Still one more…

What can I say?

We lost. Dave Bush pitched well. We hit the ball well, just at guys for a good part of the game. You tip your hat to him. He kept the runs to a minimum. We made a push in the ninth, but they did their job and held on. Bush went out there and did what he needed to do tonight.

We thought we had something going in the ninth. Pedro Feliz hit that ball well, too. He hits that a foot either way, it’s a hit. We’re still leading in the series and they have to win two more games. We have to play them tomorrow, so we’ll go out there and try to end this. We want to finish it here.

As for my ninth-inning play on Craig Counsell, it wasn’t dirty. If that was the case, I would’ve just bowled him over. That wasn’t my intention. I was trying to get him to throw the ball off my chest, or my helmet, something. When the ball was hit, I said to myself, “That’s almost an automatic double play.” He hit the ball so well and Billy made a good play. I was just trying to get something to happen. I was trying to stay out of a double play. It didn’t work.

I have confidence in this team and in Joe Blanton. We’ll come out and play hard, and hopefully we’ll be able to rest until Thursday, when the NLCS starts.



    the dodgers just completed their sweep tonight, so they will be a tough team to face. shane, all you guys need to worry about right now is winning tomorrow, so you can relax until thursday.

    i have a feeling the bats will heat up tomorrow. the brews were going into tonight’s game with a day to rest, in their home town, after losing two to you guys; they were jazzed up. it’s our turn to be jazzed up.

    phils in four.


    Tonight was a tough loss, but I think all us phans have phaith that you’ll get the job done. Until tomorrow @1:07pm…

    Much love for the Phillies (and you Shane)!

  3. lorijeannj

    As I always say, get the loss over with.
    You know, that homeplate umpire was unfair to Jaime. Jamie tried to find his zone, but that ump wouldn’t let him.
    Get some rest.
    Be watching you tomorrow.
    Go get em!

  4. libertybelle

    It was hard to see Jamie get off to a tough start today. We really wanted to see #50 get the win today and all of you to get this series behind you. But tomorrow brings another opportunity for our Phillies to play an awesome game of baseball TOGETHER! It has truly been a fantastic year of watching you all play your hearts out and we are behind you all the way. Enjoy every bit of tomorrow’s game…I can’t help but think it will be one to savor!

    Sending plenty aloha your way from Kailua-Kona.

  5. eisie

    Shane, put the loss behind ya & go out today & finish it up. Felt sorry for Jamie, but what better guy to handle that situation. That play was a bad call, so go out today & get um!! I have complete faith in you guys. Go PHILS!!!!


    I have confidence in the team too Shane. We’ll be watching and cheering today as you guys get the job done.


    Hey Shane hang in there stay focused on the task at hand you guys need to come out today show the world and prove to yourselves that you are all true champions. Keep it up my friend we’re behind you guys! Chaka bra!
    Jeff Greco

  8. noon4eva

    We probably won’t be able to see you guys play today until later on but we have faith in all of you. Yesterday lost was just a tease for the Brewers, you guys can finish it off. Yesterday was tough, Jamie had a rough inning, Shane got a really bad call (it wasn’t dirty you had every right to that bag no matter how you ran to it…crazy umpire, cheating Brewers) but we know that you guys can get right back up after the fall. We’ll be praying for you all day so like they say the angels are watching out for you today. Good luck guys, Chase, Howard, Pat, Jayson and most importantly Joe Blanton.


    Everyone who knows how you play, believes you were just trying to get something going out there. You’re a stand up guy and we know your heart was in the right place.

    Forget yesterday and go out there today and play to win.

    We’re behind you and the team. Go Phils!


    Flyin Hawaiin,

    just remember to play with the intensity that you guys have like when you hosed a guy out at atlanta. i love seeing you getting angry and pumped up!!! One pitch, one swing, one throw can change the game. A coach always told me this quote which is ” You gotta love the fight.” The fight is what makes the experience great. Go out and show them what the fightins are made of!!!


  11. jessoak

    I like to collect quotes that have significance to me or just make me smile. Here are two I’d like to share…”Real winners are ordinary people with extraordinary determination” and “Attitude is the difference between winners and losers”. You have the right attitude and plenty of determination. Keep up the enthusiasm and you’ll be fine! Wish we could be there to cheer louder than their fans, but we’ll be cheering you on from back here in PA.


    It definitely was not a dirty play! I wouldn’t have expected anything less than your best effort to break up the double play! It was! If you wanted to, you had a clear shot at sending him to the moon! To your credit you didn’t! The way you guys are hitt’n the ball the hits are gonna fall! I’ll look forward to a great victory today and well deserved rest for you guys! Onward and upward! We love you guys!From your #1 Phillies Phans in Memphis Tn! Dave and Family!


    We will be routing for the bunch of you after some tough times. I want to see you guys take it all the way. I have become a HUGE Phillies fan, baseball is in my blood since my father had been in the minors.
    We have our own rally towels for the post-season.
    -Barbara Marietta, PA


    Win or lose, it still made for some entertaining game to watch, and besides there’s still one game left. We all know how you guys play, and we know how dedicated you are. Just as JRoll said, it’s Philly, and you don’t make it easy on yourself so you’ve had to have at least lost one, right? 😉 I’m still confident, and I’ll forever be a Phillies fan. Good luck this afternoon.

    ps. i found this floating around the internet, of course it’s a little inaccurate, but that’s what makes it funny, and it managed to make me laugh, and hopefully it’ll make all you guys laugh too…….. or offend you all, but hopefully the former.

  15. infiniteciel

    Yesterday’s game, there was just some sort of bad karma in the air. Nothing seemed to go right, and you could tell from the beginning when poor Jamie had such a tough time working with that umpire. And then at the end…don’t feel bad about it; we all know it wasn’t a dirty play! You did what you had to!! Thank you for trying! We all have faith in you guys, and you’re right, we’re still ahead! Nothing comes easy; it was just one bump in the road. I know Joe can do it, too! :3 So remain calm and play like you always have, like winners! Do your best! Go Phillies!!

  16. tcyoung

    You are one of my favorite players in the majors. I love your talent, and I love the way you play the game. However, as a die-hard Brewers fan… YES!!!!!! Being at that game was the most fun I have ever had in my life.


    Hey Shane,
    We all know you could’ve clobbered Counsell (we’ve seen you put a hurtin’ on a few guys!), but you didn’t.  I was a clean play &  lousy call.
    But all of that doesn’t even matter now because I know that by the time you read this the Brewers will be hangin’ their heads, the Dodger’s fans will be worried, & you’ll have a few days off before the NLCS (To say I have faith is an understatement!)!!
    I was lucky enough to be at both home games(thanks bro, & Bob & Ruth), & let me tell you, you were 47, 900 something people’s hero on Thursday!!!  Hopefully I’ll get to see at least one game from both of the next 2 series, but no matter what I’ll be cheering you guys on!!!
    Aloha w/ love,
    P.S. – the email refers to Bob Dylan, not Ryan, & I’ve had it since he was probably still in highschool!!


    Hello, aloha, buenas tardes. I am very happy that you guys have been good players when you did that grand slam I was praying for that I guess god answered my prayers n he will answers yours too. This message goes out to the whole team good luck today we will be cheering you guys all the way from Florida. We will win…..
    I may live in Florida but I will always be a philadelphian.
    phillies 4ever…
    {:~) GO PHILLIESSssssssssss
    Lots of luckssssss 2day we will be watching u guys. Keep on steeling base. Ym.

  19. phillies_phollowers

    That was a BS call last night – clearly, you did not do anything wrong. The umpiring overall, especially behind the plate, was shameful. Sad when we can’t get a fair shake in the playoffs. Well, I am sure you guys will put it behind you and take care of business today. Go Phillies!


  20. lou232

    go shane and the phills get them today . you did what you are trained to do when went in to 2nd base in the rule book it dose not say you have slide or anything like that but nice try keep up the good work go gettem phills



    Congratulations on your NLDS win! It is so sweet! As you well know, it’s all about teamwork and you guys are ON! Wishing
    you the very best as you begin your NLCS against the Dodgers. Keep your eyes on the stars and take it one game at a time!


    Shane, I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about today’s game!! It was great, you guys were GREAT. Also loved Game 1 in Philly – my new favorite brother gave up his ticket for me.

    Enjoy your well-deserved rest….Can’t wait ’til Thursday night tho!

    Go Phils!
    Helen McK

    P. S. Tell Carlos I love his new mask – now we can see his pretty eyes!


    Shane, You are my FAVORITE player EVER!!!!!!! Im sooooo proud of you this season, especially in the post-season games!!!!! I saved the pull out of you from the Phila. Daily News! Keep up the great work &


    and ” GO ALL THE WAY PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!”. This 2008 team deserves it more than any other team!!!!!!! I will be watching EVERY game!!!!!!! Love ya Shane!!!!!!!

  25. infiniteciel

    You guys did it! 😀 You did it! Weee~ There was no doubt in my mind you guys would win today. And you got to celebrate with all the champagne and everything! I can’t wait to hear your reaction! I’m so happy for Pat, too, and of course Jayson as well (and everyone!). Congrats to all of you; you’ve made me a very happy girl. XD Now my classes won’t seem too terrible tomorrow. Get some relaxation in, and then be ready for the next game!


    YEAH BABY… Phillies all the way… I new that guys will win
    it today n for jimmy great way to start the game. While those dorks over there @ milwakee were cheering for there teams I was too. BEAUTIFUL start n end game. Those homers that pat, jimmy,wreth did good guys. But the rest of the team still get a standing ovation. I am so proud @ all of u guys….. Can’t wait until Thursday.
    LET’S GO PHILLIES…. We will b the next championssss
    take care n rest well.
    P.S CONGRATULATIONSSS to all u guys….
    {:~) ym


    Thanks Shane for a SUPERB series!!! Go get the Dodgers but let’s do it right!! Time to paint this town RED!!!


    Thank you Shane for the great hits in the series against the Brewers!
    Watch out Dodgers because here comes the Phillies! We will make it to the World Series.
    Good luck, and I’ll be watching ever second of the series coming up on Thursday and enjoy your well deserved rest.

  29. ladykruk1

    Congratulations on winning the NLDS! That was awesome. I had the pleasure of visiting a nursing home after the win, and that’s all the residents could talk about. The home had sponsered a trip to the second game of the playoffs for a couple of the residents who could use wheelchairs. They were all so proud of their rally towels and of the team. You have quite a few 90-year-olds (men and women) who stay up to watch you every night. The one gentleman told me the win today was so inspiring. That’s so awesome that you can be a part of making so many people happy. Congratualtions and best wishes for the NLCS. I know you’ll do great!

  30. dax is me

    Greetings from Phillies fans in Alaska (not too far from your home state… sort of) and congrats on winning the NLDS. We are pulling for you all and hope for triumphant conclusion in a few weeks. Just a note of encouragement and perspective. Keep it real as a team and remember to play loose and confident knowing that in the end it is a game, one that brings joy to it’s fans and you guys. You provide inspiration and hope to your fans as you exemplify perseverance in the tough moments. Our family almost lost a mom this summer from a falling rock at a waterfall. She slowly recovers from a serious brain injury which requires extensive daily routines that she toughs out every day. Like you she wants to overcome obstacles that stand in her way even though the future outcome is not guaranteed. I pray all you guys share her determination and fighting spirit and see this thing through just like she is doing. Thank you for giving our family some joy to celebrate during this tough time in our lives, your hard work in BP and fielding and weight training and cardio pay off in ways far beyond wins and losses, I hope you guys know that.



    Please accept our condolences for the loss of your Grand-Mom. I am sure she is in good hands at the side of the Lord, God.

    Having grown up in the Delaware County [Ridley Park] area and departing there for service in the Navy in 1982, [two-years after your big-bros won the Series]; I traveled many places cheering for the ?Fighting-Philliess? across the nation and around the most of the world. As a matter of fact, it was in 1993, that life?s trials and tribulations [we all face of course], and in my life, prevented me from keeping up on things at the ?Vet? and now at Citizens Bank Park.

    Of course, in those years, I missed a lot of games to say the least, but just this summer, had a chance to follow along with all you guys on the field, coaches and of course, the Phillies’ family behind the scenes and truly love the excitement going on in these trouble times with the war on terror and everything else. Anyway, I am proud to tell everyone I meet in life who ask me . . . “Who is your favorite NLB team?” and of course, I always answer the “Phillies” as I have been a life long fan.

    In short, not since the ?Tugger? did I believe the right “Spark” to ignite our team existed until You . . . so, good luck and may your Grand-Mom give you that added boost; if you have to make the last play of the Series or hit the last ball . . . to win it ALL!

    Have a great Series . . . And we plan to come on down to Tampa (we hope) in our RV to cheer you all on to victory.

    Keep up the great work and bring one home for the Tugger and all of US life-long Fans!

    God bless,

    Jeffrey A. Trueman
    Veterans? Equal Rights Protection Advocacy ?V?ERPA?

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