Thank you, everyone

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. It’s been a tough situation, as you can imagine, and I have to move on. My family is so important to me. I appreciate everyone’s condolences. I got a lot of text messages and phone calls. I’m thankful for everyone’s love and support.

I don’t plan on missing any games. Like my father said, my grandmother would want me to be here and take care of what I need to on the field. We’ll leave it at that. I want to be here.

Losing a loved one, is hard, but it’s something that happens to everyone. I feel for Charlie, too. I’m sure he’s going through a lot and holding it inside. We’ll be OK, and we’ll be ready to play on Sunday.



    God bless you and your family Shane. You tutu is smiling down on you.

    You are so lucky as you have many families. Along with your own, you also have us Hawaiian and those great Phillie family.

    Take care brah, and continued success in the playoffs.


  2. lorijeannj

    Just to let you know one of the Red Sox players spoke of his niece being welcomed into the world yesterday. One death, one birth. Death brings the beauty of life.
    Weather tomorrow looks great in L.A. Clear, cool.
    Just look out for those Britney look alikes.


    Shane, My condolences to you and Charlie. I know what its like loosing a loved one during a season. you are at a loss to respond to your family. I played for the Phillies ( Reading) Way back in the front end of the eightys with Juan Samuel And Darren Daulton,oh yea, and Bo Diaz ( God rest his soul)
    My Mom had cancer for years, she always told me everything would be OK. Well It didn’t work out that way! I had just left her to go to a ballgame, I was half way down the river drive (she was in HUP)when I got the call that she had passed . I had to get to the game !! Noone knew what happened, and yea I sucked that game, Felskie was a non feeling type of coach and told me to ” suck it up and play”


    Shane you’re doing amazing, I know I comment your blogs too much but it’s hard not to. Haha.
    I’m sorry about your grandmother but she’s probably very proud of all you’ve accomplished. You’re so talented, keep everything up I know you’ll go far.

  5. fightinphils26


    My thoughts and prayers go out to you, your family, Charlie, and his family on your losses. I can understand the sadness behind losing a grandparent. My grandpop took me to my first Phillies game in ’98, and passed away in ’00. He watched the Phils alot and I wonder what he would think of this team. Just keep playing hard and know that she is watching you and helping to carry you through the rest of the playoffs. Go get ’em in LA. Hopefully the next game in Philly will be a WS game.


  6. philliesgirl91

    Shane, this is what truly makes you a hero of mine. Not only can you handle all of this, you take the time to thank your fans for their support. You are amazing and I wish you all the best, as I said before. You never forget those who support you, no matter how little they mean to you. I’m sorry for being so repetitive, but for an athlete, who doesn’t have to care about his fans, you really amaze me with the extent you’ve chosen to go.

    Good luck tomorrow and I wish you all the best,


    to continue – Shane tell Charlie ,when we do away with LA ,throw everything inside or high heat, from what I’m watching on TV with the Redsox and the Rays, they miss inside stuff and high heat. Boys be on your best, both teams are machines !! We had problems hitting AL pitching back in the summer!! Remember!! Be on it!!! Thanks, Mark


    Hey Shane!

    You and the team have given us some ride so far. Our hearts go out to you at the loss of your beloved Grandmother and to Charlie at the loss of his Mother. Their love and your cherished memories will get you through. You have all of the love and prayers of Phillie fans, too! (We may be tough on the outside but we definitely have heart.) Go out there and do what you do best! As in life, your Grandmother will be at your side all the way.


    Shane, tell Jamie that all of Big Red Souderton is with him when he starts Sunday!!! Gentlemen we need to do this !! Looks like its going to be Boston !! YEE HAA !! HERE WE GO!!


    Good Lord , Shane every pitcher that comes up is better than the last!!! on both teams, Boston and Tampa Bay!! They throw alot of S@!$ which means there’s room for error, lets exploit that when we get there!! GO PHILS !!!!

  11. infiniteciel

    You’re welcome, Shane! You know we fans, supporters, loved ones, etc. etc. are all here for you and the rest of the team! It’s a very tough thing to go through (although I’ve been lucky and haven’t had a death in my family yet…), but with the support of the people around you, prayers, and memories, things will get better. You’re right; you just have to keep going! I know you and Charlie will take your loved ones’ spirits with you to give you strength in these upcoming games. Just do your best! I’ll be cheering! 😀 Good luck, and take care.


    I think the Phillies have one thing that the other teams don?t ? heart. You guys love this game, and the way you play shows it. You don?t just play for yourselves, but you play for Philadelphia and all your fans. I hope you know that we?re behind you 100%. We?re so proud of you guys, and we can?t thank you enough for this amazing journey you?re allowing us to be a part of. The fact that you, Shane, take the time out of your busy schedule (especially during this difficult time) to thank your fans, makes us love and respect you even more.

    Congrats on the engagement too! I heard about it during your interview after the game. I?m very happy for you and whoever she is?she?s an extremely lucky girl! I wish you all the happiness possible.

    Good luck tomorrow and play for your angel!
    All my love,


    hi shane;i have been a phillies fan since 1946.i have seen a lot of really great phillies players.i was there for the whiz kids,our 1980 guys and those crazy 1993 guys.they all lacked the great pitching depth that this beautiful team has.what i see in this team is there is not one selfish player.all of you give 110% every day.the first time i saw you i knew what you were made of.and you have proven me right.i am a little guy myself 5–3 and 125 lbs. my love has always been baseball.saw my first game in 1944 at shibe park at 21 st and lehigh ave. the phila., “a’s and the st. louis browns. the browns moved to baltimore.
    you and charlie remember one thing this is not a time for tears but a celebration of going home to the lord.both of you are in my prayers for your losses.the whole team is in my prayers to take us all the way !! i said it in may and i will say it now “phila.,phillies world champs”” carl


    Shane Victorino: Sorry about your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. My father just passed away at the age of 86, September 29, 2008. This is not a sad time, but a time to celebrate and rejoice in the lives that our parents and grandparents lived. The one consolation is that our loved ones are now with the people they loved, who have passed before them, in God’s good graces. Go Phillies!!! and I am sure your grandmother is very proud of you as you and your teammates march towards a World Series win. God bless!!


    Shane, our thoughts and prayers will be with you tonight as you kick LA’s butt!! I so admire your strength of character. I know how hard it is to continue to go forward when you’re grieving, But I truly believe that’s what our loved ones would want for us. Tonight will be interesting. LA will have the home field advantage and Manny could do some damage hitting off of Jamie. But you guys can retaliate with your bats and outstanding defense. What a post-season you’ve hate defensively and offensively. That catch you made Friday saved 3 runs — I don’t know how you did it! And what a bat you’ve had — you’ve so saved more than one game. And how about Brett Meyers — 3 hits and 3 RBI’s. If it hadn’t been for you and Brett, we’d have never won Friday. Just keep doing what you always do, Shane! I personally think you’re a star and one of the unsung heroes. God bless you.


    Shane, my prayers are with you and your family. I am personally strengthened by your faith and determination. I too know that your dear grandmother is in heaven, watching over you and praying for you in a way that she never did before. Love and prayers are pouring over you from heaven and earth.


    Shane – It’s very brave thing to go on in the face of your loss and Charlie’s loss. You now have angels in the outfield. Win it for them. But Shane, you broke my heart. You got engaged!! Let’s see – That’s more Phil than this 50 year old can count. My poor husband just rolls his eyes. All kidding aside, best wishes to you and your new bride. Make alot of Flyin Hawaiians I can see playing in the bigs years from now. Good luck in L.A. See you back in Philly.

  18. victorinolover

    god bless you shane.
    you are one of the most postive people i think i have ever seen. you are always smiling and always have something postive to say. i always see you with a smile on your face when i go to the games and watch them and i love that about you. when you smile i always have to smile. i know this is a hard for you but just hang in there and remember she is always watching over you. i know you will make her proud.
    love ya shane.


    You are a Bob Marley fan – just think of “Three Little Birds” My thoughts are prayers are with you. God bless.


    Aloha Shane,

    I am so sorry for your loss and Charlie’s too. Your tutu is proud and watching over you. You’ve been a terrific member of the Phillies, and I feel so proud to have a local boy playing and so dynamite too!

    This is 1st time, I ever posted on any blog – but your blog, your play, your heart inspired me to do so. Mahalo nui loa!!

    If you ever want some poi, some local style food while in Philly, my family would be delighted to have you come over. Shane No Ka oi! Sometimes we even have your favorite, lau lau.

    Geev ‘um!!!!

    Me ke Aloha menemene–Suzanne


    I’m so sorry for your loss – I can’t even begin to imagine what you and Charlie must be feeling right now. You, your family, and the team are in my thoughts.

  22. utleyfan28

    Shane, Like I’ve said before, I’m really sorry for your loss. I wanted to wish you and the guys lots of luck tonight. Those Dodger fans have nothing on us. We are behind you guys all the way. Congrats on your engagement, too! God Bless and know you have some pretty special angels looking out for you guys. GO PHILS !!!!!

  23. noon4eva

    I wish you guys the best of luck and I will be rooting you guys all the way. I think your grandma will be very proud of you and she will be with you on the field. I think something magical, something unexplainable will happen to this club. Good luck, play hard, play for fun, play for the lost ones, play for what is in your heart.


    shane, my heartfelt condolances. the thoughts and prayers of my family, goes out to yours, and charlie’s. stay strong for yourselves, each other, and the team. good luck in l.a., and remember my young friend, there are angels on our shoulders. aloha, and god bless.

  25. soxfanonstage

    Just wanted to let you know that Red Sox Nation is keeping you and Charlie in our thoughts and prayers. Who knows, our teams might end up facing each other on the big stage, but we’ll still be feeling for you guys. Best of luck to you for the rest of the postseason.


    Im sorry for your and Charlies loss. I know how important grandparents are, I lost my grandfather in 2001 and he was my hero. He loved the Phillies and baseball and I know that you would have been one of his favorites. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Charlie and your families.


    Shane, I’m sorry for your loss and for Charlie’s. Your families are in our prayers. Awesome catch the other night, I still can’t believe you caught it. We’ll be watching and pulling for you.


    Shane, again I am sorry for ur loss n also to ur manager. I know it is hard to have a job like ur’s n not knowing what to do next so many things going through ur mind but as they say life goes on, n when we clinch those dodgers @ there hometown u can be very sure that there will be someone there to give u shoulder to cry on. My god bless u guys today n thru the end of the season. And like u said maybe ur grandmom helped u reach so high for the ball. Because when I lost my grandmom @ the age of 101, that day I was watching t.v. And the lights when out it was about 7pm when she closed her eyes. Now she’s in a place good place were there is no pain and suffering.
    now u will be having her with u in the outfield. Play a good game today n 2morrow.
    All u guys will do very well today n 2morrow we will clinch those loud mouth dodgers @ there own park. Remember moyer dont be afraid of then they like to talk more crap than what they do u know where. Haha LOL….. Play ball guys n shane catch those balls like always.
    goods luck .phillies are number one I will be cheering u from Florida….. Let’s go phillies…… Beat LA.
    remember carlos dont look up at ramirez one of those out if style drelocks can fall n hurt ur eyes.
    philiesssssss all the way….


    I have been a fan of you since I saw you down in Clearwater. I just wanted to tell you that my thoughts and prayers are with you, Charlie, and both your families. My grandmother passed away four years ago today, and it’s still hard sometimes. Thank you for being the great person that you are. I wish you the best and GOOD LUCK IN LA!

    Let’s Go Phils!

  30. ariedoz

    Shane, you are the man. You are so the man that my girlfriend and I named our new black lab pup Shane after you. We decided that a dog that had the characteristics that you show on and off the field would be an awesome dog – fast, friendly, and generally pretty much cool. If you want to see pictures of him feel free to email me at . Sorry about your grandmother, never easy to lose a loved one, but I’m sure she’d be proud of you.


    Aloha e Shane,

    I am sad to hear of the passing of your Tutu. I know how sad you must be. Her passing over da rainbow puts her at peace and no suffering.

    You are doing an awesome job with the tough times you are going through. You are right, your Tutu IS helping you make da catch and helps you hit dat ball. Now, she is at all your games, she is your guardian angel, on your shoulder.

    May ke akua help you through dis time.

    me ke aloha pumehana,


    I’m dyin’ here babe….Bottom 3…not goin so well.
    God bless you with more patience than expected under the circumstances. However, with that said get your butt back out there & kick Manny’s A*S…just for Kuroda tryin to hit you! Grrr he makes me crazy, he’s such a punK.


    Shane, My condolences to you with the loss of your grandmother and also Charlie with his mother. She will watch over you. I love watching the games when you are playing. You are so under paid. You are a fantastic baseball player and have such a great disposition on the field. Keep it that way. Thats why your fans love you.


    Shane. Please pass this message on to Jimmy for me.

    When you come to the plate in the 1st inning tommorow for game 4. Take a deep breath, soak everything in and then smile. Remember this game is fun and should be played with the spirit of a little boy.
    We love you and we believe in you.



    Sorry to hear about your loss, and I was sorry to see things get ugly on the field today. Just keep playing your game and have fun, and you’ll make your grandmother proud.


    Shane, First let me express my condolences on the loss of your grandmom. I have lost both of mine but all the memories you have will last your WHOLE lifetime!!! She is in a better place with no suffering & she is your own personal “guardian angel”!!!! You have made her VERY PROUD!!!!!! I’m SOOOOOO PROUD of you too!!! I have enjoyed watching you all season. The energy & excitement you bring to this organization is AMAZING!!!!!!! & so are you!!!!! I love you!!! But Im depressed that you are no longer “SINGLE”!!!! Oh well, neither am I. I hope she realizes what a GREAT man she has & you will give her 200 % just like you do on the field!!!! Keep getting those great hits & homeruns & we will go on ALL THE WAY to win a philly WORLD SERIES!!!!! I was 21 in 1980 when the phillies won the World Series!!! It was an amazing time & I would LOVE to relive that fun!!!! Go PHILLIES WIN!!!!!!!! Luv ya, Francine


    Shane I forgot to say one thing, After looking at your bio, I couldnt help but think how ironic it is that you were born the month after the Phillies won the World Series in 1980!!! And now, in 2008, YOU are playing in the post-season getting ready to move on to the World Series round!!! What better 28th birthday gift could you ask for??!!!!!! I’ll wish you an early Happy Birthday from your BIGGEST BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv you Shane!!!!! Francine




    may your soul be blessed
    may your body rest
    on the mountain where you were born
    may your spirit soar
    where there’s joy ever more
    may you find your way in peace

    and there?s no more harm
    in your savior?s arms
    see you fly away in the sky
    did you hear the call of angels one and all
    may you find your way peace

    may you know you?re loved
    may you shine above
    on the mountain where you were born
    may your spirit soar
    there?s no pain anymore
    may you find your way in peace

    and there?s no more harm
    in your savior?s arms
    see you fly away in the sky
    did you hear the call of angels one and all

    may you find your way in peace
    may you find your way in peace
    may you find your way in peace


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