We did it!

It’s especially hard to blog because I don’t have the words to describe what I’m feeling. It’s wonderful, amazing, spectacular. That’s a good place to start.

Being here to share this moment with all my teammates and their families is incredible. My daughter Kali’a is here and my fianc้e is enjoying this with me. I wish my parents could’ve been here, but my dad had some things to take care of. They’re home and I’m sure they’re excited. I’m sure I’m going to get all kinds of phone calls to get tickets ready for the World Series, so the rest of my family can come. It’s an exciting.

This has been an emotional ride for me, and I want to dedicate this to my grandma. I know she’s watching over me. She made me the person that I am. What you see in me is what you saw in my grandma, always happy and smiling. She wasn’t loud and excitable like me, but she was always smiling. She knows we’re not done.

I want to stay focused. We’re one step away. We’ll enjoy the moment tonight, and have a nice long ride home and enjoy every single second of it. I can imagine what it’s going to be like when we land, how excited the people are going to be. It’s going to be fun.

This means a lot, but they don’t want to stop here. They want a championship. They don’t want us to just get close. If we don’t win that championship, they won’t be happy. Be ready to go. We can win the World Series, no question.


  1. woody.woodward911@gmail.com

    Congrats on the win tonight Shane!! You especially are a class act!! One more step and the title is back in Philadelphia!!

  2. bumblebee_4tuna@yahoo.com

    Well Cole won the MVP, but tell em’ Shane you don’t want no stinkin’ NLCS MVP,,,,,,, Your shooting for the WORLD SERIES MVP!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, thanks for creating memories that will last a lifetime for us fans.

    ~Mike in Japan

  3. clarinetgirl68@hotmail.com

    Congrats! Enjoy these moments with your teammates… as this is a point in your lives that you will always remember. Play your hardest… and most importantly… remember to have fun! p.s. your daughter and wife to be are adorable!
    ~Lisa in Central PA

  4. pedes4ever@yahoo.com

    Congratulations Shane!!!! Yes….we did it and you played a great part. I’ve always admired your passion in the game and it really shines through. World series here we come…..

  5. jfp123@rcn.com

    WAY TO GO! Congratulations on winning the NLCS. Shane I love watching you play. Your enthusiasm is refreshing and contagious. The city is going crazy with excitment in honor of the Phillies. I love October baseball, but it’s better now that the Phillies are in for the long haul. Your #1 in my book. Enjoy youselves, cherish the memories and have a safe trip home.
    ~Franki in Philly

  6. mabgo

    God that was great. I have family all over the country and the texting going on last night was unbelievable. How wonderful to watch you guys play so well. Keep it going! Relax and enjoy the moment. We will be cheering you on through it all. Best of Luck to the team.

    MAB from Croydon

  7. daniel n

    Wow…you guys beat the team I’ve loved for 21 years…and you guys deserved it. It was an exciting series, and I believe we Dodger Fans really underestimated what a great team the Phillies are. I think you guys are going to do GREAT in the world series. Good luck, and we’ll meet again next season (with or without Manny)!

    -Daniel in Los Angeles, CA

  8. helenmck2@comcast.net

    You guys did it alright, Shane! Wow. This is so GREAT. Today is my birthday — I told my best friend two weeks ago (at Game 1 of the NLDS) that all I want for my birthday is for the Phillies to win!!! Thanks for the best birthday present a girl ever got!! I have no doubt you guys are going all the way!
    Helen McK

  9. sweetredpompador@yahoo.com

    Congrats, Shane, and THANK YOU for playing your heart out each and every game! We love you, we’re proud of you, and we believe in you!
    — Jac

  10. k9tails1@verizon.net

    Hey Shane, those were some awesome plays you made. Was there an angel in the outfield? Grandma must be proud. Keep it going!

  11. jarrell1920@comcast.net

    CONGRATULATIONS, Shane, to you and the fabulous Phillies. The win was not a surprise to me, but it was wonderful to watch!! You give the game everything — heart and soul — and you’re definitely an inspiration to us and to your team! What a game you played — offensively and defensively. Those last two balls you caught saved base hits and potential runs. You’re so fast, you just come out of nowhere to catch up with the ball. Plus you don’t care that the wall’s there – you put your hand out towards the wall, but you don’t stop until you catch that ball. It was awesome to see Ryan and Pat get base hits! And tremendous to see Jimmy’s HR in the first inning on full count! That set the tone for the game and really shook up Billingsly! I knew he’d take a dive, but didn’t think it would be in the 3rd inning since he made it until the 6th last time. Manny was held to only scoring 1 run and NO RBI’S. That made it sweet!! I think the Dodgers have some talent, but they’re too arrogant for my taste. So I was very glad to see you put them away in their home town! There’s no doubt to any of us that the best team won! You can win the World Series too and millions of us will be cheering you on. Enjoy the win and get some well earned rest. We love all of you!

  12. momquilts@yahoo.com

    After last night’s game, my husband was very fired up! He didn’t get to see the 1980 win because he was on a Navy ship. He said “I WILL get to see this win! And best of all, my SON will get to see this win!!!” I’m already planning my vacation day to attend the parade.

    Shane, you are a class act! You definitely have your Angel in the outfield with you. God bless your grandmother!


  13. southajs@hotmail.com

    one word…AWESOME!! It was worth staying up late for! You made some amazing catches during this series… keep them coming! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  14. lorijeannj

    Wow! My husband and I are just satisfied you made it to the World Series.
    This only proves what we have been saying after watching 170 games, Phillies are the best team. No doubt now.
    Enjoy the moment. Get some rest.
    Can’t wait for game #1.

  15. mauimama

    CONGRATULATIONS! It was amazing to watch last night and can’t wait to see you guys get it done in the Series. Enjoy the moment and then GO PHILLIES!

  16. angievictor@comcast.net

    Hey Shane,
    What a sweetheart you are and and awesome ball player!! Your attitude towards the game and life are amazing. It was so nice to hear you encourage the poor guy with three errors. Even though I love my Phillies, I always feel bad for guys that make mistakes especially when they are trying their best.
    By the way not sure if you follow astrology at all, but you are a Sag, and the team has a couple of sagittarius’. They are the most optimistic, upbeat positive people there are(no slight to other people)…Its just in the stars… I’m a Sag too.
    Well, enjoy the moment and good luck in the World Series!

  17. annmulholland@comcast.net

    WooHoo!!! I am still fired up from last nights game!! I was only able to see the bottom of the 9th but baby, that’s all I needed to see! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow, this is the best team!!! Shane, thank you for your enthusiasm and let’s keep this going for the next 2 weeks….although if you guys wanna wrap it up in 4 or 5 that would be okay with us!! The energy and passion that you show is so contagious and I can’t wait to see how crazy it’s gonna be in the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!
    Ann from Philly….

  18. lou232

    wow its great shane i love you guys you are the best team in baseball and now its time to show the world how great you are i am so happy for pat it might be his last year in philly pin strips i hope not but if goes he is given us the best in the ten years he has played and only reason i am talking about pat everytime i see him on tv he is smilling from ear to ear i happy for all of use but i happy for pat more then anybody

  19. jenn822


  20. janeholtzhauser@yahoo.com

    Congratulations Shane to you and all the team. What an amazing run this has been. It’s happening! it’s happening right now in all our lives, these exciting memories we will live on with for the rest of our lives. Thanks so much for the excitment you provide. I believe! Keep it up, all the energy and determination. Ya gotta believe!We love you Victorino.

  21. eisie

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! what a way to end the NLCS!! It was so AWESOME! We let our 10yr old stay up to watch the game so he could experience what it’s like to win!! Hopefully he will stay awake in school today. You guys were UNBELIEVABLE, everyone played their hearts out. Enjoy your day off and remember all the Angels we have on our side. Congratulations to you and the rest of the PHILLIES!! Charlie just proved something to all those ney sayers! Go get um!!!!!!!!! God Bless.

  22. plink9901@hotmail.com

    Hello again from Illinois. I am the Cubs fan that has been posting in this postseason blog and I keep getting more impressed with you. Having the microphone on last night was great. Not only do you keep YOUR teammates going, but you keep there’s going after the Dodger’s SS made those three errors. You’re a great guy!! You guys deserve this and so do your fans. I have one question… Can you play the corner outfield positions? Because I would be willing to see Soriano or Fukudome benched if you would be willing to come to the Cubs. (I’m not trying to make anyone mad – it’s just a compliment to you Shane). I say corner positions because I really liked the Edmonds/Johnson platoon out in center. You and your whole team did a great job this season and postseason. Like I said in my other entry… You have become my favorite player outside a Cubbie uniform!!! Good luck to you and your team in the World Series! I’m truly excited for the Phillies and your fans!! Don’t forget in all the excitement and hard work to have fun and enjoy this moment.

    Sorry about your Grandma.

  23. ahawley27@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the incredible hustle – you were (as always) amazing!

    The whole team deserves credit for their efforts to get to us this far.

    Until Wednesday, be safe, get some rest and know we’re all looking forward to a great series.

    All the best ~ Alexa

  24. mollyborger@yahoo.com

    Of course you did it! We had nothing but faith. The Flyin’ Hawaiin and the Fightin’ Phils are going all the way. Just don’t get hit by any baseballs in this series, ok?
    We love ya, shane!

    MB in York

  25. suquamish04


    dude, wow… i am so elated for all of you guys. what an amazing game! what a joy to watch each and everyone of the phillies contribute to the win. those catches you made were crazy exciting!!! heck, i’m at a loss for words. enjoy your rest and play the series like you’ve played all the games this year. PHILLIES RULE!!!!


    ps- please Carlos how awesome he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. csollman@yahoo.com

    Only 4 more to go!
    Thank you Shane for what you bring to the ball club, you have been my favorite Philly since you started on that team! I knew the first time I saw you play a couple years ago that you would be a true asset to the Phillies! You’ve got style. Now, when I go to citizen’s bank park I always try to get tickets in center field! Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’ and have fun!!

  27. jadem7@msn.com

    Shane- You are awesome!!!! I can feel your love for the game with how passionately you play every second of every game. You are such an inspiration… 2008 Phillies truly are a TEAM and it shows how much you all like playing together…keep it up. We are so proud.

  28. bridget7510@hotmail.com

    Hey Shane,
    Great game last night, I cant wait for the world series!!! With your grandma and my gram and charlies mom, the angels are on our side, I know we are going to go all the way, here we come Tampa Bay!!! That was great last night, you even took a rib shot :). Rollins started the game off right, the base hits by Burrell and Howard we perfect, Cole and Madson were solid as always and Carlos is outstanding, he called a great game. Thanks for a great season! I love my Phillies!!!!!
    Bridget from Philly~

  29. cherylb1959@yahoo.com


  30. nycphightinphan

    That was a classy bit of sportsmanship…telling Furcal to keep his head up. I respect you for that.
    But Jim Fregosi would have fined you for that.
    Darren Daulton would have done worse.
    OK…OK..I know, you guys are tired of being compared to the ’93 team, and I don’t blame you, but this much is true:
    This club is better at every position.
    4 more, Brah

  31. nuphlfan

    You were a big part of this team being successful this year. You made watching/attending games a lot of fun.
    I want to congratulate the whole team for this phantastic season and the success thus far!
    I am rather new to Phillies Phandomness and never understood what the excitement was all about when a team did well…Now I know! My Phandomness started in ’03, the excitement of having a championship team started last year as I celebrated my 50th birthday at the NLEast Championship winning last game of the ’08 season, and has continued through this season.
    I have a good feeling about the World Series!

  32. equichick


    AMAZING GAME!!! It has been awesome to watch the Phillies kick it into gear. I have been a fan all my life and to see you guys in the World Series is going to be sweet. I’ll be there for some games and I am so excited!!!!! Way to go, you all are heading in the right direction and are making us all proud!!!!

    Always Watching ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. slj9486@gmail.com

    What an INCREDIBLE game you guys played last night!!! I had a feeling going in that you all were gonna win, but when j-roll hit that homer I just knew that we were going to the series. If you guys played like you played last night and for that matter this whole post-season I dont see why the World Series shouldnt be in your grasp. The thing I love the msot about this team is that everyone just picks each other up and steps up at all the right times. You all love what you do and the passion that you play the game with is what makes the fans love you so much. I was in tears when the game was over and everytime I think about that great parade I cant help but get choked up. Thank you for making this a season no fan will ever forget!!!

  34. sunlover1071@yahoo.com

    Shane, I cannot even begin to put into words what you have done for the Phillies fans, especially this season! You have made every game exciting and thrilling to watch! You are a spectacular athlete and all around awesome guy. Your smile makes my heart skip a beat! :):) Good luck in the World Series, not like you need it because your talent and determination are all you need baby! THANK YOU!!!!

    Love & Congrats,
    Kelli in SOUTH JERSEY

  35. stramara1@verizon.net

    Congrats Shane! As a life long Philadelphia sports fan I can say this….we feel it with ya’ brother! Keep giving it your best and they rest will fall into place. Every player on your team is clutch…turning it on at the exact right moment. That’s the signature of a world champion baseball team. The guys I watched the series with all agreed…you were our MVP. Good luck. See you at the parade!!

  36. utleyeveryday

    Un-PHreaking-believable. You guys give me something to be excited about. I know that my favorite team is made up of guys that will go out and leave everything they have on the field, win or lose. With attitudes like that, it will be much more wins then losses. WE ARE GOING TO DO IT! Good luck and study those pitchers!

  37. evie965@verizon.net

    It was worth every minute staying up and celebrating this win. You guys are just one class act. I am so excited for you because you can see how much you just love the game, which makes being a fan that much enjoyable. Loved the microphone on you.
    Best of Luck and thank you for an exciting series.
    Marlton, NJ

  38. gamblecompanies@gmail.com

    Thank You SHANE THANK You Man!!!! You should have seen the streets last night. So Beautiful people of all races shapes and sizes were dancing in the streets hugging each other chanting, celebrating. We look forward to you guys comin home and resting up for the WORLD SERIES, WHEWWWWWWWWWWW Oh Man thank you guys for all of your focus and determination. I’m so proud of you guys and I know your whole family is so proud of you. Your Strong Shane and I will play these games for my children for years to come and tell them this is what it means to take care of your business. I’m a very happy man today and you are definitely our co-mvp a tru leader. Get some rest and time with your family Shane. See you game 1 Whew, Tell everybody in our outfield to not play the ceiling their stadium is kinda like the twins. Yall got it though, do your thing #8. You shut me up a long time ago. Your a tru superstar marching towards great success, thanks again Good Brova. Our city is bright eyed and full of love, thanks to you guys. Give my best to the team and Charlie. I’m very proud of yall. Thank You. Go Phils WHEWWWWWWWWWWW 4 more wins.

  39. janine1020

    CONGRATULATIONS, to you and the whole team!! There’s one thing I have to say, you are the MVP of the WORLD SERIES!! You are not just another team player, but you play with your heart and soul. Which means so much.
    The fans are so excited; everyone was out celebrating the win of the NLCS!!
    We are sorry about the passing of your Grand mom, just remember she will always be watching over you.
    GOOD LUCK, We know you can do it!! you have your fans backing you up every bit of the way!! ???

  40. lissylea18@hotmail.com

    Congrats Shane! You were amazing this whole season, you played with all your heart! You are MVP in my heart! This team is going to do it! Thank you for playing they way you did. I been a Phan my whole life and even had the honor of being co-philly phan of the year 04 and this just means so much to me and everyone else who has been there!


  41. enemeth@udel.edu

    Thanks for giving me one of the top 3 nights of my life last night. Phillies in the WORLD SERIES?!!?!? Words cant describe it. I dont think anything could wipe the smile off my face today, even though i had to drag myself into school rediculously hung over from the mob scene at Cottman & Frankford in the northeast. Ill be smiling for days.

    Thanks for coming up in the clutch, making spectacular plays and making everyone here in Philly, your beautiful grandmother, and Charlie’s mom, as proud as they can be. You’re one of the greats, and your enthusiasm, spirit, and leadership put you in a great place in the hearts of all Phillies fans. Keep it uP!

    4 more wins. Let’s put this in the record books. Best of luck to you and the rest of the incredible Fightin Phils. & thanks times a million, I don’t think I can say it enough!.
    Congrats brah!
    Liz , northeast Philly

  42. khagador@fandm.edu

    Okay, I’ll admit that I’ve been a little superstitious for this playoff series. I’ve been wearing the same gear as when I was 8 and the Phils got to the WS. Now that we’re here again, I won’t even dare touch those clothes.

    I’ll also have to admit that when you guys clinched, I was so happy that I cried. We’re given another shot at a championship. After the DS and CS, I didn’t cry. The difference, you may ask? You said it. This city is expecting a Championship out of this team. You all are too good to stop here. Of course we are so proud of you for winning the pennant. But we won’t truly be happy until a championship is brought home and we’re all out there together celebrating. Harry the K said it (and I’m paraphrasing) “wasn’t the last championship in ’80? Isn’t this ’08?” Bring it home, Shane. You truly are a class act and deserve it.

  43. welchwd1213@aol.com

    Great Job Shane! You are truly a class act. A true sportsman and athlete. The team has so much to be proud of, and so do we as your fans!

    Now…FINISH THE JOB and bring the title back to Philly!

  44. mammyson@verizon.net

    Love this team!! Been with you through thick and thin. I, too, am superstitous. I had baseballs and the letter “P” put on my fingernails before the division series and even though they need redone, it is not happening until after the SERIES!! CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK!!!

  45. lisak1990@hotmail.com

    Congratulation Shane…Awesome game… you are truly a

    GO PHILLIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  46. bkloungeee@aol.com

    Congratulations Shane! I’m so excited its unbelievable! Keep that big smile on your face and LETS GO PHILS!


  47. danielle

    Congratulations to you and the rest of team. Keep smiling and have a great couple days off so you guys can come out swinging. Bring the title home. By the way you I hope you get the World Series MVP. Best of luck… LET”S GO PHILLIES:)

  48. kschofield1@comcast.net

    This, my friend, is priceless!!! I am so excited, (tired today, but excited) that this team is going to the World Series! Keep up the great TEAM work!! When you guys are working together, nothing will get in your way. Please tell Pat it is ok to smile when he makes a brilliant catch like the one he made last night. He deserved to smile after that one! Of course you did your thing in centerfield, my hat goes off to you. You are a pleasure to watch and a true gentlemen. Kudos to you and the entire team. Get some rest and relaxation. Remember, 1 game at a time, this team can do it, I just feel it in my heart.
    Kathy, Magnolia, NJ

  49. krissey88@aol.com


    Last night’s game was perfect, all the way around. Your defense was incredible! I wish you could have seen Philadelphia – this city is so pumped up!! Thanks for all of your hard work and we can’t wait to welcome you back to “The Bank” for Game 3!

    What we’ve all known all season is finally official:

    Keep it going,


  50. ltvlulu

    Congratulations again to you and the entire Phillies team on a job well done!! I, too, celebrated a birthday and anniversary this week; but no flowers or jewelry for me. Instead, hubby got me a new Phillies T-shirt. Perfect!! Now how did he arrange the other part of the present- the part where the Phillies win the NLCS?

    Here’s last night’s new lyrics for old favorites. Please pass them on to the other Phils with my love!
    Charlie’s Boys
    (ala Temptations 1965 hit “My Girl” by Smokie Robinson & Ronald White)

    I got baseball on my mind today
    If things go alright, we’ll clinch it in LA.
    I guess you’ll say
    What can make me feel this way?
    My boys…my boys…(my boys)
    Talkin’ ’bout my boys…(my boys)

    We’ve got SO much talent, the league envies me.
    There’s not a sweeter team ’round
    Than those boys from south Philly

    I guess you’ll say
    What can make me feel this way?
    My boys…my boys…(my boys)
    Talkin’ ’bout my boys…(my boys)

    Talkin’ ’bout My boys
    I got sunshine when we beat LA!
    Talkin’ ’bout…Talkin’ ’bout… my boys
    Now we’re looking toward Tampa Bay
    With MY boys!!

  51. ltvlulu

    Everyone contributed on this team, especially–


    Amazing Chase, how sweet the sound
    The Phans applause can be!
    The Phils once lost, but now have found
    The key to their victory.

    “Tis Chase’s bat opponents fear,
    And Chase’s glove they grieve.
    His defensive plays at second base
    Make Phillies Phans “Believe”.

    Through many dangers, threats, and slumps
    The Phillies Phans endured.
    But Chase will take the pitcher’s thumps,
    Phils’ championship assured.

    The Phans will drink ten thousand beers,
    And jubilant drunks become,
    And Chase will race to thunderous cheers,
    And safely slide to home!

    Amazing Chase, how sweet the sight
    Of twenty-six can be….
    When Utley plays, the Phans delight
    In chasing victory!
    We’re going to the WORLD SERIES!!!!!

  52. shortiiteazin@aol.com

    ..Congrats Shane & the Phillies…We made it!! Best of luck in the World Series…Flyin’ Hawaiian deserves MVP! p.s. make sure you stop by christiana mall, in DE for autographs again:)

  53. bigb720@verizon.net

    Shane, I am so proud of you and the Fightin’ Phils. I’ve been a fan since I was 3 and you guys deserve this…we’ve had our ups and downs this season but you guys never quit. If you want a quick laugh go read Ethier’s blog where he insists that the Dodgers are a better team (I guess in dodger eyes losing 8 of the last 9 meetings makes you better). Also, Shane you showed great professionalism and restraint unlike that thug Russell Martin..well he now has plenty of time to see his anger management shrink lol. Anyways I have always been proud to be a Phillies fan and just keep playing your game cuz Broad Street is waaaaaaaay overdue for a parade and I’d love to see white and red confetti everywhere in Philly. Whether its Tampa or Boston doesn’t matter…cuz we have 2 intangible things and they are heart and a never say die attitude…you guys exemplify what Philadelphia is all about hard work and always hustling. I am proud to say I will be in the stands for game 4 (hopefully the clincher :)) and I’ll be waving my rally towel proudly and on a final note…someone needs to go to a store and get a big pack of diapers for Andre Ethier. YOU GUYS ROCK AND I HAVE PHAITH!!!!!

  54. worldfnchm

    Shane-o. You have a great big heart and Philadelphia fans embrace players like you who give their all every single play!! I knew we were going to win when you almost got hit in the head by Kuroda. Hit me here (Pointing to Ribs), Not my *&%&*(&78 HEAD!! WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!

  55. babyblueyez8907@yahoo.com

    I don’t think there are any words anyone can use to describe the amazing feeling we all have inside us right now. We’re so proud of you guys and are extremely excited! I’m glad that you were able to share the moment with some family. I saw a picture of you with your daughter and fianc้e. Your daughter is so precious and your fianc้e is beautiful. All the best Shane!! World Series…watch out for the Phillies!!

    All my love,

  56. desireeeeistheshit@yahoo.com

    You seriously are my favorite player I always rock out my Shane Victorino shirt. I just remember being at a game and it was standing room only and you were tossing the ball back and forth and you looked back and I just started jumping up and down screaming you looked right at me and threw the ball up I could not believe it all I was thinking is I pray I catch this and don’t drop it then I heard my boyfriend in the background telling me not to move or anything that he has it and he did I was so freaking excited Your the best. I’m so excited that you guys are in the World Series I wish I could be there but I will be watching on my tv cheering you on. Congratulations You deserve it.


  57. mkirkpatrick24@yahoo.com

    Shane – Congratulations to you and to the Phillies team for an amazing and exciting series!! Me and my girlfriends have been getting season packages for years and to watch you guys get this far has been awesome. We were there when you hit the Grand Slam against Milwaukee, and we were there at Game 1 for the win against the Dodgers. We had chills. I was a little girl in 1980 but I remember the excitement in Philly at the time, and I was in college in 1993 when we were so close! The excitement in the streets last night was that times 100. You guys just have what it takes to make the big plays to win the World Series – no doubt. I’m sorry about your Grandmother – I think there will be alot of Angels in the Outfield, helping you guys along! My Dad included who would have been out of his mind with excitement over this season!!! They are watching and celebrating today!!! GO PHILS!!!!
    Meredith (Conshohocken, PA)

  58. kelmar

    Now that my tears of joy have stopped I can see to type! Thank you all so much for your dedication and hard work. I am so proud to call you my team! All of my life, win or lose, the Phillies have always been my team. But this group of guys is probably my favorite of all time. Your never die spirit is so motivational. Keep up that positive attitude and I know you’ll go far…and win or lose, you will always be my team! I love you all lots!

  59. aarhusm001@hawaii.rr.com

    Great game Shane!!!

    The whole Philadelphia organization, the city and the people as well as the team deserve it.

    Even though you did not win the MVP.. you are still Maui’s
    “No Ka Oi”….Which means in Hawaiian.. The Best!!!!

    Good luck in the World Series.

  60. phillies_phollowers

    Congrats Shane! And again, you set a great example for the kids…the way you tried to encourage Furcal last night after he made all those errors was really telling as to the kind of person you are. This could not be happening to a better group of guys! Enjoy yourself & bring us back the trophy!


  61. karen0911@verizon.net


  62. jimmyjimmy

    Thanks, Shane–that was incredible. We love watching you play.

    October baseball—–mmmmmmmmm, gimme some more of that pumpkin pie!!!

  63. sandee1021@aol.com

    Hi Shane –

    Do you really read these comments? My husband and I watch each and every game along with my 13 year old son. This season has been so enjoyable to watch. There is not a guy on the team that hasn’t come up big for us. I can’t wait to watch the next game…. GO PHILLIES!!!!

    -Sandee (Wilmington, Delaware)

  64. meghanpastorino@gmail.com


    You are the man. I am still in shock that we are finally going, and could not be happier for you guys. You guys have been my favorite team in Phillies history, and am glad that no matter what happens you guys will have left your mark on this town and Phillies history. I know you guys will make us proud and give us that trophy and parade we’ve been waiting for. This year feels different and I hope you guys feel it to. I’ve been waiting for 15 years, since I was 7 years old, and it has been worth the wait for it to be THIS TEAM to go. I hope you know how much you guys mean to us fans and this city. We love you! Rest up, we’re ready to go!

  65. victorinolover

    hey shane.
    OMG lasts nights game was amazing. i cant even describe how i felt when ruiz caught that ball and the game was over. it was so awesome. i knew you guys could do and it look you did =) i believe if cole hamels didnt get the mvp award it would of been you bc everyone including me thinks you did amazing =) you are so tough and always on the move and you never give up and i love that about you. just keep smiling work hard and never give up. enjoy your celebration =) good luckk and i believe you guys can win an go all the way =)
    love ya shane
    stephh =)

  66. beatlebum24@yahoo.com

    this feeling right now is so unbelievable. after you guys won last night, my friend and i drove through downtown on broad street and literally hundreds and hundreds of people were lining the streets, high fiving us, honking horns, going crazy.

    i never felt a sense of camaraderie more than last nite. this whole entire city is electric and you can’t go anywhere in the tri-state area without seeing a phillies shirt or hat, hearing about you shane, or cole or anybody, and hear water cooler talk about the game.

    everybody came to work and school this morning with a smile on their faces and it’s all thanks to you guys and the joy you are bringing this city. keep the momentum going and win it all for you and your fans.

  67. utleyfan28

    Shane, What a game. I was trying to study for a test! I couldn’t keep my mind on things. I was so nervous. I knew you guys were going to do it. I always get nervous. Those catches that you made were outstanding. I held my breath. I definitely think your grandmom was looking out for you. She’ll be there through the World Series. I hope Tampa wins. I have friends that live in that area, they are Phillies fans, so I know they would get a kick out of that.
    CONGRATS AND LETS GO PHILLIES!!! Like Jroll says”we are the team to beat”. We love you guys!!!!!!! By the way, I got a 100 on my test.

  68. nycphightinphan

    Hamels was the ace of the series, no doubt…but I thought Flyin’ was the MVP. He had an impact on every single game; with offense, defense and character.
    So good, even howlies gotta say:


    U da kine, brah

    U da kine, brah!

  69. googoo@yahoo.com

    oh wow lau lau shane o……..eh u da kine ah…..yah u da first bruddah from da no ka oi island who going play in da grandest stage in mlb…..da world series. we are all so proud and happy for u, mikey, your mom and dad, and all of your entire ohana. your mom and dad did a very good job of bringing u and mikey up and it shows in all your interviews with all da hoopla dat was going on. good luck in da world series…….no worries brah, kurt going get his chance too……u watch….maybe even kane ah one of these days…..

  70. infiniteciel

    I can imagine that you’d be speechless! What an accomplishment!! ๐Ÿ˜€ You guys did it; you’re definitely a wonderful, wonderful team. Like you said, it’s all 25 guys working together. Everyone had a turn being the hero, although I think you were a constant hero for me. XD You were great…everyone was. All fans, relatives, etc. are all emotional and so excited! CONGRATS! Yes, one more big step left…the World Series. Can you believe it? Just, wow. You guys can do it…I know it.
    Aww, your daughter has such a pretty name. Make sure to celebrate and relax as much as you can until the big series! :3 Your grandmother is definitely proud of you. Take care~

  71. pshhitslizzie@aol.com

    OH MY GOD.
    You guys are going to the World Series I am so proud, I never doubted you guys.
    I have been following you guys all year and it has been quite a rollarcoaster. Everyone in my school today wore Phillies stuff, well most people did. And I was the only original one showing off my victorino shirt.
    Have a nice rest, and I can’t wait to watch in about a week.
    Phillies all the way!

  72. staceymc@wharton.upenn.edu

    congrats to you and the rest of the guys. i have been a big fan since you stepped in when rowand broke his face! even picked myself up a victorino shirt which was a tough find at the time. yesterday, i was in citysports in center city and i heard a guy asking if they had any victorino shirts. they did not, but you can bet that the city is going to be covered in them before you know it. i’m proud to say i’m wearing mine today!

  73. fightinphils26

    Congratulations to the entire team. This season has been a total team effort, and you guys know you can hang with the best and be the best. I couldn’t describe the moment to you either. It still hasn’t sunken in that this is it. The World Series! That game you guys played last night was flawless. Jimmy’s homer was huge, and you guys capitalized on some big mistakes by the Dodgers crew. We all feel you should have been NLCS MVP, but Cole deserved it too. He gave 7 innings in each of his starts this series, and only allowed three runs all series. I feel happy knowing you guys could get this done before Charlie had to leave for his mother’s funeral. The time off gives you time to go home to Hawaii too. Enjoy your celebration, but don’t overdo it. The last celebration can last the entire offseason. Stay relaxed and rested, and take care of busiiness with the Rays/Red Sox. I’m with you guys all the way. Bring home a ring for the entire city. I’ll be waiting at the parade on Broad Street for you guys. Good Luck all the way, and GO PHILS!!!

  74. joaniej231@verizon.net

    Shane, you are so awesome and such a hard worker and a hustler. You give it your all. We love you. I know that you are going to win it all, it is in the cards. Know that you have my total support. You are a class act, a one of a kind. Joanne

  75. rileysboss2000@yahoo.com

    Please don’t let my daughter know you have a fiancee’—-Last night was one of the happiest days of my life, thankyou—-i will be there game 5—-Hamels on the mound let’s win it then!!!! See you at the parade Shane


  76. rmtptoal@yahoo.com

    My family started with the team in Clearwater now we are here, the World Series!!! Thanks for everything, bring it full circle for us!! Go Phils!! Monica, Springfield
    P.S. My husband didn’t drop the ball in the outfield on the berm, it hit the yellow tubing. Thanks for throwing it back to us!! My boys have an unbelievable memory because of you, let’s try and make a new one!!!!!

  77. philscadillactime

    Way to go, Shane!! I knew you guys were going to make it to the Series! I can’t tell you enough how happy I am for all of you guys….the way you always stick together, pick each other up, and get the clutch plays when you need them never ceases to amaze me. And I couldn’t be more proud of you guys for taking everything in stride along the way…you all handle things with more class than I’ve ever seen, even when others…well, don’t. This team is second to none in every possible way….just goes to show that nice guys don’t always finish last! Nobody deserves to be world champs more than you guys. What a great time to be a Phillies fan! Congratulations on all the success thus far… Now bring home that world title!!! Go PHILS!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  78. flyhigh67@aol.com

    Hi… I am a METS fan & if you have anything rude to say to me save it… I don’t have time for negativity in my life! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The reason I am writing is becase I read your blog VICTORINO and wanted to join the celebration. You had me in tears. Even though my team didn’t make it as far as you guys did, I wanted to congratulate you on your victory so far. My son and I are cheering for your team… you are our second favorite team. You better believe, your grandma is cheearing for you and the team… Sending LOTS & LOTS of BLESSINGS form above. I am a big fan of yours… you are AMAZING!!!!

    I am not going to wish you and your team good luck because you guys have a rain of Blessings instead!!!
    Can’t wait to see you play and make it to the end.

    VICTORINO…. You are AWESOME!!!!!!!
    GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your fan ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. squirrel57123@hotmail.com

    As a team it was done…but u were the star…no doubt about it. i saw it start to evolve last year…u made it happen this year. your grandma is beaming in heaven right now…”that’s my boy!!” you are definately the heart of the team. loved the game but upset with you not winning MVP…u got robbed!! oh well we can save that title for the world series!! keep smiling, have faith that u will see your grandmom again and get out their and kick some butt!!! you made my year as a phillies phan. thanks also for being such a big part of the ALS association. i lost my mom to ALS, it’s an amazing organization, attended the fundraiser and saw in person that smile that makes me smile!! oh yeah…everytime you do something amazing i also say “that’s my boy”…bring the title to philly…we’ve waited a long time for this!!!

  80. jessoak

    Absolutely Incredible!!! I am so happy for all you guys! Congratulations to everyone who is a part of this Phillies team! We are so proud of you! also, congratulations on your engagement! Your fiancee is a very lucky woman. I’m sure you would say you are the lucky one : ) It’s wonderful that she and your daughter could be there to celebrate with you. That always makes times like this even more special. Best wishes in the World Series!!!

  81. jeanette28

    This is coming from a DODGER fan…I just wanted to say Congrats. I was in tears there at the end because I wanted MY team to win, but you guys played like you really wanted to win and well it seems like my boys just gave up! I really disliked you this whole series (more like this season..sorry) as a player and after the incident with Kuroda even more, but after seeing how you tried to give Furcal some encouragement after some errors I thought “oh wow..this guy is not that bad” Classy dude, unlike many of your fans, but that’s a whole different story. I’ll be rooting for Boston if they can come back, if not then I could careless who wins. Good Luck! and make the best team win!

  82. watchatbaby


    What a great series for you and your teammates. It feels so good to get back to the Series. Like I said before, just a couple wins deeper than the ’93 team and you guys will be immortalized beyond the ’80 team!!!! I offered Mass for your Grandmom Irene and prayers for all you Phillies…all us Phillies!!!! Go Get ‘Em!!!

    Fr. Mike

  83. gauldie3@msn.com

    Well done Boys. Dundee Scotland rejoices in our magnificent journey to the big one. Watching the whole Series on pc and nasn till 4-5 in the morning was great.
    Ive followed the phillies since 93 and last nite was the icing on the cake 4 me.
    Evryone contributed to a awesome season, but i was especially happy for pat burrell, who has came thru some tough times and his homeruns in the NLCS were very pleasing to the eye.
    Your contribution shane, well what can i say, 1st grand slam and last nite a couple of brilliant running catches late on to keep LA from rallying.
    I just wish i could be in philly for the World Series, but for sure i will not miss a single pitch. Good luck boys…

  84. d_barbato1@yahoo.com

    Shane, I have been a huge fan of not only the phillies, but you ever since you joined the team. The way you play is amazing and you signed my glove in the summer and it just reminds me each time I play in centerfield to always smile and have fun. You are a class act and I hope you continue to carry the phightin’ phils to a world series championship.=)

  85. 99to1@bigstring.com

    Hey Shane just wanted to say you and your teamates are a CLASS ACT for cancelling the pep rally that day in honor of are fallen Police officers. Congrats on everything so far and keep up the great work on and off the field, like the day I saw you up Sesame Place with your child ! You are a great man for mentioning Grandmom in the blog here it shows what great family values you have . I hope I speak for all my hometowners here in Philly we are honored to have a hard working hustling MAN and baseball player on our Home Team. GO WIN IT ALL BUDDY WERE WITH YA!!!!!!!

  86. jodo@smsihawaii.com

    Congratulations to you and your team.
    Hawaii’s baseball communities are proud of your accomplishments. It is great to have a fine indivual, represent Hawaii with class and professionalism. You are,both a role model and inspiration for all our youth ball players. Thank You for your commitment to the game and refreshing enthusisium.

  87. jhoey1@comcast.net

    Hi Shane,

    Congratulations on the outstanding achievement! I am having so much fun watching you guys win. I can’t wait for the next series to start. Also, congratulations on your engagement….she’s one lucky girl.

    Jersey Girl

  88. tcampie

    Here we go again….it is in the stars this season for this hard-working never say die team. In what other game does **** as good as Furcal make three errors in one inning? They say sometimes it’s better to be lucky than be good, but this Phillies team and its fans will take both – *ya gotta believe* and we do!

  89. fshartle@verizon.net

    Congratulations, just a bit worried you may have gotten injured on the slide back to first, let us know how you’re doing. You have a ton of hustle in you, great series!

  90. hollyberi3@aol.com

    I am a fairly new baseball fan. I have only been watching the Phillies for about 3 years when my daughter got me hooked. Over the last 3 years you all have been giving Philadelphia fans the ride of their lives and it ain’t over. Congratulations to both you, Shane and to the whole team. I know it takes a team effort to get into the World Series. Our hopes and prayers are with you all and keep the ride going and we will see you at the parade down Broad Street! GO PHILLIES!!!!!

  91. sleighful

    Shane, I’m a transplanted Philles fans living in LA. We were so glad the Doggers won against the Cubs so we could go to the game. I took my son to the Game 4 believing that memories of a lifetime are built on times such as these. I am a lifetime 46 yr old Phils fan whose Dad took him to such things as the last Game at Connie Mac for a lifetime memory. We stood there surrounded by LA fans taunting and semi-threatening as we saw you come to bat. The LA fans HATED you b/c of Game 3’s high pitch. I told my Son how fitting it’d be for you to do the damage. We were down 5-3, feeling a bit down but not out. Our hopes started to sizzle. Then that sweet swing. That ball traveled almost at the level of where we stood in Field 44 Row A seats 1-2, along right field line and not sure if it could clear but the velocity assured me it would be a HR. I knew as that ball cleared the yellow padding around the bullpen fence that a memory had been made. A lifetime memory. We high-fived the 6 or so Phils fans in the area. We still waited for more. Carlos singled. Stairs came to bat. What a brute. I knew it was our game. The ball looked as if it would clear the stadium. The ball hasn’t landed here in LA yet! Go Phils! Thanks for the memories! And for my son’s memories too.

  92. lcmr85


    I hope my message gets though the rest of the chatter. It was 1 week before my 14th birthday when the Phils won the World Series. I’ll be 42 this month while you’re playing. As you’ve read, this season has come to mean a great deal to anyone who calls themself a true Phillies Phan. The entire team has the right approach towards each game, and I admire everyone on the team for that. It’s not something you can teach easily! Keep playing the game the way you guys have been playing it!!! Everyone on the team (Phans included) is doing everything right! You’ve got more than just the city behind you! The entire Phan base has got your back!

    I mentioned this in another post, but my Dad passed back in May. Your grammom, Charlie’s Mom, and my Pop are toasting you & the team, but are also watching your back. Bring it home my friend, and we’ll toast the 3 of them!


  93. lilhayes1278@gmail.com

    OMG! i can not believe it.i was in tears last night when you guys won i was so happy! harry the K said it best when he said you shoulda been MVP i agreed..those catches in the last inning were AMAZING! i was so happy!
    oh and when i went to modells to get my championship shirt there was a guy that was like have any victorino shirts and they were like nope were sold out! i was liek MY BOY…but i got a blue victorino shirt i got like the last one i waas so happy! ive been dying for a blue one..and some guy offered me 200 for the victorino jersey i had on. i was like HA no. but yeah cant wait 6 DAYS!!!!! BRING IT HOMMME BABBBY!.
    already told my mom im taking off when you guys win so i can go to the parade (:
    good luckkkkk!

  94. magers_c@hotmail.com

    CONGRADULATIONS!! Too the whole team and my deepest sympathies to you Shane and Charlie. I know that the whole team will have two extra guided angels to lead you to be the World Series Champs!!!
    Hears wishing you the best of luck again!!!
    Make the next games as entertaining as they have been.

    I love my Phillies!!!!

    You handled the “throwing at your head” very well. That is what I like about this team.

  95. gophils82628@yahoo.com

    Congrats Shane!!!!!!
    I was in 7th grade when I became obsessed with the Phillies, and I’m a sophomore in high school now. Although I didn’t wait as long for this moment as many of the other fans did, it still didn’t come soon enough:) Thank you for putting in so much work and dedication to give the fans what they deserve. I’ll never forget the moment I got to meet you at the majestic sale at the VF outlets in Reading. It was so amazing for me because you had been a standout player in my mind ever since you stepped foot into Citizen’s Bank Park. That moment is something I’ll share with generations to come, and obviously winning the pennant too!! I attended NLDS game 1 as well as NLCS game 2 and those experiences were unlike anything I ever got to do before. And, of course, witnessing your outstanding catch in NLCS game 2 was amazing!! Keep up the great work and take the week off to plan how you’re bring home that championship for the city of Philadelphia!! This one’s for grandma and charlie’s mom:)

  96. noon4eva

    You guys did it am so poud of all of you. YOu worked hard for this so wnjoy it and then get ready to work hard again for the final celebration. Go Phils!!!!

  97. sammajamma121@aol.com

    Congrats Shane!!! Keep up the good work! I think you are awesome! I might even be your biggest fan!!! The phillies wouldn’t be complete without you!Your an outstanding player and are always there to support your other team mates. Good luck in the world series! I’ll be cheering for you!

  98. 23dodgirl


    First let me start of by saying CONGRATULATIONS!! You and your team played with such intensity. I am a die hard DODGER FAN. I bleed blue and have waited a long time to see my boys in blue get to a world series. Last time that happen I was a little girl. Because I am such a huge baseball fan and respect the game, I want to let you know your team played awesome. You are a great player but the reason I am writing in your blog is to let you know I think you are such a classy guy. My favorite player Furcal made 3 errors (ouch) in one inning it was hard to watch. But when you turned to Furcal and told him to “keep his head up” I thought that was awesome. Thank you for being a great person. I know your grandma is looking down on you and smiling. You have made her proud. Not that you need it but best of luck in the world series. By the way I thought you should of won the MVP award. See you guys next year at Dodger stadium.

  99. art215

    YOU ROCK SHANE I LOVE what you did to with the grand slam in Milwaukee i was astonished it really made my day. and i especially LOVE what you did with the GIRL’n little dodgers i would never want to get hit in the head with a ball and no one ever will i got your back we all do…. I LOVE WHAT YOU DID BACKING UP YOUR OWN GROUND AND OUR CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  100. jb51084@aol.com

    I feel you Shane, I can’t find the words either. I was speechless at da end of dat game, and all I could do was jump up and down!!! Got me a little misty. We are all so proud of you and da team, it’s so exciting!!! Yeah, it won’t be enough to come close, the world series is yours!!!! I’ve been waiting a long time for da phillies to make it back to da world series and this was da team to do it. Last time they made it was 1993 and I was only in 3rd grade. No matter what, da fightins’ are da BEST and the reason why I even watch baseball. MAHALO!!!!

  101. jtmeehan@comcast.net

    Congratulations to you and the whole team!!! GO PHILLIES!!! As a huge fan I would like to thank you especially for playing a 110% and being that spark the team needed in big situations when the team looked flat. Taking the extra, hitting a big bomb, or just cheering from the dugout, your the man!!! We need 4 more games with that intensity, let’s bring that title home to the best town in the country!!! Thanks again!!!

  102. sandytoo

    Sending more congratulatons to you and the rest of the team, Shane…..an incredible win and series! I like the attitude of everyone….celebrating but aware that there are still more games to play. I am really looking forward to watching the WS next week. I have to watch the first game at my bro’s house because I have watched BOTH first postseason games there and you guys won them so my bro doesnt want to jinx anything…LOL!! Enjoy your break and continued success in your quest for the WS Championship! The ladies from the Ravelry group “Phillies Phanatics” send their best wishes, too!

  103. chuckhemingway@aol.com

    I lived through the ?64 collapse and have been a long time Phillies fan and know my baseball. Shane without a doubt, you were the true MVP. Without your defense and timely hitting, we would not be going to the World Series. In my heart, you are the true MVP. I will be praying for you and the team during the World Series and know that my Lord Jesus will be watching over you and the team.

  104. lilblueyedbabe02@yahoo.com

    Hi Shane,

    First of all I have to say you are my alltime favorite baseball player. You bring so much excitement to the game and it’s awesome to have a player like you on the Phillies. I’ll be routing for you to win World Series MVP no doubt.

    Tiffany, PA

  105. rightfieldseats

    Dude – Listen to this and tell me I ain’t onto something.

    In the spring of 80 I was given a Phillies jacket. Boy was I excited. I wore it constantly all summer. Unfortunately in late september I fell off my bike and the jacket got a big tear and it was destroyed. So it was thrown in the trash. The Fightin’s win the Series.

    In the spring of ’83 I bought another jacket, the result was a Series I kept that jacket on all through the Series but they lost. I wore that Jacket for the next 10 years, We were not in the Series during that span.

    Then March ’93 I bought another jacket and the Fightin’s went to the World Series – and they lost. I wore that jacket contantly for the past 14 years and the Phils had no luck since then. I retired it at the end of Spring Training and the Home opener this year. Remember we had a couple of cool days down there this year.

    Now it is 2008 This year I bought a new Jacket not for me but for my neice and you guys are in the Series again. I texted her and told her not to wear the jacket. I told her hang it in the closet and don’t touch it.
    I think I may be onto something. I think I can own the jacket but it is only good for 1 year and not the World Series. After that it becomes bad luck I hope it works this time.

    Not that I think you can’t do it. I certainly do, but Hey, there is some serious mojo going on and and I ain’t takin no chances.

    RightFieldSeats –

  106. teetee3787@yahoo.com

    Hey Shane! I just wanted to say congratulations like everybody else. I NEVER lost any faith in you guys and i knew and told everybody this would happen a long long time ago. If I had one wish in the world it would be for you guys to win the World Series, and I know you will! Also, I want to thank you and the Phillies for being one of the main things that truly makes me happy.. love you’s. I am sorry for your loss, and you and your family will be in my prayers. See you on Sunday at Shop Rite. GOOD LUCK, LETS GO PHILLIES

  107. dclilly@comcast.net

    I have never blogged before, but it seems fun! Shane you are awesome, I have always been a huge fan! Your hustle is amazing to watch! My girlfriends never cared about the game now they are crushin on you. I can’t get enough of the phillies! sports rise sports center is my fix when u guys are off. World series baby!!!!!!!!! this will be a lng week of waiting1 I have tix to game 5, so sadly I need 1 lose 4 u to get there and then clinch it!!!!!! people tell me what i could get 4 my tickets; no way the experience of a lifetime is worth any amount! Go Phils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. stephmekis@yahoo.com


    First of all congratulations to you and all the Phillies for your NL win! It was such an awesome series. You guys are going to win the World Series-it’s destiny!
    Also I know that you are really into music. I heard the re-broadcast of your radio takeover with WXPN. You should check out the song “The Underdog” by Spoon. Because the Phils will always be pegged as the Underdog. But as the lryics go-they got no fear of the underdog,
    that’s why they will not survive!

  109. rosenja@gmail.com


    Congratulations to you and the entire team. I hope you all realize what you mean to this city and in particular to my friends and I. Since we graduated college two years ago and moved back to philly (and stopped paying $120/month to watch you guys play on the MLB package) my buddies and I have scrounged for tickets to get to the park every chance we get – probably more than half of the home games, and we don’t even have season tickets. I won the lottery for the NLCS, but they sent me Game 6 tickets. Too bad for me you guys put it away with such domination in L.A. My close friend and the biggest phils fan out there besides me is coming home from Argentina on October 22nd, where he’s been for a year. What a coming home present, to watch you guys in the Series. We wish we could get to the park, but not with tickets going for $600 SRO. So, watching you at the bar will be just as amazing.

    I remember watching a phillies game at a friend’s house in ’05 and saw you get a pinch hit. I told him that this guy can fly. I kept telling people, all through ’06 that this guy’s gonna be a player, give him a chance. Then, in ’07, what do you know – 37 stolen bases and double digit home runs – WOW, was I right. It was thrill to meet you at Continental last season – it was after we beat St. Louis. A friend of mine got us tickets through a Cardinal player she met in the VIP room.

    Anyway, this is a long time coming and we can’t tell you how proud we are of our phightins. We feel like we deserve to see you win more than anyone, but the whole city feels that way! We’ll see you on Sunday in Marlton!

  110. lisa.moniz@yahoo.com

    Shane….. ALOHA from Pukalani, Kahana & Lahaina, MAUI. I know you have a lot to read but we just wanted to say our Congrats and that we are so happy for you and your team. You have stayed so focused & humbled and that is the “HAWAIIAN” Local Boy from Maui. WE are coming to Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon and we hope we get to see you in person. MAUI LOVES YOU & we can’t wait. Lisa, Steve, Tiga & Aunty Nani.

  111. geoslisa@aol.com


    You DID do it! I knew you would. I told my husband in April that you guys would slowly, but surely; steadily climb up to the top; that the team would surprise all those national sportscasters what are so biased against Philly. HA! They are blind. We all saw what you guys had, game after game, and we know what you still have – the best team! My tears of joy at the last out in the 9th are all for the team; I am really happy for you guys.

    Congratulations and thank you so very much for making this one of the best post-seasons I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. I have had so much fun at the ballpark and in my own living room cheering you on. Watching you and the team clicking together, executing plays, manufacturing runs, and really showing how much talent and skills you have is just amazing.

    So, even though I don’t live in Philly (my daughter does), this Jersey girl is all Red, all Phillies Red, and I am a fan for life. My grandpa made sure of that when I was just 6 years old.

    I wish you and the team all the very best. Have fun, and we will see you in the WORLD SERIES, bay-beeee!!!!! Yes!


  112. f8n20w59@yahoo.com

    Shane Im so mad that I missed you at Modells but from what I’ve read I will be able to see you in Mt. Laurel, NJ!! You can bet I’ll be there!!!!! I wont miss a chance to see you in person!!! You are my favorite!!!! Since I live right next to Mt. Laurel I wont have a far drive to see you, even though I would drive ANYWHERE to see you!!!!!!! We have tickets for the 26th & will be in sec. 104. They are PERFECT seats for watching you & oh yeah, the World Series!!!!!! lol I cant wait!!!!!!!! GO SHANE & THE ENTIRE PHILLIES TEAM!!!!! I’ve been waiting to celebrate another World Series win since ’80 when I was just 21 !!! Now, I just know I will be celebrating again!!!! Francine

  113. farestad@hotmail.com

    Hey Shane! My grandmother passed away recently as well, three days before the Brewers Series and I flew back home from Denver for the service. My grandfather is a huge Phillie fan and you have been his favorite player log before we truly appreciated you. When you were playing right field he would say that yo were the best he’d seen since Roberto Clemente. While I was home I was lucky enough to catch game 2 of that series and see that Grand Slam! I caught it on tape and you should check it out on Youtube. “Phillies Game 2 NLDS Victorino Grand Slam”. It is by far my favorie sports memory and I watch it everyday. You have given myself, and the city and tremendous amount of joy and I want to thank you for that. You are in the middle of everything and I plan on seeing you at the parade! I know both of our grandparents are up their cheering for us both. Thans man. Keep it up!

    Your tied for #1 Fan,
    Brian Farestad

  114. kingsway

    Shane, you were the spark that lit the phillies’ fire. Keep it burning all the way to the Title! I know your Grandma, Charlie’s mom, Whitey, Tug, and Vuk are watching over you guys. Enjoy every pitch, each at bat, catch, throw, and stolen base.

    Together 25 MVPs Most Valuable Phillies = 2008 World Champions!

  115. rustylite

    cant wait to see yoy shine at the world series… you are the mvp in my house…Good luck to you all…Enjoy this time,and congrats on your engagement…Fan since you were on the red barons in scranton… I knew you would be great……

  116. Miss_Phillies

    Congrats on making it to the World Series!!!!! You can can definatly win it, I’m sure of that. You have the heart and the drive to succeed. Good Luck vs the Rays or Red Sox!!! Looking forward to game 1! =)
    – Michelle aka Miss Phillies
    that’s my blog. everyone feel free to check it out! =)

  117. siggiesmom

    Hey Shane! Congrats on the NL win — I knew you guys could do it! I’ve been a Phillies phan for a long time, and I’m pumped for the Series!

    A friend of mine, Lana, says she worked with you in Florida when she was working for minor league baseball. She was telling me this past summer that she was so happy for you that you’re successful — she had nothing but nice things to say about you!

    Best of luck in the World Series — I know you can do it!


  118. djbinnyc

    I am so happy for you and the whole team that have made it to the World Series. Key word there is team. You have all proven time and time again that it doesn’t matter if you have a pitcher with Cy Young awards and $140 million, it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of over paid, over hyped players brought in to sell merchandise..i.e. dreadlocks. What matters is that you have a group of guys who want to come to the field everyday and play as hard as you can…EVERYDAY. There are many people who tell me that the Phillies don’t deserve to be in the world series. Well, there is nothing further from the truth. Go out there and win it and prove that it’s hard work that matters!! GO PHILLIES!!!!!

  119. sandrag225@yahoo.com


    I must say I am a huge phillies fan but most of all am your hugest fan. I have not missed a game all season….Well, not true, those day time games hurt me because of my work schedule (thank goodness for the internet, and radio) I still tuned in even at work. I have to tell you I am so proud of you and the rest of the boys….I knew you guys had it in you I had nothing but faith in you even when all those around me were full of Negativity. Never did I doubt….and guess what, my heart tells me this is the year….this World Series is ours for the taking. You go out there and do me and the rest of Philly proud!!!!!!!

  120. sandrag225@yahoo.com

    BTW……I love Dobbs…put in a good word for me will you…lol.
    Or have him check out my URL…www.myspace.com/sandrag225

  121. willyb.serious@yahoo.com

    Hey Shane, CONGRATS!!!!!!!
    I’m a born and breed Phioladephia Boy who moved to San Diego in July….I’m not Bitter about the fact that you guys made it the the series after I moved!!!! ….a little bitter maybe. but maybe I was the jynks that had to move for it to happen! either why I’ll be watching ……KICK SOME RAYS ***!!!!

    Billy from Philly….(san diego)

  122. tammara.solareslaj@hotmail.com

    Congrats Shane!!! Hold up the great function! I assume you are amazing! I may even be your biggest fan!!! The phillies wouldn’t be total devoid of you!Your an excellent participant and are constantly there to assistance your other group mates. Excellent luck in the globe series! I’ll be cheering for you!

  123. toddcook23@gmail.com

    Bring this enthusiasm and drive to the field next year! I am already amped for the coming season. Our home security looks strong and so does our pitching. We have a real shot to take the pennant again! Let’s do this Shane!

  124. chadadam12@aol.com

    i can’t wait to see the phillies play this year they are going to rock this house. hopefully i can get a break from my individual health insurance career to catch a few games. I am moving near the train station so the games will only be a train ride away

  125. fatimarayya@yahoo.com

    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

  126. arlina.hidayati@yahoo.co.id

    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

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