We got Game 1

Man, things can happen quickly in this game. Derek Lowe dominated all night and forced us to hit balls on the ground. He wasn’t up all night, besides those two pitches to Chase and Pat. He left balls up when he figured guys were taking first pitches to get his pitch count up. But when guys were in swing mode, he kept the ball down.

Momentum can shift off a simple mistake, or a big home run, or big pitch. The Furcal error swayed it a bit our way, then Chase came up with the home run. That put us right back in the game. That was big and it shows you can beat anyone on any given day. It was great to get game one, but we have to come back and try to win tomorrow.

On Rafael Furcal’s error, when I saw James Loney reach up, I said to myself, ‘What’s happening here?’ I slowed down to make sure I touched first, and not run by it. I wanted to make sure I could get to second.

On that ball Manny hit in the first, I’ve never seen a ball hit that fence above the padding, ever. Either it goes into the cameras or kicks off the wall and toward the fielder, where the center fielder is doing a dance trying to knock it down.

I also didn’t mean to collide with Lowe there to end the third inning. I wasn’t trying to wrestle him. It was funny because when we were getting up, he looked at me and said, ‘Sorry, I’m just slow.’ I wasn’t trying to bring him down, but if I’m falling, let me brace my fall by grabbing him. It ended up being a little more weight than I expected. As skinny as he is, he’s a pretty big boy.


  1. bcammy2@verizon.net


    You guys are so exciting to watch right now. I was a little anxious through the first 5 innings, wondering how we were going to punch through what seemed like an unstoppable Derek Lowe, but your speed kickin it off and Chase and Pat booming a couple had me counting down the outs. You guys are on fire and you know what you have to do. I wish i could have been in that stadium tonight with all those fans. I could feel their energy all the way down here in DC. I was hoping Harry Kalas was going to replace Joe Buck in the booth tonight, but i was to recieve no such miracle. Its just better listening to a phils game called by harry, you can feel his emotions and you know he lives and dies wiht team just like us. The Phillies are a rock in my life, being a fan gives me an identity and it makes me proud right now. It really just hit before the game that there are only four teams left in this baseball season and the Phils are one of them. I really dont think you players lose sight of the fact that you are playing for a city. I can tell many of you are drawing off the crowd and their entusiasum this year. Congrats on a game one victory well earned by all and good luck keeping it going, were all with you guys. With Brett on the mound only giving up 3 runs to the dodgers in 2 starts this year it should be another great game. Listen closely in game 2, you might be able to hear me cheering down here in the nations captital.

    -Bill C., biggest phillies fan in the district of columbia

  2. libertybelle

    It’s really quite magical that I can be over 5,000 miles away from the ballpark and still “feel the pulse” of the crowd! It was electric to see the momentum change with your speed forcing the Furcal error and then watch Chase breakout and Pat pop another one to get the Liberty Bell rocking out in Centerfield tonite! Cole, Madsen and LOL were 1-2-3 and on to victory. There sure were a lot of great defensive plays tonight too — Pedro snagging Manny’s line drive and the infield DP’s. They kept you busy out in Center too. Anyway, it was a great game and you’re all just playing super October baseball! On to Game Two…can’t wait to see Brett on the mound AND at the plate πŸ™‚

  3. jpgmail@hawaiiantel.net


    Watching from home in Hawaii and rooting for the Phillies to go all the way. You dedication and all out play on every play is inspiring and you are setting a great example for all the kids everywhere. I use you as an example of what it takes to succeed and it shows that when you hustle every play something good will eventually happen (and its happened a lot with you). Best wishes and aloha. You are my sons hero (and mine).

  4. jarrell1920@comcast.net

    Shane, you continue to amaze me! WOW – you guys kicked butt last night! Lowe was pitching very well for the first 5 innings, but you guys got to know him and just knocked him out (along with the balls) in the 6th. You’re so doggone fast that you’d have made it to base without the error. And what running by you to have the foresight to go to second — only you and your speed could pull that off. And how about Chase coming through with a 2 run HR and Burrell with his 3rd HR during postseason — they really came through for us! Manny got us right away in the first when he doubled and drove in a run. But he never made it past 1st again nor drove in anymore runs! To hold him down like that was incredible and thanks to Cole, it was possible. Cole was great last night. He found his spots after the 1st and did a superb job again! And then Lidge just wrapped it up so quickly in the 9th with his usual save! I think that 1st game was so important and set the tone for us! The Dodgers are going to continue to be tough, so the Phils will have to work hard to take 4. I know deep down in my heart (and in my head) that you and the Phils can do this. I couldn’t get tickets, but I’ll be watching every game from home, waving my rally towel. The World Series isn’t just a pipe dream — this Phillies team can, with no doubt, go all the way! Kick butt again tonight! We’re all SO PROUD of you! (By the way, I thought your take down of Lowe in the 3rd was a riot. I’m glad no one was hurt, but it looked like Sunday night football!!!)

  5. radioned@gmail.com


    You guys are absolutely electric! Your hustle is incredible – KEEP IT UP!!! Can’t wait for GAME 2 today! Wish Pat a Happy Birthday – save the Pies for the Prize!

    GO RED OCTOBER ! ! !


  6. castello6774@bellsouth.net

    My Flyin Hawaiian,

    You did it again. Pure hustle on the base paths–ignited our comeback inning. It was nice to also see Chase and Pat take care of business when we needed it the most. W/ the little boys in blue and their mainly right handed rotation, we are hoping Ryan will come alive to push us over the top. Please give Pat a “pat” on the back for leaving his hitting woes in the regular season. He finally looks confident at the plate again. Please keep up that intensity like you always do. Keep that clubhouse fired up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go get em!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Capt. Chris , Rhonda, and Stella Blu from Florida

  7. lou232

    hey shane that was great game i was there and that was frist playoff game ever there is nothing like it go out there get the next one . it is so nice to see chase go 2for 4 with a homerun go phils

  8. snoopydmt@aol.com


    All I can say, is you guys ROCK! Watched you all season, as I do every year, go to games, with my boys and my friends, and the excitement, whether I am at the ball park or sitting here at home watching the game, never changes. (well it is better at the ballpark for sure). I love watching you guys fight and battle till the end, never quitting and giving everything you have. Love how you guys have shut down Ramirez when he comes to our park, and those left field spectators who ride him during the entire game, keep it up! You and Werth are our UnSung heroes on this team, and your speed on the basepaths, has been phenominal. Keep up the awesome job, and lets bring this one home!

  9. lorijeannj

    Like radioned stated, leave the pies for the prize. Wow, I thought I was the only one to miss them.
    Great defensive game. Nice to see Hamels keep the boys down. pssst – I think Cole was nervous at the start.
    Awesome weather today.
    Go get em.

  10. phillies_phollowers

    I got a great photo of you & Lowe after you collided…you are on the ground patting him on the back. I posted it on my web site ( http://www.PhightinPhils.com ) You are such a happy guy, I don’t think anyone would ever accuse you of doing that on purpose…it’s just the way the game is played. Great to see such hustle out there! Go luck in game 2!


  11. walteagles24@msn.com

    I have to confess I had a Major League case of the jitters last night before the game. I think they should nick name you Charlie Hustle II for your efforts on the field. I’ve been a Phils fan for 56 yrs. and I can tell you of some really miserable years and some great years. I’ve watched all the great ball players and teams and to tell the truth there is no difference between then and now. There is no doubt in my mind this team matches up easily with the “80” Phils and has more talent then they did. The secret to winning the Big One is always execution and I just want to wish you and every one of your team mates the best of luck for the Pennent and World Series run.


  12. jb51084@aol.com

    O Shane,
    Got me nervous there for a bit. Didn’t lose faith though, cause your not da fightins’ for no reason. Da team battles and that’s what I love about you guys. Like you said, you playin for da city and da fans so continue to make us proud. Here it is….Game 2!

  13. cherylb1959@yahoo.com


  14. kschofield1@comcast.net

    I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am about last nights win!! I watched Cole after the first inning, and I though he looked really nervous, but after that, I thought he settled down and did a great job!! Chase and Pat came through with big hits, but let’s not forget that it was your speed in getting to the bag that helped get us 3 runs instead of 2!! Great Job!!! That’s what I really love about you, the fact that you hustle on every play and never give up. Please tell Pat I said Happy Birthday, and I have to agree with the others here, “what happened to the pies”???? LOL Anyway, looking forward to tonights game, good luck, go get’em!!!!

  15. noon4eva

    Another win in the books. Today just do what you guys did yesterday, figure the pitcher out and then when all that has been figured out go on right out and swing your bat like you have never swung it before. I have all the faith in you guys and I think today will be another big inning for you and Chase, Pat, Jayson, Howard, Jimmy and all the guys in the line up. Just relax and have fun because the crowd is on your side.

  16. brooke820@hotmail.com

    Shane, tell the truth. Were you trying to hug Derek Lowe last night? LOL! That was a riot. I am glad nobody was hurt but I wasn’t sure why you were still holding on to him. You guys rocked and you are so fast. My mom always says you remind her of me when I played softball because I’m short and I always flew around the bases with such determination. Of course you’re a lot better at this game than I was, but when I see you run, I think of that. I haven’t gotten to a playoff game, I’m still hoping to get tickets somehow. I love this team, I get emotional whenever I think about it. Such thrills! So happy with last night’s result. Go get em today. GO PHILS!! And wish Pat a happy birthday!!

  17. victorinolover

    that game last night was amazing. i was kind of worried in the begginning when you guys werent hitting but then you guys pulled through and i was so happy. i knew you guys could do it =) you guys deffintly deserve to go all the way. you guys have fought all the way and made the fans want more. we know you guys can do it dont give up =) i love you as a player your my favorite player and i believe you are one of the best players in the mlb. i love what you do in that field your amazing out there. im a huge phillies fan and believe you guys can make it all the way to the end. i will always be cheering for you guys keep up the good work. im a die heart phillies phan. good luckk.
    love stephh

  18. victorinolover

    that game was amazing last night. i was worried in the begginning but i knew you guys could pull through. when you guys started to get those hits and those homers and things started to happen i was so happy. i knew you guys could win that game. im a die heart phillies phan and i always believe in you guys to do what you guys can do. i also love you and your my favorite player and i believe you are one of the best players in the mlb. i love what you do in that field. i believe you guys can go all the way as long as you guys keep fightin to the end. when you started that inning with the hit to the shortstop and he over through it and you made it to second i knew it was the start of a big inning and when you guys hit those homers i knew it was your guys time. good luck with the rest of the series. never give up.
    love stephh

  19. stinky

    Your hustle got the rally started. I’m not surprised, as you are the Flyin’ Hawaiian, the Muscles From Maui, the Pineapple Express, the Man with a Plan.

    Wishing you continued success in the playoffs.

  20. infiniteciel

    Yay, Shane! As I said last night, it was such a good game…such a close and intense game! You’re right, it shows that you can win any game at any time. Things can go your way, and sometimes they can’t, but it’s wonderful that they went your way last night! The homeruns, the pitching, the base-running…everything was great. Yeah, I could tell you didn’t mean to tackle Lowe because when you were on the ground and getting up, you were both laughing and smiling. πŸ˜€ It’s good you were both ok. You all did wonderfully, so take this momentum and run with it! Good luck in today’s game!!

  21. aliciaphilfan8


    I can’t express the amount of excitement we all have for you guys! In the end win or lose we are so proud of all of you for the hard work and accomplishments you have achieved. I have been a long time fan of yours Shane and when I met you in April at a signing in Runnemede, NJ, you intrigued me more when I saw you smile and how you interacted with your fans. Us Phillie fans I know can be brutal and some just don’t understand the way we are. Just to put it, we will always have your backs and though there are times we may “boo”, it isn’t because we hate you or don’t support you or only jump on the band wagon when you play good. I remember years ago when I ran cross-country and track, and I would have the biggest critics picking apart my every move or would tell me what I did wrong, all it did was motivate me more. I didn’t hate them for being honest, but I used it to better myself for myself. If I worked hard and pushed myself even if I lost a race I had respect, but if I quit, gave up or walked in the middle of the race, I couldn’t expect people to support me and that is when they were brutal. My point is, we are not front runners, if we see you play hard and bust your *** we will cheer you no matter win or lose. But if we see you not trying hard of course we are going to let you know but we will always be at every game and buy whatever Phillie item it may be to show our love. This team has heart and that is what it’s all about. It shouldn’t always be about the money, it should be the love of the game that keeps you going and playing hard and I see that in this team and that is what will take you to the World Series. It shows how close you all are with each other when you are on the field and I hope Burrell as well as you and other players stay together and keep playing as a PHILLIE. And when all is said or done, I would love to buy you a drink and toast to a successful season you and your team has had. Just let me know where and when!!

  22. eisie

    Wow, what a game! Everyone was great. Cole was on his game. He just got stronger as the game went on. You got that inning going cause they knew how fast you were & they rushed the throw & messed up. If that hadn’t of happened who knows how the inning would have turned out. Chase hitting that homerun was AWESOME! Pats was incrediable and Feliz catching that line drive!! Wow what a exciting game. I was nervouse, i’ll admitt that! Thanks for win #1. Happy Birtday Pat. Lets get win #2 for your birthday!!!!!

  23. philscadillactime

    Hey Shane, great game last night!! I was there, and I can’t even tell you how exhilarating the electricity in the stadium was during your 6th inning and through the end of the game. Even the fifth, when you guys had two on but didn’t convert any runs– I think that kick-started us a little to bring up the energy more in the sixth. What an amazing experience!! I wish all of you the best of luck again today and for the rest of this series…I’ll be watching! Go Phillies!! πŸ˜€


  24. gothicsbengalsblog

    I’m a Tigers fan who after a disappointing season am enjoying some Yankeeless playoff baseball. I deeply respect your hustle and all out style of play and wish you and your team much success.

  25. ltvlulu

    Hey Shane and Phillies Phans-
    Yesterday, borrowing the tune from Leonard Bernstein, I wrote the following new words for the song from West Side Story:

    Tonight, tonight
    Phils play LA tonight
    and hope to win the championship game.
    Tonight, tonight
    The pennant in clear sight
    Baseball glory is theirs to reclaim!

    Today I pray that Ryan Howard
    And Burrell will hit long homers,
    And Cole will pitch just right.

    Oh, Moon, shine bright
    And make this endless day Victory Night!


    Tonight, tonight
    As Kalas mans his mike,
    The Phillies Phans will all come alive.
    Tonight, tonight
    Shane’s feet will fly tonight;
    Chase will grace second base with his drive.

    Let J-Ro realize his potential,
    Not plagued by demons mental,
    And rack up hits, not strikes.

    And Lidge will close
    And rub Joe Tory’s nose in the dirt


  26. utleyfan28

    Hey Shane,
    What an outstanding game you guys played last night! I was a little nervous when we went down 2-0 but they don’t call us “Fightin’ Phils” for nothing. Chase’s homer was amazing. Pat well what can I say he’s finally pulling through. Good luck tonight. Please wish Pat a Happy Birthday. Give Charlie my condolenses as well. Win one for the skipper. Kick some Manny butt.

  27. bridget7510@hotmail.com

    Hey Shane,
    First things first, that was a great game last night, lets do it again 3 more times! I am a hugh Phillies fan and always have been, we buried my gram 3 years ago this month with a Phillies jersey and she said, give them 3-4 years and we are going to win the world series, she loves baseball and Pat Burrell so wish him a happy birthday for us. I love to watch you, you bring the game to a new level. LETS GO PHILLIES!!!!

  28. nycphightinphan

    You are far too humble. You were on a path to beat out a single and Furcal hurried the throw. You’re really making it happen in these playoffs.
    As of today, I’m no longer the only one in NYC wearing a red hat. Even Met fans are starting to believe in you guys (Yankee fans are still pulling for Joe).
    Condolences and Blessings to Charlie and his family.
    Godspeed Brett and our boys in Red.
    P.S. I agree with the comment from DC about Harry. I’m glad they at least let him read off the lineup. Buck and his buddy “Turncoat Tim” are not hiding their love for the Dodgers at all.

  29. sean.bersamin@co.maui.hi.us

    Mr. Victorino
    YESSSIR! That’s how we do! Maui peeps hustle everytime. Anyways, congratulations on game 1 and now moving forward to game 2. Just read something on yahoo about some computers doing some percentage on who winning the NLCS as well as ALCS. I dont believe in it, why? because I know the Phillies will be in the Series and have no doubts. The computer must be some old Apple computer from the 80’s. Anyways go get um. Good Luck and remember MAui and the state of Hawaii is behind you and the PHILLIES! Aloha & Shakas

  30. amanda_13_00@hotmail.com

    Shane, you’re simply awesome! You’re the reason why I watch the Phillies! When other fans had doubts about the post season, I still had hopes and knew you guys would do something great! Thanks for helping to make this year so exciting! Oh, and the take down from game 1 was awesome! But I was worried that you were going to get hurt. Please don’t get hurt, we need you! :]
    GO PHILLIES! Beat Manny and the Dodgers!!! πŸ˜€

  31. mthz596@msn.com


    Nice catch in game 2!! I’ve been a Phillies Fan for so long and I so happy that you are a vital part of the Phillies. I love the way you play the game and I point out to my son who plays Little League how you always hustle! Keep up the Great Work and I hope you are a Phillie for a very long time. I can only imagine how you and your teammates feel at this time and I hope we can get 7 more wins this Year!!

    We wish you and the Phillies the best!!


  32. stonersbenched

    Hi Shane,
    Amazing catch in game two. You saved me from belting something at my tv. πŸ™‚

    You’re one of my two favorite players, and that is just one reason why. Not just that you caught the ball, but that you stuck out your tongue while doing so. You always have so much fun playing the game and anyone watching it can see. It’s very refreshing and so much more fun.

    I wanted to send my condolences on your loss.

    My heart is with you.

    Break a leg/bat over the rest of the series.

    -Amy Stoner

  33. tempobon@comcast.net


    I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your grandmother. My grandmother is 84 and lost her husband/my grandfather almost 2 years ago. She is a huge sports fan – especially the Phillies. She took me to the World Series in 1993 after I had graduated from college. She is probably still sitting in front of the tv right now as I type this routing her Phillies on. It has been a tough road for her being on her own even with friends and family in the area. She’s very independent and still works full time. She has been a huge inspiration in my life as I’m sure yours has been for you. I’m sure she will be looking down at you from heaven (as she may have been tonight on that crazy catch!). Stay strong and make her proud!

  34. victorinolover

    hey shane.
    great game today. (October 10s game)
    you dominated tonight way to play your hearts out. good luck in LA you guys can do it.! i love you guys so much just keep up the good work! and im so sorry to hear bout your grandmother i hope everything works out for you and just keep smileing =) and im also sorry to hear bout charlie manuels mom i hope you too are okay and just remember to always stay postive. good luck and love you guys.\

  35. utleyfan28

    Hey Shane,
    What a great game tonight. You were amazing. I wish I could’ve been there with the fans to share in the excitement. Who says we can’t score runs. I also wanted to give you my deepest sympathy with the passing of your grandmother. My grandmother passed away 6 years ago. I got married a year later. I know she was with me in spirit. I know your grandmom is watching you from above and chearing you on.

  36. victorinolover

    amazingg catchh shanee!
    i loved it and im sure your grandmom did too =) make her proud and just rememeber she is always watching over you =) stay postive and never stop smileing!
    good luckk shanee
    stephh =)

  37. Miss_Phillies

    first of all I would like to say that you, your family, and your grandmother are in my prayers. the second I heard I felt deep sympathy for you. same with Charlie Manuel. I am sooooooo sorry for your losses. just remember they are looking down over you and will help and protect you through everything you do.
    second, great game! you guys played your hearts out! I’m sure you made your grandmother and Charlie’s mother proud. good luck in the playoffs!!!!! you can go all the way this year! =)
    – long time phillies phan michelle

  38. timbonney@comcast.net

    My condolences to you and your family. I believe that we take the very best qualities from those we love and the people who influence us. It is clear from your work ethic, your sense of family, and your humility, that you have been blessed with truly great people in your life. While I don’t know you or your family personally, these qualities are evident to anyone who has watched you play, and has followed your career. Every time you beat out an infield base hit, climb the wall to steal runs, and shirk off personal accolades only to compliment your teammates and fans; you honor your Grandmothers memory.
    Thoughts are with you and your family.

  39. pshhitslizzie@aol.com

    I send my condolences to you and your family.
    You did a fantastic job today, and that catch was nothing short of amazing. I’m sure your grandmother was watching down on you today and was very proud of you and your great talent.
    Good luck in the rest of the series with the Dodgers, we are going all the way to the World Series I know it! Go Phills!

  40. sandytoo

    Shane, I just heard about your grandmother. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. I have lit a candle for her.

    Having said that, I just wanted to add that it was an awesome game. I think Brett needs to open a hitting school for pitchers :O) Maybe he can help Milt out πŸ˜€

    Hope your day off is a restful one.

  41. radioned@gmail.com


    You guys brought the HOUSE down tonight! Just got back home tonight, I’m still pumped! Will post some pictures from Sec 317 up on my Flickr page. Was talking on the drive down how you guys are ALL contributing at the right time….but when our #1 AND #4 hitters are struggling, who would have thought that it’d be our PITCHER that stands in.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? …holy cow what a monster pair of innings… and your fantastic catch???? HOLY SH…..ANE!!!!!

    I’m surprised that I have any voice left…… you are right now the absolute SPARK PLUG for the team. KEEP IT UP, Mahalo bro!

    Please pass on to Skipper our condolences, God Bless!


  42. jessoak

    You and Charlie and both of your families are in our thoughts and prayers. My heart sank when I heard about your losses. I do not know if it upset you that the sports reporters announced this on t.v., but I hope at least it lets you know how much everyone cares. I know we are strangers, but in a way every Phillies fan feels like we are part of the Phillies family. That is just the way this team makes you feel. I read the comment on here from timbonney@comcast.net, and I agree with everything written there. I hope that the love from your families, teammates, friends, and all of your fans will be of some comfort to you.

  43. dadlak

    Shane, fantastic game by the whole team. My list of heroes is too long to fit here, but you’re in there for your usual hustle on the grounder that Furcal threw away. Your speed and hustle were on his mind and made him rush his throw. Heads up baserunning for getting to second, so Chase could concentrate on moving you to third and end up hitting a HR. Cole was great as usual and Lidge was truly “lights out.” Like you said, the game can turn so quickly if you just keep working at it.

  44. radioned@gmail.com


    just reading now the sad news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Charlie and families. Just an incredible performance, but puts things in perspective. Glad you can have this “extended” family of team-mates and fans that are very grateful for what you do.

    Mahalo, God bless!


  45. samphilfan

    Welcome home!!!! We know you guy will come thru! Have fun, the Phillies are at their best when they are having fun!

    Please tell Jason not to worry, he is just fine, before its over he will leave his mark on Phillies history. Keep flyin and Go Phillies!

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