A sad day

PHI-MD-275.jpgToday was a difficult day. I’m sure many of your heard that I lost my
grandmother and Charlie Manuel lost his mother. It was a hard day. It’s
about baseball, though. Maybe my grandmom helped me make that catch,
and maybe Charlie’s mom helped, too. I believe that.

At the end of the day, she’d want me to stay with this team, help them
win. I’m sure Charlie’s mom is the same way. Charlie stayed strong and
kept us all strong.

As for me, I knew she’d been sick. My dad didn’t want to tell me, I
found out after the game. He knew from this morning, but didn’t want to
tell me. You’re guaranteed one thing in life, and that’s death. She’s in a better place.

She was 82 and lived a happy life. I spoke to her the other night on the phone. I’m thankful for that. Usually when I call she’s always upbeat, and last night she wasn’t very happy. She wasn’t responding very well. They’re watching over us, they’re going to help us win.

I really believe that.


  1. cengle10@comcast.net

    Shane, I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Go take care of the Dodgers on Sunday, ok?? We’ll be cheering from the east. You guys are fantastic and so fun to watch. I’m proudly wearing my Phillies hat everywhere. Thanks for the blog, it’s great.

    Tear ’em up in L.A.!!

    Christi Engle
    Salisbury MD

  2. cengle10@comcast.net

    Oh my gosh, and how about Brett Myers hitting the crap out of the ball tonight!! He was outstanding at the plate. And Lidge sure can make it interesting in the 9th…

    What a great game. And what an amazing team. We’re behind you guys!!

  3. phillysnut

    im so sorry 4 ur loss,as well as charlies loss also.i will b praying for the grace nd strength that can only come from our precious lord nd savior jesus christ.may god truly grace you nd charlie during thes trying times….. good luck the rest of the way…..thanks for the memories already…..p.s. niceeee grab.

  4. abomb099@aol.com


    I hope you find comfort in the fact that Phillies fans around the country are behind you during this difficult time. Keep playing your heart out, and we’ll be rooting for for you the whole way. Best of luck and much comfort to you, your family and Charlie’s as well.

    Atlanta, GA

  5. dadlak

    My condolences on your grandmother’s death, and also to Charlie Manuel on his mother’s.

    Congratulations on another fantastic win for the club and game for you. I knew you’d get to Blake’s drive in center. Will comment again when you post on Game 2.

    Keep up the great work. Beat LA!

  6. lorijeannj

    Guaranteed your grandmother and Charlie’s mom are waving those rally towels with St. Sebastian.
    It’s been a long season for you guys and at the most remains 12 of the most important ball games.
    Rest up.
    Safe travels.

  7. infiniteciel

    Yes, I heard. 😦 We all heard…today was just as much a sad day as it was a joyous one. I’m sorry about your grandmother. My condolences to you and to Charlie as well. I can’t believe it…but I do believe that they were both looking down upon you guys, watching you, and helping you all to win tonight. Yes, I agree that she probably was the one that helped you make that amazing flying catch. :3 It was so very miraculous!! Wonderful job! And all of you did masterfully out there…everyone contributed, even Myers. Hehe, he’s such a pinch hitter now! It’s great!! I’m so happy for all of you, and I know your grandmother and Charlie’s is, too. Rest up, and stay focused. We have faith that you guys will win! I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  8. enrozsa@yahoo.com

    Shane-I’m so sorry for your loss-my thoughts, as well as those of Phillies fans all around the area, are with you and your family. And also of course with Charlie and his family.

    Thanks for a another great game-you are playing like a man inspired!

  9. ebpollack@centurytel.net

    Shane; Your Grandmother has a nice smile. Maybe she and Richie Ashburn are looking down at you and smiling. Maybe Richie is showing your Grandmother the ropes of heaven. I’m sure they are proud of you. I sure am. Thank you for doing what you do. Sincerely; Bennett Pollack Gypsum,CO

  10. ladykruk1

    We are so sorry to hear about your grandmother and Charlie’s mom. You are both in the prayers of Phillies fans everywhere. Thanks for a great game and playing your hearts out, even when they were breaking inside. You are all a great inspiration to this city, both on and off the field. Our hearts and prayers go out to you.

  11. playmissy4me@yahoo.com

    Hi Shane, I’m really sorry to hear about your grandmother. I just lost my mom last month, so I know what you’re going through and I too believe our lost loved ones are watching over us.

    I’m so proud of the way you guys are playing. Best of luck in LA. Don’t feel like you have to win this thing at home. I’m pretty sure Philadelphia won’t mind if you guys wrap up this series on the road. Phils in 4. πŸ˜‰

  12. jessoak

    I just wrote a comment on your last blog entry, because I didn’t think you’d want to sit and write anything new tonight. I am glad you did. It makes me feel better to hear that you are doing well. My heart goes out to you and Charlie and your families. The picture you posted is absolutely precious! Your grandmother sounds a lot like my grandparents and these are the kind of pictures I treasure most of all. I often wish I’d still have my grandparents here to talk to and ask for their advice. Like you, though, I believe they will always be watching over me. Memories of them & things they told me growing up will be with me always. And whenever things get tough, I can hear my grandfather encouraging me to go & make him proud. You have certainly made your grandmother and family very proud. Tonight’s game was just one example. Love & best wishes from my family to yours.

  13. babyblueyez8907@yahoo.com

    I don?t think there are any words we can give you that will take your pain away, but what we can do is let you know that our thoughts and prayers, along with our hearts are with you and your family. I lost my grandmother to lupus when I was three, so I never had a chance to know her. I shed a few tears every now and then because I miss her, but in the end I know she?s in a better place watching over me free of pain?and I believe that your grandmother did the same tonight for you and the Phillies. I?m glad to hear that you?re doing ok?I just hope you get a chance to mourn. On a much lighter note, I am yet again very proud to call myself a Phillies phan. The game was outstanding in every way. Brett was killer on the mound, the bats were flying tonight, and we had great, solid defense. Your catch in center was incredible ? just another play to show how amazing you are. Congrats on a well-deserved win?for both Charlie?s mother and your grandmother. It looks like you have your own angel in the outfield?because someone is definitely watching over you.
    Rest up, play hard, and until Sunday @5
    All my love,
    Becky?Jersey Shore, Pa

  14. lilsteph21

    shane im so sorry for both you and charlies loss. I know how it feels i recently just lost my grandfather and it was one of the hardest things i had to go through. He was a huge phillies fan and would have loved to be seeing you guys playing as well as you are. I wish you and your family and charlies to all my love, good luck with the rest of the series – everyone is rooting for you, just remember you have millions of people behind you

  15. krehmann@eden.rutgers.edu

    shane – while reading your comment about how you believe charlie’s mom or your grandmother helped you make that catch..put tears in my eyes. im so glad i was at the game tonight..right in center field :] and watched you make the game saving catch. thank you so much for staying strong through all this..you and the whole team. as the self-proclaimed biggest phillies fan in the world, i went all the way back to college screaming tonight. GO PHILS!!

  16. engineno99@hotmail.com


    You guys were unbelievable tonite.

    My first postseason game.

    You’re two and o.

    Thank you for everything u do…

    You mean a lot to us…

  17. wrs71287

    Shane I’m so sorry for your loss … your grandmother is certainly with you in spirit. That catch you made tonight was amazing … thanks for being such a big part of this Phillies team. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. You rock man … thanks so much for all you’ve done.

  18. watchatbaby

    Hey Shane,

    God Bless you & your Grandmother and Charlie & his mom, I’ll be offering a Mass for both of your families. I lost my Grandmom this year too. It has been a blast watching you this year, what a leader you have been on this great club. Before yesterday’s game, the last playoff game I was at was game 5 of the ’93 World Series. I hope you guys get two more wins than that team did and we can all party on Broad Street! Again God Bless and Let’s Go Phils!!!

    Fr. Mike

  19. insidecrashedcars@gmail.com

    my condolences on your loss, shane. your grandmother is in a better place now, and will always be looking down on you. and you definitely make her proud! keep your head up. :]

  20. allbline247@hotmail.com

    wassup shane, hawaii fan here just wanna say congrats and sorry for your loss. I know when i was playin ball my grandma would always be there supporting me the best she could and im sure yours still is. brah i gotta say its exciting to watch you at the plate, you always deliver and you deliver in the clutch situations. and dat catch, damn..if you guys go world series you my MVP dawg. Dat grandslam way back against the brewers had me going nuts bule. Anyways keep up the work and ill be rooting for you the rest of your career..good luck and good bless

    alojahz – braddah brennan

  21. kc0422

    We all act like baseball is such a life-and-death thing, but honestly, it’s just a game. Unfortunately, it often takes events like this to remind us.

    My thoughts go out to both your family and Charlie’s in what I know must be a bittersweet night.

    Great work tonight, and give ’em hell in L.A.

  22. libertybelle

    The photo of you and grandma together is precious. It’s easy to see where you get your bright eyes and engaging smile. I think I may have seen this photo on the Phillies website for the Mother’s Day tribute earlier this year? I am so sorry for the bittersweet emotions of the day — an incredible up and then heartwrenching down for you — your Dad was wise to wait until after the game to tell you. She lives on in and through you and must have been the wind beneath your wings tonite helping you reach a little higher than maybe you even thought you could. Like someone else said earlier, she was your “Angel in the Outfield”. How fitting! Somehow, I can’t help but wonder if Irene and June are “talking story” up there right now — they are surely cheering you on — and know their boys are winners!! We will keep the Victorino and Manuel ohanas in our prayers over the coming days. You guys are all such a very special bunch. God has surely blessed you plenty.

  23. skippypa

    My condolences to you, Shane. It’s always hard when someone close to you leaves, but be assured that she is in a place, a beautiful place watching over you..

  24. alwaysthevictim@hotmail.com

    My heart goes out to you and Charlie, Shane. I hope you are both able to get through this tough time as best as possible. I know your teammates will help pick you both back up, because it’s easy to see how much you all care about each other. You and Charlie are both an inspiration to all the fans who love watching this team play. Much love to you and your family Shane. Mahalo.

  25. lisacraig

    Dear Shane:

    My sincerest condolences to you and your family on the passing of your grandmother. Please also pass on my condolences to Charlie on the passing of his mother. I will keep them both in my prayers when I go to Mass on Sunday.

    As your grandmother was quite ill, you know she is in Heaven now, a much better place. Watching a loved one suffer is very painful, feeling like there is nothing you can do to help ease the pain and discomfort of a serious illness.

    I lost my beloved mother in February of this year, and she too was very sick, having been hospitalized about 13 times in the last 2-1/2 years. She suffered with pulmonary (lung) issues and relied heavily on supplemental oxygen. She loved baseball and her faborite team, the Phillies. My favorite memories of my mom were when she and I would watch you guys play, being too ill to go to the ballpark, sipping our cocktails as you guys plated ball after ball out of the park! That gave her the greatest joy. I just wish I had taken her to the ballpark a few years earlier when her health was better. She always told me that there is a natural beauty, grace, and elegance to the game of baseball for which there is no equivalent in ant other sport! She was so right!

    I hope you share these thoughts with your ‘band of brothers’ in the clubhouse. Your fan base extends so far beyond Citizens Bank Park … you have so many more fans than you think. Some fans just physically cannot make the trek to the ballpark (like my mom) for medical reasons but it makes them no less a fan!

    God bless you always!

  26. maximusmalixi@ymail.com


    Our thoughts are with you and Charlie.I know it’s a great loss but life has to go on.
    As a self proclaimed biggest Phillies fan from the Philippines, I really cannot describe how I’m feeling right now.I have always been confident that we can beat the Dodgers or any other team in postseason coz we got a very complete team right now.And to think that Ryan Howard is struggling at the plate just shows what kind of team you got out there.Game 2 is yours and Brett’s show.Man that was a fantastic catch.Keep up the good work and let’s march on to the World Series.It’s about time that Philly get another WS crown.Goodluck!

  27. tripledeke9@gmail.com

    First of all, I would like to say that I am truly sorry for your loss. When I heard the news of your grandmother’s passing, the first thing I thought of was the catch you made. In my mind, I see that catch again, but with two angels holding you up… Shane, I am tearing up as I write this because your situation really hits close to home. My grandmother, a huge phils fan of course, is in poor health as well. I know the push you boys are making this fall is probably one of the things that keeps her strong and keeps her with us.

    People say sports arent important, and thats not true. Just know that while your grandmother may have passed today, you are giving others the strength to keep fighting that “guarantee”. Stay strong, and know now that your grandmother will never truly die, because what you did today has etched a memory of her in the minds of phils fans everywhere. Those memories will keep her spirit alive.

  28. lilkim08

    Shane I am terribly sorry for your loss! You had an amazing game today 4 RBIS ad that great catch. I am sure a lot of it had to do with your grandmother’s spirit helping you on and watching you from above! I send peace and love to your family in this time of grief.

  29. wcbpaaa@aol.com

    God bless you during this time, both you and Charlie. Thanks for an awesome game yesterday. Keep playimg inspired, we all love you.

    I read a book recently called “90 Minutes in Heaven” by Don Piper. It is the most beautiful description of what heaven is like, so awesome and that is where your granmother is. If you get a chance pick it up. it will give you a very rewarding experience.

    We are all with you Shane in heart and spirit.


  30. dephillies@atlanticbb.net

    Shane we will continue to keep you and Charlie in our thoughts and prayers during this time of sadness.

    My son said this morning… “Mom, remember the movie “Angels in the Outfield”? Well, Shane and Charlie will have their Angels watching over them in the outfield and the dugout! So, remember that! Your Grandmother will be watching you from above smiling !!

    We are looking forward to Sunday’s game! Let’s beat LA !!!!

  31. jb51084@aol.com

    My condolences to you and da ohana. You and Charlie are in our prayers. You two stayed strong and helped this team pull out another win. I believe too dat your gradnmother and Charlie’s mother watched your victory last night. Their spirits will always be with the two of you. We’re all so proud of you! Go ahead and take Game 3!!!!!

  32. evie965@verizon.net

    I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    You played a great game and the catch was awesome. On a happy note Congrats on your engagement.
    Best of luck to you and the guys in LA.
    Beat the Dodgers!

  33. phillies_phollowers

    Shane, my heart goes out to you and your family at this sad time. I am so sorry for you, and also for Charlie. My grandmother passed away last month while I was in Miami watching you guys play the Marlins. I felt so bad that I wasn’t there, but I did get to see her a week earlier at her 87th b-day party, so that was a comfort. Anyway, I know how you must feel. I also believe that those who have gone will help watch over us…I will ask my Grandma to help you guys out too :O) The more angels, the better. Take care of yourself,


  34. tcampie

    Good parents and grandparents love and believe in us unconditionally-that’s what it’s all about. That doesn’t change because of trivial earthly things like time and space.

    *Ya gotta believe* and we do. Thanks for believing too Shane, you and all the guys and staff at the Bank.

  35. lou232

    hey shane sorry for your lose and tell charlie to we are very sorry for both of your lose yesterday.and also i think they helped you guys to i belevethat as well now the team has another resean to plat for your grandmom and charlie mom god bless you guys.now about the game that was great game to see you guys win with out the homerun last night so you can shut up howard from 610wip i think he a stupid person instead of been happy for what are doing he brings the negative. hey and maybe charlie will put brett myers at lead off for sundays game lol that was great what he did everygame will have hero you had 3 your grandmom,charlies mom and brett myers lets go phills

  36. jimsheffer@aol.com

    I am terribly sorry for your loss. Please tell Charlie the same. I agree with your posting that your grandmother and Charlie’s mom are up there waving their rally towels and helping any way they can. Thanks for being such a “Gamer” and for playing hard all of the time! My family loves your style of play and we are proud to have you as a Phillie!

    Thank you for all you do!

  37. victorinolover

    dear shane,
    im so sorry for yours and charlies lose. i hope everything works out for you. just keep smiling and remember that she is watching over you and cheering for you and the team. i believe that everything happens for a reason so just keep being postive. you are always smiling and thats what i love about you so dont get done on yourself. and just keep doing what you do on that field and she will be poud of you know matter what ! your the best shane. and you deffintly prove it on the field and everyone loves you including me because you are my favorite player and i believe you are one of the best players in the mlb and i think a lot of people are starting to see that. keep up the good work and stay happy. good luck shane.
    love ya shane.

  38. grim8118@gmail.com


    My thoughts and condolences are with you are your family. Your type is all Philly asks for in its athletes. You are a great human being, you have so much passion for the game, and you never let anything get the best of you. You are always playing 100%. Even if the play is a simple groundout to second base… the way you hustle NO MATTER WHAT is all this city wants to see out of its players.

    You have quickly became my favorite Phillie, and this week I am taking my 3 and 4 year old sons and getting them each Flyin Hawaiian jerseys πŸ™‚

    Keep your head up Shane, your grandmother has her rally towel swinging from above !

  39. yymfl2000@yahoo.com

    Aloha, Shane my condolences & deepest symphathy goes out to u n ur family. May god b with u n ur family in this difficult time. It’s hard to say goodbye to someone so close to u but always remember that she may be gone but never forgotten. And for ur manager that my deepest symphathy goes out to him n his family too.
    The games was wonderful I was working still when the game started but I was watching u guys from my phone n putting in my patient in the rooms. That was a good stretch u did. N yes ur grandmom raised u up to catch that ball. Now we will have angel in the outfield with u guys in California.
    N for that player ramirez he is not that good of a player he just thinks he is. This message is for the pitchers don’t b afraid of him he just thinks that his u know what dont stink is those damn ugly drelocks that he has now that’s what makes him so scary. Do u carlos don’t get scare when in one of the games that u are playing with that team that his dre will fall out n hit ur head. Ha ha ha. LOL
    again my deepest sympathy. Goes out to u n ur manger.
    let kick some butts 2morrow. Play ball…. Remember guys that wherever u go the philadelphians r there too cheering n rooting for u guys. Take care n god bless.
    P.s. Remember that we r already winners take care n good luck philly all the way…play ball…..

  40. eisie

    I’m very sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one is never easy, weather they have been sick or if it’s a sudden death. We lost our wonderful Grandmother this summer at the age of 94. She was a great woman, but I know she is in a better place as i’m sure you also know your Grandmother is to. Keep your faith in God and I know that will help you through this. There is a christain song that I just love called ” I can only Imagine ” It’s a beautiful song that talks about meeting our maker. God Bless you, your family and Charlie and his family and remember our Lord and Savior is with us all always. The Phillies now have many,many Angels in the Outfield ( & infield ). Keep your faith and win it for our Angels! I’m very sure your Grandmother was very, very proud of you then, now and always. God Bless you & the Phillies. Us here in Harleysville, Pa are rooting for you all. Go out and get them on Sunday.

  41. Miss_Phillies

    like i said on your other blog post, i am soooo very sorry for your losses. i feel so bad for you. but remember their in a better place and they are looking down over you. i also believe that your grandmother helped on that catch. that is the first thing i thought when i heard. stay strong for her. win it for her. i know your grandmother and Charlie’s mom are proud of you guys because i am proud of you and i don’t even personally know you =)
    good luck against the dodgers. you can beat them =)
    – long time phillies phan michelle

  42. anon@spy.us

    I lost my brother to suicide when I was 27. I had a softball team I managed and played on. We had a game that night.

    My friends insisted I played just hours after his death. I was in a state of shock, I followed instructions of friends and loved ones.

    In the bottom of the last inning I stood at home with the winning run on second and hit a line shot over first to the fence. I told myself before I hit the ball I would do it for my brother (I spoke his name). I saw what would happen in my mind’s eye and it happened as I imagined it.

    The team celebrated like a world series win with a great deal of spectators watching as I was the guy many people were told about (my tragedy).

    When the game was over I realized the solace I had was over. The escape was over. But out of blue came green. I somehow now remember the day by brother died with happy thought that maybe he reached down from heaven and smiled at me one last time. None of this may mean anything to any of you reading this, but it did happen.

    I can assure you that Shane and Charlie had a few hours of solace. That is priceless. Most people don’t want you to be sad when they die. They want you to celebrate what was good in their life. Out of blue comes green.

    My condolences Shane. If you read this, I trust you will know exactly what I’m writing of.


  43. cherylb1959@yahoo.com

    Shane – So sorry about your loss. My condoloences to Charlie Manuel as well. Just remember, it’s only a game. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and the same for Charlie’s. I do think the angels were with you and the team on Friday. Do what you have to do for your family. This team is tough. May your grandmom and Charlie’s mom rest in peace and always watch over you and our beloved Phils.

  44. passion4music1029@yahoo.com

    I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother. I know you must be going through a hard time, but now she is in a better place where she does not suffer. I was so glad that you guys won last night, what an awesome game. I know you played your heart out for your grandmother. She is definatly pleased, so am I :]
    keep up the good work, as you always do and lets win the games in LA! GO PHILLIES!

  45. philsfan819

    Shane, I’m truly sorry to hear about your loss and Charlie’s. I’m praying for both of you and for your families. I’d love to see you and Charlie out in LA, but do what you need to do. This is just a game. On that note, great game yesterday. You have become the catalyst on a team that is hard to stop once started. I’m really enjoying Phillies baseball this late in October. Keep it up, you guys are great.

  46. lala33

    My condolences to you on the loss of your grandmother. You and your family are in my thougths and prayers. Yesterday was a bitter-sweet day for you, Charlie and the team and you played amazingly. You are surrounded by great people and I know that you will have all the support you need to get through this difficult time. The Phillies are a great team, both on and off the field. You are making this city proud everyday! Thank you for your contribution and work ethic. Best of luck this week! I know you can beat them! Take care πŸ™‚

  47. breee

    aw shane im so sorry about your loss, your grandmoms in a better place now .

    & wonderful game last night i was biting on my rallly towel and when you caught it i was about to cry haha your amazingg !

  48. kschofield1@comcast.net

    My condolences to both you and Charlie. Losing a loved one is probably the most difficult thing you will ever experience in your life. Two years ago I lost 3 people who were very close to me all in a matter of 5 months. My best friend, my father and my brother-in-law. It was horrible and the most emotional time of my life. But I have realized that life must go on, and when I talk about them now, I always remember the happy times and I can finally laugh again. Stay strong and try to remember the good times that you shared. I am a true believer that lost loved ones can look over us and make us stronger. Tonight was a great game, and I believe there are more to come. Congratulations on your engagement and take care.
    Love, Kathy

  49. jarrell1920@comcast.net

    Shane, by the number of comments from fans, I hope you see how well you are loved! I am so sorry for your loss. I know how difficult it is from personal experience. Your grandmother was a beautiful woman. Thanks for posting her picture. You played such a phenomenal game tonight, Shane, and I’m sure your grandmother was looking down on you as well as Charlie’s mother. Just remember, you have your Phillies family — team and fans — thinking of you and praying for you and your family, as well as for Charlie and his family. Please relay our condolences to him. And thanks for taking the time to update your blog — we really appreciate every word you write. God bless you!


  50. missusmissy

    Sorry for your loss. I lost my dad in July and it is a hard thing to take. That catch was phenomonal…or however it’s spelled. Glad you have the day off to rest and think happy thoughts about your grandma. Go Phils!

    all my best,
    Missy Ardinger
    Lifelong Phillies phan

  51. beardies05@mac.com

    When I heard the news about Charlie’s mother, I instantly knew we would take game 2. When I heard about your grandmother, the way we won the game made complete sense! I truly believe your grandmother helped guide you to the wall & leap up just in time to save a game tying homerun. It reminded me of the movie, “Angels in the Outfield.” She helped you save the game! I also believe Charlie’s mom along with your grandmother put some fire on Brett’s bat…neither Brett nor the experts could explain how he kept getting clutch hits! So I guess what they say is true, out of something bad comes something good.
    I’ll see you and the boys for game 4 in LA, rally towel & all. Let’s make some new history!!!
    Born & Raised Philly Phan, Jen

  52. noon4eva

    I am sorry for your loss and same goes to Charlie. I agree with you that I think that both your grandmother and Charlie?s mom were out there watching over the team, smiling and giving you guys the strength to carry on. I heard on the news the other week that a quarterback, I forgot what team, lost his 3 months year old son but he said strong and went out on the field and helped his team win. Do you know what was on his mind?.?my son would want me to come out and play like I did.? And I believe that your grandmother and Charlie?s mom would want both of you to go out there in LA and to play hard because your grandmother is in your memory and heart forever and Charlie?s mom is in his heart and memory forever as well. No one can escape death and I bet you that the dead would not want to see the living give up their dreams but instead want to see their loving loved ones succeed. So Charlie and Shane, go out there and have fun, play hard and play for the person you loved most who can?t see you both try to make it to the World Series. They will be watching over you, standing by your side and give you the strength to play hard and I believe that. In the end no matter what happens at least you know that you played for them.

  53. philsfan92

    Hey Shane,
    I’m not gonna say i know how you feel because i really don’t, but I lost my Grandmother from her 10th heart attach, and I lost my Grandfather just 2 years ago. It is a very tough time and i want you to know that Phillies fans have you in and your family in our thoughts and prayers. I also want to say great game, and great catch!

  54. suquamish04

    Dear Shane-

    I am so sorry for your loss. I was so broken up when my Grandmother passed as she raised my sisters and me. I totally had my grieving, and then moved on, because she would not have wanted me to be so sad and i always (almost) did what my Grandma told me. She was always so proud of anything i did; i imagine that your Grandmother is so incredibly proud of you, not just because of your MLB success, but because you are a genuinely lovely human being, and that is abundantly clear. Now , go out there and do what your Grandma would want——-> KICK SOME LA BUTT!
    leslie crowell

  55. mlhty

    Times like this are never easy, but our loved ones make it better through memories of their kind acts and words. Your grandmother must have been a good one, because look how you turned out. I’m positive she’s looking over you, and I do agree she had a hand in that catch last night. It was too perfect for her not to have. Know that your fans are thinking of you, and that we do care.

    Greg Fisher

  56. notsklw@hotmail.com

    I’m sorry for the loss of your grandmother and as well as Charlie’s mom.. but i know they’ll be looking down on you guys and helping the organiztion bring home a world series title. My thoughts and prayers go out to your guy families


  57. beach2mom@verizon.net


    You and Charlie are strong men because of the women in your life. You both have been blessed with their involvement in your lives and it shows. God bless both of you during this time of loss and pray that you stay strong for your family and team, as your grandmother/mother would want you both to be. This post game season has a bigger mean to everyone now.

    The Graham’s of Voorhees

  58. jonjordan500@gmail.com

    Shane: My deepest condolences to you and your family. That is a very sweet photo of you and your grandmother.

  59. newgrange6@yahoo.com

    Shane, I am so sorry for your loss, and Charlies too, I do feel your pain, I lost both my father and grandmother a few years ago. I think you’re right, those who love us are always there. My grandmother was the biggest Phillies Phan you could ever meet! When we were down 2-0 in game 1, I was worried. It was right after the Dodgers error when you made it to 2nd base, I started talking to her and asking if she was up there in Heaven cheering on her Phills. I said “Gram, can you help us, we need a hit” Next at bat, Chase Utley hit a homerun! I had to wonder, so I asked her to help again, and BAM Pat Burrell, homerun. I know it was her, I know she heard me and wanted the team to win. Best to you and your family, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  60. phan52

    Shane, my sympathies to you and your family on your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Your play in the postseason has been inspirational and I am sure your grandmother was (is) very proud. You do her great honor.

  61. jimmyjimmy

    What a sad day for the whole Phillies family and fans. It is especially hard to lose a grandparent because you hurt for yourself and you hurt for your dad, as well. And poor Charlie–I can’t even imagine losing my mom . . .

    Philadelphia loves you, Shane. You have truly shined this year, and everyone is pulling for you!

  62. ppcarolyn

    Dear Shane and Charlie,

    I am also praying for you and your families during this time of loss. I am sad for both of you. I have read many of the above comments. I too have read the book “90 Minutes In Heaven” by Don Piper and highly recommend it. There is also another book that helped me when my husband died 11 years ago “Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love”.
    I have been a die hard, 3rd generation (at least), Phillies Phan. Several people say they are the biggest Phillies’ fans. Well, I can do them all one better. I lived in So. California for 19 years, most of them with my late husband, who was a “true blue” Dodgers Fan. The only rough spots in our marriage were over the Phillies and Dodgers when they played each other. This series is also bittersweet for me because seeing the Dodger Blue reminds me of him it takes me back to ’83, the last time they faced each other in the NLCS. That was 1 1/2 years after we got married. But, I always bled Phillie Red, even in the midst of Dodgertown for so many years. I always wore my Phillies’ Tee-Shirt and Hat to Dodger Stadium anyway! I was a Phillies Phanatic in Dodgerland for 19 years – that is TRULY DIEHARD! I’ve been back in PA last 8 years so it’s great to watch “My Phillies” every day again!
    Shane, I definitely believe in angels, too, and I know both your Grandma and Charlie’s Mom helped you make that catch. You have been so fun to watch since you have been with the Phillies and I know I speak for many when we say we are thrilled you play for us! I agree with all the wonderful comments here about the kind of player you are. Last night you were not only flying around the bases on the triple, but flying in the air as well!
    Charlie, I was a fan of yours from your Indians days. My late husband also LOVED the Cleveland Indians, so we would watch every time they played the LA (then California)Angels. So when you came to Philadelphia, unlike all those who didn’t take to your “hick” accent, and didn’t really know who you were or anything about you. I was SO THRILLED when you came to Philadelphia, because I knew what kind of manager and person you were and are. I was also glad when Thome came, because I was fond of him from the Indian days, too. Everyone has been talking lately about the change of heart of Phillies fans from when you came til now, but I loved you all along! Thanks for all you do for the team every day!
    Congratulations to the whole team for the tremendous year. I am rooting for you all to beat the Dodgers in 4 and take on the Rays or BoSox. I have been telling people I am sure that you guys can beat ANY TEAM. You are playing with more confidence than I have seen on this team in a long time. And I know this double loss will greatly inspire you even more to go all the way.
    My prayers and tears are also with you. May God comfort your hearts and give you courage to keep on going.

    Your absolutely biggest Phan,

    Carolyn M
    Allentown, PA

  63. lcmr85

    Hey Shane,

    I hope you and Charlie are doing a little better today. I’m very sorry and you have my deepest sympathies over your loss. I lost my Dad in May this year. Your Grammom and Charlie’s Mom are both still with you, and are speaking to you, the same way my Dad still speaks to me. Both are going to continue the ways they supported you and Charlie, just on a different level. Hang in there, and continue to to tear it up. Keep playing as hard as you have been, and play for them!!!

    Hang in there!!


  64. stoshyjenkinson@yahoo.com

    God bless you, Charlie and both of your families at this time Shane. I can’t imagine how both of you are feeling right now. The mixture of sorrow and excitement at what you are accomplishing right now has to be crazy. Just know that those same 50,000 screaming maniacs at CBP and the thousands of us at home are behind you, not only during the games, but at all times as you go through this sad situation. I recently lossed an Uncle who meant a lot to me. He died suddenly at age 56. There was a place on the website that housed his obituary where people could post messages to the family and reading the kind and encouraging words helped me alot. I hope you have a chance to read the sentiments left on this blog. Phillie fans are all behind you guys. You mean a lot to us, even if we have a funny way of showing it sometimes.

    Josh from Wilkes-Barre
    Phillie fan since birth

  65. weezie545


    I’m sure your grandmother is so proud of you being such a big part of an amazing team. She’ll be watching over you all the way through winning the World Series. Stay strong!

  66. phillies6phan26


    My condolences to you, Charlie, and both of your families.

    I lost my grandfather about a month ago. He was a huge Phillies fan. I’m sure he could have something to do with you guys having this success. Like you said, your grandmother and Charlie’s mom are looking down on you guys.

    Good luck the rest of the way, my condolenes, and go Phils.

  67. philliesgirl91

    Oh Shane, I am so sorry for your loss.

    You are such an amazing person, and a hero of mine. I know what you’re going through, I’m just 16 and have lost all 4 of my grandparents, I know that pain, but I obviously don’t know what it’s like to then go play baseball. I just want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you always. I wish you and your family all the best. This loss proves, although in the worst way possible, that we support you, not just what you do. You’re a great ballplayer, but more importantly, I look up to you as a person. I’m sure your grandmother is more proud of you than ever, and she is most definitely going to you and the boys to a championship. I wish you, along with Charlie, all of the best and hope all is well soon.

    Remember to always keep family first, and that you have the entire city of Philadelphia behind you in support

    My deepest condolences, and all the luck in the world,

  68. harlamguy


    My condolences. As someone who lost his grandfather a year back, I know how it feels to lose someone who is that close to you. Remember that we all love you, and that no matter what happens in your life, that will never change. The best part of this is that you and Charlie can help each other through both of your hard times.

    Best of luck in the rest of the NLCS,


  69. tsperduto@yahoo.com

    Shane, I am deeply saddened by your loss. May you draw strength and comfort from the many fond memories you have of your grandmother. You have the support and love of thousands of Phillies fans near and far. May your grandmother lift you up on angels wings and assist with as many catches as she likes. You are the original Flyin Hawaiian and we love you! God Bless the Victorino and Manuel families during these heartbreaking times.

  70. boreddelcochick@aol.com

    Shane, I am so sorry for your loss…I also believe that she is watching over you…I am sure she was very proud of you…My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family…Keep up the good work…Jackie..Pa

  71. ehopkins1012@hotmail.com

    I was so sorry to hear your grandmother passed away. It’s tough to lose a loved one but you treasure the memories shared with that individual. I myself have lost loved ones in my family and I am afraid my father may be next as he battles with cancer. Your family is in my prayers.

    You are a wonderful player and person. Keep up the good work.

  72. kathoz12@aol.com

    Shane, I am so sorry for your loss……
    I too believe your grandmother is with you and will stay by your side and help you . I think your an incredible baseball player and I am sure she thinks so too. I feel you had her with you as she gently wrapped her wings around you and help glide you up that wall to let you do your catch but also making sure you didn’t get hurt in the process. It was also a nice moment to sneak in a hug and let you know of her presents. Shane your a wonderful person and you warm heart and caring ways are seen . You and your family are in my thoughts and prayer…………


  73. deweyhoop@verizon.net

    Sorry for your loss man. I can’t personally say I know what you’re going through, but I know it can’t be easy. Keep tearing it up at the plate, though, and keep making those amazing grabs at the wall. Beat LA, Beat LA, Beat LA. Go Phils.

  74. jsprague05@yahoo.com

    Shane, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I can understand how hard that can be. But she is watching out for you now. And now she has a front row seat for the rest of the games as you guys beat the Dodgers.
    Go Phils!

  75. bvb09

    I do believe that our loved ones who died are like guardian angels. They watch over us. It is such a consoling thought, isn΄t it ? I am sure your grandma is very proud of you. I very much like the positive energy you are spreading. And I wanna thank you for staying with the team, we need you and your skills when we wanna play the WS ! We all know it is tough for you. It is very much appreciated !
    Go Shane, go Phillies ! Greetings from Germany.

  76. ldyluc83@haggertyinc.com

    I am so sorry for your loss and pray for you, your family, Charlie too, and the Phils. But how in the world did you contain yourself when that pitch came at your head. I couldn’t believe the Dodgers unsportsmanlike conduct. Jaime Moyer would NEVER try to hit anyone on purpose! Clay is also not like that…..but why YOU. Because thay know your a GREAT team player and your one of the best players on the team……..Go Shane Go. My 6 year old Meghan LOVES you and calls you the Flyin’ Hawaiian all the time. She has a crush on you. Shane remember you now have an angel in heaven and she is looking down on you. Be patient……another grand slam is in the future…and revenge on the Dodgers

  77. amsocci75@msn.com

    Hey Shane, So sorry for your loss, Charlie’s too. The way you present yourself both on and off the field reflects on the way you were raised. Therefore, I am sure your grandmother was a wonderful woman.

  78. irishgrannyx4@comcast.net

    Dear Shane,
    I am so sorry for both yours and Charlie’s losses. You are true professionals to be handling it the way you both have.
    Also, what happened in last nights game you handled it as a true team player would and we were all very proud! Good luck tonight!

  79. geoslisa@aol.com

    What a beautiful lady. God must have wanted a pretty angel to help him in Heaven. Now you have a guardian angel to watch over you. Yes, we all have lost loved ones; and we all have beautiful guardian angels. It does help to remember their love. May her warmth and love stay with you always. I pray the memories of her make you smile. Take good care of yourself.

    Now go get ’em! BEAT L.A. BEAT L.A. BEAT L.A.

  80. lovethephils


    I cannot imagine how you are feeling now. I lost my grandmother earlier this year and while I do not know how you feel, I know how the loss feels. You have played with your heart the entire season. I hope that we, as fans, can offer our hearts to you to lift you at this time. We can be your ohana along with your parents.

    Best of luck to you in the playoffs. You make it a joy to watch the Phillies. I am hoping you guys can bring us the championship my parents still brag about. Take care and Mahalo for all you do.

  81. danielle

    Shane, I am so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I know Charlie’s mom and your Grandmother are up there cheering for guys. Let’s bring this one home for them.

  82. heckmans11@comcast.net

    Hey there ‘flying Hawaiian’!

    You are an inspiration in so many ways that you may not even know about. My heart goes out to you on the lost of your grandmother. On Sept 13, 2008 my brother died on the shores of the big island picking opihi. He was a diver for octopus (his favorite activity) and loved camping and fishing on the shorelines of the Big Island. I grew up in Hawaii and have felt a connection to you especially regarding diving for octopus and spam musibi. Your upbeat nature and inspiring performance in the NLCS has helped my family in this difficult time. My brother loved and played baseball through high shool and my parents are both ardent baseball fan. Know that they are cheering you on from their livingroom in Naalehu, Hi.

    Your grandmother is surely so PROUD of you!!
    Thank you!!!!

    Yvonne Nakano Heckman

  83. jwgiants

    Shane: I lost my maternal grandmother this past Wednesday, October 22nd. She would have been 89 on Friday the 24th (Saturday the 25th in Asia, where she spent the last few years of her life). She had dementia & possibly cancer.

  84. paulpaz

    My grandmother is 84 and also very sick. I flew home to Philly from California with my wife Sue and 8 month old boy, Gabriel so she could meet him last week. We got to watch Game #2 on TV together – which was fitting since we watched the ’80 series together. Then I was able to go to Game #4 and watch you guys in person, fulfilling a life-long dream of my own. Thank you for making all of that possible!

  85. lou.parise@comcast.net

    Shane…Congrats on a wonderful series and for being a big part of a great thing for the City of Philadelphia. I have a question for you. In 1964 my wife worked with a Vic Victorino in Redwood City , California. Any relation ? My wife thinks he might have been your grandfather.Thanks , Lou Parise

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