Just relaxing a bit

OK, I admit it. I watched the highlights a few times last night. It was on SportsCenter. It was fun to see. I got about 60-70 text messages, and I’m still getting calls. My dad was there, making it an even bigger moment, personally. He made the long trip from Hawaii, and arrived in Philadelphia. To have him there was definitely nice, and to see him when I touched home plate was really special. For some reason, I do well when he’s in town. We should have him around more often. Him and Elvis, Pat Burrell’s dog.

I also talked to my mom yesterday, and she said, “Congratulations, savor the moment, but forget about all of that when the next game starts.” I’ll remember that, tomorrow. I have to turn the page. Saturday is a new day.

Today was good. I had a nice workout, and all I want to do is go back to the room and sleep. It’s nice to have a day off. We’re excited about tomorrow. It’s a different tone than last year. Now, we have to win Saturday, then win the next two series.


  1. moesizlacks@hotmail.com

    Keep your head about you son, you’re doing great!
    Please tell JRoll that we do love him and appreciate him in Philly. Don’t listen to the morons again. We are much more positive and supportive than you think.
    Keep it real up in the feel, alright.

  2. mreice@verizon.net

    Hi Shane
    Sarah saw your picture on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer today and said “Mom save this for me”
    Who is “Sarah” ? Our 12 yr old daughter who was born in Honolulu , HI and follows your every play , that’s who 🙂
    Keep up the great hustle and Mahalo for your sweet swing !

  3. chas17801

    Just wanted to say great job yesterday.. I was screaming at the top of my lungs when I saw the pitch being delivered to you.. I was jumping around like a little kid just watching.. Great job and keep up the good work.. Congradulations again on the Phillies and your success..

  4. carpie19

    As a Brewers fan, I cried a little inside when you hit that grandslam. CC shouldn’t have even been pitching last night, but I do give you credit for getting it off such an insane guy. Congrats on the first 2 wins. I’m just happy my team made it to the playoffs at all. But I’m holding out for a win tomorrow. So, I hope you guys come to Miller Park and lose. Sorry, that’s just how it has to be. But really, great game last night.

  5. jennifercrane@epix.net

    Shane, I just love watching the Phillies play ball! Your grand slam was awesome and my kids said they heard me screaming for you from outside! lol I love your attitude and your team spirit! You, Pat Burrell and Jimmy Rollins are my favorite players, because I really see strong committment and character in you!

    I love that my son, a 10 year old who has Aspergers and Tourette’s, can watch baseball with me and look up to the Phillies. Every guy in this club is worth looking up to! You all work hard and you all exhibit a strong character…and that is more important than any win!

    But don’t let that stop you from getting the World Series title this year! We fans are just as hungry as you Phils are!! Maybe more so!

    By the way, that is so special that your dad was there on Thursday! I bet he is really proud of you!

  6. infiniteciel

    Haha, how could you not watch the highlights? I bet it was a great feeling! And especially since your dad was there. It’s so sweet! Goodness, that’s a lot of text messages. Mr. Popular~! That’s so great about your mom’s encouragement, too. We’re all behind you, Shane! I’m glad you got to relax, too; of course that’s important. Sleep well and be rested for tomorrow’s game! 😀

    [I’m guilty of hoarding newspapers with your photos on it, too. Gotta read the paper before going to school! XD]

  7. lou232

    hey shane i have been fan since i was born in 1971 now i have 3 boys myself and take them to sunday phillies home games and this is great for me because my dad took me to games in 1980 when the phillies made that great run for the world series so now its there turn see you guys make that great run. also tell the rest of the guys we love you all
    and just tell chase,ryan, jimme , pat to relax out there we love you guys no matter what happens. go phillies 2008 world champs

  8. philsfan92

    Shane Victorino, you and your teammates are my heroes! I watch every game, infact I have watched at least an inning from every game except one. I skip time with my friends to watch you play, and that GRAND SLAM was definitely grand! It is really a lot of fun to watch you play, in center field or at the plate, it is really awesome, and your speed that’s the most amazing thing you’ve got! Good luck with the next games!!!


  9. dave@ihj-law.com

    You had everyone on Maui going crazy – and NOT working for a couple hours in the middle of the afternoon. Everyone in our office was crowded around the TV and screaming at the top of our lungs when you hit that ball out of CBP! Keep up the great work and finish them off tomorrow – we’re all so proud of you! DJ

  10. jessoak

    I love that you have this blog & care enough to take the time to write like you do. My family & I have been Phillies fans for a long time now. We love watching your games on t.v. & listening to Harry & all the announcers. They really are the best announcers in all of baseball! Once in a while, we make it down to the ballpark to see a game. You can’t help feeling excited from the minute you pull into the parking lot. No matter the outcome of the game, you know you’re going to have a great time. Last year we watched the division winning game from home, this year we were actually there at the stadium. We couldn’t have been happier for you guys! You are all amazing. You always play as a team, play the game the way it is meant to be played, & show a lot of heart! It is easy to see how much you all love the game & being a part of this team. You personally, bring so much excitement to the game with your personality & lead by example. & I absolutely love watching you run! I played softball in high school & for me that was such a fun part of the game…running the bases & challenging the other team by stealing bases. I’ve already written more than I thought I would here, but I want to add Congratulations on last night’s win! You played so well the whole game & then had that grand slam to top it off! I was thrilled for you & even happier for you when I read that your dad was there. Good luck with your game tomorrow & all that follow!!!
    Jess Oakley

  11. thekids2

    What a thrill it was to see you hit that grand slam! It will be one of my best Phillie memories. Continued good luck to you. Love your energy.

  12. bwillan@comcast.net

    Shane – – my daughter and I were at the game last Saturday when the Phils clinched – – and all through the game every time you caught the ball in the outfield, she would say “he’s a one man defense”. Everyone talks about the play Rollins made – – but they should forget all the great catches you made that and then to even stay in the game after Rollins ran into you – – I can only imagine your leg is still hurting!

    Your a great inspiration – – congrats – – and keep up the good work!

  13. tjeagles@myway.com

    The Flyin’ Hawaiian, just added himself to my (and apparently alot of others) All-Time Phillies memory bank…. We’re talking Schmidts 500th….. Tug McGraw in 80…. Last seasons final game/division win….. and you are right there now… Keep playing that all out style game that you do…. And heres hoping that you are not finished making memories for the phamily, the phillies, and the phans!! Congrats on a GREAT game, and good luck tomorrow!!!

  14. lorijeannj

    Hope you had a good nights rest.
    Enjoy yet another day of playing ball.
    p.s. – Do they have a 24 hr Laverne and Shirley television station there in Milwaukee?

  15. vinnywood@yahoo.com


    Phillies fan here in LA. I’m hoping to see you guys over here after the Dodgers take care of the Cubs.

    Destiny has arrived, just follow her lead.

    Good luck!

  16. eagles11

    Congrats Shane. The University of Pennsylvania Hawai’i Club is proud of you and will continue to stand up and cheer for your every at bat.

  17. hawaiiroller@msn.com

    Aloha Shane,

    Hawaii is smiling just thinking of that grand slam. Keep up the good work.

    Hope you get to write a little about how and what you guys do when you travel. I’ve always been interested in the daily routines of pro ball players.

    Now all we need is for Moyer to close out the series. Then we’ll start talking about the next team.

    Aloha from Kapolei.

  18. victorinolover

    aloha shanee . i love you so much your my favorite player. and when you hit that grandslam i was so happy i jumped around the room the rest of the night ! my dad literally bought me like ever paper you were in i loved it ! keep the good work up. everyone loves you. dont let anything bring you down. i believe you are one of the best players in the mlb . I LOVE YOU SHANE .

  19. kavanaghsarah@gmail.com

    Hey Shane,
    You probably don’t read these but I thought I’d leave one anyway, throw in my two cents. Your grand slam was spectacular and you deserved to watch it more than several times.. I know I did, and I wasn’t the one who hit it! You came up with a really big play in a really crucial game. But you know all of this. It’s smart thinking to put it aside before today (Saturday’s) game, because then you can focus. The Phillies have been & always will be my favorite team ever, no matter what the outcome, but good luck!!!

  20. eisie

    Shane, you & the Phillies ROCK! Go out there today & give it you all. I tell my son that every baseball game he plays. You guys are great & I know you will bring a championship back to Philadelphia where it belongs. Off to my sons baseball game. Play your hearts out, & with Jamie on the mound I think we will be O.K. GO PHILLIES!

  21. jenvan2@aol.com

    Hi Shane,
    Congrats on such a great game; and such a great year. I have been a Phillies fan since I was 4 years old. I remember riding home in the car from games, listening to Harry’s soothing voice. (34 years ago). The love of the Phillies has always been with me. In fact, I thougt the words to “Take me Out to the Ball Game” actually included the lyrics “root, root root for the PHILLIES”. I was 18 when I found out. Lucky for me I married Frank, another great Phillies fan and we love the games. We live in Scranton, PA and saw you play several times when you were with the Red Barrons. I wish you and the Phillies all the luck in the world! I know you can do it. Focus on the game you’re in.

  22. lilhayes1278@gmail.com

    gooood luck tonight. yous will do greaat. we will all be cheering in philly.

    i wore my victorino shirt under my hoodie today during SAT’s…so hopefully that will bring me a little luck. hahaha

    peace outt home skilllllet.


  23. mhealy@bu.edu

    Tonight is a new game, new city. The Brewers fans might be the ones cheering loudest from Miller Park but the Phillies will have millions of fans across the country who will be cheering even louder. I know I will be from Boston. Go out there and play like there’s no tomorrow! We believe in you.

    Let’s go Phils!

  24. phillyphantomsfan@hotmail.com

    Hey there, Shane! Just wanted to tell you that I’ve been a Phils’ fan for 25 years, and I am a HUGE fan of yours! Hell, I named all my fantasy baseball teams on Yahoo after you, The Flyin’ Hawaiians and I did pretty well, I even won a league I wasn’t supposed to! I was losing the league I won ALL series, but late in the finals, I came around and won it, just like you’ve helped the Phils!

    I’m REALLY glad your father came all the way from Hawaii to see your last game and see how big of a game it WAS for you! You’re right, maybe you SHOULD have him around more often…LOL

    Just keep your head on straight and remained focused, buddy! This whole town and ALL Phillies’ fans are with you, big guy!

    Heck, I even bought a red Phillies’ player shirt of yours with your name and number on the back too! I’ll have to get tickets in centerfield close to the outfield so I can watch you play, big guy!

    Let’s finish off the Brew Crew, I want the NLCS back at Citizens Bank Park, baby! Best of luck!!

    GO SHANE!!!
    GO PHILS!!!!

  25. phillyphantomsfan@hotmail.com

    Hey “metsmainmain”, still crying after losing TWO divisional championships? Well, get rid of that ********* Minaya and get a REAL GM who KNOWS how to win and maybe an American GM and you may do far better!

    Minaya signed for 2 more years? Well, maybe the Phils can win the division 2 MORE times! If he fired a New York legend in Randolph, then HIS *** should be next!

    We’re cheaters WHY? Because we fought long and hard and wanted the division MORE than your losers, pal? Maybe you should stop by Independence Mall here so I can slam your head into the Liberty Bell and give it ANOTHER crack! LOL

  26. phillies_phollowers

    Hey Shane…I met your parents last year at a game in the Diamond Club. They are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met! Your Dad has a great sense of humor and it is easy to see where you get your personallity from :O) They were going on about all the mischief you used to get into as a child…fun stuff! They are obviously so proud of you. And if your Dad is your good luck charm, I think the Phillies ought to pay for him to travel with you guys! Well, best of luck tonight! Go Phillies!


  27. pshhitslizzie@aol.com

    You are absolutely amazing Shane Victorino.
    You are a real inspiration to me. I was in utter shock and overbearing joy when I saw your grand slam live on television. I had to blink a couple times. Great job seriously, keep it up. I will wear my victorino jersey today for some good luck. I’m only fourteen, but I play softball and the Phillies is a great team…

    Best of wishes to you and the rest of your career.

  28. infiniteciel

    Tonight’s game…ugh, it really upset me! ;__; Poor Moyer! And poor you, Shane!! I swear, I think the Brewers bribed the umpires in this game. *sigh* Well, it’s ok!! You’re still ahead! I know the Phillies can do it! :3 There’s always tomorrow. Just forget this game and move on; one game at a time, right? We all have faith in you guys. Rest up, and just do your best!

  29. candybossler@hotmail.com

    Hey Shane,
    Just wanted you to know how much the Phillies and baseball in general means to my grandfather, he is not in really good health but the highlight of his day is to watch the Phillies. My husband and I were just at a game in August and he was able to catch a foul ball. It was a game against the Brewers in which Brett Myers pitched a complete game shutout. We gave that ball to my grandfather and you would of thought that we gave him a million dollars. Keep up the good work and remember that sometimes baseball isn’t just a game for some people, it’s sometimes the highlight of a day for someone who is sick. Thanks to all the Phillies for being there without even knowing it for my grandfather.

  30. slowpoke10291@yahoo.com

    so this comment is a little late…but your gandslam last week on my birthday was amazing! Seriously, that was crazy. My brother and I have gone to 4 games this season. The best was definitely when you guys played the mets at shea…you hit a homer and you guys pulled it back in the 9th. The 9th was amazing, seeing the mets fans finally shut up about how “amazing” they are was great, even though the mets already know you guys are better – it’s true.
    Keep doing amazing, you guys are awesome!
    PS – tell Ryan and Jimmy their remix to take me out to the ball game was hilarious…and you just need to learn the lyrics 🙂

  31. meoronzio@zoominternet.net

    Made us proud out in LA. What a thrill to watch you guys play the game. Your a class act and an awesome player. Every catch you made out there in center field and every at bat showed how much heart you put into this game. I have to admit my husband and sons are the die hard fans who have watched every game this season. Me, I’m a band wagon fan, I like the exictment of this kind of baseball. But I’m sure there’s lots of room on the wagon for fans like me.
    Keep up that great smile and enjoy the ride!
    God Bless your Grandma!
    The Oronzio’s from Oxford PA

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