Its not supposed to be easy

I don’t really want to talk about what happened in the third inning with the Dodgers. I expressed my feelings to Russell Martin and Hiroki Kuroda. It’s over as far as I’m concerned.

This wasn’t a good game for us. They had all the momentum on their side out of the gate. They came out, got five runs early. That was crucial.

We know they’re a good team. You look back at the way the games have gone. They swept us here. We swept them at home. We have to find a way to win.

Jimmy Rollins and I had a tough time getting on base, and that hurt us tonight. We’re still up, 2-1 and we have to play tomorrow. We knew coming over here wasn’t going to be easy. We expected them to give us a series. We knew it was going to tough here. Everybody knew the series wasn’t going to be four games.

Kuroda mixed his stuff well. He keeps the ball down. He has a mid 90’s fastball that complements his slider. He did a good job shutting us down tonight. They came out early and scored a lot of runs. I can’t say they’re a better team. They’re a good team, period. We were able to win those two games at home. We lost tonight. We’ll get ready to go.



    Shane please tell Jimmy something for me.

    When you step to the plate in the first inning tommorow take a deep breath soak in the crowd, the green grass and the blue sky…..and then Smile!
    Remember this game is fun and meant to be played with the heart and enthusiasm of a little boy.
    Just smile Jimmy. We love you and we are all behind you.
    GO GET EM!!!

    I’ll be at Game 5 to watch you guys clinch it!!

  2. nephillie

    Tough game for you guys on Sunday Shane. As expected, the Dodgers came out on fire but you guys are still in the driver’s seat and tomorrow I think you guys are going to have a change of luck out there. Be patient against Lowe, try to raise his pitch count and by the fifth or sixth inning he will be getting some of his pitches up for the Phillies to be able to hit. Joe Blanton will pitch well tomorrow and keep the team in the game. Tell Jimmy to hang in there and be confident! Things will get rolling for you guys again. Best of luck tomorrow and for the rest of the series!

  3. daniel n

    You phillies are one tough team to beat! Can’t wait to see where this series goes from here on out!

    Go Dodgers!

    And if you guys manage to win the NLCS, I’ll be rooting for the phillies!

  4. lou232

    hey shane tough lose but go get them today tell eveybody relax out there just think dodgers fans are us cheering i know its hard to do because there not as loud.try it anyway
    and just relax at the plate.o after the last game with the dodgers tell manny the philly fans want him to cut his hair
    it looks stupid i thought baseball had a dress code. lol




    classic baseball last nite….
    the Phillies will do it…no doubt in my mind.
    Victorino is one tough competitor….and I know he – Jimmy-Chase and Ryan et al will win in the end.
    Keep up the fight…I predict a win tonight with Blanton on the mound…then back to our main men- Hamels-Meyers etc…


  6. jessoak

    We know you were all giving it 110% last night and we also know you are the better team. You can do it! Go Phils!


    My Flyin Hawaiin,

    It was disgusting to listen to charlie’s press conference and here Manny in the background repeatedly screaming “Not in our house”

    Shane, Can you rally the troops and wakeup that clubhouse??
    Not just because we lost last night, but because we are truly lucky to be leading the series.
    The World Series is not a reality when 4 out of your first 6 hitters in the lineup Jimmy, Ryan, Jayson, and you are hitting a combined .141 against the boys in blue. We “watch” so many strikes go by and leave so many guys on base that it is frustrating to watch. We cannot make things happen or hit the ball, if we don’t swing the bat
    This is the freakin NLCS…C’mon, we’re so close!!!! I know patience at the plate is key, but not late & down in the count w/ borderline pitches that should be at least fouled off.
    Please get the clubhouse fired up for tonight!!!!!
    At least give them boys some SPAM for lunch.
    How about all of those base hit bunts you have had this year???
    TIME IS NOW!!!!
    Go Phils Go!!!!

    Capt. Chris

  8. bbfan007


    You guys are a class act. Your fans are 100% behind you and realize that to keep emotions in check during a game like last night is hard. We Philly fans would never treat another team like the way LA treated you guys but you didn’t let us down! You guys were classy through the whole game and took it like men – we’re proud of the team. The reason we all got so upset is because no one likes dirty baseball and that’s what we saw. We’re just calling it like it is. You and Charlie both had a tough week and then last night was just it for the Phils fans! We have confidence that you guys will win, but winning is not everything because if you play fair – you are the winners and I see winners in the Phils everytime your team gets out there. Thanks for not throwing fits and acting childish. Baseball is a gentleman’s sport and that’s why I love it, if I wanted to watch football, I would, but I wanted baseball last night and that’s at least what the Phils gave their fans. Thanks for all you guys do and how hard you work!

  9. eisie

    We all knew it wasn’t gonna be easy & that you guys wouldn’t sweep them. Go out and get them tonight! It’s go time! Just remember, you guys play better when you all look like your having fun! Don’t let the home crowd take your momenum away. There is still a lot of baseball to play. Go get um!!!

  10. suquamish04

    hi shane-

    you guys are the better team, no question. it was a tough game and it made me proud how you conducted yourselves. tonight is a new game and another opportunity to knock the wind out of LA’s sails. just be the team you ‘ve been for the past two years and all will go well. can’t wait for the parade down Broad Street!!


    Shane man, what a good sport you are for “recommending” that he can hit you in the ribs but not the head. LA is a tough city. Remember this is the town that threw their complimentary baseballs on the field at umps and players in the 1990s because they didn’t like a call. I can’t say how much I would love you guys to win the series in Philly, but taking the next 2 games would be sweet. I have a good feeling with Blanton tonight and I predict you guys jumping on Lowe early. If all else fails you guys better just put Myers in as clean up or something, haha. Good luck, GO PHILS!!!

  12. lorijeannj

    Another Phillies fan just entered the world at 6:47 this morning. Her name is Samantha. She is my grand-niece-in-law.
    Shut down Hollywood tonight.


    Hi Shane,

    There were two examples you could have set last night… thank you for setting the right one !!! Handling that the way you did makes you a pro’s pro and put me in a great position to expalin things to my kids.

    I met you folks in Oakland this year (what a kick) and I’m sure they’re always proud but you really showed that they taught you well last night. I hope I can do as well with mine.

    Play the game hard and play the game right… great things will happen !!!

    ps – Manny took care of giving my kids an fine example of how not to conduct themselves.

  14. noon4eva

    I watched the game last night and my sister was like oh no they are going to go after Shane. We expected it but that was so uncalled for. How could they do that to a mourning person? I am sick of them and their attitude, they won one game and they are already jumping for joy. You know if the Dodgers win, I hope the Red Sox beat the crap out of them. They deserve it for what they did to the Phillies. But I am hoping and I am praying and I have faith that the Phillies team will continue fighting to the very end and I believe that all of you can do it. Just stay focused and believe in yourself, believe that the ball can go far, believe that there is a hole out there for you to hit the ball and believe in victory. Wishing you all the luck today and may be the angels fly with all of you tonight?.especially Blanton.


    Shane – The best things in life are not easy. The Phils are not supposed to be easy. You guys make things exciting for us. Don’t worry. It will be more fun to win it at The Bank. Philly needs a party with you guys in town. Go Red!!


    First let me offer my condolences to Shane, Charlie, and your families on your personal losses.
    As for the game, as much as people cheer and get heated up over competition, sports are just games and someone wins and someone loses on any given day….they’re all pros competing out on the field and Lord knows the ball can bounce in any odd direction at times. We all want to be on the side of the winner, hopefully things can go right for us and it will be the Phillies who make it out of this one to advance. Don’t let the Dodger crowd get to you Shane, just do what you know how to do…giving it your best.
    Mahalo šŸ™‚


    SO proud to be a Phillies fan! Thanks to all of you for demonstrating such great character in last nights game. You’re the best … go get ’em tonight … we’ll be glued to the TV and then … We will see you IN the World Series (in Tampa Bay hopefully :))

    Your (Displaced) Phillies Fans In Florida –
    The Sanborns
    Go Phillies!

  18. kelmar

    OK…so that is the one game we were all ready to get out of the way. It is always tough to go anywhere besides home to play. I wish we could all be there physically tonight to cheer you on to victory. So tonight when you hear those crowds think of them all in Philly red…imagine everyone of us at home is cheering you all on and that is what you hear…know that my towel is being twirled so hard that the corners are tattered…and remember win or lose, I am so happy and proud that you boys are the team I am cheering with! I love you all lots…now go get ’em!!!

  19. mauimama

    One pitch, one hit, one game . . . that’s the mantra. The Phillies are the better team – you guys can and will do your thing tonight! GO GET ‘EM! BEAT LA! And we are all cheering for you! GO PHILLIES!

  20. utleyeveryday

    Shane, I am nobody and I realize that, but try to keep your hips from bailing out. Your swing looked different last night and I think those 2 ground balls to second were the inevitable result. Emotion ran high and I think you wanted to stick it to them by putting it over the fence. Hang it there and make YOUR kind of contact. We need you to be everything you have been to us to this point. Good luck. Adam in Harrisburg (


    Last night was just more proof of what the dodgers and their fans are and that is TRASH. Russell Martin needs to get over himself and realize inside pitches are part of the game and Kuroda should be ashamed of himself aiming for your heard but I know that you and the Phils are a much better and classier team. Another thing I notices last night watching the game was the amount of empty seats at Dodger Stadium!!! I was at game 1 in Philly and there was not an empty seat to be found…I guess that old joke about Dodgers fans are true they come to the game in the 3rd and leave in the 7th. Manny Ramirez is the biggest baby, diva, and prima donna the game has ever seen and I wouldn’t mind a few inside pitches heading his way. Anyways Shane you are right, the dodgers are not the better team and that will be proven tonight and Wednesday when the Phillies take the NLCS. As of right now, I hate the dodgers much more than I hate the Mets.


    shane, I just wanted to let y know that even though that game last night was not the best but we all felt what u guys were going thru with those loud mouth players. Last night it was in call for, felt like if I was watching high school sports. The past us the past n I like the way think, let the bygone be bygones n play some professional baseball like my phillies team do.
    What got me a little mad was the way ethier said on his blog.
    quote… Those brushback… The definition for that means. A fastball DELIBERATELY thrown at or too near a batters head.
    He also comment that the dodgers didn’t have or made any statements which they did….. (quote) not in our home … Now that us a statement made…. But anyways we know how to ignored the ignorance.. So let’s go out there an make it happens we will win this last games. Prove those dodgers that all of u guys are professional in ur job.

    P.s becareful with those backstabbers.. Watch each others backs. We are already winners let’s to phillies…..
    good luck today……


    Don’t get mad, get even. Go Phils!

    Lots of Red worn on the streets in Philly today. Your fans are still upbeat and know you guys can do it. You can wear out the LA bullpen. It’s going to be us in the Series this year Shane!!

  24. phillies_phollowers

    The behavior of the Dodgers players this series, especially Ramirez, has been disgusting. They are setting a very bad example for kids everywhere and they should be ashamed. You, on the other hand, handled everything like a true gentleman. You guys should all be proud of what you have accomplished. If the best man (or team, in this case) should win, then this series is yours for the taking. Keep smiling and go out there and win! Best of luck,



    Shane – Its a beautiful day to BEAT LA! Go Red all the way! One game at a time! Relax and have fun

  26. proudman


    play like it’s your last major league game and you’ll win. I know this because the Phillies play with a lot of heart and emotion.

  27. vancel


    I must say, that what you did was a class act. You showed poise, demeanor and class, certainly something that a few of the Dodgers and ex-sox players could use. The city and most importantly my two boys love you, pineapple guy. Their little and understand you are from the place pineapples grow, it’s endearing, not a slant….

    Anyone reading the blog, I also ask of you to write/email/blog about Fox and their blatant love for Manny. Manny is not the be all end all of baseball, he’s not even that good of a player. Sure he can hit, but that’s a one trick pony. He showed his class last night at the press conference, surprisingly in english we could understand.

    I’m sick of watching the pre game show kissin Manny’s *** and I’m sick of Joe Buck kissin Manny’s *** and I’m sick of Fox kissing Manny’s ***.

    Once we put the Dodgers behind us, I’ll be glad to tell Manny to kiss our Philly *** in any language he wants, wherever he’s watching from.


    Kick some Dodger tail tonight. Run wild with J-Roll. Get down and dirty. Clinch it in 5. I’m heading down tonight to watch you guys in game 4. I was hoping for the sweep, but I’ll take what I can get. I’ve waiting for 28 years for a title. Win won for all of us this year guys. WE ARE ACHING FOR A CHAMP!!! By the way…my Red Sox fan girlfriend has a gigantic crush on her Flyin’ Hawaiian!!! She LOVES you more than me I think!!


    Hi Shane
    It’s only one loss but I feel for Jamie who’s been great for us this year but I know you guys will come back strong and cover his back.As far as Ramirez goes even though he is a good player he acts like a spoiled brat.Thanks to the media and the dodger fans he’s gotten such a big head he had to cut his hair so his helmut would fit. Next they’ll change the name from LA Dodgers to the Ramirez Dodgers.I’m hoping to get WS tickets so I know you gus will be there GO PHILLIES


    The Phillies are the best team, no doubt. Go out there and WIN IT!!!! One game at a time, and we will show everyone why the Phillies are the most exciting team in baseball.


    Hey Shane!
    I’s only 1 loss. Now that it’s out of the way, the team can get back to playing our kind of baseball…..Phillies baseball!!!!! The hoopla of going to “Tinsel Town” and putting the “celebrities” on TV (which Fox LOVES to do every chance they get) is going to get old real fast, like the antics of one M. Ramirez.
    You are so isn’t supposed to be easy. It reminded me of a scene in one of my favorite movies about baseball…..”it’s supposed to be hard, if it wasn’t hard everyone would do it…the hard is what makes it great!”
    So, heads up, stand proud and do what you do best. Remind your team mates to keep smiling and HAVE FUN! WORLD SERIES HERE WE COME!!!!!
    GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!


    Last night’s game was tough, but all we need to do is hang in there, keep our heads up. We’ll get them with “hard singles” and “little bloopers” as my softball coach always says. Good luck tonight, let’s show them how we really play.

    P.S. Could you tell Carlos that his biggest fan from Jersey is routing for him? Thanks.


    Manny said “Shane’s a great guy, we weren’t trying to hit him” I’m sure you feel so much better about yourself knowing he thinks you’re Don’t sweat the small stuff. I thought you handled yourself very well but I couldn’t believe they went after you especially having lost your grandmother. It was a tough game but you guys will come back tonight. I feel it. You are all tough and I am with you no matter what. You make me PROUD to be a lifelong Phillies fan. Half my office left early to go to Game 2 on Friday, I was jealous!
    Brooke in Bucks County
    P.S.–Please clinch this in 5 or 6. I have a concert in Philly on Saturday night that I can’t miss!:)
    P.S.S.-Congrats on the engagement!

  34. irock1839

    Dearest Shane,

    For every Dodger fan in that stadium, there are two of us here in Center City pulling for you. This city erupted last night for the game, there were fans everywhere — we’re still rooting for you at home and we know you can do it.

    Bang this series out and the next time I see you and Werth at Little Pete’s, pancakes are on me.

    Tell Burrell I’ll buy him a beer too.

    Everyone at 16th & Spruce is pulling for you.




    Our sincere condolences to you and your family. I am blessed to still have my 86 yr old Mom, who is a huge Phillies Phan!!

    We know you guys are gonna win the next two. Just do me a favor. When the ball outta Lowe’s hand looks about ‘the knees’, let it go; it will be out of the zone at the plate. Know I’m preachin’ to the choir, you guys are great hitters/players. Just focus on hitting good pitches, and have some fun. Tell Jimmy he needs to relax a bit, and just swing a good stick.

    Go PHILS !!!!!!!!

  36. victorinolover

    dont let what happened yesterday bother you shane. they had no right to throw at your head. you had a right to express your feelings. just go out tonight and show them whose boss. you know you guys can do it. you guys deserve to go all the way. go out there and hit the ball and make the plays thats all you need. you guys can do it i believe in you. GOOD LUCK tonightt ! =)


    Shane, you are such a professional and 1st class act. Like someone before me said it’s not supposed to be easy – if it was everyone would do it (from A League of Their Own). Yes Manny’s a good player and can swing a good bat — but as a person, he is SO lacking! I feel bad for Jamie — I know that the post-season has been very hard for him. But like you said, it’s just one game. You’re not out of it so just go out there and do what you do best — play Phillies baseball. I was glad to see Burrell and Howard hit last night — it was their turn. You get another chance tonight so take it one pitch at a time and don’t let LA rattle you. We’re all here in Philly with our rally towels and cheering you on! The Phillies are the BEST team and we LOVE all of you!


    I have only 4 words for you:


    Go get ’em tonight. As you and Jimmy go, so go the Phils.
    ~ Kathy


    Shane, just do what you guys do best – pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off and go out there and have some fun playin’ ball. I’ll be at home waving my rally towel from the couch. Go Phils!

  40. libertybelle

    I’m checking in a little late here, and pretty much everything has been said about yesterday’s game. After all the theatrics yesterday, I have just one picture in my mind right now…Jamie Moyer walking off the field in the 2nd inning. I read it was the shortest game he’s had in 10 years. That was the hardest thing for me to see knowing what an AWESOME pitcher and INCREDIBLE role model he has been all year AND THEN SOME for the team that has run through his blood since he was a kid. You could feel that Game 3 in both series was going to be the toughest for the team going into enemy territory. I know there is some talk about not pitching Jamie in Game 7 if it goes that far (and I hope and pray it doesn’t and we can wrap this series up in LA). But just remember, he is the one that clinched for us the past two years — he’s still “the one” as far as I’m concerned to “bring it all home” if we go 7!!
    Phillies, you make us proud — home and away! Manny and his theatrics were destined for Hollywood. He’s just livin’ up to it. Fougeddaboudit! God Bless you guys! Let’s get ’em today behind Joe Blanton and show ’em how “professional acting” is done Philly-style.



    You’ve got spirit like nobody else, and I love watching you play because you always look like you’re having fun. And besides, you’re a fantastic player! Nobody’s consistent like you are, man. I’m so happy we have you on the team because you really provide the smiles.
    The Dodgers are such a joke, and we all know this and you guys know it too. Just like Jimmy said last week: the best sound is when you quiet the other team’s fans down for good (paraphrasing). I can’t wait to hear the Phils silence them tonight by coming out strong and hitting in some runs, stealing some bases, throwing the strikes, etc. Leave them with no hope.
    I can’t catch the game until 9:30, but I’ll be listening to it on the way home and watching it when I get back. Do it up, Phils! We know you can do it!


    good job in the game last nite. way to represent hawaii. no worries, eh. go get em tonite. we cheering you on in san diego, braddah! represent for all da hawaiian people and everybody in wailuku! laterz braddah, aloha!

  43. utleyfan28

    Hey Shane,
    Today’s another day. We all know what you guys are made up of and what the Dodgers aren’t. They actually used to be my 2nd favorite team. After watching them the past few days, I no longer want to be their fan. You guys have so much more class. Don’t forget its one pitch, one hit, and one game… GOOD LUCK!! GO GET ‘EM. LET’S GO PHILLIES!!!


    shane do me a favor tonight, if your running home and theres a play at the plate, drop your sholder and truck martin for me.
    tell howard to hit a 500 foot homerun


    my uncle thinks that the dodgers picked the wrong guy to throw at last night. He thinks you got the most balls on that team in his mind.


    I would like to start off by saying that I am a huge true blue Cubbie fan, but I am rooting for the Phillies to kick the Dodger’s butts back to where they came from. No, I’m not just rooting for you because the Dodgers spanked the Cub’s butts (that’s just part of it). I really just don’t like the Dodgers and really really don’t after last nights game. I wanted to say that I thought you were really great out there last night and handled that at bat much better than I thought you should have. Since it was postseason, I could understand the restraint. And just like you said, go for anywhere but the head. Kuroda could have handled that a little better. We’re all about sticking up for teammates, but he could have tried somewhere else. You didn’t do anything wrong and they even booed you at the rest of your at bats. How rude! That’s LA for ya! Keep your head up. Go PHILLIES!!!


  47. sandytoo

    Shane, unlike the biased commentators we have to endure through this series (unless we turn down the sound and listen to the radio), I want to see a Phillies/Rays WS!

    Manny is just another player….he can pretend to be a T.O. wannabe but he is just a hot dog. Good luck tonight!

  48. ltvlulu

    Hi Shane and Phans,
    Game 3 was a tough one for the Phils. You and Charlie Manuel both have our condolences for your personal family losses. Watching last night’s game was hard, but you don’t get to this level of play without a struggle. By the 8th inning, the Phils trailed by 5 and were cycling through their bullpen, and the teams cleared the benches and barely avoided an all out brawl. Today’s offering is set to Neil Young’s “Old Man” from his Harvest album:

    Old man, take a look at the score.
    Dodgers can’t get runs no more.
    Jaime’s top speed’s eighty-four,
    It’s pitchin’ we’ll be needing.
    Old man, we’re feeling your pain.
    You got blues and so does Shane, but
    Dodgers’ blows upon you rain.
    You gotta stop the bleeding!

    Old man, take a look at the score,
    The pitchin’s looking rough.
    Can’t get no sinkers or sliders,
    We’re gonna need more stuff.
    Old man, take a look at the score.
    Not wantin’ to lay blame, but
    Gotta throw ’em low and inside
    Before we lose this game!

    Better luck tonight! Go Phillies!!

    Lehigh Valley Lu

  49. philliesredpinstripes

    Shane, best way to get even with the Dodgers tonight is to just go out and beat them at both the plate and in the field. The Dodgers want to play head games. Don’t fall for it. Just beat them over the head by out playing, out hitting, out pitching, out running and out fielding them.

    GO PHILLIES!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!!!


    Sorry to hear about your Grandmother! My condolences to you and Charlie. I know for a fact that the Phils are gonna go all the way!!! You guys are just letting the Dodgers think they have a chance! HA! Ha! We are the better team and always will be. This team is the most deserving of the world series anyway! Keep up the good work and BEAT THEM DODGERS!!!!!!


    Shane and the rest of the Phillies, i am not a coach, listen to them. just go get the Dodgers, show them what you guys are made of. Good luck,


    good luck 2nite… Guys my familia n I will b rooting for from Florida… Phillies all the way…. Hit those homers 2nite if possible have fun like u guys already do in every game….

    Let bygones be bygone n play like we are in the WS already….


    I just wanted to say that no matter what team in Philly you play for, there are always men who are willing to make the right choice instead of acting like college Frat boys. Way to go Phillies! As a fourth generation Phils fan I am so proud of how well you all handled last night’s game. All I wanna say is kick some dodger butt!
    Thanks for being a great player and keep it up!

    Let’s PAINT L.A. RED!!!!



    So sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother! We will pray for you and your family. What happened last night was a bunch of crap but you are a CLASS guy and you will not let things like that bother you! Go out tonight and hit a homer and win the game. Remember the final GOAL!! Win the World Series! Good luck!!

    Harry, Zach and Michele


    I think you showed remarkable restraint last night. Good Job.
    Best of luck tonight and my best to you and your family in this tough time

  56. ve08

    Someone really needs to fire Joe Buck. He obviously wants the Dodgers to win. It’s extremely annoying. He does it in football too. Even Mitch Williams commented on it in the Post Game Live show. Who cares about Manny?!

    Go Phils! Play hard. Good Luck! We will all be routing for you back home!!!


    Wayyyy to go Shane!! That’s a great way to shut up that crowd and Joe Buck too… let’s keep the pressure on!



    Mr. Victorino,
    I was in the Army back in 1982/83. I met a guy named George Victorino from Hawaii. I have no idea if that is a common name in Hawaii. I have looked for him several times but have not been able to locate him. I am wondering if he is somehow related to you. sorry for the lame entry but I did not know any other way to get this question to you.



    Sorry Diana, you may think your Dodgers deserve it but so far it looks like our Fightin Phillies are earning it!! GO PHILS! Matt and Shane thanks for bringing it back home!!


    Way to go Phillies! Shane you are da man! Congrats to the team! You guys know how to win in style. One game at a time!! Good job to Matt Stairs – glad to have you on OUR team. Rest up tomorrow and relax.

  61. laurn


  62. umpiredan

    We all love you and the rest of the fightin’ Phils. My dad, Charlie’s mom, and your grandmother are all watching with the best seats in the house!


    Like you said, it’s not supposed to be easy and, trust me, we fans can tell it’s not! Thank you for being such a class act and such a great representative of Philadelphia. You guys keep finding a way to win and your heart shines through no matter what the situation. One more to go, Shane. Let’s show LA what we’re made of!!

    God Bless and good luck šŸ™‚


    Shane Victorino your the MAN !!!!!!!
    Like it was said your the engine of the team , getting things moving…… Your the BOMB.
    Love Ya Shane !!!!! You are right it isn’t going to be easy but you have the characteristic to make it happen. One more game and the World Series …….
    I don’t know if its helping but I have a Phillies shirt with “Victorino” and a large “8” on the back and I wear it for every game……… God Bless You Shane


    Shane, you are quite the class act. The way you present yourself just screams out “role model!” Keep up the hot bat and keep making plays in the field and you’re sure to lead this club to the World Series! Good luck and we’re all pulling for you guys!

  66. dianeafan


    What a game! I can only imagine it must be hard to play such a big game in a visitor’s stadium. You guys are TRUE GRIT!!! And it must be even more tough to perform through such a personal time of loss. You must know that your grandmother would want you to take in every wonderful moment of what’s happening to you now. So embrace her spirit and live every moment to it’s fullest. I know that, in my life, that’s what my dad and brother want for me.

    Okay. Enough emotional stuff. Good luck to you and…………. GO PHILS!!!!

    Love and peace!
    Diane Wilson
    Villas, NJ

  67. ppcarolyn

    Great way to come back Shane! I went to bed about 10:00pm because I was so tired, so missed it all in real time. But, I woke up about 12:45am and watched the Post Game Live show with Michael, Mitch and Ricky Bo! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Loved the interview, too! I just know Grandma Irene was there with you when you hit it out! Thank God we got Matt Stairs just in the nick of time! I remember times in the past when he has hurt the Phillies on opposing teams. Now he helped out BIG TME! With Cole on Wednesday, YOU GOTTA BELIEVE – Phillies go to the World Series! Hoping for a Phillies/Rays series to shut up the FOX Network who are just dying to see a Dodgers/BoSox series!
    I agree with everyone – SHANE for MVP, unless if COLE wins game 5 – then they can share it! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


    What a game!!!! What a homer!!!! Thousands were booing you
    big time and you delivered! Stairs followed your great example and the rest is history. The rest of the game was a bit scary, but you guys pulled through. Like you said in your post game interview, it’s all about teamwork. So, with three games
    under your belt, it definitely shows that the Phillies IS the team. I know Wednesday’s game will be tough, but you, along with the other flyin’ Hawaiians are a team united. Lots of aloha coming
    your way from Maui…you are just across the Pacific and as
    Halemaumau is erupting again…that’s a sign that the Phillies
    will erupt to victory!!!!

  69. gabjolie

    Hi Shane,
    You were so great tonight!!! Your Phillies fans here in San Francisco are watching every single game!!! And we are so happy that you homered in the 8th!! Not to mention Matt Stairs!!! Good luck for you and the Phillies!!! With Hamels on Wednesday there’s no doubt we’ll take the ticket to World Series!!! We love you shane VICTORIno & the rest of the team! Keep up the good work and our prayer will be with you guys always. God bless! GOOO PHILLSSSSSSS!!!!

  70. lou232

    hey shane you are the fire plug on this team great homerun that tied this game up.but seening mat stairs hit his first postseason homerun to give us the lead that was great and now we are now 3-1 in the series all we need is one more it will be great if cole can get the win to lead us to the world series good luck still i say tell the guys to relax play ball and have fun.

  71. ltvlulu

    Tuesday 1;30 am

    So exciting! An especially sweet eighth inning with Shane’s 2-run homer to tie, and another 2-run homer to win by a guy I’ve barely heard of: Matt Stairs. Tonight’s Phillie celebration song is set to “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. Here goes:

    There’s a Phil no one knows
    Who will cure all our woes
    When Matt Stairs blasts a “Stair-way” to heaven.
    Phillies sadly deprived
    By an outfielder’s dive,
    Then Matt Stairs blasts a fast ball to heaven.

    Oooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh
    And Matt Stairs blasts a “Stair-way” to heaven.

    He’s the man of our dreams;
    Played on twelve different teams,
    And Matt knows in his head what he came for.
    In a pinch, he will stand,
    With a bat in his hand,
    With a swing he will give what we’ve prayed for!

    Oooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh,
    With a swing he will give what we’ve prayed for!

    (guitar solo)

    (fast with gusto)
    The Phillies trailing three to five.
    The Dodgers thwarted every drive.
    Shane Victorino lets one fly,
    And now the Phils and Dodgers tie!

    Here comes the batter no one knows.
    His homer sails to upper rows!
    “The Phillies win!” sportscasters cry.
    The LA Dodgers asking “Why??”
    It’s just the way the ballgame goes….

    When Matt stairs delivers Phillies Phans
    To heaven!

    Lehigh Valley Lu


    “u know what u probably might win the NLCS but the dodgers deserve it way more than u guys”

    …is books bad 4 u in LA diana?

    The Dodgers don’t deserve anything. You guys are in weak division, and without Manny your team is nothing.

    Lets go Phillies, bring home the pennant, we don’t care if it’s in LA. YOU guys deserve it for your play, and your fans are behind you 100%!

  73. infiniteciel

    I guess you’ve been too busy to update, huh? Well, congrats on the huge win last night. It was such a nerve-wracking game…I was so nervous!! But then, in the 8th (right?), I saw we had Howard on…and you were up! I was thinking (and yelling at the TV), “Come on, Shane! You can do it! You just need a homerun to tie it!” And that’s exactly what you did!!!! šŸ˜€ And then later, Stairs comes up and hits a homer. It’s so easy-looking for him. XD I love it. Great job, you guys. Good luck in the next game! ^__^ You’re almost there!


    Shane, I just wanted to say I am very sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I am sure it has been on your mind since you found out.
    You are definitly the MVP in my book and I sure hope you get it! You deserve it!
    It has been so exciting to watch you all as a team come together and play your hearts out through the entire 9 innings. You are such a strong team and it is neat how everyone is contributing.
    Good luck and I sure am rooting for you!! Hope to see you at the World Series!!!!


    Thank you so much for taking time out to share your experiences with us. In a city that’s hard to win over, you truly are emerging as one of our heroes. You bring your A game every night, but you also do it with class. We’re all proud to have you representing Philly….keep doing what you do, we’re all in this together!!

    BRING ON GAME 5!!!!!!


  76. nycphightinphan

    Getting it done in the 6 hole, way to be out there, bro! JR and the big man are getting back in the game, too. You’re looking like Lenny did in ’93.

    Look, I respect Joe. And I will always love Larry and Dunky, but this isn’t about deserving anything (ask a Cubs fan). It comes down to who has a better ballclub, and Mr Gillick has given us the best 25 guys we’ve had since 1980 (with all due respect to the Wheeze kids and Macho Row). The Phillies have earned this season by outplaying the teams they had to out-play.

    You just have to do that 5 more times.

    We know you can.

    And if JR wants to know about front-runners, have him watch the tape from last night’s game on Fox. Joe Buck must be angling for Scully’s job the way he roots for the Dodgers.

    “Hard to b’lieve, Harry”


    You are incredible! I have been reading all the blogs and newspapers and people have nothing but nice things to say about you since you’ve stirred up LA. LOL. I stayed up last night on a work night to watch that game and it was one of the most NERVEWRACKING nights of my life. I was praying for anything when you were down 5-3 and you came up and just hit it into the bullpen. I wanted to hug you! Then Matt Stairs delivered. Wow. I am sleepy today but so glad I stayed up for that. I never stopped believing. I was getting nervous but thought “They’ll find a way to win this” You always do. And you’re so close! Keep focus until tomorrow and let Cole bring it home. I’d love for you guys to win this series here but I don’t know how much more my nerves and heart can take! I LOVE you guys no matter what. Bring it home and let’s get to the World Series!!! GO PHILS!!!!
    P.S.-Don’t let the boos rattle you. They’re all just jealous.

  78. philsphever

    there are about a million expletives that i could write right now. but out of fear that youngins read this, i won’t do it. holy crap that was one of the most emotional games EVER. if the fans get this emotional, how do you guys even handle it? i think i told everybody i was going to throw up last night about a billion times. anyway, congratulations on your homerun shane.

    and just remember: one game at a time!

  79. watchatbaby

    So great to see this city jacked up in support of our Phils. Shane you’ve been simply great. Thanks for tying it up in the 8th – HUGE!!! Matt’s HR was sick man, just a monster. Give Cole our best and yes tell Jimmy to relax and have some fun, he looks too tight. I know fans w/ tix to game six would like to clinch at home but ya know what, just get it done there and take a nice little break before the big series! GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. philsfan819

    Once again, fantastic game Shane. You guys are a special team and have been so much fun to watch. You scared me again last night but came right back at the end. Great job, and keep it up. 5 more wins guys!

  81. jazfm210

    I am a die hard Yankee fan, but I am watching the postseason. You are one of the reasons an American League fan is watching the National League Series. After hearing the “sounds of the game” from game 5 of your telling Furcal to hang in there, I went to tell my 10 year son what real sportsmanship is. Thanks and good luck!

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