One more…

Tonight was great, very positive, but we still have one left. Until we win, we have to stay focused. Someone told me that no NL team has ever lost a five-game series leading 2-0, but I don’t care. We have to finish, then keep going. Charlie Manuel said they’ve still got a chance to win, and it’s definitely true.

When I first hit that ball, I said I have to get going. When I was running I looked at Ryan Braun and he stopped, and I thought, did that really just happen? Knowing that we got a little cushion on a guy like CC was amazing.

It was big to get that win off of him knowing that he’s been lights out for them. Our goal was to get his pitch count up, and Brett Myers made him throw 19 pitches. I tried to stay aggressive and I was able to get balls up in the zone.

With a guy like him, you can’t look for a certain pitch. He’s throwing you 97 and then he comes back with 85-mile-an-hour changeups. You can’t sit there on one pitch because he throws everything for strikes. You stay aggressive and just hope that he keeps the ball up. Like today, we were able to do it.

It was nice to get the fans on their feet again. They were cheering us on tonight. Standing there for seven innings after hitting it, I was trying to stay focused. They were loud and were cheering. Hitting a game-winning home run on Hawaiian Day last season was pretty exciting, but this is the one I will cherish.


shane, you are so amazing. i can tell you, the whole tri state area went absolutely crazy when you hit that grand slam. what a feeling.

shane i was at tonights amazing game you were awesome and you made everyones night i cant believe how loud it was, good luck this weekend hopefully we can win with jamie, i have faith in you guys!

That was some display against Sabathia. Must feel good to be intentionally walked to face Utley. Wow. That’s something to write home about!

Wow, Shane. What an amazing game for you and the team. So many great memories. My favorite (besides your slam of course) has to be Brett’s walk. The crowd got with him as soon as he fouled the first pitch off. He caught the message and started fighting for the walk, which he eventually got. I call it the Greatest Base on Balls in Phillies History. The walk (and the crowd) flustered CC, then he walked Jimmy and hung a slider to you. I also loved JC’s one-pitch hold against Fielder. The broken bat went further than the ball. Chase’s glove flip was cool too. Brad’s strike-happy save was another thrill. Good job by the guys getting more than four hits, as I requested yesterday.

Keep pickin’ it for Jamie on Saturday in Milwaukee and get a lot more hits. One more win and we’ll be able to chant “Beat LA” once again.

Many congratulations to you and rest of the Phillies! You guys are the greatest!

Dave from Baton Rouge, LA

Shane… I have to say you are the most fun Phillie to watch. Your energy and joy for the game make you electric. As a Philly-native transplanted to Oakland I can tell you that your Grand Slam rocked all the way across the nation to sunny California. I want to drive down to LA to see you beat the Dodgers next!!!!


While I was at that game last season, where you hit the walk-off HR, I was not at Thursday’s game I cheered you and all the Phils on none the less. You guys did great in defying the odds and I really hope you continue to do so this year.


I’ve said it throughout the regular season, I shouted it to you at Petco Park, I flew back to Philly to yell it again on home turf, & I will say it once again to you personally…You are the MVP of this team (and my fantasy team)! You did something today that we the fans will NEVER forget!!! You are a key factor in bringing us home a title & I will be in both LA & Philly cheering you on!
This is truly a World Series Caliber team…talent combined with heart will get us there! YOU taught me that!
Congrats to you & the rest of the Phab Phils! And I promise to try my best NOT to get thrown out of Dodger Stadium…
Jen & Company in San Diego, CA

I forgot to congratulate you for a fine postgame interview on TBS. Great job!

Awesome . . . That’s all I can really say ! My neighbors must think my family and I are crazy. We were all screaming at the top of our lungs and jumping up and down. I was expecting a shaving cream pie though! I was extremely proud of the Phillies for handling Sabathia so well. That Hawaiian Punch was heard all through the Northeast from South Philly. Keep focused and help us forget 93′. ALOHA . . . . .

Dear Shane,
My earliest memory of the Phillies was a playoff homerun, in the last inning of the last game of the 1993 World Series (or “World Serious” as I called it at the time.) Thank you for finally making up for it…yours was way better. This team is something special, and we all know it. You guys hold tremendous power over the emotions of a city. Millions of people wake up in the morning and think “today, the Phillies play a game in the playoffs, and that is all that matters. Even if I have a terrible day, I get to come home and watch playoff baseball in Philadelphia.” So on behalf of the single greatest fan base in all of sports, thank you for giving us the emotional high that many of us have literally waited a lifetime for.


Shaka, brah! What a thrill to see you hit your first slam and off of such an awesome pitcher to boot. Congrats to you and the whole team on staying focused and taking it one step at a time. It was pure joy to watch Brett’s hearty at bats and hear the crowd screaming and waving their “Fightin’ Phillies” rally towels at such a season-high crescendo — I could almost hear it all the way over here on the Big Island in the middle of the Pacific! We love ya, Mr. Flyin’ Hawaiian. You make us proud in Hawaii.

Although I live in HI now, I grew up in Telford, PA , and want to send out special wishes of aloha to a hometown hero, Jamie Moyer, to enjoy on Saturday evening every bit of what he has worked so hard for all these years. Your work ethic, character and your compassion has been quite an inspiration to me and many others. We’re cheering you on, Jamie, and the whole Phillies team!!

Kailua-Kona, HI

It was 2 am in Italy and in the sleeping house I gave a giant shout!
I understand that you are Stitch of the cartoon “Lillo & Stitch” just an extra-terrestrial player.

LOVE all you guys. Thanks so much for giving us some genuinely fun games to watch this postseason.

Your grand slam was incredible!!!!!!!! (I must confess, you are my favorite Phillie, Shane). Brett’s at-bat had me almost peeing my pants laughing. I had a great time watching you guys last night.

Best of luck to Jamie tonight, and best of luck to the offense to give him some breathing room! GO PHILS!

The place was electric last night, and your slam was the icing on the cake. I heard on the post game show it was the first grand slam in Phillies postseason history. Congrats!

BABE VICTORINO! I said, “Come home, Shane.” Not only did you follow my instructions, you brought three friends with you. GO PHILLIES GO!

What a game, Shane I love your style of play keep it up and keep these guys fired up this is just the begining yesterday is over keep your eyes on the prize Thanks again for making game two a memroble one,,,,,,,

Yesterday I was going to make a comment that you have such a great attitude and thats what will make us win. But I got too busy and forgot. But today I have to tell you I was right. Your attitude is outstanding and the grand slam could not have happened to a better player or person. Good things will always happen to you. Glad Dad was there to see it!!

That was awesome, Shane! Thanks for the excitement and the memories! Congratulations on a great game.

Meyers worked CC beautifully. But I have to say the fans with those rally towels really helped choke CC up. And you, well, just incredible!
Best of luck in Milwaukee.
Got my towel next to the tele.

Shane – you are my hero, what an amazing hit last night! Good luck to you and the team on Saturday.


YOU ARE THE MAN! It was nice to see you battle in that at bat. You kept your hands back, and killed that ball. Thank you for the great memory. i was working at the ballpark last night, and we all felt the energy after you hit the ball. Good Luck this weekend.

Hey Vic, Glad that i got to watch that game, i am stationed in Egypt right now with about 400 of pa national gaurdsmen, which most are from the great city of philadelphia. Just wanted to to thank you guys for playin your hearts out, we are nearly 5000 miles away and you still get or hearts thumpin. What a huge game for you and the rest of the guys. Brett scared me me there a lil but in the first though, you guys played a great game and were aggressive against a guy who was suppost to be lights out. Cograts on your first granny, and what a way and plave to get it. Kee it up the throught the rest of the playoffs.

Thanks, SPC Doug Clegg B Trp 1/104th Cav Philadelphia, PA

Thanks for playing hard and for being a great role model for all young ball players. Last night was great, but the energy and intensity that you bring to every game is what really keeps us cheering for the Flyin’ Hawaiian. Great job, congrats on the big win, and Mahalo nui loa!


Shane you ROCK!!! Are you sure your not Superman? Everyone was so amazing tonight. Awesome game. I think the whole neighborhood heard me & my son screaming! It’s been 15yrs since I felt this kind of excitement from this team & the fans. 2 down, 1 to go!! Congrats to you & the rest of the Phillies. Go get um Superman!!! Thanks!!

Could you here us chanting Vic Tor Ri No, as in Lets Go Phil Le’s? You are the ignition switch for this team. Keep it up, we love you and the passion you have for this game.


Congrats on your Grand Slam…it was amazing!! My neighbors heard my screaming. Once Sabathia was rattled, we didn’t let him off the hook! Brett sure showed his stuff even after struggling in the first inning with such a hard fought at-bat and then dominating on the mound thereafter. He is a true warrior. I know you guys are pumped to finish this series and I know you will. Good luck to Jamie Moyer, but I know he too will be bring his “A” game.
One game at a time… and I’ll see my Fightin Phils in the World Series.

“Shane you Rock!”
God bless

Shane Victorino – You ARE the Man!

i always love watching you play because you bring an excitement to the game that i haven’t seen since Pete Rose.

THE biggest grand slam in Phillies history.

thank you.

That was AWESOME Shane!!! I was so scared that you were going to get traded. I sure hope the powers that be realize now how immportant you are to the team both as a playe and an emerging leader in the clubhouse.

We’re rooting you on from our home in FL. Keep up the good work and get it done quickly in Milwaukee. You are the spark that keeps this team ignited. Go, Shane!

Unfortunately I missed the seeing the Grand Slam live. I was at my sons Tai-Kwon-Do class when it happened. Before we left for his class, my son, who is your biggest fan, told my wife to watch the game & to call us when Shane Victorino hits a Grand Slam. We laughed because…well, sometimes 7 year olds say the darndest things.

So anyways, I’m sitting in the YMCA bleachers with about 50 other parents, decked out in my Phillies gear, fidgity as heck because I want to go home & watch the game. Suddenly…the ring of my phone is echoing throughout the gym. My son, looks up to see me answer it, and a huge grin spread across his face…He knew…He freaking knew it without a word being said. It was one of those moments that I wouldn’t trade for anything…My wife & my other son were going crazy on the other end of the line. I looked at my son…Gave him the thumbs up & the kid couldn’t stop grinning. After class, the first thing he said to me was…”Victorino listened to me?!?”

Thank you so much for that moment Shane…My family will never forget it.

Great job yesterday and all season Shane. That double and stealing third off of CC was just what we needed to get going. Then the grand slam, well done. You won Game 2 for us man, no question. Keep it up, you guys are all great. Go Phillies!

Shane thank you for one of the most exciting Phillies games I have ever husband and I are huge fans and we had an awesome time..the crowd was great..we couldn’t believe we were actually cheering Brett’s foul balls but in the end, it was all perfect!!! I read in the news this morning that your dad was there so I am sure that was really meaningful to both of you..I know it was to us fans!!!! Keep going!!!!!!!!


I was driving to pick my son up from his fall ball practice when you hit your grand slam last night…just getting out of the car as a matter of fact. I called out the news and the entire practice stopped to cheer.

Just so you know it’s more than the 45,000+ in Citizen’s Bank Park cheering the team on. It’s been an awsome ride and we KNOW you guys are going to go all the way.

Dude, you made me choke on my bite of mahi-mahi when you hit that homerun! I always thought (and think) you are such an exciting player to watch, and Congrats on all your hard work paying off with such an important hit.

Have no mercy! Good luck!

Congratulations, SHANE!!! You are absolutely awesome and not just with this GRAND SLAM!! I so enjoy watching you in every game, because you always give it your all. You are just such a phenomenal all around athlete. I was so proud of all of you last night, but especially you and Brett. Brett just wore out CC and the crowd loved it. His base hit was just icing on the cake. I’ll be watching all of you and wish you the best all the way through the World Series because you’re going to make it there!!!

wow i dont even know what to say Shane.

I’ve gone to about 20 games a season since I was 4 years old and your grand slam had to be the most magic thing I had ever seen.

And now, 22 years after my first phils game, after never leaving philly my whole life, I moved to Texas where I was screaming so loud my neighbors almost called the cops.

Keep this goin fightin phils!!!!

It was all so amazing indeed!! Here all the press and everyone was deadly afraid of CC, but you guys did wonders against him. Myers’s at-bat was so classic…and it really lead to everything happening. Your grand slam was the BEST THING EVER. It made my day. 😀 Of course your game-winning homerun from last season was awesome, but come on! This was your first grand slam!! And it was also a game-winner.

How much more incredible was it that your DAD watched that game!?!? He could not have been more prouder of you than at that moment. I saw you point to the crowd, but didn’t realize it was your Father until I read the complimentary article in today’s paper about him.
Hit another in Milwaukee! Make it worth the trip for your Mom!

Shane, Thank you for hitting the grand slam and getting the final out of the game. We, the original Phylin’ Hawaiians were there for you and the rest of the team last night and will be there for you the rest of the way. Thanks for being our star of the game! Joanne “Sargent At Arms of the original Phylin’ Hawaiians” Mahalo nui loa

My comment got cut off. O__o Oh well, but yeah…woot! You can keep on winning; I, along with a billion other fans, know it!!

Shane, that was frickin’ fantastic! My husband and I are displaced Phillies fans living in Chapel Hill, NC and we seriously scared our neighbors with all the yelling and screaming when you crushed that pitch. Thank you (and the rest of the team) for another heart-pounding, gut-wrenching season!

From 423 in the upper deck i thought that was a fly ball, but it was a grand slam! Let’s win Saturday.

Great job yesterday. Keep it going. I have a question for you. Why did Ruiz get the start instead of coste who is a better hitter and normally catches Myers? He plays well for you guys all year long and this is the second time he is not seeing time in the playoffs. ONE MORE!!!


Congratulations !!! You da man !!! I have been a Phillies fan my whole life. I remember 1980 and what that meant to the city. This team has what it takes to win it all. Just like you have all been saying since the 1st game of the season one game at a time. I was so happy to see that your dad was there. He is so proud of you. Best of the luck the rest of the way. GO PHILS !!!

I was there for that walk off HR last year Shane, it was a great moment. Especially after you went something like 0/4 or 0/5 leading up to it! Haha just kidding man, you have always been one of my family’s favorite Phillies. My brother got your shirt before I was able to, but now he’s going to have to deal with me owning one too, because no way am I not showing my Hawaiian pride after you came through with a hit like that. I have to say though, the thing I love the most about watching you play is your defense. The combination of your speed, the way you play the field, and your arm, it’s really something. I think you’re the best defensive player overall I’ve ever watched in a Phillies uniform. Keep Flyin High Shane!

Hi Shane…I was in the outfield seats when you hit the Grand Slam and I can honestly say, in all my years of attending Phillies games, I have NEVER seen such a reaction from the crowd! It was intense. I was surrounded by a bunch of slightly intoxicated guys and after you hit it, they started shouting and hugging everyone, including me. Normally, hugs from strangers creep me out, but this was all good :o) I am SO happy for you! It could not have happened to a better guy. Enjoy the moment and tomorrow, back to work to lead this team to the next level! Best of luck,


Must be absolutely amazing to be the first in Phillies history to hit a postseason grand slam — major congrats, Shane, that is a record no one can tie, break, or take away, you are the very first to do it, absolutely amazing stuff. Good luck the rest of the postseason, get one more W.

You showed the world last night why you are known as the Muscles From Maui.

Wishing you continued success in the playoffs.

i was taking a math exam during the first half of the exam. but i was watching updates on my phone, and when i saw the little blue dot for “in-play, run(s)” i was getting excited. when i saw that the play was a grand slam, i straight up shouted. in my silent exam. it was amazing. the first game, i watched the same way. it was so hard to watch cole’s gem on my phone while doing chemistry. since i havent been able to watch any of the playoff games, because of exams, do it for me and get 9 more wins. so i can watch all of them.


Great game, for you and the team as a whole last night. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I can’t think of a better ballplayer for kids to watch and emulate. It was nice to see Werth find his swing and now with a righthander pitching Saturday, it is time for Ryan and Chase to take the burden off of you guys. Thanks for your blog and the excitement you’ve provided, last night and really the whole year. Go Phillies!!!

Great game, for you and the team as a whole last night. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I can’t think of a better ballplayer for kids to watch and emulate. It was nice to see Werth find his swing and now with a righthander pitching Saturday, it is time for Ryan and Chase to take the burden off of you guys. Thanks for your blog and the excitement you’ve provided, last night and really the whole year. Go Phillies!!!

What a game! My daughter drove up from Hampton VA for the game and was thrilled when you threw the ball up to her! Even though I was the one with the silly foam Phanatic hat on, she definitely cheered as loud and long as I did! You and Pat are her favorites. Good luck the rest of the way.

Awesome! Tremendous! Unbelievable! Wow!! I was at the game last night, it was crazy. And you just caused the place to go crazy. People were giving high fives to everyone after your Grandslam, almost broke my eardrums! And, Shane, you deserve the credit. You are one of the main reasons we are here this year. Your hustle, your positive attitude. Thank you and howabout another one Saturday?

Hi Shane!
I seriously keep getting choked up when I read these comments or think about your grand slam yesterday. I was watching at home in my apt in Bensalem and I just jumped up and started SCREAMING at the top of my lungs. It was AWESOME! I grew up in South Jersey as a die hard Phillies fan, moved to DC for 7 years and rooted for the Phils from there, and now I’m back in the area. I have loved this team and been going to games my whole life. You bring such joy and excitment to the game and this team. How proud your dad must have been to be there and for your mom. Hopefully she’ll be able to see you.
Good luck in Milwaukee, bring it home! Go Phils
Brooke, 29 in Bensalem, PA
PS- My mother LOOOOVEESSSSS you. I mean, seriously.

That was one for the ages. I am 42 years old which puts me in the very lean years of Philly sports. They teased me when I was young winning a world series a couple stanley cups, and a NBA championship. Then nothing….just pain and suffering. People around the world say ” poor cubbies”, well what about us. Shane I got that feeling that this could be the icebreaker. Keep up the good work an stay focused Im behind you all the way.

I was at the games last night, wow! Your Grand Slam, Myers At Bat=absolute pure joy. I pulled something in my arm waving that towel, my voice is next to gone, and I could not be more excited! You, the team, and the fans have created the Perfect Storm. This team has the strength and fortitude to go to the World Series and we are ready to watch you lead the way. Congrats and well done! You have made Philadelphia proud!

oh wow lau lau……u da man shane o……a grand salami and in a playoff game yet o…….plus 2 doubles/10 total bases…..keep it up and hope your mom and dad get to see u continue playing like dis in milwaukee………

Shane!!!!! You have got to be my favorite Phillie, cuz you always look like you are having so much fun. The slam was awesome. I know you won’t like to hear it but I am a Red Sox fan. But when I was kid the Phillies were my fave team. Living in the Lehigh Valley, I have always followed the Phils, so I am hoping for a Red Sox/ Phils World Series. Go Fightins!!!!

I was in my car & screamed when I heard Scott Franzke and LA make the call. They keep replaying the call & I’m still screaming!

I couldn’t have picked a player I’d rather see hit a grand slam like that than you, Shane–it was awesome.
You’re the one guy that always seems to be having a great time–you make the game fun to watch no matter what.

What a thrill to have you on this team.

oh babbby. that grand slam may have made my YEAR!
anyone that knows me knows i am obsessed with my babe shane victorino. for my birthday my moms getting me seats in the 146 section first row on shane victorino bobble head night.
oh yeahhh. ill be there signs and all. praying for a ball…i was at the monday game against atlanta like 2 weeks ago and i had everyone in my section trying to get me a victorino ball. hahahaha. love phillies fans
love the philllies…one away…cant even believe it…so happy.proud .excited.GO BABES.
theres only one october
love my babess…go victorino.

ps. i was late for my socccer game just to see you bat…what a good call to stay.
late for my game had my victorino shirt on under my jersey…hahaha unfortunatnly the ref was a mets fan.

Congrats! That was amazing! What a way to hit your first grand slam! Hope you are with the Phils for your baseball life. Go and finish off the Brewers Saturday and then on to the NLCS! GO PHILS!

Hey Shane,

Thank you very much for posting this blog. It’s really cool to get an inside perspective. I’m a lifelong Phillies phan and have really enjoyed the ride this year (for the most part, anyway). I was at the division-clinching game Saturday night – absolutely insane! – and will be there for game 2 of the NLCS. I’m sure we’ll all be waving the rally towels and cheering you guys on to victory! All the Phillies phans are so proud of how far you’ve come over the past year, and we just love how you approach and play the game. Let’s finish off the Brew Crew tonight and get a few extra days off before the next round…GO PHILS!

P.S. – I had you on my fantasy team this year, and you helped lead me win my league also. Thanks!

Shane…great game…keep playing hard…don’t ever change your style of play.

I was there at the game on Hawaiian Day last year sitting out in the pouring rain with two of my buddies. Seeing you hit that homerun is truly a Phillies moment i will never forget. We keep coming back for Hawaiin day now too. Your grandslam and overall playoff performance has been amazing.
Keep up the good work.


Shane,”Heartfelt Thoughts and Prayers” along with our condolences about your loss.The fact that you and the Skipper are playing with “Love and Passion” for both your Loved ones ,the fans,your family and friends and most of all…”Diggin Deeper” than any man would at a time like this.Extraordinary men playing extraordinary Baseball…My Fan Favorite and surely My Vote for MVP,both for the year,the series and the World series!I,dedicate these games for the loss of my cousin and I’m sure your friend Johnny Marzano who would be ever so gratified and Proud of you for your Fundamental play! You have been simply amazing,a True “Superstar.” Good Luck in all your Life’s Endeavours. Much Respect From Barry and Cuzz…

JohnnyMarzanoCuzz…I am sending thoughts and prayers and wish you strength and good luck in the World Series!
You are a Fundamental winder who has grown into a “Superstar before our eyes…never to have an end in a Phillies Uniform…Way to play My Man…
In Dedication and Memory of Grandmom, Johnny Marzano and the Skippers Mother.

Accept the trophys with gratitude,Pride and Dignity…You are the MAN!
“The Flyin Hawaiian!”

I once discused on-air with John and Vinnie about gettin rid of the “Bean Ball,” and You handled that incident like a “True Sportsman!” Way to show them thar Dodgers what a mistake they made overlooking you…thank God…now everything we all could wish for as fans…and then some…
You Da Man!

Shane,after all is said and done,please allow me to invite you on a fishing trip…as for I am not only Johnny Marz’ Cousin…I am BarryTheBass E S P N and I will be glad to guide you as a personal Bass fishing guide…all you need is to bring your Provisions of Beers and Pie!

Much Respect,
as always…
Tight Lines!


I am listening to you now talkin about Manny…dude…that microphone pack could give you” Basepath road rash” on a slide…

They wired you because of not only your play,but your exceptional leadership skills…and tellin the opposing team member to keep His chin up…Bra…You are a Sportsman…
Dog The Bounty Hunter who…
The most famous Hawaiian since Don Ho!
Congratulations on the win and Good Luck in the World series!
Go Phillies…Go Shane…
fishing trip and adventure as we will be catching fish instead of baseballs… Call me back when your ready Man!
Tight Lines!
BarryTheBassESPN 3 outs away man…no breathing room for the dodgers and “Lights out “is in…ON Your Way BROtherman!…shweet catch off the wall also…your all over the field like horse #h##! 🙂 See you soon at the park or on the waters…PARTY BRO! GO PHILLIES! GO SHANE! 2 outs away from your sixth…pennant…1993 all over again!


BRAH!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! YEAH MAN!!!!!!!!!
GO SHANE!!!!!!!!!! BRAH!!!!!!!!!!!! WERE or >>>>YOUR IN THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!

BERR AND FISHING after all this BRAH!


Dedicated to Grandmother,Skippers Mother…and





Good Luck and



THOUSANDS IN THE STREETS…Cottman & Frankford!!!!!!!!
Check the tapes…it’s freakin unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!





MVP to Hamms….. in perspective….


Joey Bago Donughts and Johnny Marzano….Lookin Down ON US!!!!!!!! WE MISS YOU MARZ! Way to Go SHANE!!!!

CHARLIE is the Man…MOM and SHANE’s Grandmother along with MARZ>>>>we send Prayers to everyome!

everyone…Be safe please….

Thanks Shane!
See You on the Waters BRAH!……..Shameless SHANE!!!!!!!!


Much Love & Respect!
Fishing and family fun after the series Brah!

See you at the Park!

Oh shane…
won’t you just come enjoy dinner at Alstarz in Bordentown so we can gaze upon the face of greatness?

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