Getting closer

So here we are! Words can’t describe what I’m feeling right now. This is exciting. Watching Jason Kendall ground to Jimmy was amazing. I’m glad I was on the field. I’ll never forget it.

After losing on Friday, and seeing how their crowd was really into it, it was huge for Jimmy to put the momentum back with a leadoff homer today. It set the tone and kick-started us. Going up 1-0 is what it’s about. Pat’s two homers today were also pretty big, and Joe Blanton was awesome. He gave us a big lift.

We took another giant step forward, but have two more steps to go. I can’t wait until Thursday. The fans will be ready to go. We will be too. We’ll take today’s win and get ready to go in the next couple of days. To win a division, to win a pennant, you have to have everybody
contributing. Every guy has to step up to win a pennant. We have to keep going. We can’t lose sight of what’s at the end of the road.

That’s where we’re at right now. We still haven’t reached our ultimate goal, so we’re not going to get overly excited.

This is a dream. When it’s all said and done, you’ll gather your emotions and savor this moment. This is what you dream about as a child. You set goals every day. But one goal at a time. We have two more steps to go.

We have a tremendous team. Our overall chemistry, our overall team, the diversity of our attitude, our personalities, that’s what makes it so fun. People always talk about how it’s so fun to watch this team. I think that’s what you see. Even when we’re down, we’re still having fun, but in a professional way. We know we always have an opportunity. That’s what’s been good about us all year long. We’ve been down many times and we keep plugging.

I plan to relax on Monday, so I’ll talk to you guys in a few days.


  1. infiniteciel

    Yay!!! 😀 Major congrats! The win was amazing. I was sooo happy to watch it all. You’re right, it’s like a dream, and you’ve completed one more step towards the ultimate goal. Pat did great, Joe did, and everyone else did as well. I totally agree that you guys have a wonderful chemistry…and everyone has their time to shine and help the team out! ^_^ I love it! I love you guys! I hope that this team will truly help you to your dream; I know it! It’s also great to know that you still have fun with the game…it’s easy to tell that, especially after the win when you’re all celebrating.
    Relax when you can! Take care, and be ready for the game thursday! I know I am. 😀 Yay! You can do it!!


    Congratulations, Shane, to you and all of the fabulous Phillies. What a game today! It was great having Jimmy kick-start with the 1st inning, 1st at bat homerun. And how about Pat Burrell today with two homeruns. Let’s not forget Jason Werth and his homerun as well. What an outing – 4 HR’s in this one game! I can easily tell that you all have great chemistry and enjoy the game! I love you all and can’t even tell you how much I enjoy your games! You can do this — you can take it all the way through the World Series — I know you can! Just keep doing what you’ve been doing — one game at a time! I’ll be watching every game (along with millions) and waving my rally towel for you. Good luck, Shane and THANKS for updating your blog so regularly. Enjoy your day tomorrow — you sure deserve it. We’ll talk to you in a few days.



    Woohooo!! I hope you enjoy your day off as much as we have enjoyed watching you guys play ball. Thanks for the memories. Can’t wait to silence the Dodgers.


    Hey Shane,

    First off…congrats on all the success! I’ve been a Phillies’ fan forever, and everyone deserves this. Words can’t describe the excitement!

    I know everyone on this blog talks about the pumped up games that the Phils have been having, but I just wanted to mention something else since I’m sure you, other players, and fans read the comments. I heard tonight on the news that you were an advocate for the Alzheimer’s awareness. You met one of your biggest fans, Adam, and are aware of Early Childhood Alzheimer’s. I’m sure other players did, too. I know the family, and I just wanted to tell you (and other Phillies’ fans) that I have so much respect for you and the Phillies! Not only are you a great ball player but you’re a great person off the field! I wish you and everyone else the best of luck!!!!

    Hey Phils fans…everytime I go to the game, I lose my voice getting the chants going for my section and the sections around me. I don’t have tickets for any games, but take charge for me! Pump these games up like you are doing! LET’S GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. sandytoo

    Congratulations to you, Shane, and all the guys. It WAS a team effort, which you well know. Joe Blanton was awesome and he really looked comfortable out there….like playing in a PS game was second nature. And Pat’s bat was doing its thing…was nice to see him get those blasts. The Brewers didnt stand a chance 🙂

    I have been a Phillies fan since I was 7…back in ’63. I have been there through the great times and the not so great times and I will be a fan as long as I live. I have seen every game this season (and a lot of past seasons) and I will be watching for the rest of the run. May it be a long one. Good luck on Thursday!


  6. libertybelle

    Shane: WARNING: Have a cup of coffee while you read this one….a little long–sorry–I’m outta control with happiness after today…
    Yes, SAVOR THE DREAM! It’s magical! You had to experience the struggles this year and spend some time in the valleys to be able to fully appreciate and enjoy the climb to the mountaintop…like the little engine that could…

    We all love the game of baseball — it’ll always be here with us and for us through thick and thin — and Lord knows we love a winning team in Philly — but truly the joy is watching the way you all play together as a TEAM throughout the year — not only on the field and the little moments in the dugout (like when you all snubbed Lou Marson’s homerun the last day of the season, seeing Jamie work through the kinks with the pitchers, the high fives you all have for each other when a game-changing play or moment erupts) but also off the field when you give of yourselves to make the Philadelphia community a better place and help make “kids” dreams come true.

    You have each prepared yourselves all year for these post-season opportunities and yet I’m sure you sometimes just want to pinch yourself and wonder if it’s really happening! Well, it’s not only really happening…it’s really happening for ALL OF US who love Phillies baseball and have for a very long time. It’s electric, it gets in your blood and we can feel “da joy” right along with you. They say lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but when you guys win the Series, Ben Franklin himself may just show up with a kite in his hand ready to lead the parade down Broad Street!

    Keep the excitement going, keep your heads and hearts moving forward one game at a time, WORKING TOGETHER AS THE AWESOME TEAM THAT YOU ARE!!

    Mahalo plenty for the blog and enjoy the rest you all deserve.

  7. lilsteph21

    congrats shane! i was so excited today i was jumping all around after you won. You guys do play awesome as a team, always picking one another up, thats why i love this team. I watch alot of baseball and to me there is no other team that has the chemistry and determination that you guys have. Good luck the rest of the way and lets beat the dodgers!

  8. lorijeannj

    Joe rocked! You are lucky to be part of a great family. And Charlie, well, I cannot wait to see him smile again. He has a nice smile and you have the greatest coach. The diversity of your team is awesome and the key to winning.
    Have fun.
    Have a safe trip home.
    See you Thursday..


    OH HELL YEA!!! The excitement wasn?t running through my veins since your grand slam on Thursday and the loss Saturday, but it was there today and it felt great! I?m so proud of you guys that you kept your composure after the loss yesterday and came back with a vengeance today. The bats were going, Joe was incredible on the mound, and there was solid defense the entire time. All of us Phillies phans couldn?t have asked for more! There are no words to describe the feeling of watching you guys play, but I think you know what I mean. Making it to the NLCS for the first time since ?93 is just another step in this amazing journey you?re taking us on, and it?s good that you guys are taking it one step at a time?it?s the best outlook you could have. This team?s chemistry is what others die to have. Keep it up!!

    So, until Thursday??rest up, and best of luck!
    Much love ? Becky

  10. thephillyway

    Congratulations Shane-O! You are making Philadelphia prouder every day. In fact, you guys are turning Philadelphia from a football city to a baseball city. You guys deserve to win more than any of the other teams in the MLB, because you never give up, and always give every at bat your all. This team will only continue to get better. And I completely agree. The chemistry is here in this postseason. Go get those Dodgers!

  11. kelmar

    Thank you Shane and the rest of the team for this fantastic ride! It has been an amazing year. I am so proud of all of you and the way you carry yourselves. You all deserve the success you are having…may it continue!

    I have been a fan of yours since you first put on the Phillie pinstripes. Your work ethic is tremendous. Your ability to spread your enthusiasm and love for the game throughout the team and us fans is a big motivator for all. May you always keep that smile on your face…it is contagious!

    Win or lose I will always be so proud of this team! I will be here cheering my heart out for you all! Now go get them Dodgers!


    so as usual i had soccer (and wore my victorino shirt…that everybody loved)…so i watched the 1st and 2nd inning and was SO Happy that jimmy got the solo shot right off the bat! left going to my soccer game in an extremely good mood. While playing my game I was getting updates from all the parents on how you and the rest of the Phils were doing hahaha. mom called OMG THE PHILLLIES WON. hahahaha. but anyway I’m also SO happy that Pat the Bat is back…i really hope he continues to hit well in the NLCS…love saying that. i actually cant wait to watch you guys play the dodgers..i used to be a yankees fan (yeah i know i get the eggg..and uggg reaction alot)…till joe torre left..(he was the heart to my yankee love.) so i cant wait to see what he brings to have challenge you guys with…and larry bowa being back…blast from the past…should be a good series…CAN NOT WAIT till THURSDAY!
    God I Love October.
    and those Philadelphia Phillies!


    Hey Shane, great work out there this series.

    You’ve been my favorite Philly since the first time I saw you run for 2 bases after you clearly hit a single. I believe that was right after Aaron smashed his face into the outfield wall.

    You’ve always brought a certain amount of personality to the team and that’s appreciated.

    I’ll be wearing my #8 proudly next week.


  14. phlsphnwst

    Way to GO, Shane!! I live in LA (don’t hate me!) and will be wearing one of my many Phillies t-shirts (including my Victornio shirt) every day until we take the series from them! Plus – I still have my big, red BEAT LA button from 1983 – and I’ll be wearing that, too. Hopefully, I won’t get beat up! Hope to catch a game while you’re out here.

    After 7 long, thrilling months of following the 2008 Phils (I’m an every inning of every game kinda fan), this has been a wonderful ride and it ain’t over yet.

    You guys ROCK MY WORLD!

    GO PHILS!!!!


    Congrats on the win today. You Guys are an amazing team to watch. You have handled adversity well and you never know which player is going to deliver the big hit or make the winning play. I can’t wait until Thursday. The most exciting thing for me though was watching my kids celebrating your Win. It was the first time in their llives that one of their favorite teams has won in the play-offs so they were jumping and screaming after the final out. They all had their Victorino shirts on because your their favorite player. They love your hustle and that your from Hawaii. I’m a Navy vet and they were born in Hawaii while I was stationed at Pearl Harbor. Even though they have lived most of their lives in Pennsylvannia they still love everything Hawaiin. Keep playing hard and good things will keep on happening. Congrat on the Win. I can’t Wait until Thursday.


  16. philsphever

    i remember back in ’93 i was in third grade. we made banners, flags, and signs in art class. we were even allowed to wear phils gear on special days. (i went to a catholic school.) now i’m all grown up (mostly.) still making the phils signs and still wearing the shirts. (i have too many at this point.) anyway, just wanted to pass on the congratulations and wish you guys the best of luck. one day a time, you guys. one day a time. can’t wait til thursday!



    Watching the game on TV was amazing! I could only imagine how it felt to be on the field! Congratulations! you guys deserve it.

    P.S. where do you guys plan on celebrating after you win the world series? I want to be there!


    Hey Shane,
    I can’t say anything but THANKS!! You guys have provided all of Philadelphia with so much fun this whole season. It is obvious that you all thoroughly enjoy playing the game and have a genuine team in the dugout. I was really happy for Pat today. He has seemed so tight at the plate throughout the series, but finally got to do the homerun trot today! I am so pumped for Thursday…enjoy this Shane, because we sure are!!! — AnneMarie


    Great series Shane, you were definitely the MVP on offense. I can tell you guys are focused on what’s ahead of you and not partying too hard about this win. But it was a great series, so enjoy it! And take it to the Dodgers as hard as you can! LET’S GO PHILLIES!!


    Shane, you are the most enthusiastic player on the team and the one that always seems to smiling and enjoying showing up everyday, and one of the reasons I watch you and the Phillies everyday on TV (pay package). And it is worth every penny. Me and my girlfriend Raquel seem to only watch tv when the Phillies are playing and always look forward to seeing you and your teamates play. I grew up in Philly (Willow Grove) and have been a DIEHARD Phillies fan for over 30 years. I met my girlfriend about 4 years ago and now she gets more into the games that I do! She even ‘flips off’ the other team. It is awesome. Wish you and the Phillies the best and will be rooting for you all the way (I was going to say good luck, but you don’t need luck).


    Congratulations Shane and to all the Phils.

    I have a four year old son who is only now discovering what it’s like to be a Phillies fan. He spent his day decorating pumpkins with Phillies players numbers and catching bits and pieces of the game. It was great to watch.

    Me,I’ve been a Phillies fan forever, I was 12 when they won in 80. I was 25 when they had it in 93 and it all slipped away but we love that club just as much.

    I’ve watched this team as much as I can given my schedule, and I can honestly say…

    That this group has the talent, the attitude ( Never SAY DIE.. I attended the 7-0 Mets lead in August), and the will to bring it home.

    Congratulations on an incredible first step. We’ll be there behind you as we move on to the Next.

    Great Job Shane. It was your homerun that sank their fate. It will be remembered around here by someone like me for a hundred years. Great job

  22. shendo8

    Great game Shane.I love how you guys are playing right now.Good luck in the NLCS,and remember BEAT L.A., BEAT L.A., BEAT L.A., BEAT L.A., BEAT L.A., BEAT L.A., BEAT L.A.,BEAT L.A., BEAT L.A.,GO GET’em SHANE



    A HUI HOU…..



  24. lou232



    Hey Shane,

    GREAT JOB PHILLIES! I knew PAT had it in him. The last couple months of the season have been tough for him and I knew he was on the verge of doing something BIG. Keep swinging that bat Shane and hustle like you ALWAYS do. I know you will keep it up. Now Chase is next to catch some fire. I know everybody on the team is thrilled to get by the first series, but I’m also glad everybody is still trying to stay focused on the next task at hand and thats BEAT LA… BEAT LA… BEAT LA!! Enjoy your day off Shane and let everyone know WE LOVE OUR PHILLIES. Let’s get a head Thursday and never look BACK.


    Shane – I’ve had a great time this season watching you play. I love seeing the energy that you put into the game. We’ll be there on Friday, and I can’t wait.
    Congratulations and good luck!
    – Jen


    Howz it Shane,
    My family and I are huge fans of Da FLyin Hawaiian and Da Fightins’. We are from the aloha state too and proud to see you kickin’ butt cuz! We already seen you beat LA, so how about a repeat. Oh, and your grand slam in game 2 was BEAUTIFUL!! May da aloha spirit stay with you and POMAIKA`I on the rest of your journey!!!!!!!


    Shane, My nephew Anthony Zehring is serving his country in Afghanistan. He watches the Phillies every chance he can while away from home. He is an avid Phillie Fan! I just wanted to let you kow he is supporting you and the team! Go Phillies!!
    Jeannie Dougherty

    Address: ZEHRING, ANTHONY W.
    APO-AE 09355



    I am so excited for this team. I moved to Philly in 1989, and at the time I wasn’t much of a baseball fan. I bought my first house in 1993 in Center City and I had the GREAT pleasure of running up to the roof deck just in time to see the fireworks and the scrolling sign on the top of the PECO building announcing the Phillies as “NL East Champs!!!!” But it’s really this team – the team that’s been coming together since J-Roll and Pat came on in 2000 – that I’ve really fallen hard for! The team’s gotten hot at just the right time and it is a JOY to see you guys play. I’ll be at the Park all geeked out on Thursday – can’t wait.

    Keep loose, play hard, have fun — GO PHILS !!!

    — Laurie


    Congrats Shane and the rest of you guys. I usually get to see Jerry Martin once in a while down here in South Carolina
    to talk a little and catch up on the team. Guess with all your success as a team he’s been busy away from home. I’ve been a life long die hard Philly fan and to say this is fun for us is a big understatement. I love watching this team and the competiviness it displays. Good luck and let’s kick some West Coast butt!


    Congrats to you and all the guys Shane!!! You are a favorite in this household. Now, go out there and win another one in front of the good old home crowd. We’ll be watching!!!


    You are, by far, the MVP of the 2008 NLDS series. Your performance, though a few others did well, was well the best.
    It’s been a trenemdous follow-up to a great season. The fans aren’t missing Aaron Rowand one iota.
    I wish you and the team continued success in the NLCS and, hopefully, further.


    This is one exciting ride!!!! You are my favorite player and I am so happy for you . Take it easy today, because you do play hard and you deserve the rest. Good luck to you and the guys and know we are cheering for you.
    Bring you Dad back for more games. 🙂


    Congratulations to you and the rest of your team! I just wanted to say that I was so excited to see you hit that grand slam last week!
    You actually met my good friend Neal a few weeks ago in foot locker at the Franklin Mills mall. He showed you a pic of me in my ‘lucky victorino tshirt’. (the shirt i wear and everytime i wear it you hit a homer)
    I am a huge fan of yours and it has been so exciting to watch you throughout the season. So congrats on the wins and the grand slam! I cannot wait to see what you do against the Dodgers!!
    Good luck!!


    I just want to say “way to go phillies” We live in oklahoma, and there’s not a day that we don’t watch you play. We never doughted you guys for a minute even when things got tough. I’ve been hopelessly in love with all you guys for 4 years now. That’s when I met my boyfriend. He got me so hooked into the game. My life now is you guys, I’ll be phillies fan forever. Most of all I’m Victorino’s biggest fan. I love all of you guys so pls tell Pat, Chase, Howard, Ruiz, Dobbs, Werth, & all the phillies that we appreciate all the joy that you guys brings us. I know you guys can go all the wy to the WORLD SERIES. I have so much faith and love for you guys, more than u’ll ever know. I think it’s our turn to bring the flag home. You guys have sooooooo much talent & more than capable of winning the world series. You guys really deserve the title cause we all know how hard you guys worked. I’m so happy to Pat back, now the dodgers better watch it. No need to say good luck, you don’t need it. We’ll be watching & cheering for you guys………… P.S. I JUST HAVE THIS WEIRD FEELING THAT YOU GUYS ARE GONNA BE THE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS! Call it intuition, but I’m usually right 🙂 GO PHILS………………………………………. GO FLYNIG HAWAIIAN….:)


    Congratulations! Man, I never used to really watch baseball at all. Since you made it to the league, I try to follow up on the things your doing. Its so nuts how a Maui boy made it huge. By the way another congratulations on that SLAM. Right when I saw it I had to call Chad Llego, I was like: ” bra you saw that Grand Slam!” That was nuts. Anyways, Just wanted to let you know lots of people are behind you on Maui and want to see you and the team go to the series and win it all. Until next time, Enjoy your siccess and Good Luck on thursday. Shakas & Aloha!


    Hi Shane! I just want to thank you and the team for this awesome season so far! We have enjoyed it from start to present. Lidge has been reminding us lately of Mitch Williams when he was the closer keeping us on the edge of
    our seats! I have 2 sons in the military who are huge Phillies fans! He just returned from Iraq and is home until 10/18 and has been enjoying every minute. He couldn’t get tickets so he hung out in the parking lot to be a part of it. Keep up the great job!

  38. utleyeveryday


    Congrats! I special ordered your jersey when you were a back up. You, Utley, Rowand, and Rollins turned this team around with an attitude of hustle, speed, and understanding of the games fundamentals. This team IS fun to watch, and it will be even more fun to see you guys punch your ticket to the world series. Keep setting that example! Take an extra base, when you can. Lay down a surprise bunt and beat it out. Pop one into the stands. Throw someone out from CF. You are a true 5-tool player and there aren’t many of them. The Dodgers are a great ball club, so prepare for a dog fight. In the end, we’ll have the pennant and we’ll be taken it with us to the World Series!

    Adam Boyce
    Harrisburg, PA

  39. noon4eva

    Hi Shane,
    Relax and take a deep breath because the road ahead is going to Hi Shane,
    Relax and take a deep breath because the road ahead is going to be a bumpy one. But I believe in all of you. If you guys can take it slow, relax at the plate, keep your kool and just feel the bat, I think you will succeed. I?ll talk to you in a few days as well, I need to get some rest so that I can feel better and be able to see you guys play on Thursday. So relax and enjoy the day off.

  40. eisie

    Congratulations Shane & to the rest of the team. Way to go out & win big. I couldn”t watch the game, I was at my son’s baseball game, but I had my transister radio & I kept everyone up to date. Enjoy the moments & go get them Dodgers!!!!! Thanks for the great games!!!


    To Shane and all the Phillies, I want to wish all of you the best of luck. This season has been such a pleasure to watch. You guys make every game great! Thanks for bringing this great feeling to Philly and Citizens Bank. I was lucky enough to get a ticket to Thursday’s game, I will be waving my rally towel until my arm falls off!! Good luck to all you guys and thanks for making this season so awesome!!

  42. dadlak

    Shane, congratulations to you and the rest of the Phillies on a great game Sunday and for advancing to the NLCS. Overall, given what was at stake, I think it was the club’s best game of the season. It was so cool to see Pat launch those two amazing HRs after he’s been with the team for so long. I didn’t know that he and Jimmy were friends in high school. They must be really loving this. You’re right about Joe Blanton. He was fabulous in his most important start of the season. Jayson’s blast was also impressive. His physical tools are fantastic and he knows how to play the game too. Both were on display when he threw behind Corey Hart at first base. I’m so glad he’s with the Phils now that he’s hit his stride. Congratulations again to every player and coach on what has truly become a team – a team we fans can really be proud of.


    Shane to you and the entire team CONGRATS!!! The Phillies are the only Philadelphia team in my book. I have no doubt that this team is going ALL THE WAY! ! ! The team chemistry is definitely there. Just like Cole said this town (area) should be bleeding red and not green now. More my words then his, but I can say it even though he might of wanted to. Tell the team STAY RELAXED, HAVE FUN. As for my feelings YEEE HAAA

    BEAT LA 😉


    Vic, you are the Phils Mr. October IMO. Your never say die style is special. For some reason that homer you hit in the last post season left a reminder with me that you never give up. This year the Slam was clutch. The neighbor down the street has a Golden Retriever named Victorino and everytime I see it you seem to do something special the next game. No doubt I will be checking out what Victorino is up to on Thursday.

  45. utleyhowardhamels

    thank you shane, you don’t know what it is like to have waited this long. I always had phaith in this team even when friends and color commentators underestimate you guys every season. keep it going xooxox


    Congrats on everything Shane! It was a team effort, and i am so happy for you all. Ive always known the phillies would do it.. now lets make it to the world series 🙂
    anyway, id like to tell you that you are my hero.. you are an amazing center fielder and an overall great hitter. i play softball and i play centerfield as well, and you teach me so much. You are truely a great ballplayer. Id just like to say thanks for everything that you have done and shown me.. and to keep up the great work! I know you prob. won’t have a chance to read this but if you do, then that means a lot to me.
    Thanks again,
    from your biggest fan :),


    Great Job Shane! and the gang. I started watching the phillies in 1976, when I was a kid, went to several of the LCS games of that decade, but sadly didn’t make the World Series Win in 1980. I hope to make up for that this year and at least be awake, and old enough to celebrate the win!! Go Phils !!!!

    Also the above comment was made by my niece who set up a facebook group Shane Victorino is amazing, so she really is your biggest fan.


  48. gottalovemrutley

    Shane, you guys are AMAZING!! 🙂
    I was born a Phillies fan, and to see us back in it again is just, beyond words. Of course getting this far is awesome, but the way you guys played in that series, all season even, makes me so proud to be a lifelong Phils fan…unfortunately, I was in class when your grand slam, but lucky for me, the room I was in had computers, and I had the mini mlb gameday screen up in the corner. When I saw the words pop up on the screen, I practically fell off my chair, I was so happy. Thanks to everyone on the team to giving Philly something to cheer about!!!!
    Let’s go Phils!! BEAT LA!!!!! I’ll be rooting for you guys till the very end!!!


    Shane! I love watching baseball and especially our Phillies playing it! I was privileged to be at the 2nd game of the NLDS, I must tell you that your Slam was one of the most exciting moments…ever!! It is so great to see you smiling and making all the other guys smile too…I can’t wait to see more…you guys are the best already…we appreciate your awesome season and journey to the top…can’t wait to see you get there! All the best!


    Great job Shane!!! You have been one of favorite players for a couple years now. We are so excited about the NLCS! My Son and I will be there in the outfield cheering you guys on. Looking forward to another “Fightin Phils” Game! Best of Luck and lets kick some Dodger butt! lol
    Rydal, Pa.


    Hello, my phillies team. This is going to b a short 1 but I just want 2say is good luck 2morrow n may all u guys have lots of faith n trust in each other’s. Kickk some butts 2morrow. Sweep those dodgers back to Cali….. Haha!!
    Again congrad’s n good luck. I’ll b watching u guys from Florida…
    I am just alittle disappointed that I lived in north side philly since 1984 when I was 6yrs until 23yrs old n now that I left 8 yrs ago u guys r winning. But my wish is n from everyone from Philly is that we are already winners. Sweep those dodgers back
    to Hollywood.
    may god b with u 2morrow.
    Much love to all…

  52. victorinolover

    dear shane,
    i love you shane and the phillies so muchh. you are one of the best players in the mlb and your my favorite player. you do amazing out in that field. just keep it up you guys can deff can make it all the way. i am so excited to see the dodgers series i hope u guys kick butt. well good luck shanee! i love you and the phillies and hope to see you guys make it all the way !


    You guys are a great team, and congrats on the grand slam. Just don’t let drippy Joe doctor the ball too much. Everyone watching on tv saw this. Half the Dodgers played for the American League at some point and I’m sure they won’t put up with this.
    You’re all too good and he’s going to put your team’s credibility on the line. I know you have nothing to do with this, but it’s a big series, and there is a great likelihood he’ll get caught. Saw the Brewers’ game and, yeah, they were going to lose regardless due to Suppan’s performance. That’s probably why he didn’t get caught.
    Don’t blow it for yourselves because your defense and offense are top-notch. Talk to the guy and talk him out of the hit-brim act.


    Congrats on the Grand Slam!!! I was stoked for you and I did the happy dance. I wish the whole team the best of luck, because I want to do the happy dance again!!!!
    This is what baseball is all about and I couldn’t have picked a more well round team!!!!

    I LOVE my Phillies!!!!!


    Well Shane, here is wishing the team, the best of LUCK!
    I’m pretty sure you are stoked for this to begin. I know I am. Make Phillie proud! Keep them sticks going! I would like for you to mention to Brett Myers that he is really good at batting, who would have geuss that a pitcher would be running the bases. Tell him to keep it up and I really enjoy watching him pitch and using that stick!!!

    I love the Phillies!!!!

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