Finding a way to win

victorino-eog550.jpgAfter a week off, we finally played a baseball game, and it went great. We’ll take it. That was big. I don’t care if it’s Game 1 or Game 7, you have to find a way to win.

We struggled with execution tonight. The writers told me that we went something like 0-for-13 with runners in scoring position, but we got it done. That was because of Cole. He was fantastic. He’s done it the whole playoffs.

The key tonight was that we went out there and played the same. We showed up and were ourselves, and just tried to play the game. Chase hitting that home run dampened the crowd. He obviously wasn’t affected by the layoff. It doesn’t matter if he has a week off, a day off or no days off. He’s the best at his position for a reason.

A lot of people picked the Rays, and that may work in our favor. We like being the underdogs. It seems like we play our best when our backs are against the wall. Coming into a place like this — Tampa is so good at home — being able to take Game 1 is big. Boston took Game 1, too. It’s still a long series. We’re far from done. We’ll show up tomorrow and try and get Game 2.

victorino-slide275.jpgOh, and on my trying to score on that shallow fly ball. That was a  miscommunication between Steve Smith and myself. I heard, ‘go.’ He said, ‘No.’ B.J. Upton made a great play and has got a great arm. I don’t know why I tried to test him there. But we got the win, and that’s all it’s about. We were able to overcome some things tonight and pull out a win.

We’ll take it.



    Aloha Shane,

    Great win! Keep up the good work. Three more to go. Hawaii will be having a big celebration for the Phillies too.

    Aloha no!


    Ho brah! that was a great W! Tru B.J’s Got a cannon but if i was in Vegas I woulda bet on da HA waiian to win! 1 second more hang time an u was safe. Go get em brah, an as u always do, no skehd!

  3. libertybelle


    Nice photos. You did it! You showed up and were yourselves — playing great baseball and having fun doing it — even with all those clanking, stanking cowbells! I had to listen to the game on the laptop in my office with earbuds since I was no where near a tv and I could hardly contain myself when Chase hit that homer. When I heard you were going for home but didn’t make it, I was bummed for a second, but loved that you were brazen enough to give it a go – no holds barred – Shane-style. Guess you and Steve Smith can laugh over that since you guys won the game! Have fun tomorrow….hope to see you flying ’round third w/a big smile on your face!


    Shane, when you got nailed at the plate I just said that you are the only player on the face of the earth who even had a SHOT at it. So, you didn’t make it but it was sure fun watching you try. And I have a new motto now: When they say “no,” I hear “GO!”

    Go Phils!
    Helen McK


    Tell the team thanks for the win! It’s was a good game. And thanks for clearing up that try for home plate, lol. We won and that’s all that matters. It was nice to see alot of Phillies fans in the seats. That just shows how dedicated your fans truly are. You can bet that you won’t see many Rays fans coming down here to Philly. That homerun from Chase was huge and got the momentum started early. Cole was outstanding and Madsen and Lidge did their thing! 3 more to go! Let’s shut Joe Buck up for good. Go get’em!!!


    Hey Shane ~
    What a great way to begin the series! It was obvious watching the game that everyone was playing as a team – it really showed. Wow… was Cole ever great on the mound, unbelievable!

    Thanks to Chase’s early homer, I think it gave the team the confidence they needed to hang on and win.

    As some of the other Philly Phans have commented, we know you are always out there hustling, trying to get something going. We all appreciate and respect that about you.

    Now, on to game two ~ let’s win another and bring it home to win. I have tickets to game five, but if we can take in four that’s cool too!

    Go get ’em and thanks for the hard work!

    ~ Alexa

    PS: Great pics – thanks for sharing.

  7. philsgrl8

    Hey Shane!
    You all were so awesome last night! I flew down with my dad to go to the game! It’s great to see everyone coming back strong after so much time off! Even if the team was 0-13 with runners in scoring position, that still means that you were able to get them into scoring position, AND THAT’S HALF THE BATTLE! Don’t worry about getting thrown out at home, it happens to everyone.
    Hopefully the team can play just as well tonight and let’s hope for an equally exceptional job from Brett Myers as Cole! You all have been amazing all season AND YOU ARE ALMOST THERE! YOU CAN WIN THREE MORE! I BELIEVE IN ALL OF YOU!

    Catherine Brown

  8. lorijeannj

    The angels were in the outfield for they built a wall around the infield.
    Awesome pitching and great defense thanks to Cole. Wow, was he impressive.


    Once again – you and the entire TEAM were awesome! You guys have truly made watching baseball so much fun!! I was on the edge of my seat in the 8th and 9th…thanks Hamels for the first 7 innings and Madsen for the 8th and wonder boy Lidge for the 9th!! WAHOOOOO!!

  10. pp2008

    Hey Shane,
    Great game!!!!!!! 1 down, 3 to go. You are absolutely correct, it is a win no matter how it happened. Cole was great and don’t even think about what the writers are saying. I know that Howard and Rollins will pick it up.
    It takes an entire team effort and you guys have that.
    Quiet those cow bells- they are very annoying anyway.
    Game 2– Phillies win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel it. Get some hits and runs for Myers. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

  11. jessoak

    Amazing! Everything this team does is just amazing! Congratulations on winning game 1! Everyone is right in saying that Cole did an outstanding job, but it was another 110% team effort! Madson, Lidge, everyone! We are so proud of all of you! Good luck in game 2!

  12. phillies_phollowers

    Congrats on Game 1! This is the kind of a win that proves what a great “team” you guys are. It’s not just one or two guys getting it done…a true group effort. Cole was AMAZING as usual and I can’t say enough about Madson or Lidge…just WOW! 1 down, 3 to go…best of luck to you and all the Phillies!



    Shane, THANKS to you and the fabulous Philles for a win in game 1. Even though players were left on base, it still was good to see many members of the team hit. Without Cole pitching tonight, I’m sure the team will step up and bring those base runners home (literally, too). It’s a shame Brett can’t bat for himself — could increase the lead! Get this game under your belt, and then come on home to your fans who are awaiting your return. Just do what you’ve done all year — take one game, one pitch, one out at a time. That’s how you’ve won — especially in the post-season! I so admire your character in explaining to us about the out at home. You always show so much class with your honesty and we all admire and appreciate you for it! I’ll be glued to the TV with my rally towel tonight — along with millions of other fans! God bless you and the team! GO PHILLIES!!!


    Hey Shane
    Great game last night….so good to get game one in our favor! I could only watch an inning or two since I had the great luck of getting a job with hours of 6:30-11:30 pm now! Anyway…..great effort by the team and as for getting thrown out at home, while it would have been nice to have that run, the effort you put out is what we love! Can’t wait to see Myers on the mound tonight!
    2 of my sons were at the game and they said there were so many Phillies fans there, which is awesome….3 more wins!!


    No rust on the Phillies. Way to go. Keep believing, we ‘re on our way to the fabulous day the 2008 Phillies are the World Series champions!!


    Shane thanks for the response so soon!!!! Were you still up from the adreneline!!!! Of taking game one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The only thing all over the news here is phillys phever!!! I had peoplke over last nite to watch & told my cousin to look at your autographed ball in front of my tv, it has been there all post season & she picked it up, Luckily it did not effect the big W. We can not wait to you guys come back home. All the rallys and hype and partys and it seems like yu guys are so far away. Do it again tonite!!! But I need game five!!!!
    Love and support,
    Jennifer -NJ-

  17. lou232

    that was a great game out there a classic pitchers game that was like may the best pitcher win and he did.but that was a shollow fly ball to center field upton has great arm but i know you get crazy and try to hard tell ryan and jimmie to relax at the plate we need them in the game we need them to start hitting with runners in scoring postion so tell everybody relax we are all behind you o just let guys i have friend who is 90 years old he is sick and he is watching the games it will his last world series we call him mr b win this for him please he loves you guys and he realy loves you shane he thinks you are the heart and sole of this team the spark plug so just relax go out there and win game two we got bretts back go phillies


    Hey Pete Rose…on no…you are Shane Vic !!! LOL.. I got confused last night with alittle 1980 flashback! Dallas Green has said that you remind him of Rose. Way to go PHILS! One quarter of this World Championship is in the books, stay loose, have fun, just remember it is only a game. The right buttons were pushed by our helpers up in PHILLIES HEAVEN! GO SPAM MAN! Love ya, Tracy & Dee Allen..Ocean City, NJ


    Shane – Whether is was pretty or ugly, we will take it. A W is a W. 1 down 3 to go. Keep playing hard. Those rays are tough. Can’t wait to watch tonight! GO GET UM PHILS!!!


    No or go? So that sorta thing doesn’t just happen to us weekend athletes? LOL You had their pitcher very nervous on the mound when you got on base. You aren’t the flyin’ hawaiian for nothing! Tell the team to go get ’em tonight.

    GO PHILLIES!!!!!!



    Let’s suggest to Steve Smith that the language he uses going forward is…”STOP or GO”! That should eliminate any further confusion.


  22. lovethephils

    Congrats Shane to you and the team. You guys keep finding ways to win. No worries on the out at home plate last night, it would not be Phillies baseball if you had not at least tried. We are all keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best tonight. Let’s bring the Series back to Philly with a 2-0 lead. Mahalo for all you do.


    Thanks for clearing up what happened on that play Shane! But you know what? Today is not a day to nitpick at a win no matter what the stats say. Bottom line, Phils take Game 1! That’s all I’m gonna remember. Congrats, good luck tonight, and get ready to come home to a city that is one big party right now!



    Aloha Shane,

    Good job to you and the team.Like u said,yous came out the same as yous did before.Regardless of the out with you at 3rd base or bases loaded,it doesnt matter one of yous always fall thru for the team and with the execllent pitching of cole hamels, is no one star,all of yous are stars.
    I hope your family got to come out and see you and the team play.Rest up for tonite and go get em!
    My wawa customers now know me as the victorino Fanantic and the biggest phils fan.My car is decorated and parked out front of the store and they all go up to it and i wear phillies and of course your shirts with flowers in my hair.
    You tell jimmy rollins next time he wants a turkey hoagie from wawa he needs to come down to my store at academy and byberry rd. in northeast philadelphia.i will personally make a 2 ft courtesy of us!And Me and my boss did bring u a wawa hoagies for u on sunday besides the gift basket at forman mills but obviously u didnt get to eat them.Therse’s a next time!!!!!dont hesitate!!!!!!!

  25. nycphightinphan

    What’s he doing???!?!?! That ball’s too shallow!! you ’bout gave me a heart attack, there, Brah. If you gotta do that, at least take the catcher out on the play, next time, will ya 😉

    Our friends at Fox were at their old tricks again. Seems our staff really falls off after Cole, according to Encyclopedia McCarver. Funny, I coulda swore Myers and Blanton were both 2-0 in the post season. Don’t worry about Jamie, he’s pitching at home this time.
    We may be front-runners, but at least we don’t bring stupid cowbells to the park, and we don’t need a jumbotron to tell us when to clap.
    1 down, 3 to go

  26. noon4eva

    Hi Shane,
    I was listening to the radio this morning and I was really mad because a Tampa Bay reporter said that the Phillies are not so good of a team. Well Shane I think the way you guys play baseball and the “W” at the end speaks it alll period. And it seems that even the national broadcaster are against the Phillies but guess what the Phillies are a very good team, a tough one to beat too. So go out there today and play your hearts out. If the Phillies are the underdog then so be it. We’ll show them that underdogs can play great baseball and sometimes it may not look pretty but we know what it take sto win. I think all of you guys deserve to win and I think and believe you can. Play hard today we’ll rooting and praying for you and the angels have arrived to help you through this one. Go Phils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. utleyeveryday

    Great way to pull out a win while struggling to get runners home. I thought that might burn us. You are my favorite player and I had your jersey on last night. So, when I say this, it is with love. They picked your *** off at 2nd. LOL. Oh well, maybe the baseball gods are on our side! Go Phils!

  28. shendo8

    Anyone know who throws out the first pitch for games 3,4,5 how about all living members of the 1980 team in game 3 all living Hall-of-Famers in game 2 and then Harry Kalas in game 5

  29. lorijeannj

    Please tell Ryan do what he does best, swing. If he misses, so be it!
    He’s trying too hard to control his strikeouts with those checks.
    Tell him relax, swing and the bat will make contact.


    Howzit I’m a Maui girl living in Philadelphia. Really excited to see the Phillies dominating. Congratulations on doing such a great job for our team. Maybe next time when there isn’t such a long line around the block at Forman Mills I’ll be able to give you some fresh spam musubis. Keep Fightin’ Phils!!!!!!!!!!


    Great Win!!!

    Tonight, silence the cow bells. They are more annoying
    then Met’s fans.

    Go Phillies!!!!!


    What a rush! What a game! I will be there on Saturday and can’t wait. We will show them what “real” cheering is!! Love all of you. Am disappointed that there is not much “Burrell” apparel out there. He contributed a lot this year! I guess for now I will have to settle for my “Lights Out” Lidge shirt, my flyin Hawaiian shirt, my Howard shirt, and my Rollins and Utley jerseys. Good luck the rest of the way!!

  33. chas17801

    Congradulations Shane and the Phillies on game 1 win. You held the Rays, that’s what is important, whatever you guys do at the plate that it don’t carry out to the field.. You made the plays that all of you guys needed .. Great Job on that aspect.. Now of course the focus is on tonights game.. Today is just another game.. No big deal.. Again just take it one pitch, one play, one inning at a time.. Good Luck again. I know I will be watching and wearing my Phillies Pride again tonight!


    You are an amazing player! I have fun watching you and the rest of the team. Not only do you have fans in Philly but around the globe. My friend who is stationed in Japan called me after the game to celebrate the win! We love you! Bring us another win and finish it at home. GO PHILLIES!!!


    Hey Shane,
    I know you want to get as many runs as possible, but sometimes it’s just difficult to get them when you want/need them. However, coming out early with Chase’s HR was a huge momentum switcher to our side, which is exactly what we needed not having home field advantage this time. I believe, as well as many others do I’m sure, that you guys stayed focused and fought hard the whole time. Cole, Ryan, and Brad combine for an amazing trio on the mound too. The play at home was close and you gave it your all. Miscommunication happens and we understand that. No fault is put on anyone. The fact is that we got game 1, and now we need game 2 to bring it home.
    Best of luck and play hard!
    All my love,


    Wooooo hoooooo…… Great play by utley the game was very intense. I had lots of faith that u guys were going to win this game 1… Now we just need 3 more to go…. Just take every game one by one n day by day…

    Anyways good luck today have fun to the hold team. N yes please Howard dont drop the ball.


    Hi Shane. Great job last night! Well, this past Monday, I bought my Shane Victorino shirt at Modells (finally found one after visiting a few stores)! The sales guy told me it was the most popular selling shirt for the last few weeks. Just shows what a great job you are doing! Keep up the good work – one game at a time! And as far as the attempted steal—shows you got gumption! 🙂


    let’s show those cow how we play. In Philadelphia we at home us our rally towels while they ring there cow bells. LOL .

    Hamel did a great job in stricking langoria. Just remember guys we are there for you even though some us philadelphians live somewhere else. I live in florida but I was race in north phillies for 20yrs. Philly phan 4ever.

    ball 2nite. Good luck to u 2 myers…..

    Score some good hits today………


    From one Hawaiian to another do what you guys do best WIN! So many people are doubting this amazing team and I know that is just more motivation for you guys to bring that trophy to this city! You guys play with your hearts and that is why you are where you are right now! JUST THREE WINS AWAY!!!!!!! Go quiet them fake Rays fans!
    Good Luck tonight!



    We all lost a lot of sleep last night but it was worth it!! I grew up in Philly watching Schmidt, Rose, Bowa, etc. We would sit out on the front step with our little black and white tv excited to watch every play. Great memories!

    I now watch all the games with my son and I can’t believe you guys are really there. It’s like a dream come true for us, I can’t imagine how trilled you all are. You’ll all be philadelphians at heart no matter what happens and where ever you go, you are all part of us now. I couldn’t be prouder of the caliber of players on your team!

    Go get um! We’ll all sleep when it’s over!!!!!

  41. eisie

    AWESOME!! We won, it wasn’t pretty but a win is a win. Congrats to you all. There are a lot of games left, but take one at a time. Go out there tonight and play like you guys have been playing and I think the outcome will be great. Thanks for writing this blog. It’s not like you have nothing else to do. GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hey Shane! You did fantastic last night, and may I add that you were very sexy doing it as well. I will be at game 4, and maybe it will be the day the Phils will take the series. I can’t wait to go to the parade down Broad street, so bring it home for us papi!

  43. hawaiibound

    Great game by the Phils as always. I am so proud to be a Phillies fan, win or lose. It has been an especially enjoyable season thus far and I know this is the year you guys will bring the World Series Championship Trophy back to Philadelphia. I have nothing but praise for all you guys. As has been said all season, when one of the team isn’t having a good spell, someone else steps up and does his part. The season has been wonderful so far with the National League East pennant, winning over the Brewers (loved that grand slam) and then taking the National League Championship Trophy out in Los Angeles. Last night’s Game 1 win over the Rays was fabulous. Had me on the edge of the couch all night. You guys did great. I almost had a heart attack when you came home on Upton, but it is always a crap shoot. Tell Steve Smith to say STOP! and then there will be no problem with the “no” or “go.” Hawaii is my favorite vacation spot so it is extra special you came to our team. I want the World Series Trophy but the Phillies will continue to be my team win or lose. Go Phillies, Go. This is our year!!!

  44. utleyfan28

    That was an awesome game. Although the score at the end was a little scary. I know you guys left a lot of men on base, but you got the win and that’s all that matters. There’s always another day to score runs and tonights the night. Go get ’em! Don’t worry about getting thrown out at home, you tried. That’s all we ever ask for. I know its 1 game at a time but its hard for us fans not to look ahead at the bigger picture. Have fun tonight and kick butt. GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hey shane you are def. a great ball player on a great team thanks for all hte thrills keep it going just three more baby. My grandpa passed away a couple of years ago but he is the one who used to bring us to the vet he is def. watching with me this year it would be great if you guys could bring it home for him. look forward to seeing you on broad street GO PHILLIES


    Hey Shane,

    Wow!! What a real, true Phillies Game 1 win, complete with heart attacks included! I must admit that this Team is always so exciting & fun to watch. I had a blast watching you stir things up at 2nd & your attempt at home plate!! Good Luck Ducks in the locker room… watching Hamels, Madson & Lidge taking down the Rays’ batters like Ducks at the Arcade…one at a time (pow, pow, pow!!) It’s Brett’s turn tonight to take aim…Good Luck guyz in game 2…Everyone can’t wait till you guyz get back. God Bless & Go Phightins!

  47. ne121

    Shane- Thanks to you and the rest of the phenomenal Phillies. I hope that you were able to see the Red Sea at Tropicana Field and hear the Phillies fans who were there to cheer you on. My son was there in his jersey with his Championship shirt screaming loudly for our beloved team. We’ll see you Saturday night, in fact, our seats are under Harry the K’s. Win tonight and have a safe flight home.

  48. worldseriesii

    Hey, Shane-

    I don’t know who my favorite Philly is, but you are up there, among them, and all you guys are great. I feel bad for Ryan Howard, because he is such a gentleman and nice guy, and is slumping- you could see how gracious he was, after Hamel made the error by not covering first base- most other players would have thrown their own temper tantrums.

    Much could be made, out of the 11 guys that were stranded, but I am not buying that, for a few reasons. Although our subsequent pitchers aren’t our aces, neither are those of the Rays. Two, Howard and Rollins will come out of it, I believe, especially if Howard can stop getting so down on himself, as he is so sensitive. (Pass it along, please.) Three, the short rest has affected the Rays, and that can only get worse.

    Four, I do not ever miss predictions, basically, and you guys will win the World Series!!!


    Shane – Congratulations to you & the Phillies on a great game last night. There is an abundant amout of support & aloha from your homestate & hometown. We are so proud of you! Only 3 more wins to go…believe me, we are celebrating every win with you. GO GET EM!!


    Hey Shane,
    Yes we will take it!! i was so excited last night when you guys won I didn’t fall asleep til like 2:45 or 3 and i had to wake up at quarter of 6 for school, but it was “Werth” it!! i can not wait til tonight when you guys play game two and then come back to philly it’s going to be so amazing!! I go to an all girls school down town,Hallahan, and everyone was talking about it but they were all half asleep…lol. You guys have this series all you have to do is be yourself, have fun play hard believe in yourselves and each other any always have faith!! All of Philadelphia does and we can’t wait to see you guys back here on Saturday night have fun out there and good luck!!
    Love you guys!! GO PHILLIES!!!

    Megan Philadelphia, PA!! PHILLIES ALL THE WAY!!!

  51. fightinphils26

    What a game! You guys pulled through and have the city saying three more. Great work by the entire team. Defense and pitching really stepped up last night. Hopefully it will be the bats in Game 2. Chase’s first inning shot was huge, Hamels threw an absolute gem, and Madson and Lidge couldn’t have been any more perfect. Good luck in Game 2. Hope to see you guys in Philly with a 2-0 series lead. Go get ’em. I’ll be watching.
    Aloha and GO PHILLIES!!!


    oh wow lau lau………..shane o…..u thought u was flash or wat? too shallow brah da flyball…….but u was right, u guys got da W so *** da main thing. keep playing as a team and continue to get good pitching and u guys going get em brah. u still representing da 808 proudly and we stay all behind da phils because of u. continue to do wat u doing because it’s all good……..give em brah…….

  53. victorinolover

    greatt job last nightt. you did great shane and so did everyone else. last night it seemed like everyone worked together and really communicated last a good thing. you guys did great all together last night. keep up the good work =) love ya shane good luckk tonightt =)
    i will be watching tonight cheering you guys onn . =)

  54. tcampie

    Don’t apologize for forcing Upton to make a perfect throw. The aggressive, fundamentally sound play of the Phillies as a team last night was exactly what got you guys where you are, so keep it up! And while you’re at it, try to help some of the big bats slow things down in their head so they can get in that quiet zone where baseball is a simple game of ball, bat, glove, and little boy desire. We need everybody to pull this off-the Rays are a very dangerous team!
    *ya gotta believe* and we do!


    Shane…You are AWESOME!!!!!!!! I was THRILLED a the chance to see you in person at Shop-Rite in Marlton, NJ. You are adorable & even more in person!!! No matter how many men were left on base, you guys came out with the WIN!!!!! Like EVERYONE is saying ” 3 more”!!!!! As Im watching the game tonight, the announcer said you are “HOT”!!!!!!! And I agree 100%!!! You are hot , in more ways than one. You keep the game exciting & I have lost many hours of sleep watching every game!!! This team is the best ever & I know you will come back home & win the world series for yourselves & for ALL the philly phans!!!! I have ALWAYS been a Phillies phan but never as much as this year.!!!! From opening day, this team has been exciting to watch. Keep up the good work, keep your heads up high & do what you do best- W I N !!!!!!!!! I’ll be at Game 4 Sunday night, in the outfield cheering you on & the WHOLE Phillies team!!!!! GO WIN PHILLIES!!!!! Francine/NJ


    P. S. Im wearing my #8 shirt tonight & I’ll be wearing my “Flying Hawaiian” shirt at Sundays game!!!!! Your number is my lucky number. I was born in August ( 8th month), my daughter was born on Jan 8th & my son was born in Aug. (24th, the 8th month). Therefore, # 8 is lucky for me & I know its lucky for the phillies!!!! Luv ya, Francine


    As a diehard Phillies fan since 1962, I’m asking you to just BLOW THESE GUYS OUT. My heart can’t take the excitement anymore.

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