One more…

Tonight was great, very positive, but we still have one left. Until we win, we have to stay focused. Someone told me that no NL team has ever lost a five-game series leading 2-0, but I don’t care. We have to finish, then keep going. Charlie Manuel said they’ve still got a chance to win, and it’s definitely true.

When I first hit that ball, I said I have to get going. When I was running I looked at Ryan Braun and he stopped, and I thought, did that really just happen? Knowing that we got a little cushion on a guy like CC was amazing.

It was big to get that win off of him knowing that he’s been lights out for them. Our goal was to get his pitch count up, and Brett Myers made him throw 19 pitches. I tried to stay aggressive and I was able to get balls up in the zone.

With a guy like him, you can’t look for a certain pitch. He’s throwing you 97 and then he comes back with 85-mile-an-hour changeups. You can’t sit there on one pitch because he throws everything for strikes. You stay aggressive and just hope that he keeps the ball up. Like today, we were able to do it.

It was nice to get the fans on their feet again. They were cheering us on tonight. Standing there for seven innings after hitting it, I was trying to stay focused. They were loud and were cheering. Hitting a game-winning home run on Hawaiian Day last season was pretty exciting, but this is the one I will cherish.

One down, two to go

The atmosphere was awesome today with the towels waving. It was really loud, just the way we like it. We couldn’t wait to get on the field.

Everything about today was outstanding. Every pitch by Mr. Cole Hamels was outstanding. Every play was outstanding and everything went our way. The ninth inning made it interesting, but Brad Lidge got out of it. He’s not perfect for nothing. I don’t think anything can ever be easy with us.

I can sympathize with Mike Cameron on Chase’s fly ball. When that wind gets going, it can get tough. Just before that inning started, the win started to pick up. Chase hit it hard. It took off and kept going.

The biggest thing about today was that we got win number one out of the way, after being swept last year. It was big to set the tone. Very big. We just have to go out there on Thursday and do the same thing.

Hamels was the most impressive thing, especially with CC tomorrow. Hopefully, we can get on him early, too, and hold on for a two-game lead.

On a mission

We’re definitely hungry. Not that we weren’t hungry last year, but it took so much to get there… Last year, we were happy to get there. This year, we want to win a World Series.

Making the last out against Colorado sat with me for a little bit, but after, I realized what we’d accomplished in making the playoffs and winning the division. The way last year ended hurt, but it didn’t kill us because we hadn’t gotten there in forever. That was a high in itself. This year, we feel like we belong here, and if we lose in the first round, it will hurt a lot more. This year, we expect to be here and to go further.

Everybody keeps talking about last year. I’m over it. We have to put it behind us. I think the only thing I would say we can take from last year is experience. We’re not thinking about what happened. You only want to think about what’s going on now. I think things will go better.
It felt like we were so happy last year, and it was such a big accomplishment to win the division. I’m not saying we should beat everybody this time around, but we should play up to our potential. We have experience. We’ve been there. We know what it’s like.

There’s no question that we’re on a mission. Overall, the dimension of our team is better. The lineup has been shifted around. Our bullpen is deeper. Our starting staff has done better. Experience will play a big part.

I don’t want to get swept again. I expect us to go further. I expect us to go to the World Series.