Back and ready to roll

Hey everyone. I’m rested and ready to go. Winning against Milwaukee was awesome.
When we got back from Milwaukee,
fans were waiting, and showed how excited they are for a championship. We’re
trying. I figure there will a lot of energy, but what happens Thursday is the
bottom line.

It’s all about winning a championship. Cole Hamels said
something the other day about turning this town from green to red, but I don’t
see it that way. My thought is, it doesn’t matter who wins a championship.
We’re playing for Philadelphia,
the city. We’re not trying to beat the Eagles. We’re not trying to outdo the
76ers or the Flyers. We’re just trying to focus on winning a World Series.

It’s kind of fun that we’re playing the Dodgers, since they
were the team that originally drafted me, then let me go twice in the Rule 5
draft. I know a lot of those guys. Russell Martin was drafted a year after I
was. James Loney, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, I was there when all those guys
were in the minor. It’s nice to see them at the big-league level, having success
and doing well.

Of course, I want to beat them.

I thought about how I could be there with them right now, if
things had been different, but I always say that one team’s trash is another
team’s treasure. When one team doesn’t give you the opportunity, you hope to
get one somewhere else. I don’t hold any grudges. I just want to play the game
and have fun. I have to turn the page.

It’s just amazing to me that, regardless of how far we’ve
come, we still have to go further. I’m trying not to look too far ahead. We
don’t have a ring. We still have to earn it. Until then, I can’t talk about it.



    I just wanted to leave you a little comment here, please remember that you are not only playing for the city of Philly.
    You and the Phillies are playing for more than that. My grandfather is a sickly man and he has many phyisical problems. He just loves the Phillies, when you come on TV he is up out of bed and watching. This is the highlight of his day. I don’t know how much longer he will be with us but you are sure keeping his spirits up by continuing on your journey. My husband and I went to a game in August when Brett Myers pitched his shut out against the Brewers: My husband caught a foul ball and when we got home, he gave it to my grandfather! You would of thought that we gave him a million dollars. So when you think about your at bats in the near future, think about all the people you will be playing for and most of all think about my grandfather and how you can give some people the highlight of their day. Play hard and win, I want my grandfather to see you guys win the World Series one more time. He watched every out of the 1980’s series and he watches just about every pitch through the entire season.
    Thanks for listening.



    First off i want to thank you for taking time and doing this blog for us fans to follow, its awesome to feel like a part of this journey. My name is Bill and i’m a 19 year old junior at American University in Washington DC, so i’m one of those guys that make Nationals Park feel a bit more like home for you guys. I grew up in Philly and i have loved the Phillies for as long as i could remember. My first sports memory is of a Phillies game where Curt Schilling pitched. You were dead on when your said your playing for a city. Though i am too young to truly remember, i know the stike in the early 90’s really turned people away from baseball, especially in Philly, but there is an energy in this city this year (and last year too) that was missing for a long time. Every last one of you guys, whether Utley or Burrell in the begining of the year, Howard of late, jaime Moyer pitching his arm off, Cole striking out everyone, Brad keeping them at bay in the ninth, or you flyin’ around the bases & centerfield, has brought baseball back to this city. We are eternally grateful and we are with you every step of the way. I have never seen a championship in my lifetime…i can tell you guys are leaving everything on the field for us and i could not be more proud of my team. I wish you the best of luck against the Dodgers, Go Phils!

  3. lorijeannj

    Perhaps someone in the hotel the Dodgers are staying at can rig the cable to show only American Bandstand all night, 24 hrs. That will rattle them.
    Have fun tomorrow! Do it for you. Do it for your parents. Do it for Jaime. Do it for Charlie.
    Most of all, do it for all of us Phillies fans.
    May St. Sebastian watch over you guys in the next week.

  4. zagermosher


    Thanks so much for giving us the time, effort and energy it takes to write your blog. It is a delight to read. Like Chase Utley, I grew up as a Dodger fan and went to UCLA. Now I’m a Phillies season ticket holder, love you guys and hope we sweep in 4!! I don’t think Chavez Ravine can contain Charlie Manuel and his talented, awesome Phillies. Aloha.

  5. thesecret

    Dear Shane,
    You have no idea how thrilled I am that the Dodgers passed on you and we were blessed to have you on the Phils. Having you on our team gives us that edge we need and haven’t had for a long time. Your speed and your energy and desire and determination to win is contagious and that is easy to see, because ever since I have been watching the Phils, even when we won in 1980, there is something really extra-special about this team than any other one. I really believe you have given us a spark that no one else has. Watching you play everyday and loving what you do is what it is all about. I have dreamed about doing what you do for a living, and since that won’t ever happen in my lifetime, I feel like your passion for the game and our beloved Fightin Phils completes me and how I feel for this team. I asked the universe for the Phillies to win the World Series this year in 2008, and I know my wish will come true. I am specific in my request, I have written down on paper what I want from each series of the playoffs and I am watching it all unfold. The bottom line is this, and share this with the guys, I don’t know how, where, why, who or when, but I know the Phils are gonna win the crown in 2008. Ask, Believe and Receive, I challenge you to do the same, as well as the rest of the team, and I promise you will see it come to pass. Remember, the SECRET… all have it in you to make it happen, create the energy, it is all about the energy.
    Can’t wait to see you guys in the WS Championship Series and crowned the World Series Champs!!! Every time you step up to the plate, ask the universe to help you get on, but believe in what you want and you will make the difference for us. Love you little flyin hawaiian!!!

  6. savery245@comcast.ent

    I will be rooting you guys on. Play hard, play cool and most importantly play for fun, play the game like you once did back in little league and cherish the moment. I am putting my hand over my heart wishing you guys the best of luck. So every time you step up to the plate, just relax and be yourself, let the ball come to you and let the crowd become your angels, with every roar and with every shout, the power will be yours. Tell Chase to relax and a short swing even at the last moment will go a long way, a ball up is probably a ball down. For Jimmy, Howard, Pat and Jayson, good luck. I know that you guys can do it. Go Phils!!!

  7. jessoak

    A lot of Phillies fans are cheering you on to win for them & the city of Philadelphia. And although I’m right there with them hoping you win the World Series, I want to say that you should keep in mind that you’re all playing for each other just as much or more than for the fans. You said it yourself, you’ve all come from different places & at all different points in your playing career. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. And now you’ve all pulled together to become this amazing team! You all deserve this great opportunity. You’ve earned it together, for yourselves, for each other, for your families, & yes for all of us fans. Enjoy every minute of it! Wishing you the best of luck! oh, one other thing…you’d look fine in any team’s uniform, but in my opinion the Phillies uniform suits you best! ; ) I’m sure glad you’re on our team!


    First, congrats to you and the team for getting this far. Good luck against the Dodgers.
    You’ve done well since first being drafted in ’99 and playing in Great Falls where my husband and I first met you. Sushi in Tacoma then watching you play in Philly last May when you caught Jr’s. fly ball are things I remember about you. Continue to play with heart and determination.

  9. lou232

    hey shane lets go get this one for your self then your teammates and then us philly fans.and tell cole this town is a baseball town its just we support all our philly teams .tell chase to relax at the plate.and all you guys have fun out there remmeber it just a game and its supposed to be fun like when you played when you where kid . tell every one have fun and good luck lets go phills beat la.and again no matter what happens i will always love you guys u made 2008 fun i have watched every game this year weather has been in the stands at the games on sunday with my 3 boys and my dad or at home on 42inch tv it has bee great season just keep it going little longer for us thanks to the best phillies team i have seen since 1980


    I was raised with the phils growing up because Red Barons stadium is 15 min from my house. I was lucky enough to watch almost all of you guys come up through the Barons and since the Yankee’s are there now I’m able to watch every game you guys play now. It seems all of you still have the heart and love of the game that you did when you were still in AAA. I can’t wait to hear Manny’s reaction when he loses to a team with heart. Good luck but you guys don’t need it, just play the way you have all season.



    I was an 11 year old grade schooler when the Phils beat the Royals in the the 1980 WS.It was the first time that I got hooked up with baseball and the Phils ( I was just young Filipino kid growing up to love baseball ) With Mike Schmidt,Pete Rose,Steve Carlton I just love that team.The same team returned in 1983 WS and I still remember up to this
    day how I got broken hearted watching the Orioles beating my beloved Philies in 5 games.The 1993 team includes Curt Shilling,Leny Dykstra,Mitch Williams .They beat the favored Braves and went on to face the Blue Jays in WS.I still vividly can recall game 4 of that series played in pouring rain and extra innings .The Philies are set to win that game then came Mitch ( the wild thing ) Williams and threw the game away with a wild pitch ( I have forgiven him long time ago )Curt Schilling won game 5 and then we all know what happen in game 6 in Toronto.Shane I will die a Philly fan from the Philippines, I just want to savor another Philly championship in my midlife.Good luck and hope we can pass by the Dodgers.


    first, congrats to the team for getting this far! I knew this was the year that it would happen. I’ve been a Phillies fan forever and this is not only the best team I’ve seen in a long time, but there is just such an energy with this team that its incredible! I just started a new job that doesn’t allow me to watch most of the games but know I will be following the best I can. I live for this stuff! I would absolutely love to see the Phils win the Series. I just keep thinking back to 80 and how awesome that was to watch and how much it meant to this city and to the fans. My dad passed on his love of the game to me and I really would love to see how happy he’d be if another World Series title should come our way! GO PHILLIES and know that there are many more fans behind you guys than the lucky ones in the ballpark πŸ™‚
    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!!
    Ann Mulholland

  13. mauimama

    Hey Shane! Thanks for taking the time to write this blog. So excited you ARE wearing Phillies red & white! I love Hawaii which I consider paradise (hence my screen name) but glad you play on the East Coast where my everyday life is – and my love for the Phils! Go out and get them tonight! The Phillies can win this – play with your heart like you always do! GO PHILS! ~ Lorie

  14. eisie

    Good luck tonight to you & the rest of the guys. Stay loose, stay calm & remember you can only play one game at a time. Philadelphia is behind you guys, go out there and make us proud!!! God Bless everyone in pinstripes. Lets beat them Dodgers.


    Congrats to all of you for coming this far and giving Philly something to cheer about! I had no choice as a child to like baseball because everybody in my family watched/listened to it. Not that I am regreting it because I don’t know how to act when baseball season is over! I am your biggest fan and I can’t wait for you guys to beat the Dodgers! You guys want this so bad and I am sure that you will go all the way! As a Hawaiin myself I am proud to be cheering for another Hawaiin in Philadelphia!!!
    Good Luck tonight!
    T. Kahana

  16. sandytoo

    Shane, best of luck to you and the guys today! And I can only restate something poster earlier. Play relaxed. Dont sweat it.

    And even though a lot of the players are dissing past series because they werent even BORN yet, I agree that its the here and now that is the most important. But remember that the past has its merits….we learn from it. And “I” was born back then. πŸ˜€


    Oh yea, those Dodgers are gonna see the huge mistake they made letting you go! It’s destiny Shane. We’re all supporting you, enjoy every minute tonight.


    Shane…Thanks for the blog. You and the guys are THE BEST!! My whole family – and that’s about 87 and counting – have been on the Phils Bandwagon forever!

    GO PHILLIES!! BTW: That fan should give you back your Grand Slam ball, no strings attached! It’s the right thing to do!

  19. infiniteciel

    Sounds like what you said to interviewers for the newspaper! And you’re right! You’re playing for the Phillies, for this city, for all the fans…for everyone that cares about you guys. We all just want you to do your best! Of course, winning would be the BEST, but I’m just happy watching you guys play no matter what. I know you’ll do it! It’s great you got several days off to relax and train as needed; you will surely be ready for tonight!! And yeah, Philly can stick to Christmas colors–red and green, not one or the other. :3 Good luck! I can’t wait to watch the game….3 days without you have been way harsh. Coming back from college with nothing to watch! So yeah. You can do it!


    I really enjoy reading your blogs. I just want to say, win or lose, (hopefully win) I am proud of this team and what the represent!! When someone is struggling, some else always seems to step up and make things happen. The energy that you bring to this team is awesome. Your speed in the field, how aggressive you are at the plate and your humor on and off the field is priceless. I am excited about tonights game and looking forward to watching this team go to the World Series. I expect a great series between the Phillies and the Dodgers, but I do believe we will come out on top. Let the guys know they are doing a great job! Good luck!



    Hey, Shane!

    Thanks for taking the time to blog. We wish you and all of the Phillies all the best. Can’t wait to see tonight’s game. Take your time, do your best, that’s all we can ask.

    Have a great series!
    Bill and Jo


    dear shane,
    congrats on getting this far. i am so proud of you and the team i love the phillies and you so muchh. your my favorite player and i believe your one of the best players in the mlb ! i love everything that you do on that field. you guys can beat those dodgers and i know it. you guys have got this far you can deffintly go all the way. and by the way i loved that grandslam in the last series. it was amazing. well good luckk i love you and the phillies. i hope you guys go all the way i will be hear chearing the whole time. good luck shane.
    stephanie =)

  23. libertybelle

    Yes, you can’t turn that page fast enough — you are a Philly treasure now and forever and are on to the next chapter in a “must-read”.

    You’re right it doesn’t matter who wins a Championship in Philadelphia — the City loves a Winner. I’m with Cole though…nothing wrong with a little friendly competition here in town — let’s paint it RED for awhile….spread da joy and fly the colors!

    All 25 of Phillies Finest are going to come out tonight and play with heart and soul and for what motivates them most. We fans are lovin’ on you bigtime and are looking forward to seeing that Liberty Bell rock out in Centerfield tonite off of Philly wood only!

    Go Phillies!!!

  24. utleyfan28

    Hey Shane,
    I just wanted to thank you for an exciting season. I also wanted to wish you LOTS OF LUCK tonight. I have been a Phillies fan for as long as I can remember and have suffered with the best of them. I really believe that we are “THE TEAM TO BEAT”. Go get them and fun doing it.


    Go get ’em buddy!!! I’m in LA right now…Pumped up for you guys man!!!!! I wish I could be there tonight!!! I WILL be there on Sunday night in LA rooting my heart out for you guys….Good Luck tonight and the rest of the series, I’ll see you in LA!!!



    I am 29 years old and I have been feeling the effects of ’93 ever since that ball left Joe Carter’s bat. I watch all the Philly teams with great hope and dream of the day that we will once again be champions and not the runner-up. Listening to everyone from Mets fans to Cowboys fans and even Devils fans gets real old and talking back will not help the situation…the only remedy is to stop waiting on the doorstep and actually walk through the doorway. I LOVE your intensity and your hustle as a player and even the fan side of you that is shown in this blog. If everyone played with your heart and intensity, the All-Star voting would be overcrowded with players deserving. I have full confidence the Dodgers will be vanquished in 6 and I am right about these things…you’ll see. I’ll be watching and hoping…hoping you all do the deed that we are all dying to see. Should we move on to the World Series, I will be transformed back to that 15 yr old kid with his eyes welling up holding back the tears because there is so much emotion that goes into being a true fan. Oh, and one more thing…you rock and I thought your comments on “that play” at second the other night were spot on. Damn right…if you wanted to be dirty, he’d be picking himslef off the field. Thanks for all you do, and enjoy this series as you will surely have a fabulous one. Think six fans…six. And this time I won’t be like 3 when we have that parade!!

  27. infiniteciel

    Woot! ONE WIN DOWN! πŸ˜€ What an intense game…I was on the edge of my seat, and I never got up. XD Except to cheer for Utley and Burrell’s homeruns. Wow. Thank goodness for that error, right? And thank goodness you’re so quick to run! Congrats!! One win down, and just 3 more to go~ You guys can handle Manny; no problem. ;D



    The “Flyin’ Hawaiians” are soaring. Good going…I loved how you made that neat turn to run to second. That sparked some action as runs came in to put you people in the lead. Thanks for making those great catches to help end the game on the right foot. Now, it’s on to Game 2. Aloha to each and every Phillie…for you do it together! Imua! Charlene



    Thank you for your blog. It is inspiring, down to earth, real and fun.

    Your play is electric. EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT TO YOU and you go ALL IN! That is amazing, I am so happy you found your way to the Phillies!

    Imagery is powerful and I see the Phillies World Champions! But one game at a time!

    The clubhouse must be buzzing with enthusiasm! What fun for you guys. By the way, enthusiasm comes from the Greek word “enthu” meaning “with God”! How cool.

    We’re with in in spirit all the way. Thanks for giving us such a great time.

    Beat the Dodgers!


    Will you marry me? My family is not really watching the world serious game considering that I come from a 3rd generation family of Angels Baseball season ticket holders. I turned on the TV one night and said DAMN! I guess i will be sporting my Phillies shirt @ the next Angel Game.
    BTW………..I thought I was the only freak who likes spam! I like mine with corn and ketchup πŸ™‚ I guess I will see you in Anaheim next season;)

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