 1:47 am as we jumped up and down screaming. Who cares we were still soaked and freezing cold.. It was worth it!!! Moyer was TREMENDOUS!! The fans were not as loud as usual but considering the monsoon we all dealt with in the parking lot it’s understandable. I think the “EVA” chant for Longoria more than made up for it.
Tim sprinkling Tugs ashes on the mound before the game brings Tug back on the field where he belongs. “You Gotta Believe!!” And we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World Champs 1980 …………………………….2008…………………………………………………………………..
Closer at the time #45…………… 2008 #54…………………………………………………….. It’s Our time

:o) Jen

Hey Shane, congrats on the win last night.. I loved it completely loved it.. I was still ticked at Joe Buck with his announcing, The funny thing I see is that it is starting to change a little bit.. Same with Tim McCarver.. But anyway that was an awesome play on both ends with Moyer and Howard. As you said when miked up an awesome play as you were conversating with Werth and Bruntlett. You guys won another game in exciting fashion.. Kudos to Moyer on his pitching, Kudos to Howard and Utley on there home runs and of course most definately to Ruiz… He is on a terror of late.. Everyone’s bats are coming around.. I know I will be watching again tonight From Central PA!!!!!. Good Luck LET’S GO PHILLIES, LET’S GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You really look like you ARE the Flyin’ Hawaiian in that photo! WOW, is right! Does it get any better than this?! I think people can stop questioning whether Moyer is capable of successful pitching in the postseason now. He silenced those folks alright last night, just like we KNEW HE WOULD! That defensive move to first was fantastic — too bad we didn’t get the call. This game truly had it all and the pivotal one at that. Carlos has been sensational and neat to see Bruntlett figuring in the win too in the 9th. Are there any changes to make to THIS TEAM — I think not! The depth is there to bring all the boys back in 2009! Heading East to Philly today to be in the town that will produce the next World Series Champions! We believe!

Yeah that was a wild game. I am glad that in the end you guys came through. Let me tell you something that was really nerve wrecking. I really want you guys to win it all here so that you can get the home field advantage. Well good luck today play hard, play your hearts out and just have fun. We fans are behind everyone of you all the way. Luck, angels and all the good stuff will be surrounding you guys today so just relax and play, see the ball, hit the ball and catch the ball? all going to work out for you guys. Go Shane, Utley, Howard, Jimmy and Blanton, we need you. Go Phillies!!!!!!!

good job last night.
i stayed up the whole game cheering you on with my rally towel. i wasso excited. i was kinda like shocked when the rays did the 5 man infield i was trying to figure out what they were doing. when bruntlett scored i went nuts. i was so excited. keep up the good work. i believe in you guys. come back tomorrow and show them whose boss. good luck you guys deserve it. =)
love ya shane
i will be cheering u on tonight =)

Congrats to the team on a great win! That’s what the Rays get for throwing at your knees. Way to get out of the way! That 95 mph pitch would have really hurt. Go get ’em tonite. You can do it!

WOW is sure right.. GREAT game! i really thought i wasn’t gonna make it through the game, but i’m glad i didn’t doze off at all and got to see you guys pull out the win!
only 2 more wins and it’s alllllllllll good! i really think we got this, and i can’t wait to go to the parade down broad street! i’m missing school for that! haha
and i’m so glad the weather’s gorgeous today so we don’t have to stay up so late again! haha PHILS IN 5!
your’re the man shane!

Victorino!!! u r amazing!!! [along with the rest of the team =] ] great game last night! ur gonna do better tonight. i can feel it! i stayed up 4 the whole game and it was amazing! u guys rock!!!

MOST AMAZING GAME YOU GUYS HAVE EVER PLAYED! I was biting my nails and holding my breath during the entire 9th inning, but you guys didn’t fail to come back, and it was AWESOME. Good luck tonight. TWO MORE GAMES!!

Nice way to win, guys. Now go out there and take the next two. Give Kentucky Joe some runs support early and often. Win two more.

Awesome game last night (this morning). My husband and son were there with his brother who is in the Phillies organization in Reading. They had the best time, the crowd was pumped and the rally towels were flying. I was at a party watching on 4 tvs, the noise levels were amazing. It’s taking over the entire area, everywhere you go, people talking about it, sharing stories, etc. WAY TO GO PHILLIES, GO GET ‘EM!!!!!

i thought i might have a heart attack, but never for a second did i want to go to sleep.
the FANTASTIC play by moyer in the beginning of the 7th inning, where the umpire wasn’t in position to see that the ball to howard’s bare hand beat crawford’s foot to the bag, almost killed me. that non-out lead directly to the two runs that inning. GAH!
so, i was even more stoked that you guys pulled it out in the bottom of the 9th. if you’d lost because of that play, i’d’ve been one angry fan – writin’ nasty letters to the league! moot now…
YEEHAW, game four!!!

OMG that was friggen FABULOUS!! Full on nail biting, palm sweating, edge of your seat kind of game! You guys were incredible…can’t say the same for the umps though! Rest up, psyche out and go get em! Two more till u guys bring em home baby and okole maluna! Your Maui Fans!!

WOW, that was one of the most exciting games I have ever attended. You are right about the time, we never noticed how late it was until we got back to the hotel….adreneline it was!! Thank you for making it worth the 3 hours we stood in the pouring rain to reserve our SRO spot. You guys are great!!! See you at the parade….LET’S GO PHILLIES!!!

WOW game 3 was amazing!!!! I kept playing the videos over and over because everything was so awesome!!! I can’t wait for game 4 tonight, it’s still bright and sunny here in SF, so let’s GO PHILLIES and win this game tonight!!!! Good luck and GO PHILLIES!!!! GO PHILLIES!!!!

I’m so ecstatic you guys won today!
This was an important game, and now you have all the momentum going into Game 4 which is another important game.
Win today and tomorrow so we can celebrate in Philly!
-Lizzie (yet again) 🙂

I wish I could have been there with everyone to cheer you guys on. Don’t worry, they’re waving the white towels for you in Michigan as well!

Awesome game tonight Shane!

One more to go!!!!!!!!!!!
Love watching you play, love your energy!



We will be having “Flyin’ Hawaiian” Pizza tonight!!!
Have fun and play hard! See you at the parade.

I am sooo glad I stayed awake for that entire game, it should win an Emmy award! Now, if we can just keep the rain/snow/wind under control and finish game 5 tonight, it will be OURS! VICTORY!!!!!thanks to VICTORINO and friends.
You guys played like champs on Monday night in that soup! Thanks for a great ride so far, and thanks in advance for a WIN!!!!




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